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¡¡TOP 5 Best AWP | Dragon Lore Drops, Reactions!! - CS:GO - Nocidian

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Text Comments (574)
DaDestroyer12 (1 hour ago)
Whats worse than someone else getting the drop in the same match as you?....when its the shittest player on the team
Wojciech Reguła (1 day ago)
Maybe Gaben donated them?
Lol boss (2 days ago)
StraightToThePoint (2 days ago)
fuckhead some of these arent even dragon lores.
Pixel Trooper (3 days ago)
The First was like taking a Big Dump
Zeppy (7 days ago)
first one is bottom fragging and gets drop
Sean Rai (7 days ago)
If I would get this I will sell it and buy far cry5 or something like that
JonelKingas (7 days ago)
4:07 when you find out that you have cancer
Sody Sek (8 days ago)
Name of video top 5 awp | dragon lore drops. On first clip he got medusa
KUGELFISCH (9 days ago)
Best Dlore Drops. First gets a Medusa...
virtuoso 31 (10 days ago)
anomaly better
O logo
addarbuz PL (11 days ago)
kurwa ja pierdole moje uczy
TheWalking Alex_GR (11 days ago)
Was that a certain type of matche or something else? I mean it was in regular matches?
Kristiāns Hermanis (15 days ago)
10$ promo code mosyandrovich
The Light Guardian (15 days ago)
bize aug fırtına düşsün
DopplerEffekt (21 days ago)
nice dragon lore he got there in the first clip
CF CUBER (22 days ago)
I was more excited then half of these people when... I got my first solo win in fortnite.
Frost Bite (23 days ago)
every drop was for the bottom fragger there was a guy on 9kills 25 deaths and got d lure wtf steam
Nicky Arnfjord (27 days ago)
3:09 imagine selling a medusa for 135 dollars and then see someone sells it for 400 dollars some months later
EMRE THE UNIVERSE (28 days ago)
w8,they got this at lvl 10,i didn t get anyrhing at that lvl
Aaren Lai Jian Shen (30 days ago)
U sure u not dreaming ?
i know how they love dragon lore because its only 1$ for noobs XDCCXDXFXFFXXFDDXDDD
JeyT Play (1 month ago)
Nice Clickbait
Harambe Jr (1 month ago)
I know it’s a lot but it’s just a gun like wtf I got Dragon lore in a drop and I was like...coool...
My friend got medusa (BatlleScarred) from casual drop xd
Zaki D (1 month ago)
I keep fucking getting ez graffitis and sand dune battle-scarred
Ondřej (1 month ago)
''DRAGON LORE DROPS'' medusa has been dropped lol kys
L'art du jeu vidéo (1 month ago)
Why the game drop that for fucking Nova ??? WTF give that to US not to noobs who don t know how to play with that ...
SantaClauses (1 month ago)
What a waste of money if you actually buy skins in this game
Ayyas yasin (1 month ago)
Why i always got case :/
global eljte no dragon l sjlver free dragon l etc
Neon Drift (1 month ago)
0:26 when you're trying to take a crap and you can't
Nefarious ;3 (1 month ago)
Most of these people sound like they're having an orgasm tbh
Flub (1 month ago)
1:00 "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" set me off xD
Ethan Lane (1 month ago)
What is that “Active Daily Scoreboard” at the bottom of the end screen and why don’t I have it?
VoDKa (1 month ago)
4:11 I thought Illuminati got dropped a default Tec-9 lmao
PanzerXIII (1 month ago)
Man i want a dragon lore now :P
Flub (1 month ago)
Lynxy Bulgaria (1 month ago)
Do u need the badge for the drops :P xddd
Kaneki . EXE (1 month ago)
I wish this could happend to me
Morten COLON (1 month ago)
imAlex (2 months ago)
MrDully Ops (2 months ago)
4:01 ... just stop watching... its all ear rape till the end and he is the last one..
Lem0nss s (2 months ago)
going 9-15 gets carried sounds like a 2 year old, obviously he gets the Medusa
Official • AzetTM (2 months ago)
Medusa =)
Major Degtyarev (2 months ago)
true HOW
Hafelord (2 months ago)
**Says Dragon Lore Drops** **First one is Medusa** wat
Tegge (2 months ago)
BunnyYTMusic (2 months ago)
Where 5 Dlore drop?? Clickbait??
zKaiqueEzK (2 months ago)
tem que chorar msm os cara que tem faca dropa dragon lore quem nao tem faca nao dropa nem item de 0,20
Miłosz apple (2 months ago)
Its fake awp dragon lore drop only on cobelstone
Rar Mat (2 months ago)
0:39 when your crush reply to you
Deadrage74 (2 months ago)
GameShotTV (2 months ago)
on my first ever drop i got a battle scarred tec-9 urban ddpat (£0.03) : /
anton (2 months ago)
4:44 for some reason i want to punch This guy
Spencer Kantner (2 months ago)
Ricbe (2 months ago)
Last guy has a BM-800 mic after drop,it turned into the BM-8
vkz (2 months ago)
Tim Jørgensen (2 months ago)
If that's his reaction if he thinks it's $400 I don't think I'd hear it if he knew it was rather $1400
Steven Iwanto (2 months ago)
I never got drop like that
DAVID Cabikk (2 months ago)
Kryzz Flores (2 months ago)
virginity levels over 9000
João Pedro (2 months ago)
Bando de retardado
z Wasteful z (2 months ago)
Medusa is dragon lore? :thinking:
Zynfo (2 months ago)
I'm just bothering them saying that I got a lot of money now. do not omg a medusa or dlore just omg in got alot of money
marvin raharja (2 months ago)
Everyone get dragon lore or medusa gone crazy and more scream that make earrape
how do you get active duty scorecard
iEz3Qui3lO_o (2 months ago)
Mas orto que cuerpo tiene :v
Xmod Gg (2 months ago)
PeTea JordPie (3 months ago)
Top 5 best ear rape
Random User (3 months ago)
Man they ruined the drops
SuniX agar.io (3 months ago)
guys at beginning dont deserve it he already have a lot of skin. :(
Jelle (3 months ago)
since when is an awp medusa a dragon lore?
ByleexS (3 months ago)
I've got a sticker capsule 2 :)
THECRAZYGAMER99999 (3 months ago)
Medusa drop reaction is better than Dragon lore reaction wow
Alpha (3 months ago)
Medusa=dragon lore?
Alan casm (3 months ago)
Alan casm (3 months ago)
no xD </3
MiGuElAnGeL507 MineCub (3 months ago)
Alan casm aun siguen pasando estos drops?
DEADEYE (3 months ago)
guys sounding like he wants to throw up
iSLoWicZ (3 months ago)
My Heaphones :D
Zuchon Goldie (3 months ago)
B> Luck
Elìas Domínguez (3 months ago)
The first one it's not a Dragon Lore c:
austin wilson (3 months ago)
can you even get rare drops like that anymore? i never do
Jeronyy 26 (3 months ago)
2:15 love how he says its minimal wear :D :D
KWUFFIN (3 months ago)
Didn't even know this was possible lmao
KWUFFIN (3 months ago)
He's only nova and he has made more profit than me lmao
Jere! (3 months ago)
a mí no me toca ni una skin de 0,50
Magx (3 months ago)
cringed when he said the medusa was 300
N1KkOo (3 months ago)
los3stif (3 months ago)
Titulo engañoso tete, ahi dice Dragon Lore y al primero le sale una medusa tete
御風 (3 months ago)
i feel so sad after watching this :[
cereal soup (3 months ago)
It's clickbait but the video tho was very nice :)
Eduardo Morales (3 months ago)
2:16 aug chamaleon
Shrillox (3 months ago)
Me i get graffiti's smile red wow..
Omo Loti (3 months ago)
nice fake modusa dragon lore ;-3
MadMaddox (3 months ago)
LukkyyHD (3 months ago)
Im global and I never got a decent drop from operations
Dragan Jovanović (3 months ago)
reactions like retards or idiots, calm down ...
quique 17 (3 months ago)
4:30 rat detected

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