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Top 10 Cringiest Pro Fails In CS:GO History

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★ These Are The Worst Pro Player Fails in CS:GO history! From the Cloud 9 molotov fail, to KennyS destroying Kerrigan with some of the sickest sniping ever, there has been some really...interesting fails in the history of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. ▼ STAY CONNECTED! ▼ ★ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/UltraGuides ★ 10 CS:GO Scams Caught On Camera: https://youtu.be/qkok_Pvm0ZI In this video we talk about: CS:GO - BIGGEST PRO FAILS ft. kennyS, olofmeister, GeT_RiGhT & More! CS:GO - Funny PRO FAILS ft. Pasha, GeT_RiGhT, JW, kennyS & more! CS:GO Funny Fails CS: GO Fnatic Fail
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Text Comments (1202)
Arvin Nathaniel Tjong (1 hour ago)
ohhh mannn that's very cringe the handshake part damn
Captain Earls (1 day ago)
The cringiest part is that none in the esports community got any experience when it comes to media
Owlivide (2 days ago)
C9 has no kits and no smokes and no time. They should’ve save their guns though.
Fritz Kulern (6 days ago)
Top 10 smithzz whiffs
Oncek (10 days ago)
Next time just put together 10 clips and let Brayden fuck off. Seriously, he never says anything useful at all. Literally just saying what we can ALL SEE ON THE SCREEN. This is only useful for blind people.
Kazuto Kirigaya (11 days ago)
Clickbait thumbnail it says ''Worst pro fails" but the title is cringiest pro fails
MrCldo Gt (12 days ago)
Got ad about csgo
Nazla Gamer (12 days ago)
its boring to watch all same situations
Trolix YT. (18 days ago)
Ha team liquid ain't got a chance for EnVyUs
Edward Yoonzh (20 days ago)
5:17 I don't understand it, someone help! How did Flex cheat?
A.R Coaster Guy (24 days ago)
Dude honestly how does every single member leave a bomb site? That's stupid! Even us silvers won't pull that gay shit
Daniel Ly (25 days ago)
7:11 during the game between np and Envyus
orville pareja (1 month ago)
Christopher Simonsen (1 month ago)
Gosh please stop using the word cringe. Its overused and cringy . Lol
TheRageArrow - DerLuc (2 months ago)
Why didnt you mention the 2nd map at 3:30, wich was a 15:6 lead for Liquid wich they also threw
Pretty Boy Moon (2 months ago)
0:20 why is it switching between a SK game and the subject he is talking about?
Matthew Mashford (2 months ago)
Everyone make fails
DGalacticMan (2 months ago)
Fnatic vs Faze 16-0....
Reena Singh (2 months ago)
A random CS:GO vedio on How to become a better player:"Watch professional's matches" Me:
ConDor (3 months ago)
1:11 Not the same at all. Nobody had a smoke, the round was lost as soon as that molly left Pronax's hand. They could have saved the guns, and that's all.
Tsuna (3 months ago)
What about PENTA kRYSTAL slipping off while defusing at ESL 2015?
DarkPandaLord (3 months ago)
Even pros make painful mistakes :)
Barry B Benson (3 months ago)
Add Flusha's defuse on mirage ;)
Fuel Injector (4 months ago)
It was Katowice 2016 not 2015....
electric_hiccup 707 (4 months ago)
I just noticed something about the coldzera play Taco is a filthy ace stealer
Antonio Batarilović (4 months ago)
4 worts pro fails not 10 because its not even fails from the fucking players dumb fuck
Antonio Batarilović (4 months ago)
its 180° noscope you dumb fuck
Neptune Fish (4 months ago)
How is it cringe pls tell me
_Dampedweevil766 _ (4 months ago)
Fnatic 16-0 Faze
Thiago (4 months ago)
The FaZe vs Snax is a hell of a dumb play LOL
I LOVE kennys (5 months ago)
Choke is a fail really ?
stealth (5 months ago)
I thought seized lost a 1 v 0 and not some random "siezed"
Nayan Shinde (5 months ago)
Your voice is so nice man What do you eat or drink plz tell me braedon
Chains Is in a Pickle (5 months ago)
Braedon racist burger detected
Tony Zhen (6 months ago)
SUMMIT1G and that is why you never celebrate too early when it's not "COMPELETELY" OVER
NiKo Games (6 months ago)
Haven't watched but summit1g should be here
tobi97dk (6 months ago)
Quality video, not just random clips. You got my like
Nyoman Dwijaputra (6 months ago)
What about Dazed 1v0?
Awesome Mountains (6 months ago)
dexter S (4 months ago)
ZXIon yes very right
GD TemmehsFury (6 months ago)
He didn’t kill Kenny!
Donald Sanders (6 months ago)
Pro league players making rookie mistakes which even the rookies wouldn’t do
Kraakraa (6 months ago)
Haha the cheating things wonder how the banned guys reacted
Gei guy likehotdog (7 months ago)
04:22 he's like you dumb mother f*cker
Koff-FX (7 months ago)
How you can cringe in a game
demonjunkie (7 months ago)
1g for the win
Electrik CSGO HD FUN ! (7 months ago)
kennys 360 noscope??? it was a 180 and it wasn't a noscope, it was a quickscope
DarkMatter (8 months ago)
The karrigan fail isn't a 'fail'...it was a problem with planting hit registration which meant the usp shots didn't register...this was later fixed in an update...please research your stuff before calling it out as a 'fail!'
Chrono Bound (8 months ago)
Haven't watched video yet but my boy spunj is at 1
Acezery (8 months ago)
I knew steel would be on this at the start
R0b (8 months ago)
Wtf man? Liquid wasnt a fail. Coldzera saved the entry, luminosity got hiped and liquid affected psichologically and cant finish the game. After that they won two majors and now they are the best team in the world.
RUSH (8 months ago)
Bot seized
Tsuri S. (8 months ago)
I'm not involved in CSGO and don't know any of these players but i gotta say the guy the most left on the thumbnail looks as if he has a very serious type of retardation...
Stowecooper1 (8 months ago)
Wait is your name Braedon?
Sebastian Andersen (8 months ago)
its basicly the same as the worst CSGO PLAYS
Elias Marklund (8 months ago)
4:23 That was by no means a 360 noscope. Actually i haven't seen the view from Kenny's perspective so im not even sure it was a noscope
Gumball Watterson (8 months ago)
3:38 Katowice 2015? But the gloves update was released in 2016.
freakynoid (8 months ago)
Wait you forget 1 big Fail: Valve Anti Cheat 😁
fo sho (8 months ago)
Pls stop making videos where this jackass is talking so fucking annoying... saying things everyone can see for themself and understand what happend.....
SirWoozy (9 months ago)
it was a 180 noscope which is even harder to do
Ludvig Holst (9 months ago)
That beard in the thumbnail is a mistake in itself
nene thenoneoje (9 months ago)
When the comments distract you from watching the video...
ethan barker (9 months ago)
what about when that coach bumped the guy who was defusing and he let go of E? lol
kr clark (9 months ago)
HI my name is BraeDEn ANd Look at me a filthy silver critising pros.
Definitely flusha (9 months ago)
Hello my name is kr clark and I'm an absolute retard
EnvyMidget (9 months ago)
when liquid choked i broke my mouse
Dan branson (10 months ago)
That intro is so bad lol
Milk (10 months ago)
i love your voice ahhhw
aaron curley (10 months ago)
0:02 when you cant think of anything to write in a essay so you just start repeating random shit you already said
IntroMaker (10 months ago)
LMAO Cloud fail XD
medi bro (10 months ago)
What doo u mean cildzera faild with the awp
Narayan Pai (10 months ago)
what was your name again?
BEBEK BENGIL (10 months ago)
hen1 celebration fail
5upl1an (11 months ago)
well, that cobblestone fail wasn't a real "player fail", more like a "valve pls fix fail"
BSTAR BSTAR (11 months ago)
Braeden Braeden?
pepoTANK (11 months ago)
when SK were bad
Squeaky Plays (11 months ago)
Super fail : Noobs kill all terrorist even if its hes team 😂
Dexy (11 months ago)
Change your name to CSGO GUIDES!!!!!!!
ease (11 months ago)
kkona vs clg
StackableGold (11 months ago)
You get on a roof in a FPS and you see a enemy but don't realize it's an enemy and the enemy doesnt realize your an enemy till you end up realizing and killing him then you two have a akward talk in the next round ... Yeah that happened to me.
Roma (1 year ago)
Stop say shit in all tour videos
danny devito (1 year ago)
4:34 it is kat owe veetz ah
kyogre groudon (1 year ago)
I like the nade fail
zarogue (1 year ago)
whats his name?
Terpager (1 year ago)
What about the one where he was defusing, and his friend clapped him on the shoulder. And then he stopped defusing.
Roman RYTP (1 year ago)
all you had to do was defuse the damn bomb
André Albinson (1 year ago)
Fnatic on Mirage when Dennis got 2 team kills with a nade?
The PaperCut Survivor (1 year ago)
Limon (1 year ago)
Globals sometimes play like Silvers,Silvers sometimes play like Globals.
Mahdi Khandaker (1 year ago)
C9 had no choice you moron.
Noah Blythe (8 months ago)
hmm, jump on a moil with no time to wait? or save and inevitably lose the round
Jack (1 year ago)
May be pros but they make mistakes
Fancy (1 year ago)
i just want to say that shit happens to everyone ;)
travis henk (1 year ago)
my whole life is so bad i get all these fails in 1 day
Parker[1] Gaming (1 year ago)
fck you man coldzera is a lucky peace of shit man fck you
_Zerolimits_ (1 year ago)
I like cloud9 so... rip =(
DrNerdRage (1 year ago)
The only reason Kennys lived was because the hit boxes for planting were super fucked back then even now they aren't nearly as good as they should be. Granted Karrigan shouldn't have tried to stunt, but Kennys got really lucky.
WinD SlaYeR (1 year ago)
wat does RDFL and ROLF mean?
Netts (1 year ago)
You mean ROFL? Rolling On the Floor Laughing
LILT ! (1 year ago)
It wasn't Liquids first problem. And wtf, did you just say that Snax vs Faze 1v5 was in Katowice 2015?! Faze didn't even exist then...
Rashadow (1 year ago)
Most of those fails would be funnier if you just played them with original sound. Casters reaction was so hilarious but instead i had to listen a explanation only idiots need.
Capt. β2 (1 year ago)
Why show so many irrelevant clips.....
Justin (1 year ago)
The best fail is the intro...

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