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¡¡TOP 5 Best AWP | Dragon Lore Drops, Reactions!! - CS:GO - Nocidian

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COMO CONSEGUIR SKINS GRATIS en CSGO!! ESPERO QUE TE HAYA GUSTADO EL VÍDEO!! =D PAGINA CSGOFAST: https://csgofast.com/#r/6cy7fq - AGREGAME EN STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198344814118/ - LA MEJOR FORMA DE CONSEGUIR SKINS GRATIS!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm-4C8rRxCU REQUISITOS PARA PARTICIPAR EN EL SORTEO (x2 P250 VALENCIA): 1- SUSCRIBIRSE AL CANAL 2- DAR LIKE AL VÍDEO 3- SEGUIRME EN TWITTER 4- PONER MI CÓDIGO EN LA PÁGINA (CODE: nocidian) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ DrakeMoon: https://www.drakemoon.com/promo-code/... Código "nocidian" para 0.45$ monedas gratis! MI CAJA!!! https://www.drakemoon.com/case/knife-38 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Podemos llegar a 30 likes? ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Contacto ▼ Twitter: https://twitter.com/NocidianYT ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Especificaciones de mi PC: - Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 - I3 6100 - 8GB DDR4 - MSI B150M PRO-VDH - 700W 80 Plus Silver -1 TB NO OLVIDES DE SUSCRIBIRTE Y DARLE LIKE! ;)
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Text Comments (665)
google使用者 (6 hours ago)
god : give some wrong dragon lore
TapaceHko2006 Koctik (8 days ago)
Я не понимаю,для чего этак кричать из-за каких-то тексттурок?!
Azby (11 days ago)
This kind of luck you get maybe 1 in a lifetime...i hope they didnt go and put the skins to betting sites...why give such skins to stupid ppl and i m right here with nothing at all thats not fair...
MatyGo (11 days ago)
https://youtu.be/TExhkBo8u4M see
GAME NEWS (11 days ago)
1:12 music!!!!!
Кирилл Куц (12 days ago)
Ulhas Deshmukh (14 days ago)
4.3 XD holy shit holy shit wtf wtf holy fucking shit lol XD there is no way cant stop laughing man XD
Lord Bora (14 days ago)
4:30 sounds like me when I get a blue :)
ffuzik Gameplays (17 days ago)
Nice video like
Lawrence Lucky (17 days ago)
I hate graftis
rip first guy
_Liend_ (18 days ago)
Посмотрел видео - ухмылка на лице, на полный денек. Мне нравится, когда они радовались дропу)
Ewerest (18 days ago)
Why are they more happy with awp medusa and less with dragon lore? XD
SHADOW EXOGHOUL (19 days ago)
Intros is earrape
Financialcarp (19 days ago)
Sometimes games are like: the person in 1st place did good... 30 kills... 1 death... give him the Indigo skin. The person in last place did bad, GIVE HIM FACTORY NEW DRAGON LORE
Emre Ozbalci (19 days ago)
Oooh I Just Got Clickbaited.
Yareth Gaming (19 days ago)
the first one was medusa not dragon lore lmao
constanti Ignat (20 days ago)
Schoateti oi microfonul din gura gay-ule
I love max si pisica (20 days ago)
Blooddy y (20 days ago)
"Dragon lore drops" 3 medusa ...
Laka Boss (21 days ago)
ULT RA (21 days ago)
9 на 15 сыграл и мидузу еще дали...
Лол Лолов (22 days ago)
Ебать я кажись незрячий либо я вижу авп медузу. В начале
feedjoy_m (22 days ago)
Боже будто же они орут не люд а животные
Ski_ Folk_2.0 (22 days ago)
4:08 тупорылая ебанашка
Renat Abdurakhmanov (23 days ago)
Тупарылые американцы
Ебать они орут
Щяс уже не дропается такие орудия.
Replay Kit (24 days ago)
5.16 ебаный кретин
Christopher Ramirez (24 days ago)
They nutted in their pants
The firat is AWP medusa
X_P # (25 days ago)
Фу бля он блеванул
1B_ Gaming (26 days ago)
Not clickbait at all. +That last dude really needs a pop filtter
lRl KpucTaJluK (26 days ago)
4:50 Crazy fucking stupid beatch
lRl KpucTaJluK (26 days ago)
А нафига кричать то?! Это попросту шкура орудия и все!
Я плачу
Laisel Sarasua (26 days ago)
He said oh my god dude don't use god you said it twice god is not in thegame god is in heaven we bow him because he is our Father
Apolloshooter (27 days ago)
Omg they have such bad mics 😂
píkα (27 days ago)
Last one need a fucking PPop FFilter holy shit
imer familier (27 days ago)
Ебанутые дишовки нахуй арать !
Luka Pelailee (27 days ago)
WHAAT THEE FUUUCK!?!?!?? NOOO WAAYYYY not My luck.....:(
동준 (27 days ago)
0:24 insane orgasm
FD GOD (28 days ago)
wojtasowy (28 days ago)
And now you can see most retarded people playing cs:go in the world
Paula Teijando (28 days ago)
Nego fico 9/15 tmnc e ganha eu fico com mais de 30 de freg e ganho uma teco no maximo
Kirill Ivanov (28 days ago)
Заебись людям везет
Mert Altunay (28 days ago)
Bagirmasana orospu çocugu
Naruto Uzumaki (28 days ago)
All I get is p250 sand dune :)
Kemal AKTAN (28 days ago)
Şanslı orospu çocukları 5 senedir oynuyorum amk oynunu bi şey vermiyor
Mr Sunja Lim (28 days ago)
I don't know but isn't d lore drops supposed to be on cobblestone
Play - Buda (29 days ago)
3:02 "Its 399$!"
The GodSlayer123 (29 days ago)
Soonfa Lim (29 days ago)
I swear if I get Medusa/Dragon Lore, my parents will encourage me to play more.
Munarchy (29 days ago)
First one is medusa wtf not dlore
caleb gao (29 days ago)
people will surrounding you if you flex the dragon lore
Abakar (1 month ago)
Not dragon lore medusa
M187 Keta (1 month ago)
the last one was me when Germany won the World Cup 2014.
cengizhan cesur (1 month ago)
0.26 sicciyonmu aq ııııııııııı
cengizhan cesur (12 days ago)
Hııııııııııı :))
Ayxan Qulamoff (12 days ago)
cengizhan cesur aynen aq
Max Walkendorff (1 month ago)
Unfortunately dragon lores are only like $1.5 now
best modder (1 month ago)
Die deutschen rasten mega aus 😂😂😂
ツSnacK (1 month ago)
OROSPU COCU KATILI (1 month ago)
3:35 how do they both teams speak
aDm (1 month ago)
Talking about over reacting...
MCD_PLAYS (1 month ago)
Diabloxy YouTube (1 month ago)
4:20 xD
yaşa keskin (1 month ago)
KeepCalm AndDeALwithIt (1 month ago)
i once saw someone got the glock fade xD
Mummokana (1 month ago)
Sebastian Dibbern (1 month ago)
the last one was ear rape
Cs World (1 month ago)
houy shet, houi shet
4:13 r.i.p headphone users
Ege Altıntaş (1 month ago)
Valve drinkss wayyyyy
Blytzii (1 month ago)
That makes me jealous. I just get graffitis... i never got a weapon skin...
FAYNE (2 months ago)
Whats battle scarred
KING BALOU (2 months ago)
And they are nova, sadness from me
OmgThe Rekt (2 months ago)
Male orgasm sjdjdkfiehdi
DR LU (2 months ago)
Only those who spend tons of shit on steam have good drops like these , steam is so damn sketchy
Poptre67 (2 months ago)
wakes up from dream
loic bechen (2 months ago)
go on this --> https://hellcase.com/fshareware / and win free skin csgo
Lord Beerus (2 months ago)
At 5:10 has a gold mic that cost 1000's of dollar didnt react getting dragon lore WHAT THE FIKE WHAT THE FIKE at least of *(fuck)*
DuckTales 2K17 (2 months ago)
notice how they all are like gold novas and mg1 getting medusa....
Daniel C.G FeNiX (2 months ago)
Prismakarotte (2 months ago)
Why are those guns so hyped ? Ok the Medusa looks nice but i dont like the Dragon lore i would like a Hyper beast more (just in the look of the skin)
blazehun 309 (2 months ago)
賴炳華 (2 months ago)
shut the fuck up
Narka Tselmuun (2 months ago)
Zealousy (2 months ago)
last guy was such ear rape
DaDestroyer12 (2 months ago)
Whats worse than someone else getting the drop in the same match as you?....when its the shittest player on the team
Wojciech Reguła (2 months ago)
Maybe Gaben donated them?
CS:GO Romania (2 months ago)
StraightToThePoint (2 months ago)
fuckhead some of these arent even dragon lores.
Pixel Trooper (2 months ago)
The First was like taking a Big Dump
Zeppy (3 months ago)
first one is bottom fragging and gets drop
Sean Rai (3 months ago)
If I would get this I will sell it and buy far cry5 or something like that
JonelKingas (3 months ago)
4:07 when you find out that you have cancer
Sody Sek (3 months ago)
Name of video top 5 awp | dragon lore drops. On first clip he got medusa
KUGELFISCH (3 months ago)
Best Dlore Drops. First gets a Medusa...
virtuoso 31 (3 months ago)
anomaly better
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