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Hey guys hope you enjoyed video! . Make sure to like if you enjoyed! HOW TO GET DROPS FROM CSGO STREAMS! TWITCH KRAKOW 2017 2018 BOSTON ELEAGUE LINK TO GET FREE SKINS/KNIVES ON CSGO! http://abo.io/echuvgqy Comment below to be showcased on my channel! If you did make sure to leave a like! Any questions? Leave them below! Be sure to stay tuned for the next unboxing/video! Where you can find me: Twitter: @7hypebeast Instagram: @matt.benko Snapchat: mattyronaldo7
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Fear GOD (2 months ago)
Is that any video on twitch can make a drop or only the tournament?
Firegames (2 months ago)
just type !joingift and you will get a package 100% working
YourNotNum (2 months ago)
i cant find the connect setting
Fast Pro (2 months ago)
Can make a video how work . Do you have followers or does it work just watching twitch.
BURGER (2 months ago)
thx bro ns vid :)
Devvy (2 months ago)
BG Noobers (2 months ago)
Lol,whats your steam
Bitwilly3000 Idk (2 months ago)
How long do u need to wait?
krewio (2 months ago)
I connect twitch with steam and set Always Share in game settings so if i close CS and just watch on twitch i can get souvenirs?
Bwoy MitJah (2 months ago)
Yeah, it is. There is one thing that you can do) Just turn on the stream and hope you get it.
krewio (2 months ago)
It's good idea :D But tommorow is last day of major right? I wanna get case
Bwoy MitJah (2 months ago)
Switch it to 160p. I always do it. As a result, I have got 2 cases.
krewio (2 months ago)
Meh, i wanna pause because watching someone stream really slow down internet and i don't wanna play CS:GO with high ping
Bwoy MitJah (2 months ago)
I am not sure. I always minimize it and turn the volume down. You can play, work or do whatever you want.
_WaliX (3 months ago)
Why they writhe !getdrop ?
Pande monium (3 months ago)
Helpful thank you keep it up
Ocer (3 months ago)
thank you
i know de wae (3 months ago)
I never get it :(
Mikael Shahinyan (3 months ago)
Thanks alot i liked and sub
BOT TbOne (3 months ago)
I got it thanks ❤️
Luks BK (3 months ago)
thank u
Darker XM (3 months ago)
Thanks dude i always Watch de game from twitch but don't give me any box :)
Quentin Aeby (3 months ago)
you can also get a reward watching on GOTV
pr0ne-Entertainment (3 months ago)
incorrecr login
Nico Sanjaya (3 months ago)
so helpfull
Derek[S] (3 months ago)
so sick
Dezziee (3 months ago)
what if its on use my steam profile status? could I not get crates if it was on that?
RaptorZ (3 months ago)
They said that i got a souvenir gift but i did not get it
saranda dg (3 months ago)
can i get the package without the steam guard ?
Sienna Benko (3 months ago)
Level Bye (3 months ago)
Will you get notified if you get a drop or do you have to keep checking your inv
rowen fontanilla (3 months ago)
do u rly need twitch to get drops?
El Stupido (2 months ago)
Well watch it on twitch it easier cuz u don't really need to be on ur PC.
Skid (2 months ago)
FazaDz//FZDZ If you wish to obtain it through Twitch, it does need to be linked, if ingame, no
FazaDz//FZDZ (3 months ago)
C. D. So doesnt need to link with twitch
FazaDz//FZDZ (3 months ago)
C. D. So it doesnt need to Be linked?
C. D. (3 months ago)
No, you either watch it on twitch with a linked steam account or you can watch it on GOTV in game. Both make you viable for drops.
ItsAlqx (4 months ago)
how do i watch the games in csgo
nishant tiwari (3 months ago)
ItsAlqx click watch on the top
Rightfulsnow (4 months ago)
great vid man
LibertyWolfYT (8 months ago)
You can only watch it on once divice, because your vpn is all the same xdddddd
Mr. Faiz (9 months ago)
Galaxus (9 months ago)
For me worked !reward and got souvenir cobblestone :D
Elpis Susanto (9 months ago)
lol updated title
Mr Troll (9 months ago)
i alrdy linked my twitch and steam. what do i do next? i go csgo click watch>streams>click the streamm i wanted to view. and can i get drops just watching the channel that i clicked?
Fainted (9 months ago)
i love how he switched the video title so it would match the krakow packages aka more views :D
kaotic (9 months ago)
Fainted ofc dude 😉
RavenPlayzz (9 months ago)
Thanks for the information.
chaud (9 months ago)
Didnt the news say in main menu you can get drops from just watching it from gotv or from the main menu? No need for twitch acc
chaud (9 months ago)
have you read the csgo main menu lol.. Or do you even own csgo?
Evan Reid (9 months ago)
chaud you need the twitch account linked
CappinKiwi (9 months ago)
Thanks heaps man
Jurian De moor (9 months ago)
Matt Zero (9 months ago)
faze down 0-2 lmfao
Simon Binder (9 months ago)
do i need to watch the stream or can i just let it opened ?
Simon Binder (9 months ago)
ok boss
kaotic (9 months ago)
Simon Binder you can leave it open and do other stuff! if it helped please sub it helps out alot
AlexUs (9 months ago)
nice one
Dani Rico (9 months ago)
But do i need to see it on csgo or in twitch
kaotic (9 months ago)
Dani Rico no problem if you really enjoyed it a sub would be appreciated ✊🏽✊🏽
Dani Rico (9 months ago)
kaotic ty dude nice video so helpfull
kaotic (9 months ago)
Dani Rico any
XXX313 (9 months ago)
i need a twitch acc?
xXATATITLA CC (9 months ago)
ty kiddo u helped me so much
Someone you know (9 months ago)
do we need to watch the match when the game is open pls someone tell
kaotic (9 months ago)
Someone you know nope
EkvirJD (9 months ago)
I got 1 cobblestone. I was so happy...
EkvirJD (9 months ago)
lahcen laarf esl one colonge 2016 (first day, it was with Fallen stickers)
lahcen laarf (9 months ago)
EkvirJD When ? XD
its Wakes (9 months ago)
i watched 2 matches and didnt get anything... is this normal or should you get 1 every match?
kaotic (9 months ago)
its Wakes normal
Vedad Cakovic (10 months ago)
Guys on which twitch channels r u getting th drops?
kvetina a rozumbrada (11 months ago)
H2O (11 months ago)
ez dollars when i am afk .
FappableCupcake (1 year ago)
when next official match coming ?
Áron Odorics (1 year ago)
thanks a lot.....a got a cobblestone.....and a opened a fking M4A1-S Knight!!!!! I thought that to sell it...but i wanted to ipen it....and i opened a Knight!!!!😇😊😍😎
EkvirJD (9 months ago)
Do not open souvenir ext time... You may get shitty skin.
kaotic (1 year ago)
Áron Odorics awesome bro, if u wanna trade or anything here's my link : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=118957996&token=2SbkRccx
Rayaan kader (1 year ago)
What stream should I be watching on twitch?
EetuEd (9 months ago)
Rayaan kader when u open ur cs go game on home page it will shot the streams
marijan devic (1 year ago)
nice video bro, i like you
blackfoxx mr (1 year ago)
thx but ineed try
MrMineBanana (1 year ago)
lol for 3 years i didnt get anyting becouse twich.tv connection was on "USE MY STEAM PROFILE STATUS" xD wanna just kill myself niw
its Wakes (9 months ago)
MrMineBanana ?
FreeDom Sy (1 year ago)
gaming knifeRR (1 year ago)
oxi pocsi (1 year ago)
Hey bruh ! WE WANT MORE VIDEOS :d + 1 sub brotha keep the great work ;D
HiroofDeath (1 year ago)
I got a drop without the last step, u dont have to Do this step
Sensimilla420 (2 months ago)
HiroofDeath not if you press c :P for caster control
david rakic (1 year ago)
you can turn on caster control on GOTV so its like watching on twitch
Jerwin Nigosh (1 year ago)
BTW which channel to follow... eleaguetv right?
Jerwin Nigosh (1 year ago)
okk :)
HiroofDeath (1 year ago)
+Jerwin Nigosh yeah
SupremeJ (1 year ago)
How do you know if you won a drop?
kaotic (1 year ago)
SupremeJ you won't get a notification, just keep heckling your csgo inventory on steam every 20 mins or so.
krewzy (1 year ago)
FaZe Up!
Seth Beans (9 months ago)
Meerkatman (9 months ago)
Faze left
Lasha9k (9 months ago)
Javier Alvarez (1 year ago)
Lol right now including my dumbass kept putting "/reward" on the Atlanta match one. Somehow I see myself coming to this vid often lol
kaotic (1 year ago)
Javier Alvarez aha, trust me I did it too. Don't worry you will get one.
can you get drops without watching in goTV? like I link my steam acc in twitch and pressed always shared in game setting can I turn off cs and still get drops by just watching the stream in my phone?
Aries (1 year ago)
Did you guys got anything, in these days?
MB (1 year ago)
MB (1 year ago)
+kaotic men but what if the stream on pc is litlle slower ,can i still get sething???
kaotic (1 year ago)
markiiboy you have an equal chance just like everybody i just think it's better to watch on GOTV
MB (1 year ago)
kaotic Men can i get drop like wathing on my phone without pc ,i linked steam to my twich ,so i can watch on my phone wihout pc now???And get drop in next day i open cs go???(i mean not always somebody get drop)
sean (1 year ago)
can you get a drop through ipad through twitch?
kaotic (1 year ago)
sean yes you can you just have to be on the account that's linked with your csgo
Shrilled (1 year ago)
SkyL1ne59 (1 year ago)
nice video ! i dont know why but i enjoyed it :D i make more possible to drop case that i watch it in pc and shift+tab and i launch the twitch there and the browser too :D 3x
Aussiexq (1 year ago)
Do you need to pay for the keys or anything if you get one?
Riku Heinonen (1 year ago)
Actually the chance is 0.065% from cobblestone souvenir package. Chances for a FN Souvenir Dragon Lore was about 0.005%
N0B0DY 666 (1 year ago)
You should just sell the packages you can make 5$-100$ if you get one. If you open it you'll get like 0.30$ P250 Souvenir Sand Dune. Chance to get a dragon lore is like 0.1%
Juzo Megure (1 year ago)
are the drops only for esl?
sss926034 (1 year ago)
1 case how much can sell
sss926034 (1 year ago)
what tournement to watch
kaotic (1 year ago)
sss 926034 $4 or higher
Tophat Pigeon (1 year ago)
Noice, thanks
Javier Alvarez (1 year ago)
im a bit late, but so i can know for next year, do i have to watch it in game like on csgo tv or have to go to the website on twitch. Im confused
kaotic (1 year ago)
you can watch it on anything just has to be twitch
TFoG Zio (1 year ago)
whst things do i have to watch?
powerplayer75 (1 year ago)
I n0w hav3 1000 drag0n lures end new em guna buy a spece shep
can i get drop when watch it on cs go if its yes so what is the better csgo or twitch
Stevie (1 year ago)
i was actually doing it wrong, always wondered why I didnt get one:P this helped, thx!
SnipeZ (1 year ago)
i get 1x dust II, 1x nuke, 1x cobblestone. I am kinda lucky i guess
Decco Games (6 months ago)
SnipeZ can you get them by watching esl_csgo or what channel do you watch
A K (7 months ago)
GotaCher maybe, but his parents can
EkvirJD (7 months ago)
A K sell them. Because you will got shitty skins from souvenirs.
A K (7 months ago)
SnipeZ should we open them or just sell
GotaCher (9 months ago)
SnipeZ u can't even afford csgo u fucking liar kid
Kushaal Maharaj (1 year ago)
AdityaTD (1 year ago)
HerrLyro (1 year ago)
Can i get drops when i just watch on twitch?
Muhammad Ilham (2 months ago)
By linking your steam account On settings > connections > then login with your steam
SnipeZ (1 year ago)
Lust Army (1 year ago)
do you get drops watching gotv too?
kaotic (1 year ago)
Nesto (1 year ago)
if u have the 15 days steam hold does it work? coz im on stream conected with steam for like 4 hours and i didnt get nothing
SnipeZ (1 year ago)
this one and columbus but in columbus i didnt get anything. Best way is just open twitch for all day and maybe you will be lucky.
Nesto (1 year ago)
ok thanks how many majors did u watch?
SnipeZ (1 year ago)
i watched on twitch and sometimes GOTV, i got 2 packages on twitch and 1 on GOTV who was cabblestone.
Nesto (1 year ago)
oh ok i hope i get somthing...did u watched it on twich or GOTV in game?
SnipeZ (1 year ago)
today and tomorow
Jerry Tom (1 year ago)
Good Job kid!
kaotic (1 year ago)
thanks 👍🏻
Kayvit Lopez (1 year ago)
FaZe Up dude
kaotic (1 year ago)
FaZe Up bro!!
Covert (1 year ago)
Nice tutorial! Hope I get a drop :)
kaotic (1 year ago)
thanks bro! hope you do! didn't get one yesterday :(

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