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Aimware is honestly my favorite hack.I wasn't payed by Aimware to review their hack, they don't even know I am doing this video. I genuinely think Aimware is just the best public hack out there. 10/10. (Show More for Links) The Hack: https://aimware.net Music By: https://youtube.com/phaseclan My Discord: https://discord.gg/jxSefQ9
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McGuideLines (6 months ago)
Sorry, I used bad render settings. This will be fixed in the next video. On the Plus side, the audio quality is way better. Thanks for watching!
NozZRr Universe (1 month ago)
can you promote my cheat? my discord is TaskosTaskos#3968
Kamron Whittiker (3 months ago)
McGuideLines hey i was just curious how often do you get vac banned im wondering because im thinking of buying a liftime aimware subscription
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
It was just the exploit
We're Screwed (6 months ago)
Is it true Aimware was detected or was it just the “crash server” exploit?
ERKAN (1 day ago)
It’s a paid one
Frederik MC (9 days ago)
is there something specific to do when opening the hack or something to make sure it is not traced?
GentleKeks (15 days ago)
This whole Channel is a Cheater shithole...
Over-Due Memz (22 days ago)
Hmm I wanna buy this, but I won't really use all the settings... Do you think there would be another cheat good for legit cheaper than this one? Oh and POTATO
Hap Kiki (10 days ago)
Havoc_27 ezfrags for legit
TemBark (1 month ago)
Cheat reCheat
potato? why not tomaetoe
LittleSmerf (1 month ago)
didnt even go over rage nice
1 Rex (2 months ago)
m123key (2 months ago)
TheReal HBB (2 months ago)
Erdem Öz (2 months ago)
Toxic Dictators (3 months ago)
dhruv shounak (3 months ago)
BTW I will try to report you
Sickz (3 months ago)
Doomguy (3 months ago)
its called silent aim it doesnt "flick" really fast
Shimidax (4 months ago)
Peace of shit. stop cs
kloadit (4 months ago)
It’s a pretty good cheat. I use it. 8/10 might get VACed
Gvidutis (4 months ago)
Can i buy it with credit card ?
kenau (1 month ago)
no you have to meet up and pay cash
Gvidutis (4 months ago)
Is it worth ?
Tim Borri (4 months ago)
Hi aimware work on Mac
Lianリアン (4 months ago)
Which map is this?
xShot GO (4 months ago)
I sell Aimware bytwitter waimeare lifetime 8€ dm @Razecard
Enki (4 months ago)
how do you open the console please help
Walter Heisenberg White (5 months ago)
vac ban risk ?
Dortchski (1 month ago)
moderate id say. the big thing is that its a public cheat
vikas lalawat (5 months ago)
Gay uses hax
Qskar (5 months ago)
LUL PhaseClan
Antreas Rajamäki (6 months ago)
Pipol come to plei and have fun and u cunts just there for the pleasure of ruining oder gys fun bad bois get a job
Alvin Raditya (6 months ago)
u get global elite with aimware ?? go legit on global u will get derank to silver!
Neowise (6 months ago)
"my fps is really laggy" are you sure about that?
Soy Nazo (6 months ago)
Fucking son of a bitch
GoldeFreddy Br2 (6 months ago)
LeoGurr (6 months ago)
I am so unsure whether to buy Aimware or Supremacy, both look awesome... I only play Spread HvH on a Vacced Acc, to get things out of the way. Had Aimware already back in December last year but the resolver back then was kinda meh.
LeoGurr (6 months ago)
The price difference is not that crazy (Aimware is ~18€, while Supremacy is 23€) but you are right, both are kinda expensive especially for a 1 month subscription. Well, I think I will wait a bit and hope for another Crack :D Thanks for the answer though!
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
+LeoGurr aimware is probably better than supremacy at this point, but that's debatable. I may be wrong but I remember supremacy is 40/month so if you're down to spend that much to be a decent mm hvher than go for it
Melvy (6 months ago)
Cheats are for skilles dogs
Sou o PeddoBear (6 months ago)
Incertus (6 months ago)
you are all shit ers
Vladimir Cungarovski (6 months ago)
Uh I wanna cry how sad this is
Jakub Zając (6 months ago)
Stop Scope Flick Fire Where did he said that hes funny?
Vladimir Cungarovski (6 months ago)
oh im funny. the point is you ain't...
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
+Stop Scope Flick Fire lmao
Killer Modz (6 months ago)
Fuck you
MoLethal MLG (6 months ago)
Sending this straight to CSGO so they can take you shitty hackers out of the game!
ÐυÑÐÆŠ (6 months ago)
Waffle (6 months ago)
*Waffle > Potato* *<3*
Hasan Topal (6 months ago)
Where is the backtrack settings?
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
They are called position Adjustment
xMOx (6 months ago)
ez vac
SpongeBobGayPants (6 months ago)
zeus actually sync's up clantags
ExileEditing (6 months ago)
aimware zeus and skeet all do I believe. not sure about others but if anyone uses anything other than those 3 what are you doing
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
o I didnt know that
zoot. (6 months ago)
Review red eye cheats
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
I made an entire video title "why I dont sellout" watch it.
zoot. (6 months ago)
w h y
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
l m a o no
Rap1d (6 months ago)
Scotty (6 months ago)
Aimware is really good for hvh
VapeN_ (6 months ago)
Aimware is free now ???
Matth3w W3gr (5 months ago)
VapeN_ Public cheat is able to be purchased :)
EEZIK (6 months ago)
siema eniu xd
_delta (6 months ago)
i not free ;)
VapeN_ (6 months ago)
siema eniu he say public, Ok so it’s just not like skeet
_delta (6 months ago)
Marko Stojic (6 months ago)
shitty resolver and gets tapped by pastes very often
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
+Marko Stojic if you knew what you were doing you would be able to hide your head well enough to not be tapped and the resolver isn't that bad. they have two now, the original one and he new one which hey are developing. the new one is pretty good and will basically tap anyone who is moving
cvp Plays (6 months ago)
Hmm potato
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
+cvp Plays <3
Curly K (6 months ago)
hey im about to buy AW but i have few questions first is that im only going to play official valve servers and maybe some community so what should i know when doing that. second can i use aimware on many accounts of cs go ? or just one ? and last is general what to do and what to not do and how to set it up properly so i dont get banned and stuff.
Neowise (6 months ago)
Curly K if you want to use it on multiple computers and share it with your friends just pm me we got aw modded and you can have the modded version if you join our clan ^^
Curly K (6 months ago)
Vex CSGO thank you for trying to help :) but i acctually know most of that stuff i have played cs go a bit now without any cheats and i got to LEM so i think that i will know how to hide and its also like im not going to cheat on my main thats why i was conserned that i will not be able to use AW on many cs go accounts because this would mean that i wont buy AW because its not that expensive when its one time purchase but if i would need to buy AW for every acc then i just wouldnt :( BTW:sry for grammar.
Curly K (6 months ago)
McGuideLines thanks is there any thing more ? like functions of AW that a should avoid ?
Dylan ! (6 months ago)
Curly K dont look at them when there behind the wall dont prefire I prefire cause I have money to buy accounts look at all the corners so you look legit etc
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
+Curly K if you're going to play on valve servers keep anti untrusted on at all times and you can use it on as many csgo accounts as you want just don't try to use it on 2 different computers
M4D M1K3 Stano (6 months ago)
vac op lol
SP4RK NATION (6 months ago)
Tomatoes bich 🤣
GreevCS (6 months ago)
yo its ya boi am reviewing a detected cheat yo yo yo
soda (6 months ago)
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
SwaY (6 months ago)
It actually isnt Detected, the bans came from using Server Crasher
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
its not detected
Silver HvH Noob (6 months ago)
Whats new the resolver is still shit LoL But aimwares still pretty good
ExileEditing (6 months ago)
Hm interesting. I feel that the experimental resolver makes me miss moving players more than the default. That's the main reason I've switched back to default. Could have just been a placebo or whatever but I missed pelvis and head while the enemy was moving lmao
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
+OG Weed the new resolver isn't bad at all actually. it resolves anyone who is moving perfectly
Baiatul Normal (6 months ago)
Try unityhacks is best
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
very false.
P r o D a t (6 months ago)
uff ya potato
Suzhey (6 months ago)
It’s detected please do somethingg right in your Life and don’t showcase a cheat, just for u to earn money, and the others are getting Banned ;) Nice
Dylan ! (6 months ago)
Suzhey but you play minecraft so your opinion doesn't matter
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
how am I earning money by showcasing aimware? They didn't pay me to make this video. Oh, and the cheat isn't detected.
X6TENCE (6 months ago)
yo guys just know dont use esp champs radar hacks and use the legit aim settings
Dortchski (1 month ago)
Normal chams are the safest for legit settings. just dont use see through on it and you are safe for that.
Lachlan Trescott (6 months ago)
MiMa HvH (6 months ago)
Potato btw -,-
MiMa HvH (6 months ago)
Make a review about supremacy pls ?
MiMa HvH (6 months ago)
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
gasp (6 months ago)
Vikash Yadav (6 months ago)
well next month is my birthday but you can gift me aimware in advance ;) by the way i forget to say POTATO
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
+Warmac lmao <3
Voqz. (6 months ago)
aimware cant even hit an afk guy standing at spawn with penguware and a glock
VibeZz US (5 months ago)
Says the penguware user :thinking:
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
+Voqz. lmao
Tokyo (6 months ago)
Hey guys mcguidelines here
Trx (6 months ago)
Rtep PWR (6 months ago)
Two point O well sometimes pixelated but i have these bugs too so, nice!
cheeseburger (6 months ago)
wasted (6 months ago)
CHARTIONS (6 months ago)
Hey you aimware account and my fut knife you trade ?
Denis789 (6 months ago)
BlackArozzi (6 months ago)
Ragebot Settings?? Potato
BlackArozzi (6 months ago)
OK ty for responding :) And I would love rage settings video Scout/AWP and auto and maybe pistol. :D
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
BlackArozzi I might do a video on rage settings
Kaan. (6 months ago)
Gayware got dedected or vacware
Kaan. (5 months ago)
McGuideLines no it did when vacwave banned a lot user ı look aimware injector and its dedected and now its unknown.
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
Dost Oyuncular no it didnt
BlackArozzi (6 months ago)
Ty for more info :)
Jonny (6 months ago)
whys this video look like shit? is it bitrate or resampling?
Debugged (6 months ago)
Zeus (6 months ago)
bro as a past aimware user i can say their detection rate has literally been close to nothing for the past few months if not more, i was sketical at firsr but it's like the best public cheat once you use it
ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ (6 months ago)
Ano Nym' just wait till next vac wave
d3xd (6 months ago)
You can't call it vacware. Noone of my alts got banned, I have 4 alts.
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
Their reputation will never be fixed no matter how good their security gets.
unknown XD (6 months ago)
feed (6 months ago)
How do you clear your keybinds I've tried clicking the bound key twice but it doesn't clear.
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
No problem
feed (6 months ago)
McGuideLines thank you so much man
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
I think you select it and hit escape, if that doesn't work just try deleting it.
DeadShot (6 months ago)
I didn’t really notice you kept saying uh until you said something about it
P r o D a t (6 months ago)
deadshot why you mad
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
I notice it every time Im recording/editing a video, but i cant stop doing it and it drives me crazy lmao. I dont say uh whenever I talk in real life, maybe it's just cause my videos are unscripted and I dont really think about what im saying that much.
Valence (6 months ago)
MoHamsters (3 days ago)
+Drawde mayb u just bad
n15 (4 months ago)
You guys probably opened another copy of it aimware deletes itself just load it up the first time turn off num lock and press 0 and you will be find
ExileEditing (6 months ago)
He's right you dummies. I injected on my smurf and didn't get banned. I also used aimwares -insecure mode. ( also I did server crash idk how I didnt get banned)
iquityoutube (6 months ago)
You either got 1. Overwatched or 2. Untrusted because you didn't have the anti-untrusted on
BQ2k (6 months ago)
Review Iniuria it just got a big update
coolbotic (6 months ago)
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
Alex Banu (6 months ago)
Should i buy it?
ryanrcpl (6 months ago)
platiniumcheats got detected twice in a week.. dont buy this shit overpriced cheat.
T.A.M.S mentose (6 months ago)
Platinumcheats is my favorite, based on legit hacking, easy to set up and use and clean looking, keep in mind reading forum for updates. Conceptcheats is a new client and really nice small community in building. Still higly reccomend platinum for legit hacking
Michal Halas (6 months ago)
Marko Stojic ye
Marko Stojic (6 months ago)
McGuideLines supremacy?
Michal Halas (6 months ago)
McGuideLines supremacy is alot better for spread mm hvh
Immad5 (6 months ago)
But what about pro hacker aajake13?????
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
i dunno xd
Marco The man (6 months ago)
Hi I wish I could get aimware I cheat on Mac
McGuideLines (6 months ago)
Oh yeah, Mac apparently doesn't have vac, but it's hard to find cheats for it.

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