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Where is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review?

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Where is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review? Counter-Strike is out now and weve been playing it for a while. So where's the IGN verdict? Subscribe to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ignentertainment
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Text Comments (1791)
Ankit Mishra (3 months ago)
two noobs spotted...their game-play is toxic
Hamza Sar (28 days ago)
u're the one who's being toxic.
Kartik negi (8 months ago)
still playing!!!!!
PandaSh0tz (9 months ago)
2017 and still no REVIEW lmao
Shane Smith (2 years ago)
Is csgo good on console
R!ot (6 months ago)
SaviorAssassin1996 thats disgusting
SaviorAssassin1996 (11 months ago)
Get it on console. Don't listen to that PC fanboy.
Shane Smith (2 years ago)
+Rainer Talvik thx at first I was thinking about buying it and I saw gameplay and nobody was happy about it
Rainer Talvik (2 years ago)
No. Don't even try it. Or if you really want to, buy the game on PC and use a controller, then you will experience how bad it is :D
Insight Gaming (2 years ago)
If you want a in depth review come to my channel...
「ROGUE.」 (2 years ago)
I'm watching this in 2016. This video was made in 2012. We have no review
Cluckelnucks (12 days ago)
Now watching in 2018, still no review
Chicken Nug Studios (2 years ago)
yeah ikr
ali shahzad (2 years ago)
captshae (2 years ago)
the reviews not out cause they are silvers!!!!!
Validate (3 years ago)
Lol, your biased review got removed off of YouTube because you broke YouTube's policy.
Validate (3 years ago)
+Obsidian Octopus gotcha
Lubub55 (3 years ago)
+Validate You.
Validate (3 years ago)
+Obsidian Octopus who was that meant for?
Lubub55 (3 years ago)
Validate (3 years ago)
+Daniel Ireland ign typically makes bad reviews. If you want quality reviews, watch angryjoe.
Zachary Bryan (5 years ago)
its just a game and stop worshiping you fave game man
Duy Quang 1998 (5 years ago)
This guy plays like shit...
Ipwnstuff (5 years ago)
Dude his Username, read it. You will get the reason for this treason.
MUSTDOS (5 years ago)
Please BF3 somewhat copied the first two delta force series, at least the campaign of the first two were exciting, required stealth, and made sense.
MrMarocBarca (5 years ago)
cs is made to be competitive if you want to make a competitive game its impossible to make it realistic because life is just not fair and unbalanced so not fit to be put in a competitive game. i'm just saying that bf3 is way too easy and unfair at sometimes to be competitive for example take the m16a3 if some one is camping with that gun from far its almost impossible to take him out but in cs the strongest gun is the awp i can take out an awp if i play smart.
Luka Sikl (5 years ago)
CS is hard because it isn't realistic. You are saying that it's easy to kill someone in bf3, how hard it is to kill someone in real life? What, it's awesome if you have to put 10 bullets into a guy from a guy which has MAD recoil, like you're playing a dude who didn't do a pushup in his life? Well .... No
Luka Sikl (5 years ago)
All I know is that I am back to old school games, and some indie games too. I have grown up. And I do not have the time nor money to build up my PC every time something new gets out. My friend just spent 500e+ on some new shit for his PC. A wake up call for me and my wallet too. Playstation all the way. I put a chip in it, so i can play pirated games. Now I play it only when my friends come over. And it's damn fun, like in the old days :)
Luka Sikl (5 years ago)
I watched pewdiepie's videos because there's all this hype around him, and so many people hate him. Like you. And I liked his 'horror' game video because it was funny. And my comments are my solid beliefs and solid facts. You're just some internet idiot who's only arguments are 'noob!' ''kid!'' ... Gtfo please. Don't enter into an argument if you are not going to give good arguments. Ty.
TheCasualGamer2013 (5 years ago)
Do people still play this today?.
Myriad (5 years ago)
How? Most FPS look up to Valve for ideas
Tet Pr (5 years ago)
Stop this useless arguing of which CS is the best. Fact is all versions of CS are great, and yes also CSGO and even Condition Zero.
warriorprince101010 (5 years ago)
Sadly CSGO has killed off CS as a popular game, look at the numbers. COD games and CS 1.6 and CSS are much more fun than clunky old CSGO.
warriorprince101010 (5 years ago)
Sadly it is.
warriorprince101010 (5 years ago)
CSGO is a poor game, dreadful. Dull clunky and a step backwards.
James Atkins (5 years ago)
@ZxxAssAssinxxQ hahaha
Gonzaga78 (5 years ago)
i don't think cs just wants to be good again, sure it was great back in the day, but now, and ever since css, i think valve just uses it to show the new engine, or to update the old cs to the new engine. i don't think they are actually trying to bring back cs as a best selling game.
Toaster (5 years ago)
Counter Strike isn't tactical. It's a game based on reaction speed. BF3 is tactical.
Battletits (5 years ago)
just bought it
Jack Pac (5 years ago)
I'm downloading it demo
MrMarocBarca (5 years ago)
i have all 3 bf mw and csgo and to be honest i only finished the mw3 singleplayer mode(pure crap) bf3 i played till that russian bank robbery or something and it was not that interesting i find shooter singleplayer boring anyway maybe it's just me but i find online shooters are better. and ye bf3 has better graphics and is realistic but its easier to kill some one then in cs if you think cs is as easy as cod or bf your so wrong just try it yourself and try to spray you will see what i mean.
Joker (5 years ago)
Worst try at trolling ever right there, kid.
MrMarocBarca (5 years ago)
bf cod have no single player either the one has only 45 min of explosions the other is just 20 min walkin around killing bots
AcidDaBomb (5 years ago)
I am very good BF3 player, anything less then 4:1 on COD is unacceptable...in CS i'm happy with 1:1
TheCammco (5 years ago)
Hey everybody.I seriously have several insane counter strike multiplayer hacks like aimbot. These actually are the best mods and it's funny murdering morons on line lmao they get so god damn mad! Look at the video that's on my channel if you wish to have to understand how to obtain the hacks. I also show them
Greg Chung (5 years ago)
I think it's funny he called you a fanboy when shile23 is obviously a fanboy
Greg Chung (5 years ago)
since he didn't say cod is better than counter strike I don't think it was necessary to dis cod I personally like all
thejax034 (5 years ago)
wonder how much is one in the Phil :)
RetconCrisis (5 years ago)
Dumbass, dumbass, dumbass. BF3 had gun master, which was Gun game in CoD Black Ops 1 (1 year before BF3), which was a copy of gun game in CS:S, which was based off of the mod in CS orig. So CSGO has every right to have it more than BF and CoD copying it since they THOUGHT of it. And don't judge me, since BF3 is one of my favorite FPS's. But you are an "IgnorantBF3Fanboy".
RetconCrisis (5 years ago)
CS mod 1.0 was in late 1997- early 98 The official game was released by Valve in mid 1998 Learn your facts, not from shitty Wikipedia. And CS is still the hardest FPS out there. And just saying, MoH came out before BF in early 2000. And 2 years is a lot for BF to improve upon CS and Moh. And BF and MoH were WW2 era, whereas CS was modern.
owenbrendon83 (5 years ago)
I pressed tab to see the score while watching ...
RossenX (5 years ago)
Well yes, but it was 99% the same and you were talking about who did it 'first' so... yeah wolfenstain was the first to do it. Because you can't say someone did it FIRST when someone else did it before them, even if they did it slightly better.
qgan (5 years ago)
does this allow 64 players match up?
RossenX (5 years ago)
Doom? Oh please that totally copied wolfenstain. :p
SarethZhukov314 (5 years ago)
What i really hate about the new Counter-Strike is the (still) lack of silencers and the loading screens. Seriously, in CS:S you could click cancel if a loading screen for custom maps/servers was too long. Now if you don't want to wait 30 minutes you have to close out of CS:GO to escape the loading screens.
KaykesEnterprise (5 years ago)
Saying this is funny when CS has always been the Pro's FPS :) Get skill, get CS
jacharyzones (5 years ago)
lol You really live up to your name "IgnorantBF3fanboy"
choonhachat (5 years ago)
I love console gaming and I even find myself slowly migrating over to console gaming more over the years, but I kinda wish this game was cross console so console players who never played fps on pc can respect how skillful the players can be, Its kinda nerdy to say this, but it takes a lot of practice and experience to master counter strike and play it competitively. Theres no easy to way to play this game. Hopping over to BF or COD was like a joke after years of playing CS/CSS
kzeroby (5 years ago)
at 0:29 seconds. 8 shots (of which at least 6 appear to register) to the chest with AK47. CT player manages survive and kill T player with only a shot or 2... pretty much sums up this game. add a dash of bunnyhopping and gun physics that reward players that spray, and you'll see why this game costs a fraction of what other decent first person shooters cost. Thanks for shitting the bed on this release Valve. I want my $10 back.
PoohunterGames (5 years ago)
some people REALLY need to look at the names of who they're replying to.
Luka Sikl (5 years ago)
And yeah, I agree with you that CS is awesome, I still play it. Pro surfer and BHopper (oldschool). But it's really not the best, It lives in the past, just like CoD, it hasn't change, and it can't survive like that, you gotta agree with me on that one mate. Although it IS better in SOME parts than other FPSs, it depends how you look at it, really.
Luka Sikl (5 years ago)
You don't see the point in ''narrow minded'' do you? Never mind that, I can see that you're out of arguments for this debate. So I won't participate in it anymore, I'll finish this up quickly. I know that you are all-round player and all that, but people clearly can see that you're just another fanboy, look, I play all games but Dota is my love and I'll always return to it. It's the same thing with you. Only difference is that Dota really is the best of it's kind, not like CS.
Andre Oliva (5 years ago)
Another "narrow minded fanboy". See, your snide insinuation is flawed because I have already admitted to playing each and every game of Battlefield and Call of Duty, plus Counter-Strike. Don't make such ignorant comments, when you don't know what you're talking about.
Luka Sikl (5 years ago)
Ahh... You can dominate in CoD and BF because they are realistic. In CS you have enormous and unreal recoil and fucked up hitboxes. CS was played the most because it was easy to get (hack, too) and fast. It can end in 5 minutes, unlike CoD and BF. It's just a matter of statistics, it's not because CS is ''better'' than any other shooter. I played CS for 7 years, and I know what I'm talking about, you're just another narrow minded fanboy. No offense really.
Andre Oliva (5 years ago)
Please.......just kill yourself. Try to play any game as well as Counter Strike. I easily dominate in the Call of Duty realm and Battlefield realm, but counter-strike was the one series I could count on to bring me a challenge. Sure, BF3 and COD are fun, but no game has been played more than Counter-Strike. Oh yeah, it's always been good, not again. You want vehicular camping, and over-complicated gameplay? Play BF3. You want a tactical, yet hectic experience? Play Counter-Strike.
coolvideos193 (5 years ago)
look at his username, he's just a stupid troll...
Anders9009 (5 years ago)
Luka Sikl (5 years ago)
Counter - Strike was a mod for Half Life, tell me more about the originality. CS - 2000 / BF - 2002 / COD - 2003. YEARS. You cannot say that BF or COD copied ANYTHING from CS, 'cause it's plain stupid. BF came out 2 years after CS,but,like i said CS was a mod, BF was an actual WAR game. It had vehicles and everything from the start. CS doesn't even have a single player mode. Unlike CoD and BF. CS just wants to be good again, it has no chance. Quit your bitching and accept some facts,fanboy.
jon smith (5 years ago)
Don't feed the trolls!
N7bb6 (5 years ago)
Your name suits you.
Dr. Strangelove (5 years ago)
Arms Race started out as a mod for Counter-Strike..... And who need destruction and bullet drop, when you are having fun without it? And I would play on a potato engine, if the game is fun.
ROBOXO3001 (5 years ago)
@trombone32123 dude not every game ever created copied counterstrike
quangluu96 (5 years ago)
Nah, kinda, but the guns are more balance :)
roachlxrd (5 years ago)
actually this is 1.6 with better visuals...
quangluu96 (5 years ago)
This is a HD remake of css :D and cheaper.
Mehmet Yeşildere (5 years ago)
do weapons have a spray pattern like in 1.6?
TheBucketTv (5 years ago)
either that or timesplitters 4
MouldyCheesePie (5 years ago)
I wish there was a HD remake.
TheBucketTv (5 years ago)
I guess you misunderstood me. it was a response to alot of the comments that are being spammed across the internet. I like CS Go. To be honest i cant stop playing it because its fun.
TheBucketTv (5 years ago)
Got all 3!! amazing games
MouldyCheesePie (5 years ago)
Timesplitters 2 is the funnest game I've ever played
wafflecoptur (5 years ago)
cs go is fun, but it requires skill and teamwork. that is fun to me, you must be looking for a different kind of fun, go play some other stupid game and have fun, cause that what gaming is about. dont hate on someone elses game cause its different than your type of fun.
Google+ sucks! (5 years ago)
fun game,i think they need to add more game modes though.
Insert name here (5 years ago)
Read his fucking name before replying, stop feeding the god damn trolls.
Angel Garcia (5 years ago)
Beautiful game :) im a CS source player and CS GO looks fun and gorgeous!
Nibo records (5 years ago)
games that take skill
Nibo records (5 years ago)
Beghty27 (5 years ago)
Was this guy actually complaining about no ADS? Lol welcome to real fps games.
Connor Davison (5 years ago)
4. Fanboy didn't argue that Counter-Strike wasn't original. He's just saying that ONE particular PART of Counter-Strike: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE is not original. 5. Counter-strike stole some of its features from earlier games, and is practically a HL mod. Don't upper-case your 'original' like it's actually supposed to mean something... Or did you forget that terms such as 'originality' and 'good/bad' are subjective? 6. "You're an idiot." This was hilarious (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 if you don't get the irony)
Connor Davison (5 years ago)
1. Original doesn't mean good. Simulator games were original, but the vast majority of those were shit (Sim City). 2. The game is not made just to have fun whether you're skilled or not. You have played CS right? You get dropped in 1-2 shots. That's not fun if you have no skill... Trust me. 3. Rhetoric isn't an argument, it's the lack of an argument. .
Connor Davison (5 years ago)
Where's Arms Race come from?
TheBucketTv (5 years ago)
There once was a time were people judged games by how much fun they were... Whats happend?
Kallbrand (5 years ago)
"Ignorant BF3 Fanboy" smells like a troll
Kallbrand (5 years ago)
Mouse and keyboard... Obviously.
justin132ish (5 years ago)
so i just baought this game. its the first CS i have ever played, should i use the countroller, or a keyboard and mouse?
ddsdavey (5 years ago)
You do realise theres a whole world outside your front door,dont you?!
Kyle McCuaig (5 years ago)
how do you trade?
MrViixi (5 years ago)
stole arms race from bf3.... ? shoot yourself in the little tiny brain you have if you can
Pragmatic Puppy (5 years ago)
I feel bad being a BF3 fan now. But I also play CS so pfft.
jean dota (5 years ago)
Check the following adress: KeyGame.info - Better hurry, they still got some availablee. You will get one frree Counter-Strike:GO serial from the siite.
Fancyslimshady (5 years ago)
my PC is radeon HD3650 4 g ram ...can i run cs go?
einshteins (5 years ago)
who wants to trade CS:GO for something else? steam name-[BRO] REX
2maa2 (5 years ago)
Counterstrike isn't about having a cinematic experience like BF3 with large battles as it usually focuses more on game play. There's no bullet drop because usually you're close enough to your enemy that the bullet drop wouldn't be an important factor. Also, arms race was actually taken from gungame game mode made years ago on CSS, so, sorry to burst your bubble but BF3 actually took the idea.
dale7uk (5 years ago)
Correction, it appears on steam once you've installed it, but you download it from release. blackmesasource. com (Remove the spaces)
DrBread (5 years ago)
Look at The username
Alexander Radical (5 years ago)
I don't know if you're trolling or a retard if you're a retard Source engine invented real destruction.
herpderpmonkey (6 years ago)
Man these reviewers don't know jack shit about CS or actual tactical fps. They complain about armor/kevlar, no iron sights, and the game being too hard?? Go back to CoD and BF machinima people. Buncha casuals..
Terry Smith (6 years ago)
I do prefer BF3 to CS:GO, but.. Are you retarded? Do a fact check before you try to look smart.
Taylor Doucette (6 years ago)
Why would you bring up RTCW if I didn't even mention it? I'm pretty sure I am capable of reading seeing as I have replied to your past to attempts to insult me. Prove I am of a lower intelligence. If you can I will agree with you. If not, you will make an ass of yourself.
Farkan (6 years ago)
... Arms Race in CS Go was even before it was released.
Th3madjackal (6 years ago)
LoL sure brah, cs:s gungame exist since before 2005 but yeah it's totally copied from it, you're such a genius. Before replying again and look stupid you should reeeeally start thinking with the thin air that is stuck between your ears lil fail troll ^^
Th3madjackal (6 years ago)
Arms race existed looooooooong beore BF3 even merged as idea in the developper. It's game mod on CSS = Gun Game (or whatever the name is nowaday) SO... get your ino right next time lil fai :)
Fishman Fairclough (6 years ago)
But the most redifining game was the original dune which played on a pentium 100 with 16 mb RAM and a 1 Mb graphics card. Then I upgraded to a pentium 133 and then I could play a host of new games.

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