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Batman vs Superman (BVS)...with healthbars

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Batman seeks revenge against the man that destroyed his building and satellite after his insurance policy would not cover his loss. It's Black and Blue, Fight Night, The Greatest Gladiator Match in the History of the World, God vs Man, Day vs Night, Son of Krypton vs Bat of Gotham, the underwhelming fight of the century…with Martha, I mean...with healthbars Please like, comment, subscribe and share if you like the video. Any fight requests, suggestions, and/or feedback leave in the comment section. Ill take a look at it. All The Rights Go To Warner Bros And It's Other Respective Owner/s. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended.
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Text Comments (3423)
Afro Samurai (1 year ago)
Black and Blue. Fight Night! The greatest gladiator match in the history of the World. God vs Man. Day vs Night. Son of Krypton vs Bat of Gotham!
Love Learning (13 days ago)
Afro Samurai what about dry vs wet
The red capes are coming!
Regele Palmierilor (1 month ago)
Luistadeo Perez (1 month ago)
+Navon Myhand de ñz0 loñogrgohfherfn jjhjjjjknjgygtp.mmmmnhfdfgrefyrrtrddjjzf
Afro Samurai WOW nice one
Treylan Smith (20 hours ago)
Batman Man dominated this fight , they made Superman look like a punching bag but when he went against Doomsday he used all of his powers
Treylan Smith (20 hours ago)
I didn't like this Batman his suit was to much but I did like the one in Justice league
Ant Cello (2 days ago)
9:04 When you break all the glass cups and have no excuse ready
Oskar Rychłowski (2 days ago)
Dlaczego batman nie ma hila
SuperRegic (2 days ago)
God I love this movie
Jayden Cherry (3 days ago)
I like healthbar
Khaled Abdelwahab (3 days ago)
Without kruptonite super man would kill batman
Poe Wolf (7 days ago)
Both Batman's and Superman's mother has the same name
Daboywithdaball YT (8 days ago)
All Batman needs is kryptonite to win
Rose Njora (10 days ago)
Batman the champ
Sebastian Munoz (10 days ago)
Lmao emotional hit
Ivan Daniel Enriquez (11 days ago)
Superman 😎🙆💪💪👊👏👏👏
Ivan Daniel Enriquez (11 days ago)
Batman 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😒😒😒
Alex Castillo (13 days ago)
Man vs God Man always wins
roman hernandez (13 days ago)
I mean riot
roman hernandez (13 days ago)
Can you make venom vs roit
hefty magic (13 days ago)
Only good part in the movie and it lasted a few minutes.
Antoniomarcos Marcos (16 days ago)
Com equipamento todo e facio
Monalisa novy (20 days ago)
I will kill you batman
GalacticGamerX7 (21 days ago)
Devin Swindell (21 days ago)
everyone u dont know crap do u realize batman is just a normal human with a cape & suiet hes got ok moves but he doesnt have super strength, all he has is cool equipment sorry batman fans but in reality batman is so trash and super man is really a God look how far hes gotten, thats my opinion well bye now peace!
Emmanuel Alvez (22 days ago)
Dick figures the movie red and blue vs ocho muerte please PD:mi ingles no es bueno
Web Keb (22 days ago)
Batman destroyed superman if it wasn't for supermans gf superman would of been dead
keke2319 pubg mobile (25 days ago)
Batman use a gun!
Nagabhushan V (28 days ago)
Superman is best
FLOWPRO AM-MIC (30 days ago)
i loved the film but that bats just dont kill him cause of same mothers name?weird
Micah Contee (30 days ago)
When Superman does that smirk when his power comes back I love it 😂❤️
Crocoman 723 (1 month ago)
Jesus calm it down batman!
christine connelly (1 month ago)
star lord mantis drax groot rocket gamora yondu vs ronan
christine connelly (1 month ago)
godzilla vs king kong
Indian Android Gamer (1 month ago)
2:59 batman fart Is filling in it 😂
Ariyan Imanian (1 month ago)
Batman win ✊
Lakewood Slasher (1 month ago)
Your not brave batman, only superman is and you know it. 3:14
Mr Krabs (1 month ago)
Superman:my dad can beat up your dad Batman: . _. *BVS*
Jeez Versiux (1 month ago)
Superman/man of steel:weakness:Krypton,Has good strength,has good defense and is bullet proof obviously bat man/dark night:weakness:None,good at dodging things,aggressive. i was voting for superman/man of steel :/
Jeez Versiux (1 month ago)
idk how to spell kryptonight :/
Jeez Versiux (1 month ago)
Kriptonight* xD
SkullyBully 0115 (1 month ago)
Doesnt superman have x ray vision why couldn't he see batman through the smoke
Xtrain 14 (1 month ago)
Who else hadn't seen the movie and watched this because nobody would stop talking about it
IvanTheGamer1050 1 (1 month ago)
Anghelo Airon Baliwas (1 month ago)
wolvirine vs dead pool
Anghelo Airon Baliwas (1 month ago)
sorry super man batman are genius you are strong super man but batman are genius and strong too
Anghelo Airon Baliwas (1 month ago)
batman vs super man iron man vs captain america thanos vs all avengers guko vs jiren guko vs broly luffy vs kataruki
Gwendal Clolus (1 month ago)
Aviontay Dukes (1 month ago)
XD Emotional Hit
Typical Reaperblood (1 month ago)
Superman vs godzilla or thanos then he will die thanos can just destroy him with eas and change reality so he has no power and godzilla will step on him like a bug
Ang Li (1 month ago)
Iron man vs captain America in a nutrshell
Colo 2nd (1 month ago)
All that for a drop of blood?
Praveen Lesnar (1 month ago)
Superman's dress is more powerful than bcoz thousand of bullets is hit on the dress but no scratches
David Tingwald (1 month ago)
LOL @ Emotional Hit XD
How goku fights
Kick him like goku fights
Superman just punch him in his own way
Bäckis (1 month ago)
*how to make a movie dark* -you remove all signs of light batman v superman logic!
Bäckis (1 month ago)
yea, but i dont think its suppose to be so dark that you cant see anything when you watch a movie
RFS Korolev (1 month ago)
Believe it or not, but that's how light usually work.
Crocoman 723 (1 month ago)
Who won
Tiger VV (1 month ago)
😢😢😢😢😢 no mean bat thing 😭😭
Harold Woods (1 month ago)
Batman always mad
Harold Woods (1 month ago)
Got Superman mad
Harold Woods (1 month ago)
Batman do to much he Superman mad like hulk
Windan Rogers (1 month ago)
Superman can easily beat Batman but since Batman has kryptonite then he can beat Superman. Superman is basically a human if he is near kryptonite but doesn’t mean he is nothing.
nikov c (1 month ago)
goddamn emotional hit.
Ed.U gaming (1 month ago)
Batman only won becuz of kryptonite
THE PROFESSIONAL (1 month ago)
superman do not try to fight at first...and he lost fight the next second
Brayden Jun Ying (1 month ago)
Bruce:Well here I am... Superman:Wanna drink some coffee? Bruce:Hmmmmm...Ok Superman:Sweet😎
ratichocc (1 month ago)
I watched this movie and I didn't even get why they we're fighting each other lmao
Shaggy (2 days ago)
Lex wanted supe and bats to fight
rio20d (1 month ago)
I am batman!!!!
Kanchan Singh (2 months ago)
batman is only a human being with nothing powers but he has big brain than superman whenever he fight with anyone he fight with all the things ready I like batman
Krish Chhibber (2 months ago)
Wow I thought that Batman would lose because Batman has only a grappling hook and Superman can fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes
Vinxk (2 months ago)
Superman held back.
Kevi Terhuja (2 months ago)
"If I wanted it u be dead already " facts
Aanchal Goenka (2 months ago)
I hate batman
How batman loosed health by hearing martha
Keegan Brakhage (2 months ago)
I’m glad I never saw that movie that fight was so god damn boring
Cass Chijin (2 months ago)
I'm surprised Batman won like wtf
K.M. Gamer (2 months ago)
Although Superman is a God he is weak the kryptonite now it makes no sense that he even recovered considering that he inhaled it it so the kryptonite would be in his lungs now the OG Batman from like The Dark Knight rises the one the faut bien could have handled this entirely differently screen wouldn't have been able to hit that Batman because he most likely would have made his suit just entirely made out of laced kryptonite.
xXVINIMODZXx (2 months ago)
batman ladrão
Rohit Singh (2 months ago)
Ofcourse he was his step father
RpgBlaster Rpg (2 months ago)
4:50 batman be like omg please dont punch me
Given Tehran Games (2 months ago)
Nikach (2 months ago)
Yea Superman is stronger than Goku 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dark Magician (2 months ago)
Hahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Danish Brewster (2 months ago)
Why superman is only throwing batman around? Fucking punch him man
Theodore Parker (2 months ago)
C 🎥🎥🎍👫🦁🐣🐒🦁😦😯
MARVEL, i guess (2 months ago)
The worst studio. The worst movie. Did they just stop fighting coz both's mother is Martha? Then how about Marvel? They won't stop kicking Thanos's ass, just because his mother could be Sarah too (like at Cap). Why is a great fight ending coz of a "please, don't kill me, I luv my mama too, she's Marta too, please, you have to be less rude to me, please, you luv yur mama too, right? She's Martha too, right? Mine is Martha too, please". C'mon, it was the worst idea ever made (ok, maybe nazism was bad too). But could you think bout school bullies? They will won't stop kicking your ass coz of a random name. Y'all agree wimme, aren't you? (Know yur not)
zhengyingli (2 months ago)
It's clear you don't understand how PTSD works.
Ronan Blox (2 months ago)
Batman Wins
Kevin Juice (2 months ago)
Batman Sucks Just A Rich Guy ....... Superman Has Real Powers
The.Afro. Male (2 months ago)
BHOPBAD (2 months ago)
oh come on. Christian Bale was the real Batman. This one sucks.
EzRa (2 months ago)
4:51 [Oh shit] Wait Superman, wait!
BearableBoi (2 months ago)
pablo 25 anonyme (2 months ago)
Batman is the best
Simin Dragila (2 months ago)
fututi dumnezei mati
jahash bagwan (2 months ago)
Who else increased the brightness..
inisaya12 (2 months ago)
Is it supose to be martha win? Martha coz emotional hit lol
Melting Joker4 (2 months ago)
Mr. Android (2 months ago)
They are siblings?
BearableBoi (2 months ago)
Well that wasn't why he stopped. He asked why he said that because he thought he meant his mother because he couldn't help his mother from dying. After realizing killing Superman would allow someone else to die. He knew he was becoming Joe Chill himself. He also realized this alien had people who cared for him and was like any human that had a family. (Except any human can't do all that shit with powers but still.)
Mr. Android (2 months ago)
+BearableBoi just that? Rofl
BearableBoi (2 months ago)
No they're parents just happen to have the same name lol.
Karuna Sharma (2 months ago)
ye mat bhulo super man man of steel he
Brunnø Sixx (2 months ago)
"Emotional hit" HAHAHAHAHAHA
Pogba 6 (2 months ago)
Rishabh Jain (2 months ago)
Superman is not god fucking idiot dc fans Superman is alien U can consider shazam and thor a god
TIT moba (2 months ago)
Fan Batman
*_TheWorldSuperBoy!*_ !! (2 months ago)
Не напрасно я гласил, то что супермен слабак какой-то

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