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Download Zombie Plague 5 0 8 The Last Update

63 ratings | 4955 views
Link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/y1hpgi4c9osvsu9/Zombie_Plague_5.0.8_Last_Updated.rar Best Server In The World : Ip : Fb Owner : https://www.facebook.com/j.abdalftah
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Text Comments (30)
Black Alex (1 month ago)
What is a comand for add credits
Alex Bacrau Alex (6 months ago)
bro 0 bot :(((
Alex Bacrau Alex (6 months ago)
give me admin pls plz thx
Sarfaraz ahmad (10 months ago)
nic bro
عالم التميز (11 months ago)
pls link cs 1.6
LineLife_ (1 year ago)
First, you are 9 year bitch. Next it is most biggest shit zombie plague, what i ever see.
AmazingBack. (1 year ago)
The best MOD IMAD ;)
Dark Shadow :D (1 year ago)
bro how i change model human its not in the zombieplague.ini
[V]andal (1 year ago)
Can you give commands for credits?
Mr. Awesome {7} (3 months ago)
ct_setammo 9999
[ IDarKNess ] (1 year ago)
[ IDarKNess ] (1 year ago)
Erdzan Eki (1 year ago)
link pls
Naimi fathallah (1 year ago)
pls link cs 1.6
RazingBolt (1 year ago)
tell me if the character selected can be different ( ex. i chose elite the other chose gsg9 or gign ) and there is a lasermine on the mode [ sorry for bad English ]
MeDo Gaming (1 year ago)
Imad arwah fcb hab nahder m3ek ou ana rja3t Buxna w rani tssalaht m3a abed hab natssalhou ou lmod ana madartloush share rak hassebni na9sh brk habit njib likes + subscribes :V noobs algériens😏
belkassem gdjil (1 year ago)
get 1000000ammo pack
ATA REIS TURKMAN (1 year ago)
djamel rcb0 (1 year ago)
allah yahftheck lina
juancho talarga (1 year ago)
as un video de como instalarlo xd porfa
Lalit Baya (1 year ago)
Imad give Me admin Plss
HEADSHOT MeDo (2 years ago)
imad gla3li block fi facebook
Zain Ali (2 years ago)
the link you gave that contains this mod you were playing?
Victor Kurniawan santoso (6 months ago)
HEADSHOT IMAD (2 years ago)
ما يهمني
HEADSHOT IMAD (2 years ago)
what ever :p
Zain Ali (2 years ago)
i knew it you got 1 dislike and 1 subcribe lose :!
HEADSHOT IMAD (2 years ago)
yes just some things changed
FoRcE YAZOSA (2 years ago)
Nice Bro :)
HEADSHOT IMAD (2 years ago)

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