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Valve Bans All TF2 LMAOBox Users

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VNN Sub Survey : http://goo.gl/forms/QqZXJmDTqM Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : https://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the huge VAC Wave that hit banning a large majority of popular Team Fortress 2 hacking software LMAOBox. Once again Valve is proving to be taking a large number of great steps with TF2, and I look forward to whatever they have in store for the future.
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Text Comments (4071)
Franciszek Zietek (9 days ago)
How to get free undetected cheats: 1. Download NaCl 2. cl_junkcode 1
Actionmoviemaker 001 (11 days ago)
I got a ctf match ruined last night and he spammed the chat about this thing called lmaobox
Jonny_Ratchet (12 days ago)
Someone should make a server where the hackers can go to to see whos the best hacker instead of ruin peoples gamplay
Jonny_Ratchet (9 days ago)
lol Imma gonna make a vid on it later
Franciszek Zietek (9 days ago)
Jonny_Ratchet its really fun
Jonny_Ratchet (9 days ago)
Franciszek Zietek (9 days ago)
Jonny_Ratchet it already exists, just type in community servers "hvh" and look at the glorious show of spinbotters
Bimbo (19 days ago)
LoL,lmaobox is still alive,and will still,btw a lot of users still using lmaobox and rage hacking on valve server and them are not banned,so go home valve you drunk.(btw nice vac wave on nullcore xd)
The Basic Lemon (16 days ago)
Omg thank you so much bro, Ill be investing in LMAOBOX soon.
Bimbo (17 days ago)
It will let you dont worry,you still can buy lmaobox for 20$ and is undetected
The Basic Lemon (17 days ago)
It doesnt let me go on lmaobox website??
NicolBolas2 (20 days ago)
"That's what ya get!" -Engineer
gabi dorin (20 days ago)
i got vac banned cuz i used lmaobox
Sans The Skeleton (1 day ago)
no potato (1 month ago)
Lmaobox being discontinued was fake and did not happen
BOT MEH (2 months ago)
shut the fuck up i use hacks
Sans The Skeleton (1 day ago)
Bimbo (7 days ago)
xd lmao
Anka Dewo (7 days ago)
C 4
Xtiger tiger (12 days ago)
BOT MEH cuz you are kid who use hax
Bimbo (12 days ago)
Technically,you can m8 xd
POOTISPOW.TF2 (2 months ago)
Like my friend was using it he got banned or no back server but it was a community it was only bots only bots then he got VAC because of bots and only box the server was only Play Come On valve can you please unbanned my friend he did nothing wrong to deserve this please dial please his name is Freddy we're friends on Steam any of vac ban on a bot only server
Epic Lamp (1 month ago)
nut (2 months ago)
all tho lmaobox still can join this day i may sujjest banning lmaobox or suing
OP哥 (2 months ago)
lunchbox win
Mental Duck (2 months ago)
Out with lmaobox and in with cathooks
mc bad robot voice (3 months ago)
Remember when speed hacks worked? Ahhhh I still have the nightmares
KopytoMan (3 months ago)
Nope they not ban me xD
Trout Province수학 (2 months ago)
KopytoMan ha ha I had free version and got vacced
SFM MAN (3 months ago)
Kasparas Pečiulaitis (3 months ago)
waxxy (3 months ago)
This is from 1 year ago.
MrSoldier (3 months ago)
sniper mains can go to hell cheaters can go suffer in hell other mains can go to heaven
Dihydrogen Monoxide (27 days ago)
what about weeb spies and pyro mains?
MrSoldier (1 month ago)
Scott Telting right scunt bags
Scott Telting (1 month ago)
what about scunts
P_Duyd (1 month ago)
Chuck Smith (3 months ago)
l m a o
WHAT WHAT DO I DO? (create a new account)
epicDan&Dev Gaming (3 months ago)
why does he say lmaobox like that it stands for l lagh m my a ass o off box
Trout Province수학 (2 months ago)
L m a o
Broken Warhead Studios (3 months ago)
Death to hackers.
Jack Stark (4 months ago)
Sans The Skeleton (1 day ago)
Seán Kemp (4 months ago)
I have a dev build ;) I have accounts with a cheat from 2 years ago, no vac. Vac is 20 years outdated....
The Basic Lemon (17 days ago)
What could i do to get your trust?
Seán Kemp (3 months ago)
Amine Ladjimi get lithium or lmaomiss
Amine Ladjimi (3 months ago)
trust me i wouldn't leak it i just need for vac protection
Seán Kemp (3 months ago)
I'm not giving it to anyone, I'm not getting the code leaked.
Amine Ladjimi (3 months ago)
can you send it to me plz: 20024.amine.ladjimi@acst.net
Ryan Hiag (4 months ago)
Miggy such a snitch ( I didnt get banned)
Skyler Fisher (4 months ago)
This is a serious video, but am I the only one that was bothered by the two gibus phlog pyros near the end?
dr Bonifacy von Wungiel (5 months ago)
2018 reporting in, lmaobox still in use
Lollo (5 months ago)
I used lmaobox and get banned i feels so shit
Dark rp (3 months ago)
hack wont test ur skills and u cant download skills earn it
MrQuackey (5 months ago)
Lollo you should
Mega Turbo (5 months ago)
As a lmaobox user with a $250 dollar inventory, things like this scare me.
snowy (1 month ago)
lol mad?
KamakaziDaniel 2 (5 months ago)
Then you get banned again.
Mega Turbo (5 months ago)
KamakaziDaniel 2 Big deal. It's an alt. I've lost nothing.
KamakaziDaniel 2 (5 months ago)
The more you make alt accounts with Lmaobox, the more you get banned.
Mega Turbo (5 months ago)
KamakaziDaniel 2 That's such a compelling and intelligent reply but I think I'm gonna keep on using it
alex fritzsche (5 months ago)
Bans don’t stop people, if they have 20$ in their pocket or just don’t care about getting banned you can create a free account and grief. Bans don’t stop people
Winged BluJ (6 months ago)
Jimmy Why (6 months ago)
The other day I saw this dude named T-bone who was a aimbotting as a sniper in Mann vs machine
Yoshimura Kuzen (6 months ago)
On my alt account I got banned but not vac ban but lmaobox still works Edit: I just got ban from the server
Franciszek Zietek (9 days ago)
Wtf it will work its not outdated
FireRedz //FRD (3 months ago)
wiktornator roasted
wiktornator (4 months ago)
this retard used the free version lol
a Small Green Dot (6 months ago)
Does reporting someone's profile actually do anything? I always do it, just in case
+Trouble Truffle Was it hard pulling that out of your ass? Does fuck all, it's a feel good button, the reports for offensive imagery work though. But reporting them for cheating on their profile does literally nothing.
degenerate (4 months ago)
Trouble Truffle (6 months ago)
Qquacky you need many people so valve now gets suspicious and looks at him
jancis jancisss (6 months ago)
jancis jancisss (6 months ago)
ezzaminazzer (2 months ago)
1 2 3 die ^_^
Seán Kemp (2 months ago)
Lucario4lif jancis seems like a kid that needs a cheat to do well . However, most cheaters are actually good at the game and do it for fun, as the game is dead.
Amine Ladjimi (3 months ago)
Lucario4lif (5 months ago)
why is it fun to use hacks? Is it to anger people or to show off your "skill".
foxyfan 543 (6 months ago)
Down with valve LMAO box Get Good
Freezee (4 months ago)
I have used LMAOBOX since July 5th 2016.
a Small Green Dot (6 months ago)
"down with valve". They created this game, without them it wouldn't exist. Idiot.
S0ci0stan (6 months ago)
How long have you been a premium member?
Dsj (6 months ago)
Lmao box isn’t dead tbh. Many bots. Many hackers.
Dsj (5 months ago)
Aiden McKenna just going to say it rip tf2
Друг Of the void (5 months ago)
then theres nullcore which is absolutely annoying (because theres a annoying group of shits called [lw] who camp spawn with healbots and spinbots with antiban
Trouble Truffle (6 months ago)
I think what they should do is give you a vac in secret you can still play and no one can see your vac ban but gives you permanent debuffs like inability to crit even if boosted or headshots, everthing does x3 damage to you, afterburn and bleeding does not decay, +300% bullet spread on all shotguns and giving the sniper rifle bullet spread and no random critical hits so the hackers are practically harmless but they can still play also make vac ban super strict like senses all your downloads and once it senses a hack it gives you these debuffs and for the icing on the cake it will say you need mobile authenticator to play tf2 then for the true ending is when you add the authenticator then steam will remove it and change your recovery code so you can never use your account ever again is this too evil?
Trouble Truffle (6 months ago)
Since valve only does account bans so the hackers need to rebuy their paid games Now valve is a company:(
Trouble Truffle (6 months ago)
I think valve will do it will only benefit them f room this since it is a f2p game
Geti Sopa (6 months ago)
If this also happens if you switch your account (like an IP ban) then yes, its perfect
a Small Green Dot (6 months ago)
They should make it so you do -100% damage to everything
Dsj (6 months ago)
Tbh valve should be doing more for people to ban more lmao box
Trouble Truffle (6 months ago)
And I think vac should not ban people playing offline since it does not harm the community unless they do it to get paid things for free or something that can benefit him online
Dsj (6 months ago)
Xplayzz 9912 no I believe different games with vac are connected idk what games csgo are connected to But I have a vac ban on tf2 which is connected to the games I listed so I can’t play those games or use the inventory for those games
Trouble Truffle (6 months ago)
Dsj I thought vac banned everything you have like your inventory your game library and etc.
Dsj (6 months ago)
Xplayzz 9912 that’s false Vac ban only bans you from certain games When I got banned from tf2 I got vac ban on css and hl as well and I believe another game I had measly cheat engine open. Like I said I was an faggot back then.
Trouble Truffle (6 months ago)
Dsj yeah but vac is the same on all valve games right I mean vac is not that good for a reason When you get vac banned you lose all the games you paid for so if a csgo hacker account gets vacced then he will lose like 10$ and be forced to buy again and considering the amount of hackers CSGO valve makes a lot of profit but valve being a company they won't change anything But I have an idea make a different vac for free games like tf2 and dota2 a more powerful one Since this is not a paid game valve would not lose profit in making the vac on f2p games better
Arcadia (7 months ago)
I just entered a server full of LMAOBOX hackers I was able to report them but I was kicked fast
foxyfan 543 (6 months ago)
Manomed (7 months ago)
sniper mains XD
DeFlecTOR Tryhard (7 months ago)
And even shoot through walls -> what???
Franciszek Zietek (9 days ago)
DeFlecTOR Tryhard its called hitscan its in valves sdk
Hart N Hayes (7 months ago)
so valve was USA and vac ban waved (nuke) lmao box and lmao box (japan) gave up
서정민 (7 months ago)
LMAOBOX is still fucking alive. And i hate it.They shoot me when im fucking cloaked
Freezee (4 months ago)
iamroaty He was never gone??
foxyfan 543 (6 months ago)
We LMAO.box players are not annoying
that sandvitchman man (6 months ago)
S0ci0stan yes it is
S0ci0stan (7 months ago)
No it isn't
iamroaty (7 months ago)
서정민 yes, the author started again, and i know its annoying, all hackers are annoying, but the thing is, it may take time but eventualy they will be punished
Phil D.B (7 months ago)
lol just make a secondary account when using it,stupid kids
Franciszek Zietek (9 days ago)
Yeah im edgy, have you ever heard of irony?
foxyfan 543 (6 months ago)
Jackmjedi (7 months ago)
Get Good! Get Lmaobox! ᵍᵉᵗ ᵛᵃᶜ'ᵈ
RaGe Clear (4 months ago)
Jackmjedi you forgot: Make a new account for free Wait months - years maybe get vacced again repeat.
S0ci0stan (7 months ago)
Nullcore was, is, and always will be undetected. Not a single Nullcore user has ever been detected or banned.
degenerate (4 months ago)
“Not a single Nullcore user has ever been detected or banned” tell that to every nc user that got banned in november
Freezee (4 months ago)
Nullcore more like got detected three times and a lot when it was still in development.
Patrick Muling (6 months ago)
nullcore is cancerous, it ruins ur pc
S0ci0stan (7 months ago)
I lucked out with Lmaobox and stopped using the hack right before Valve had that first massive banwave. Ever since then stopped using it on my main.
channel32 (7 months ago)
Yeah that shit got tapped, I got banned faster from ncc than lithium.
Dark rp (8 months ago)
Guys help when i play casual on my shitty laptop im lagging so bad af 😭
Silat the Medic (6 months ago)
Dark rp (6 months ago)
Will Cantwell ur saltysalt
Silat the Medic (6 months ago)
I can help you with your laptop, add me on Steam " [Salty] Silat "
Dark rp (7 months ago)
IActuallyWuvYou! Rly cause I'm not playing causal I'm play in server like deathrun or something
H20 Delirious same
error sans (8 months ago)
dude i have lmaobox but i only use it in community servers.
faggot kys
Bork N. (7 months ago)
Gui Games (8 months ago)
still cheating
Krezzy (8 months ago)
0:41 shoot through walls since when lmaobox can do that xDDDDD
Adonis Morris (8 months ago)
Imao box
Add me as a contact on YouTube. https://youtu.be/addme/FuBDa6qRyHCt8m_yrxKabCyIEiU8zA
Nothing susscessful with hacking
I get banned just 1 month ago
DminorEPICdude (9 months ago)
Lmao box sucks. Use nullcore
foxyfan 543 (6 months ago)
DminorEPICdude cool tip will try it
Noah Serrault (7 months ago)
Usernames are an overrated thing. I'm sane it's just i had over 1800 hours on tf2 and got nored
Heartful Shields (7 months ago)
Or. Or, hear me out... Just play the game normally like any other sane individual?
Noah Serrault (7 months ago)
Usernames are an overrated thing. With nullcore you don't get banned or use lithium
Heartful Shields (9 months ago)
Or. Or, hear me out... Just play the game normally and don't get banned at all?
Dragonlord 885 (9 months ago)
I joined a server with a group of hackers most of them were banned except one he said he was never gonna get vac banned goes all lolololol and then get vac bended ten seconds after
Goran Zaric (9 months ago)
Lbox users :) well ur gonna get rekt by me nullcore
Skeet (9 months ago)
lmao box who uses that shitty hack
Freezee (4 months ago)
LMAOBOX is the best cheat, atleast in my opinion. The dev is nice and he helps when you need it. The cheat's development is also very active, and has the best features.
Prapanca Febriansyah (9 months ago)
why I don't use Lmaobox 1 when you has lmaobox you just like fight againts bots that just make your boring 2 try to rage some pelope that not mean anything 3 other way you are raging because died by Ubercharge push 4 hacker got so many racist even your team won't protect your you just mad and say Noob team shit why because they don't care about you 5 it's easy to take care 1 hacker sniper by 2 flying soldier rush,got disract by spy,got burst by uber in first round,exploit can't stop delfy
kml 420 (9 months ago)
learn english jeez
j been ban
Noah Serrault (10 months ago)
Lmoabox isn't banned I still use it
Hart N Hayes (7 months ago)
Vicious Knight (8 months ago)
Sure you did... prove it. Show me gameplay and show it to fucking Valve.
Gorillaz - 2D (9 months ago)
Hackers can suck my dick
Etherwolfi (9 months ago)
"Lmoabox" cant even say the correct name, LMAOBox
Noah Serrault (9 months ago)
Prapanca Febriansyah what
Seoh (10 months ago)
Im Happy Of Valve Because They Still Interested In Tf2
SkebulbuntBluntCunt4 YT (10 months ago)
One guy kept advertising this goddamn lmaobox and he actually used aimbot on the server I was on
Natan D (9 months ago)
Miles Pasamba there are bots who actually usd hacks and spam tho
Trique (10 months ago)
Jesus christ it's a meme to advertise it GET GOOD, GET LMAOBOX! BEST TF2 HACKS!
Snats (10 months ago)
Prapanca Febriansyah (9 months ago)
Bowgart.aued (10 months ago)
LMAOBOX? More like lamebox 🔥🔥😂😂👌
White Spy -MX- (10 months ago)
Why Valve dont close the page LmaoBox?
Trique (10 months ago)
Because they have the resources to shut down anything obviously
Stell Formia (10 months ago)
Laundry Sauce (10 months ago)
lol this happened on my birth day
57 i (7 months ago)
holy shit same
Fire soldier (11 months ago)
Shoot through Walls.That was never a thing dude
Fire soldier (9 months ago)
alejandro jara it was never a thing, hear me out, give me proof if it ever was possible
Fire soldier (9 months ago)
alejandro jara no, What drugs Are You on?
alejandro jara (9 months ago)
Fire soldier it was and it still is
Bird-Kun (11 months ago)
Well i use this Hack but i got banned :P (i created an Account)
nolaz010 (10 months ago)
Good. You should learn to actually play the game and not be a faggot.
tomasbar (11 months ago)
U wanna hear joke? Artifact
Samcity (11 months ago)
The punchline is the apology
The Republic of Rusoior (11 months ago)
The Republic of Rusoior (10 months ago)
LunchBox will destroy all useless TF2 Hack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Untill the Lunchbox win the war.
Trique (10 months ago)
Get food, get lunchbox! Best TF2 snacks!
Pepe the Toad (11 months ago)
KoltGuy98 6 (11 months ago)
Miggy fuck you
Drag Drag (11 months ago)
That's not the true story the creator of lmao box used it to get a lot of money and gave the code to vac and basically scammed thousands of people just for money
Freezee (4 months ago)
Nice brain. LMAOBOX was active and still is when you typed that comment.
SayonaraSin (10 months ago)
Drag Drag Proof?
CAW Agent Rayb0b (11 months ago)
Drag Drag isnt lmaobox free?
YourAverage Boi (11 months ago)
1 year later and lmaobox is alive again....
Freezee (4 months ago)
it never was gone
Papa Pasty (11 months ago)
Funny Joke
Hedhav (1 year ago)
2:09 lucky Luke not Lucy Luke
Hedhav (1 year ago)
played against 2 hackers on pl_upward.. they changed their names to that of people on the opposing team (my team), trying to get idiots to report those innocent players
AyeAye Kane (11 months ago)
It's not to get innocent people reported, it's so that if they try kick them they kick the other people instead.
Mr. Temmie (1 year ago)
they are back to kill, and keep saying "PLAY GOOD GET LMAOBOX GO TO LMAOBOX. COM-THE BEST FREE TF2 HACK"
Trique (10 months ago)
Lmao you're dumb xD It's a meme to aevertise it, I got a 23 killstreak and kept spamming that. BUT I'M NOT A HACKING DOUCHE
ege sense (1 year ago)
who uses hax on main? I create fake accounts xd ez (I use lithium no vac gg)
tryndaOP (1 year ago)
They're back again....
KenjiClavio (1 year ago)
while im playing a hacker join so i decide to kick him/her but it put "CPU PLAYER" so i decide to leave rip 92 kills
Trique (10 months ago)
92 kills is hardly a stomp. Try getting 154 and double your second highest, being silent and getting flicks
Pimp Pastry (1 year ago)
mały gimbus (1 year ago)
lmao box returns...
M1 medic (1 year ago)
can it play on offline not online? if it can we can just tell the hacker go to offline to play this
Energetic Yellow (1 year ago)
Most cheaters tend to be sociopaths who enjoy seeing others suffer/get mad/rage. So that won't work.
Stanislaw Ch (1 year ago)
there's already new hack which is even worse. yesterday I met 4 sniper hackers owning all server and making video on yt about it. well they were kicked after I voted to do it...
Trique (10 months ago)
Because no such thing as a good sniper
Werwolf12 (1 year ago)
hey one year later and on 6/17/17 and I went up agenst a full team of hackers using lmao box and the where dissing valve for a hour I'll find out there names real quick
Paramawut Chuchatta (1 year ago)
all? not me lol
Freezee (4 months ago)
Gretchen Butler Maybe stop using the free version you mongol.
Paramawut Chuchatta (1 year ago)
Gretchen Butler - Owned by free version?
awesomesonic159 (1 year ago)
Gretchen Butler When I mean "Not detected", I meant that you won't get immediately banned for it
Gretchen Butler (1 year ago)
Oh yeah? I used LMAOBOX on my secondary account. I got VAC banned.
degenerate (1 year ago)
Gretchen Butler its not. lmao
Wizrad (1 year ago)
git vac'd git limeobax
SupahPiggeh (1 year ago)
No one spinning and head shooting me and the creator has given up at this point...This brings tears to my eyes.
x811 (1 year ago)
Weird, lmaobox been up for months and the dev just added a brand new feature that allows you to heal enemies by using huntsman arrows, dealing negative damage.
SupahPiggeh (1 year ago)
Vinyl I know it's beautiful.
degenerate (1 year ago)
oh nevermind, i just cried.
mattthemech1 (1 year ago)
wonder what would happen if you put all the hackers in single server
degenerate (1 year ago)
b1g hvh
Classy Popato (1 year ago)
Best thing is, for the people who got the game and got it a long time ago don't get banned! i just realized this is an old vid Fuck me!
Nhím Hà (1 year ago)
Hf for VACation
Alien (1 year ago)
Miggy should fucking die
ElangPlayz (1 year ago)
ElangPlayz (1 year ago)
Trique (10 months ago)
Satly roblox playing sniper main much? Lmao it's super easy to cunter
gut. (1 year ago)
its ok tho... u can make another account with tf2 because tf2 is free but csgo vac wave... is more hurt

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