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TF2 - Zombie Escape Mod - ze_por_island_fixed_tf2 - Otaku

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Team Fortress 2 Zombie Escape mod online multiplayer gameplay on the custom ze por island map as a Scout on Otaku Gaming server. ► TF2 Playlist - http://bit.ly/TF2-ZE ► Previous Video ( CS:GO ) ─── MAPPER ─── Creator of the map: Porsche.ae ─── SERVER ─── Name: Otaku (USA) IP: ─── ITEMS USED ─── Primary Weapon - Baby Face's Blaster Secondary - Bonk! Atomic Punch Melee - Atomizer ───── INFO ────── How to play / join zombies mode servers you can find in #axonek3 steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/axonek3 Video 1080p 60fps // PC Specs: Intel i7-8700K | Geforce GTX 1080 | 16GB Ram
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Text Comments (49)
ZandurFox (6 days ago)
Nice, I'm in this video! Thank you for uploading!
Mega 0rb (10 days ago)
You know you can brake the bridge
K!ll!nG M4Ch!N3 (18 days ago)
afk this is not csgo this mod of fking kids
Ren Rid (20 days ago)
Haven't seen u in a long time good vid tho
Kanan Animator (1 month ago)
I prefer force a nature in zombie escape maps,the knockback and extra jump it gives is just pirceless
adel5 dz (1 month ago)
Gameplay zombie mode gmod
Shifty49 (1 month ago)
last time i heard..there's cs 1.6, s, go zombie escape..now there's tf2...interesting :D
Jairo (2 months ago)
Yeah i remember this map..glad you played it..
MeEM Boy (2 months ago)
Thomas Ahn (2 months ago)
It's sad that i can't find servers like these in asia.. At least i can watch your video so thanks a lot :)
ACPIAmerica (2 months ago)
thats actually CSS and CSGO survival and zb escape maps
Bob PlaysFTW (2 months ago)
I didn’t read the title so I didn’t know that this was tf2 instead of cs go
A Growtopian (2 months ago)
i think im there lol.
MHA Haqqimi (2 months ago)
Players go crazy
Prinz Eugen (2 months ago)
Csgo zombie escape in TF2 Noice.
Alexes Viernes (2 months ago)
TW喬魯諾・喬巴拿 (2 months ago)
MINUKA LIFE (2 months ago)
Its game still live if still live i download it xd
Rasheta Jones (1 month ago)
yep it still here type zombie then you willl find it you dont have to download it f
federico juarez (2 months ago)
Mache Asecas (2 months ago)
Lol tf2, nice
weekendfever20 (2 months ago)
that reload animation deosnt make ssense
FOXY Otaku (2 months ago)
I am Otaku rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrssrsrsrs😄
Ricky Zio (2 months ago)
Tf2 is dead game
Snow (2 months ago)
Ricky Zio what a good joke!
cheetdood (2 months ago)
Its not dead (Imo)
herokan (2 months ago)
Ricky Zio sadly it ain't, and the community is still growing.
Goldfish (2 months ago)
Ricky Zio sadly
How can you double jump
Redstone Zayn (2 months ago)
Axonek if you're playing zombie please pick heavy or engineer cuz it's more useful than scout
[EL] Megalomaniac (2 months ago)
out of all classes in this gamemode, i feel that scout is the weakest, you can easily match his speed with a heavy wearing glove's of running urgently, but hey it's you playing so you choose which class you play.
['yoocooo'] azazi (2 months ago)
Likeee( ˘ ³˘)❤
Yo Yo (2 months ago)
F1_ Killer (2 months ago)
This is a negevtive comment 😦👎🏻
hamizan jauhari (2 months ago)
Cuong Anh haha its negative 😅😅😅
F1_ Killer (2 months ago)
hamizan jauhari thank you 😊 😁
hamizan jauhari (2 months ago)
Cuong Anh hahah lol
jp tecson (2 months ago)
I 💖 🚊 team fortress 2 🧟‍♀️ escape 🗺
jp tecson (2 months ago)
We got him at the ✈️
Fais faiz (2 months ago)
Really? I found you again?
classic man (2 months ago)
How to Connect guy
مجرم فورت (2 months ago)
من عربي
Sergio armand (2 months ago)
Nice video wery nice bro
Mike Miller (2 months ago)
woooh I click so fast thought it CSGO hahaha
Mason J (2 months ago)
@axonek I was there :0
Justice Bandy (2 months ago)
You should post more of this one! I fookin luv it. 🤠
Game_ Online1 (2 months ago)
LUIS OSUNA (2 months ago)
LoKo GaMer (2 months ago)

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