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LG 840G - Downloading Free Games and Apps

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After surfing the web last year for java games for my lg 800g, I found that umnet.com is the best source for java games. Whenever a website asks you for a phone model when searching for games and apps, you can choose lg 800g if there's no 840g listed because they can run the same games. Again, to remove the java keypad, google how to edit the jad file. Other Download IDs: Angry Birds 542322 or 541067 Rainbow Tetris: 536106 Bejeweled: 531194 SimCity: 527507 Battleships: 534778 Nitrostreet Racing: 539430 Super Mario Allstars: 532059 SperMario: 69177 Cops free software: 68507 Asphalt: 536985 Guitar Hero World Tour: 534585 Sims Pets 2: 539113
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Text Comments (149)
Jared Poole (1 year ago)
I download facebook and it said no connection please wait what should I do
Ley crumb (2 years ago)
got any more ID's?
CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR (2 years ago)
Oh man is this a dog of a phone...
Katzy Baby (2 years ago)
Ty so much, just got this as my phone upgrade.... yea...3 years behind, but it's free from Tracfone. Your tutorial is great, very helpful to me.
Nestor Fonseca (2 years ago)
hey please check out my chanel and subscribe thank you (:
badgyrl310 (3 years ago)
I didn't see the download by ID link. How do you find that?
ezio schneider (3 years ago)
how did u go on dat page if mine cant go on it
Matt Klicsu (4 years ago)
i cant go to the other page
carla m (4 years ago)
Do NOT try this, it's a scam! I just tried for about 3 minutes (no success, there is no download button) and was charged over 18 minutes, when normal web-access should have cost me 1/2 minute per minute!
Alex Atrocity (3 years ago)
+Luke Storey can you download google talk and use wifi talking on this phone?
Luke (4 years ago)
If you're using an LG 840G then why the hell didn't you use wifi?  Also website can't make you have more minutes charged, that's not how phone internet works.
roseminaya minaya (4 years ago)
i keep trying to enter the page but it says page to big and closes i need our help
jbasketballgirl16 (4 years ago)
make sure you're going on the mobile site. m(dot)umnet(dot)com
Maya Fun (4 years ago)
There is a way to remove the keypad. But it is not easy.
nybsbfan18 (4 years ago)
do i need a code for non-game apps?
JaninaTutorials (4 years ago)
if you're downloading it from this website, yes
TirkableLight (4 years ago)
Can I download kik, if I download Opera?
yungmiro (4 years ago)
Datrebor (4 years ago)
I found this site for Sims 2 Pets : http://mobgames.ws/view.php?id=6656&wp=1&ordering=o1&pg_list=2&page=cat&position=21&s=0 You can download and use dropbox to download to your phone.
Sabres Fanman (4 years ago)
it says file not supported
brandon moore (4 years ago)
where to get the codes
Detroit Kam (4 years ago)
thank for the video
Akelia R (4 years ago)
its umnet.net for phones
Ashley Hoffaker (4 years ago)
i tryed but it took me to something and it didnt say anything about an id it said something about free android ____ and stuff like that...wqhat do i do
grace accordino (4 years ago)
when ever I go on umnet.com is says webpage to large and then closes?? why cant they just make it easier to get apps and have google play or something already installed or have java already installed please help me getting apps
Zaq Demonn (3 years ago)
you use m.umnet.com
Dajuire Matthews (4 years ago)
i try to download a game but the site say that there no match for lg840 and lg800g i try lg800g 800g lg can't find it any help
Amanda Dellario (4 years ago)
Hmmm…. Know idea what I was doing wrong there because I just tried to download Fruit Ninja and it worked perfectly. Thanks for making this video!
Amanda Dellario (4 years ago)
I tried to download SuperMario, and at first, it said "Invalid Address" so I put a space infront of it, and my phone restarted.  I went into my Apps and Games app and nothing was there.  Then I checked my folders and went through all of my "Others" and "Other Files" on my Phone memory and Memory Card, and nothing was there.  Is there something I have to set up, or somewhere I need to look?
jbasketballgirl16 (4 years ago)
Invalid website? Did you try again? Your phone isnt supposed to restart
truebeliver123 (4 years ago)
Thank you for the video
Bob Bryan (4 years ago)
i do not know why this person did not provide us with more information, but you guys go to this web link it teaches you a better way than this asshole http://www.umnet.com/mobile-blogs/298-Download_games_ringtones_and_all_stuff_directly_to_phone
William E. Hirm (4 years ago)
Its umnet.com
FLEX89 (4 years ago)
hi :) excuse me but i have a question... when i try the sims pets code, it takes me to a FOOTBALL tricks game i really want the sims pets for my 5 yr old.... what is the code for it?
jbasketballgirl16 (4 years ago)
I think they deleted it. I can't find it on the website anymore. Sorry :-(
Alex Davidson (5 years ago)
Jack Juvland (5 years ago)
Could you give me the link for the fruit ninja download?
CovertBrony (5 years ago)
virtual java pad would be better if you toggle them on/off mode
CovertBrony (5 years ago)
karatyboy what system poweres type your cell is?
CovertBrony (5 years ago)
and if you are watching youtube on opera mini clear your cookies at least monthly otherwise all its going to do refreash the page
CovertBrony (5 years ago)
i am aware that i have mispelled winrar but seirously i have downoad it to my lg840g
CovertBrony (5 years ago)
download opera mini and use 2 windows the first window is to be used for umnet.com and the second for umnet.net that way you never have to use pc or any online device ever again also i have download winrawr app what does it do?
armymedic999 (5 years ago)
u can download them on pc just put the game file into the sd card marked other files folder
chubbie bunnie (5 years ago)
Can you get instagram??!! Please please please answer I have been searching every possible website and cant find it! T_T
Liz Kate (5 years ago)
Can i get minecraft or instagram?
Ricardo Whitehead (5 years ago)
somebody show how to download kik messenger onto a tracfone please
Robbie Rotten (5 years ago)
Everytime i try to go into that umnet crap it says something like invalid address and im entering it in right. Please help!!!
CovertBrony (5 years ago)
clayton savage it's at m.umnet.com
marsonic12 (5 years ago)
and can you help me on instagram ples everybody has it ecept me
marsonic12 (5 years ago)
with finding the right website i went there but i didnt see it can you make a new vide starting from the very beginging to like typing the addres in?
Sack O'Tron (5 years ago)
Where do you get the download ID? I cant find it please respond.
jbasketballgirl16 (5 years ago)
Almost always, yes. But I posted another video on how to remove it.
jbasketballgirl16 (5 years ago)
help with what?
Elitetank87 (5 years ago)
Is that keypad thing always a the bottom?
marsonic12 (5 years ago)
some one any one i need games HELP ME!!!!!
marsonic12 (5 years ago)
mine dosnt work dude pls help me
marsonic12 (5 years ago)
but instagram?
marsonic12 (5 years ago)
but instagram?
Amber Fry (5 years ago)
do you know the ID for kakaotalk?
jbasketballgirl16 (5 years ago)
Thank you very much! Please check out my new tutorials channel: JaninaTutorials. I will try to answer any questions you have :)
CovertBrony (5 years ago)
4 those who still didnt figure it out how to get to download id on your cellphone go to m.umnet.com and click the top right and click on the make and model of your phone
CovertBrony (5 years ago)
no problem
CovertBrony (5 years ago)
your videos is very helpfull
Jessiee Bangaaz (5 years ago)
I heard they got subway surfers temple run.
CovertBrony (5 years ago)
here's a free tip use wifi on the internet. tracfone and net 10 will never charge you using the internet on the wifi I have recently tried it I never got charged for using the wifi for the internet
FaithHopeAG (5 years ago)
Why does the website ask for my credit card info. Don't trust it
Ghost (5 years ago)
How do you transfer to the phone? My phone doesn't have a usb,
CovertBrony (5 years ago)
lg840g is 1 of the best prepaid cellphone
jbasketballgirl16 (5 years ago)
there is facebook, twitter, and myspace under the SNS icon
djmiami000000111111 (5 years ago)
Does it have Facebook, Instagram, etc?
PowWowCowGirl (5 years ago)
For those who it isn't working for, try going to Wap.umnet.com/downloadIt.aspx It will bring you right to the download by ID page! Also thank you to the creator of this video!
jbasketballgirl16 (5 years ago)
it was one of the preloaded songs on imovie
Leo Nickol (5 years ago)
Please, what is the music? I play the piano and would like to see if I can order the sheet music. Thank you.
MrGardner (5 years ago)
You could just go to wap[dot]umnet[dot]com/DownloadIt.aspx to enter the id's on a PC, then transfer over to phone ;) (replace [dot] with a .)
Leo Nickol (5 years ago)
What is the music?
Rayna Ford (5 years ago)
I have this phone in white and i use getjar .com and it works perfect... i have kik and everything, anyways i recommend looking for the app you want on the computer then all you have to do is find the category it is in on your phone. Hope this helped :)
Val Clear (5 years ago)
page is huge. You should download with pc and install it to phone with usb cable or bluetooth. Then click on the file with the phone and it'll install.
AMVS AND MORE (5 years ago)
I meant set mobile
AMVS AND MORE (5 years ago)
For the people who say they cant get it 1. Go to m.umnet.com 2. At the top right corner you should see a thing that says set my phone touch that 3. Go to where it says java phones 4. Then click download by id 5. Use the codes she gave and have fun
Sazyla18 (5 years ago)
Do you know of any way to get kik?
Joshua Bokker (5 years ago)
How do u get to download games on umnet
Kev (5 years ago)
Thats a sweet video! Just so everyone knows there is a new easy way to get free games and gift cards Step 1: Go to feature points . com on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Android Step 2: When asked for a code put this in for 50 free points 9KPLQC Step 3: Download apps and play them for 30 seconds at least, you will get points to redeem for gift cards Step 4: The more you download the more you Earn! It’s easy, costs nothing, and no personal info is required!
Kemuel Santana (5 years ago)
snapchat ?
yami mash (5 years ago)
man u my nigga
Trey Klevickas (5 years ago)
this was my first phone
Juan Hernandez (5 years ago)
Boo BooLuv (5 years ago)
Nevermind, found out myself, lol. Sorry.
Boo BooLuv (5 years ago)
How do you delete the games off of the phone? I downloaded one game and decided I didn't care for it. But thanks for the great info and vids!
carter morrison (5 years ago)
No you can't just go to the play stood because this phone is not a android phone its a java phone
Jason H (5 years ago)
What are some of the better games to play? Most of the games I tried either didn't work at all or they didn't work very well. I'm just looking for a simple Sodoku type game or something similar. Thanks.
Charley Marley (5 years ago)
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! That thing was soo annoying
Walter Avila (5 years ago)
Can't you just also go on Google Play (on the tracfones internet) and download free games'apps such as Temple Run?
itshilonieyrawr (5 years ago)
can u go on instagram?
A K (5 years ago)
is it possible to to update fruit ninja from v 1.0.0 to the newest version because the game seems to lag and I think that might be due to a lack of sophisticated updates .
Kayla Lirette (5 years ago)
Is there one to download free texting?
Subashini Rajesh (5 years ago)
Download is working fine now.
Subashini Rajesh (5 years ago)
hi, After I downloaded using download ID, my final download button is not displaying,only blank blue screen is there in that area.What will be the problem?.Before I used to download w/o prob.
Jaroo2014 (5 years ago)
how many mins does it cost
TechXtreme (5 years ago)
Your way doesn't work
jbasketballgirl16 (5 years ago)
Most new, large (memory) apps are not available in java but you can use this to search for the apps you want umnet.com/search/search.aspx
jbasketballgirl16 (5 years ago)
Most new, large (memory) apps are not available in java but you can use this to search for the apps you want umnet.com/search/search.aspx
jbasketballgirl16 (5 years ago)
Please use this to search for the apps you want umnet.com/search/search.aspx
jbasketballgirl16 (5 years ago)
I have a video for that
jbasketballgirl16 (5 years ago)
jessica Smith (5 years ago)
Draw Something, word with friends
Ben Elis (5 years ago)
Please comment more ids
TechXtreme (5 years ago)
Of that keypad on java apps
TechXtreme (5 years ago)
I have one now but I need to know how to get rid

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