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Megaman X - X All Weapons

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mopbrothers (11 days ago)
Zero is better than X. X has to charge his weapons up to match Zeros abilities, which are quicker anyway.
DarksparkNecrobat (25 days ago)
Best Weapons: X1: Chameleon Sting (Turns invisible) X2: Speed Burner (Extra Dash) X3: Gravity Well (Clears all enemies) X4: Aiming Laser (Better Aim) X5: Dark Hold (Better version of Time-Stopper) X6: Yammar Option (Offense and Defense at the same time) X7: Sniper Missile (Possibly the most useful weapon) X8: Drift Diamond (Offense and Defense)
Carl Johnson (1 month ago)
Wait........isn't the sonic slicer a reference to the sonic boom? The signature move of Guile from sf?
Shockman 21 (1 month ago)
Thanks for uploading this, I’ve been waiting quite a while for someone to do this
*9:31** Z A W A R U D O !*
osama issa nothing (2 months ago)
God...megaman X7 SSUUUUUUUX besides the low fps I played it and its really bad
Emerson Ribeiro (2 months ago)
jesus, X7 is just horrible
Ayaanliveforgames YT (2 months ago)
Nice video bud
Super X (2 months ago)
los poderes del x8 son horribles con suerte salva el thunder dancer y el Drift Diamond. pero los otros, fuegos artificiales y un misil enorme con una explosión penosa :(
Mike Johnson (2 months ago)
This is cool I beat me to But After mega man x6 I don’t like it anymore
Mike Johnson X8 is good though.
Psycho kid Tran (2 months ago)
Why your x6 Pitch is so low
loco12322 (2 months ago)
los poderes del X2 siempre me parecieron los mas raros
Pandu Gumelar (2 months ago)
8:28 most frustating stage on entire megaman x games imo especially if you failed to open the door
T-Universe Gamer (2 months ago)
Completely disagreed, the worst stage BY FAR is Blaze Heatnix's
NewZen (2 months ago)
Top 3 will always be: -Yammar Option -Frost Tower -You Winnado
Adrian Salazar (2 months ago)
What happened to the hadoken from X1? It's a secret weapon!
Holy Flame Legend Vargas (2 months ago)
Adrian Salazar Counts as a Giga Attack
5deathburger (2 months ago)
Weapons from X7 look quite underwhelming.
Michael Laidley (2 months ago)
x6 and x7 caused them to fall off a lot but I feel like i could produce/direct a new and better X game that's really great like back in the day. X5 was best for me overall, but I have to say that the special weapons I like most were in x1 and x2
Mamdouh Attia (2 months ago)
7:10 How did you do that😮?
Thuy Thanh (2 months ago)
KRT (2 months ago)
press the up or down button
Psycho kid Tran (2 months ago)
Mine is doesn't sucks X1:Shotgun ice and storm tornado(Decent Shot) X2:Strike chain And Spin wheel(Item hunting) X3:Spinning blade And Triad Thunder(Op) X4:Rising Fire And Ground Hunter(True good) X5:Cresent shot And spike ball(Death) X6:Yammar option And Ray arrow(Killing) X7:Explosion And circle blaze(TRIANGLE BOOM AND BURN TO THE GROUND) This Game is a pain in the ass X8:Drift Diamond and Crystal wall(Shiny as God)
Psycho kid Tran (2 months ago)
Well Strike chain is not that bad it doesn't sucks It can Get Through items By charging it up And Grab Through walls
Psycho kid Tran (2 months ago)
X said "STOP IT" Is his deadline
Psycho kid Tran (2 months ago)
11:54 and 12:15 This should Be A giga attack
Jants Tapia (3 months ago)
Best soundtrack
Demerk Tv Rap Romantico (3 months ago)
Los mejores poderes son del X5 y x6
andres herrera (3 months ago)
Por fin un vídeo que muestran poderes de megaman buen video
Leong Yu Hin Leong (3 months ago)
Megaman X 1-3 Some of the weapons in that game has some niche to them over the Charged X-buster (Megaman X3 buster upgrade is the worst by far because it's so clunky and stiff), but from X4 and onwards, the Charged buster like the Plasma shot in X4 & X5 or X8 Icarus buster parts example and etc is so strong that is not worth using the special weapons other than the boss fights, though X5 using weakness on the bosses (very likely the maverick boss fights), they take so long for invulnerability/invincibility state that it's not even worth it, Wheel Gator is another prime example where if u hit with Strike Chain Weakness, he will go into the water and hide himself and lengthen rinse repeat pattern again which drags the fight out, unless u are that skilled in timing your strike chain attacks well before he dives in due to his wonky hitbox. While X7 is the worst/weakest among the X series, the weapons itself needs a lot getting used to but Volt Tornado, Charged version of Splash Laser, Explosion (if u are very skilled enough to use close range on enemies and especially boss fights) and I guess circle blaze are the few best weapons in this game but again the weapon energy consumption is a big issue.
Leong Yu Hin Leong (3 months ago)
Megaman X6, the weapons in that game does have it's usefulness and the charged version on them is cool and unique, the Charged version of Ray Arrow absolutely raped bosses except for Infinity Mijinion himself over the weaknesses inflicted.
Illidan Stormrage (3 months ago)
Goo Shaver not Gel Shaver
Cho m xin link của x6 đc k
KRT khi giải nén bị lỗi bn ơi
KRT (3 months ago)
Bạn có thể vào đây nha, link không die đâu https://megamanfcvn.blogspot.com/2014/09/download-game.html
Thuy Thanh (3 months ago)
9:32 hyper dash
Thuy Thanh (3 months ago)
Megaman X4,5,6 làm thế nào mà có nhạc thế ? Cho em xin link
Thuy Thanh (3 months ago)
Đoạn 5:27 làm thế nào mà di chuyển được con quay thế
KRT (3 months ago)
lần sau bạn có cmt thì cmt tất cả vấn đề vào chung một cmt. Bạn có thể dùng gạch đầu dòng để liệt kê các ý. Nếu bạn rải cmt thì mình sẽ không ngần ngại báo cáo spam và chặn kênh của bạn dù cho bạn có là fan lớn của megaman :v
Super Shadonic (3 months ago)
X6 X has a badass weapon set. He's so powerful in it.
Thuy Thanh (3 months ago)
Đoạn 4:28 nhìn rối mắt lắm 😵😵😵🤢
Thuy Thanh (3 months ago)
3:39 X thì chậm , con trùm cũng chậm chả có gì cả
Zero Zombie (2 months ago)
Cái này cũng rất tốt để p ứng kịp khi né đòn boss hoặc vượt địa hình khó
Just Wanna Alone (2 months ago)
Do cái map + game thế hệ cũ , ý kiến cc
Thuy Thanh (3 months ago)
Cái đoạn 0:51 là dùng ván lướt của Shotgun Ice rồi trèo lên , đơn giản thế thôi
Thuy Thanh (3 months ago)
Ớ , sao bây giờ mới phát hành 😕
KRT (3 months ago)
?? đặt ??
Cant wait till x legacy collection
X stil camileon X2 las borbujitas locas xd X3 la cierra X4 tiger slash X5 el de fuego X6 el ancla de metal X7 la bola de fuego X8 el de hielo
Gian Gabriel Ascencio Madera Let me guess, X1: chameleon sting X2: ???? X3: ????? X4: twin slasher X5: Ground fire X6: Metal anchor X7: Circle blaze X8: Drift diamond
Đức Long Đỗ (3 months ago)
X7 chả có chiêu nào ra hồn :v
Đức Long Đỗ (3 months ago)
KRT cái splash laser chưa xạc thì trông như ruồi ỉa, còn xạc lên thì thấy cũng bt thôi, đánh nhanh boss cuối chứ có nhanh vs những con khác đâu, còn cái explosion thì bắn đc 2 cái là hết đạn mà còn phải áp sát :v
KRT (3 months ago)
vì cơ bản X7 chỉ cần Glide Armor full chip là đủ càng quét tất cả rồi :v nói đi cũng phải nói lại, X7 có chiêu Splash Laser và Explosion rút máu boss rất ghê đấy chứ
ロックマンX Rokkuman'ekkusu (Learning Japanese:P)
Sanic the edgehog 2006 (3 months ago)
Best weapons per game: X1: Chameleon sting X2: Speed burner X3: Spinning blade X4: Rising fire X5: Spike ball X6: Metal anchor X7: This game sucks, next X8: Drift diamond
NonRandomUser (3 months ago)
Unironically, the best special weapon (for X) in X7 is Charged Splash Laser.Kills bosses faster so you don't have to torture yourself as a Megaman fan by playing more of X7 than needed.
klee Jean (3 months ago)
I am going to answer about the best weapon in X7 it is the flaming bastard flame hyenard
Sanic the edgehog 2006 (3 months ago)
Thuy Thanh Your ass.
Thuy Thanh (3 months ago)
Hey GayFag , what do you say
Next (3 months ago)
Triad thunder Is The Best X3 weapon and Soul Body is the Best From X4
Diep Hoai Nam Bui (3 months ago)
đặt là all weapons ms đúng
KRT (3 months ago)
tôi quên == vì làm xong còn đi học nên gấp quá
Tran Hieu (3 months ago)
12:15 Storm Eagle
XInfra RedX (1 month ago)
Sting Chameleon, Magna Centipede and Blast Hornet
Nich White (3 months ago)
Metalshark will actually summon Sting Chameleon in his fight. It's a rare attack when you have his weakness, but it's cool when you see it.
Andy Tee (3 months ago)
Sao ko có mấy chiêu phụ ý
KRT (3 months ago)
nhầm tựa đề video ==
Tuananh Nguyen (3 months ago)
x6 và x4 là ngon nhất
Tuananh Nguyen (2 months ago)
Thuy Thanh của x chứ có của zero đâu :v
Thuy Thanh (2 months ago)
Là TAS của Zero chứ gì ? X5 toàn ra cái chiêu của The Skiver
레드킴티 (3 months ago)
**Very Nice**

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