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CS:GO - BEST CROWD REACTIONS (Feat. Edward, pashaBiceps, Hiko & More!)

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The crowd, same as casters, make pro highlights truly amazing. Here are some of the best ones! TAGS: CROWD, BEST CROWD, REACTION, BEST REACTIONS, BEST CROWD REACTIONS, Edward, pasha, pashaBiceps, insane plays, clutch, play, CS:GO, Counter-Strike, Pansy, DDK, James Bardolph, FPS, ESL Cologne 2015, Highlights, Semmler, Happy, NEO, shox
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Text Comments (210)
Leap (14 hours ago)
Время, когда Эдвард тащил, а не попросту хорошо отыгрывал.
Arsenic (1 day ago)
Rip csgo glory days
Skobo Do (5 days ago)
I don't get this. The People go mad when watching some skilled Player destroy some very unskilled ones. It's like watching Icehockey and see Canda destroy China or who ever and every time cheering like they win the finals.
Julius Novachrono (6 days ago)
i saw that snax.
munad chili (9 days ago)
this is a fucking video game about shooting people and there is a international competition about it ...... fucking hell
Andrey Makarov (11 days ago)
Noobs shit.
Dibo (17 days ago)
3:40 Snax inhuman gameplay o.O
Anton Gustavsson (22 days ago)
4:51 love how enthusiastic get_right is about the game <3
gitara siemowicz (25 days ago)
csgo used to be alive
Phoenix , (26 days ago)
1:48 I think guardian and his teammate must be so pissed off
timetravellert tsak (1 month ago)
So many clips from my favorite cs go team.. anyone miss 2015 envy team?
Frank Potter (1 month ago)
Getting cheered while sitting on your ass xD
itxJonas (1 month ago)
this is so silly
Kraign45 (1 month ago)
itxJonas same goes for soccer audience but that's what they call "mass euphoria" and I that's humane.
itxJonas (1 month ago)
Snipe2DieTV - CS:GO Channel i just find it so silly how overreacting they are
What's up?
karva myyrä (1 month ago)
Edward goes wild
wake YouUp (1 month ago)
2:17 wow.
Gamology (1 month ago)
Hello Snipe2DieTV! Is it possible to post your video on our Facebook page (4,6 million followers)? I need your approval. I will credit you of course! Thank you and have a nice day! :)
Gamology (1 month ago)
Thank you! :) Sure!
Hello. Sure! Why not. I’d appreciate if you could PM me the link to that thread then :)
ArthmoS (3 months ago)
TheLight (5 months ago)
1:20 VAC-ation
agustin murua (6 months ago)
NBK #1 amazing the sound of crowd
zoombaxd (7 months ago)
EDWARD GOES WILD! *edwards sniffs* lmao
nyu! Chanko (9 months ago)
It saddens me to see Hiko clips now because he's falling ;( Hiko's still my favorite though <3
envyus will be missed
Nieh Djou (9 months ago)
TheLegend27 now g2 😍
Ansh Bhajjan (10 months ago)
3:00 - "How quick can the cavalry arrive?" Tracer - "Wanna bet?"
David Mendelsohn (10 months ago)
Ritwik Rajput (10 months ago)
where's simple flying awp?
Pinguin Soda (10 months ago)
Superglue. Not even once. 4:06
Exildur (10 months ago)
Ohhh Guardian BYE BYE
Slayer King FTW (10 months ago)
1:41 everytime i awp close range 😑
Chiken (10 months ago)
I like the the caster at 4:53
mang凯旋 (10 months ago)
Voktoro (10 months ago)
I love your vids cause you dont try to push them to 10 minutes like some people
Thanks man, nah idc about the lenght of my videos.. And if its over 10 mins then keep in mind that I still don't monetize them :p
Goosfraba (10 months ago)
5:07 SK w/o aimlock LOL
Davis1337 (11 months ago)
Symbolic (11 months ago)
I think the first pistol round of 2015 Cologne Final between Envy and Fnatic is by far the best pistol round and best way to start a Major. I mean like listen to the crowd and the plays that round. it was pure chaos!
Definitely. Imo the whole event was the best csgo event ever.
Nimbus (11 months ago)
"AND EDWARD GOES WILD!" Switches to shot of Edward: 😐
Reyumsos Efsanesi (11 months ago)
happy was amazing
Mustafa Mahmoud (11 months ago)
Happy is such a PRO!
War1ock (11 months ago)
rip liquid world class choke
Legend 27 (11 months ago)
what's the song at 2:50?
Jay Liggins (11 months ago)
Edward's 1v3 against TL will always be my favorite
Mr35diamonds (11 months ago)
Still remember the Cologne 2015 one. Thereby fnatic vs envyus pistol round, we anticipated that game as well, for they were the two upcoming teams as envyus was launched.
Player Yo Ki E (11 months ago)
Edward so fcking smart
Ryuzaki. L (11 months ago)
2:15 best reaction
DWargs (11 months ago)
Happy's Deagle Ace is one of the reasons I got into CSGO.
Couch Potato (11 months ago)
Oh, true dat
KAPPA 1337 (11 months ago)
Can't relate he got 2 other frags by prefiring, he just tried to get lucky again and it worked
Couch Potato (11 months ago)
Wasn't the last headshot a bit suspicious? I'm only gn2 but if I saw something like this in overwatch...
Royal (1 year ago)
2:23 Barca vs Real Madrid
MacDougal (1 year ago)
I've always hated how that caster says "4 frags in 4 seconds." Count 4 seconds out loud, it's a long time. That was about a third of a second.
Bambi (1 year ago)
was there for that coldzera jump shot, nutty
Draciel360 (1 year ago)
Lmao these announcer reactions are much funnier than the crowd, they can't believe what they're seeing
Mandala Elk (1 year ago)
ESL One Cologne's crowd is best
TheDimsonator (1 year ago)
0:50 proof that pros have hacks/walls, like this 100% bullshit.
keem sanz (5 months ago)
its prefiring retard
N_szZ 11 (11 months ago)
RageQuest Chris fuck off please
Luca S. (1 year ago)
RageQuest Chris what in the world are you talking about?
Heine Brouwer (1 year ago)
4:05 Neo and paszas reaction to Snax's play lmao
NiPLucky (1 year ago)
3:25 I was there ^_^
Negevs are for pros (1 year ago)
Adrian B (1 year ago)
You know your a Liquid fan when you always skip coldzera xD
Simion Alexandru (6 days ago)
I'm no Liquid fan but I really don't like coldzera..
NolimoDK (1 month ago)
Adrian B im not liquid fan im astralis fan!
Wolfiee (1 month ago)
you're, nice education USA.
*you are/you're
RingelPIETSMIETanfassen (10 months ago)
Adrian Butz Or you skip cause you hate sk and especially coldzera
GiorGiTeV (1 year ago)
Flusha like always using hacks on professional leagues.
daniel 01 (1 year ago)
Kanzanvector deh (1 year ago)
s1mple play good when using hat in tournament
Kagutsuchi (1 year ago)
I dont give a fck about your opinion. The two best are from the french fellas kennyS against guardian knife in his fat navi face and the second one is from nbk on flusha yellow teeth, the humiliation is real.
Angelo Perete (1 year ago)
NilssD (1 year ago)
Edward Look At Hes Screen And Just "What?"
Oeste (1 year ago)
That snax pistol clutch call is so good it gives me goosebumps
Goosfraba (1 year ago)
1:46 that knife dunk on Guardians head GG.
Danik Demchukov (1 year ago)
3:57-3:58 "Oh guardian bye bye " and then I started to cry xD
Alef Washingtom (1 year ago)
Na faca foi o mais humilhante hajahahahaha
Soap (1 year ago)
I was actually watching that game at 3:00 but tabbed out of twitch for a second when that shit happened. I'm still salty.
Algeria (1 year ago)
anyone know whats the viewmodels or video settings to make the weapon look like that in the first clip of edward?
L!nxIT (1 year ago)
damn hiko
Amirul Zarif (1 year ago)
what does mean of crowd reaction ?
Apo Gelb (11 months ago)
Amirul Zarif The players who are watching in the tournament and are cheering ( you hear them in backround )
White Shark (1 year ago)
Another video with clips everyone has already seen 50k times...
I've seen all of them aswell but I know alot of people that haven't seen a ton of them.. All i'm saying is that its my version so it differs from other videos and there might be clips that people haven't seen yet
White Shark (1 year ago)
+Snipe2DieTV personnaly I've seen all of these clips but yeah this is not the case for everyone. And besides, I just can't know the clips without watching the video x)
It's my version, it's not the same as everyone elses so if you don't like it just don't watch it :))
brCountry (1 year ago)
ace clutch from fnx vs fanatic ????
brCountry (1 year ago)
+Snipe2DieTV ok sorry XD
Its in Part 2...
Shashank 10 (1 year ago)
Victor Nguyen (1 year ago)
Virtus pro is such a perfect team... when one man gets a headache... all men gets a headache
Aazrl (10 months ago)
It is a little sad that they dropped down into lower league recently.
Hugo Gilet (10 months ago)
Victor Nguyen wanna say that again now😂😭
DiamondOre (1 year ago)
great video
Thank you!
M3FIST0 (1 year ago)
0:07 vievmodel command ? pls
M3FIST0 (1 year ago)
all command pls
viewmodel_Fov 130
prince 26 (1 year ago)
3:09 the guy on the left using envyus shirt and holding virtus pro poster
Robinccc300 (1 year ago)
Hiko may not be the best play ever in the CS GO scene, but he is definitely one of the best clutch masters we have ever seen in this game!
Robyn (1 year ago)
snax aim locking again :)
Victor Paina (1 year ago)
04:22 liquid choke xD
Bowwizzle01 (1 year ago)
what are the names of the casters in 3:45
Sadokist & HenryG
khalil25 (1 year ago)
s1mple against fnatic?
LeDari (1 year ago)
ZZayoo (1 year ago)
thanks for knife dude
Sweden PlayZ (1 year ago)
Micah Phelps (1 year ago)
i hate pansy so much
Goober (1 year ago)
Hapie Star Agree to disagree... she is just pure annoying
Tappajaav (1 year ago)
Anyone who's played/watched decent amount of cs can figure out what's going on by themselves, the casters are there to hype, yes, but more importantly to provide an insight to the game for those who lack the knowledge themselves.
Hapie Star (1 year ago)
Why? She's one of the better casters. Hell of a lot better than the ones that fake hype everything or repeatedly state the obvious like "If TeamB is able to upset this eco, that'll be huge." Well no fucking shit winning an eco would be huge. Thank you Mr. Caster. Next you'll be saying "If TeamA is able to hit their shots, then they'll be able to cleanly close this match out". Wow, such insight, much wisdom, so experienced.
Jariid (1 year ago)
she's alright. at least she isn't a fake caster. like those pre-match announcers that are just paid to look good.
dum dum (1 year ago)
anders explodes at 02:45
SandK1ng (1 year ago)
flusha with hax
Xan Atar (1 year ago)
That fuckin pistol clutch from snax, jesus christ
Jotgie (9 months ago)
MadmanGoneMad2012 s1 like you always think that all plays is aimlocks.
Corzacollymore (10 months ago)
Xan Atar I
GnillePille (1 year ago)
Maxwell Power (1 year ago)
MadmanGoneMad2012 stfu you gn piece of shit
Michi Plays (1 year ago)
MadmanGoneMad2012 you actually think there were aimlocks in there?
curious pug (1 year ago)
that liquid double choke on semis LOL
curious pug (1 year ago)
+་ uhm..the finals is LG vs na'vi FYI
(1 year ago)
That was the finals, not semis. Makes it even worse.
curious pug (1 year ago)
i dunno man but they did it twice in 1 night
Jariid (1 year ago)
can you choke on liquid?
Leng (1 year ago)
i fucking hate SK/LG SO MUCH
Jason Jia (11 months ago)
ThePowerOfSix lucky? They were dominant in their prime and won 2-0 against Navi at MLG Columbus Major
Mikasa CS:GO (1 year ago)
Syxth and got tournament ban for VAC
Syxth (1 year ago)
They have Tyloo
Mikasa CS:GO (1 year ago)
because china dont have any pro team or player hahaha.
Kubilay Yazoğlu (1 year ago)
yes you hate them because they are brasilian. admit it racist faggot. there might be another reason which is taco's pride but it's just one player. not a logical reason to hate whole team.
xsemag24 (1 year ago)
Fallen Overpass??
It's gonna be in Part 2 :)
zlly (1 year ago)
Lol over 21k views but only like 2 comments xD
Tyty :)
zlly (1 year ago)
Good job tho :)
zlly (1 year ago)
41 comments in total tho..
Alex Alexe (1 year ago)
Hiko with big tits xD
annonamed (7 months ago)
I love that tits :*
Hugo Gilet (10 months ago)
Peace out no its never illness
Alex Alexe (11 months ago)
i know that, i didnt want to bully
sino (11 months ago)
Alex Alexe jesus
André Pimenta (1 year ago)
and the brazilian crowd?
movecount (1 year ago)
André Pimenta only pussies try to cheer no matter what
Sawyer_tv (1 year ago)
Half of these legitimately gave me goosebumps, God fucking dammit I'm such a nerd. Lmao
T3n50r (1 month ago)
Fucking hell it makes us nerds, lmfao. It's not a bad thing tho. I don't even like CS but still got goosebumps from the plays cus I know enough about games to see the beauty of what just went down in those clips. Holy fucking shit that was insane.
ScaRy CSGO (5 months ago)
Same, but u dont have to be a nerd still
Liliputzz (9 months ago)
Sawyer_tv So do I, don't even play cs go no more.
Skadewdle (1 year ago)
Sawyer_tv I get chills every time I watch snax's clutch
That doesn't make you a nerd lol Hope you enjoyed anyways <3
jao borghi (1 year ago)
Where the brazzilian reactions in esl pro league? Wtf. This is a insane crowd i ever seen
jao borghi (1 year ago)
2 majors in a roll
Wun (1 year ago)
jao borghi favela
Not sure which one do you mean.. I forgot some which irritates me :/ might make a part 2 soon
Caleb Kimbell (1 year ago)
Anyone know the viewmodel ESL uses in their streams?
Caleb Kimbell (1 year ago)
Alright, thanks.
+Caleb Kimbell Just type that into the console
Caleb Kimbell (1 year ago)
Aren't there several more? Or do I just go back to the default viewmodel and enter that one command?
viewmodel_fov 130 isnt the command you were asking for? :p
Caleb Kimbell (1 year ago)
I meant the specs, not sure what 130 means.
NexdEdits (1 year ago)
Should've included f0rests 3K on overpass vs LDLC Dreamhack winter 2014. Absolutely nuts crowd reaction
Overpowered (1 year ago)
Dat look from pasha and neo 4:06
Scarlet Peaches (1 year ago)
I love all of your videos. Keep it up!
'Stolen' lmfao. Since everybody uses them I guess they aren't stolen? If you don't like it, just don't watch it. I like to hear someones opinion, but this just feels more like a hate than an opinion which I find stupid :) And to reply to your last comment about me being a fucking cancer, you really gotta think about what are you typing. The fact that some of those clips are in my BCR series doesn't mean I cannot put them into a completely different vid, cause they fit into it. Its a different montage with a different point which arent Caster reactions but Crowd reactions.. and if you think i just randomly choose videos into my compilations, then you've never been more wrong.
Scarlet Peaches (1 year ago)
Yea but he puts them all into a sweet compilation so I don't have to watch them separately. Especially the caster reactions ones, those aren't common.
Max Pare (1 year ago)
Fate Is Cruel A yeah totally not the same clips stolen from 790 other videos
Thanks man! Ofc I will :)
TheSickSide TSS (1 year ago)
fake crowd

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