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Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

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FNAF STUMPED Me! ► https://bit.ly/2stBsVj FNAF 6, What was in the BOX? ► https://bit.ly/2JiFDwT Subscribe to never miss a theory! ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 In the last Theory I told you how FNAF and Scott had be STUMPED. Except, I can't give up. I've invested so much into this franchise. There are clues littered EVERYWHERE in the games and the books. So many that even now, we know MORE! Today Loyal Theorists, we start to piece together the full story! SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ► ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 Hang out with us on GTLive! ► http://bit.ly/1LkSBnz More THEORIES: FNAF 6, No More Secrets ► https://bit.ly/2LVCq4u Petscop - Ghost In A HAUNTED Game ► https://bit.ly/2GmoZux Duck Season's KILLER DOG... Unmasked! ► http://bit.ly/2trS1E4 WARNING! Pokemon May Cause DEATH! ►► http://bit.ly/2FnHjRl Hello Neighbor - DEVIL is in the Details! ►http://bit.ly/2HhXXS3 How Bendy Will END! ►► http://bit.ly/2oqRNbd Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► http://bit.ly/1zz3t7E Culture Shock ►► http://bit.ly/1sw7aZ8 The SCIENCE! ►► https://goo.gl/GFK9EV
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Text Comments (52994)
Glenn Pesquera (38 minutes ago)
Fritz and jeremy maybe names "michael" used to enter the pizzaria
Natalie Woolf (45 minutes ago)
Um.... maybe the reason for Fritz and Jeremy on the gravestones and the papers is because Michael is using the names of his dead friends as aliases.... kind of like a tribute to them or something.... idk
R3dbunnyboss (53 minutes ago)
btw, the immortal and the restless exists. I saw it while flipping through channels.
Head Hunther (1 hour ago)
into was freacking awesome
Guy Ender (1 hour ago)
19:00 what? i wasn't paying attention
Frederik Mejndor (1 hour ago)
Pizza is good
Bananas Taste Good (1 hour ago)
My dearest MatPat, Is there a time when the sprit in the suit that is not dominant? Like in SL when Baby talks about when she was on stage.
Þóra Gísladóttir (1 hour ago)
wait michael died and there is a unnamed gravestone and the securitypupet end and start time travel in fnaf 6 does that mean michael is golden Freddy
Asasino 12349 (1 hour ago)
What about Cassidy?
Dániel Vajda (1 hour ago)
The Fnaf 6 sprintrap isn't the Fnaf 3 spingtrap. Just look at his face! It isn't the same. The feet isn't the same and blablablabla.
the tuxedo gamer (2 hours ago)
What if mike is a robot and he is possesed by the player or smtn
Ghostkiller231 (2 hours ago)
WoolenPrawn589 Mousa (2 hours ago)
Hold it. How did Mike go to Fazbears if the building was on lockdown? 🤔🤔🤔
Polo Solo (2 hours ago)
gotta rethink our characters and build on them; specifically the five main children
NatanisLikens (2 hours ago)
oh boy... thinking about the tally marks and page numbers I figured it would be the same as the other string of numbers... some one else needs to check me on this though. Cause I may have to reconsider my comment about it not being Golden Freddy................ ok here's your tally marks and pages... 9 5, 19 10, 41 14, 36 5, 100 5. Now these numbers are too big to put on this same page though I've only been at it a couple of hours... so lets add all the bigger number together. 9 5, 10 1, 5 5, 9 5, 1 5. Now applying these to the word search we get... ugh... omoos... at first this doesn't make much sense... however, do you see it? Ok this MIGHT be one heck of a stretch, OmO OS, OmO looking very much like a face, say that of a bear?... and well.. OS= OPERATING SYSTEM. :P have fun to anyone trying to either prove me wrong or right. I should note a quick search of omo to make sure I'm right yielded nothing other than it's Korean slang for "Oh My!" (Oh My OS CASSIDY). Again have fun either proving me right or wrong... I'm going to bed xD
FNAFYOUTUBERS W (2 hours ago)
ive got it ore a clew sorry if e spell wrong im from sweden enyways ive got one thing crying chyld is pink guy known as mickel and crying chyld is golden Freddy so spring trapp and golden Freddy thats a clew right :D
Cole Crews (2 hours ago)
Hey, what if golden Freddy is the mother? It would make sense because the "it's me" phrase could mean that the mother is speaking to child (Mike), and the only reason she shows up in fnaf 2 is that she was the one murdered at the fnaf 2 location on night 6. And the spirit talking to Mike is called Cassidy, but it's a girl's name, but it doesn't make sense, so it has to be the only other female character in this franchise that hasn't taken up a (major) role. And plus in the midnight motorist game the "he had a rough day" could relate to the murder of his mother, and William is the stepfather, which relates to the "immortal and the restless" 'the baby isn't mine' quote.
Nida chan (3 hours ago)
I dont wont fnaf to end
Nida chan (2 hours ago)
Vahnderian Dionovan (3 hours ago)
So, is there any relation with the 4 children that died with charlie's friend, michael from the novel?
Kirke Padgett (3 hours ago)
I have a theory based on your idea of Michael Afton being the crying child. This means that the older brother has no identity. What if the older brother is phone guy. I don't have much to go on, but the older brother wears the foxy mask to scare crying child and phone guy says foxy is his favorite.
Elleviathan (3 hours ago)
FNAF: the franchise that broke Matpat’s mind
Coco Hue Hue (3 hours ago)
Okay so I’m definitely not a theorist and I’m not very good with theories, but I thought of something. What if you do play as Michael in FNAF 4, but you’re not the crying child? The mini games are, of course, parts of the crying child’s story, but the actual game play could be Michael’s. Most people agree that FNAF 4 is a nightmare, but it may actually be Michael’s. The nightmares are simply a result of the guilt Michael feels, knowing he caused his brother’s death. Oh, but then the remnant was mentioned and I realized that theory was very well supported, except we still don’t know who the person watching TV when mustard guy goes in his house. Again, I’m definitely not a very experienced theorist, but I wanted to throw this out there for you to think about. Have fun with it, I guess :)
Joud Alsobikhi (3 hours ago)
maybe the fonts on the gravestones means the time everyone of them died in
Joud Alsobikhi (3 hours ago)
and the other people in the graves experienced the same thing as Mike because we see them as adults except for Susie or they just died in a night shift ....
Jacopo Rossetti (3 hours ago)
Wait a minute. 7 games FNAF 1-2-3-4-5-6 FNAF WORLD. M-I-C-H-A-E-L 7 LETTERS 7 GAMES.
Arepa Leaf (3 hours ago)
I’m here! I’m a week late but I’m here!!!
Angela Fontana (3 hours ago)
Idon’t think fnaf4 child is Mike. The child died and became golden freddy and Mike, the older brother, is the protag of the other games. The phone is simply because they probably shared toys when they were younger and it got passed down to his younger brother as toys tend to do. And nightmare freddy is because golden freddy/his younger brother might be haunting him/giving him nightmares- which combined with his guilt made he decide to kicktstart the games and put all the souls to rest.
RoachDoggJR (3 hours ago)
When you make a video about how you won’t do anything more with fnaf but you see those $$$
NatanisLikens (3 hours ago)
Haha... So I found one of your other videos about trying to solve the book and the name in that book. A comment there says that a "Reddit user dpowerful1 might have solved the code". So, I asked myself... if they solved it... how did they do it. First off you have the grid which as you pointed out in that video that there are "A, B, C" lightly written in there as a hint. I started thinking about this and ciphers, like you I was wondering where that cipher is... Then I remembered you brought up the word search... using this with the grid idea of 5 across 2 down you get "C"... (5 2, 3 9, 1 5, 7 2, [5+4=]9 3, 10 11, 8 11) you do in fact using the word search with the grid spell out CASSIDY. Granted I had to put this all together pausing that video to see things for my self... but I'm pretty confident in supporting this name as one of the grave stones, not necessarily Golden Freddy. This might very well be the name of Henry's daughter... the FIRST VICTIM.
sketch ! (4 hours ago)
check out treesicles video, the truth about golden freddy, THEY FIND OUT GOLDEN FREDDYS IDENTITY!!
BananaLover9876 (4 hours ago)
What if the bite was a illusion? Because William tried to stop Michael from going to the restaurant, and used illusions to do so. So maybe it was an illusion? But then again, he died at the end of fnaf 4. So. He became a spirit and possessed someone..? I don't know but I'm trying to help as much as possible 😂
Mason Weddle (4 hours ago)
"Michael" Afton is golden Freddy
Walrus Kitten (4 hours ago)
What are we trying to find out again?
BananaLover9876 (4 hours ago)
The word search. Use the number codes as co-ordinates for the word search. You will find the name Cassidy.. Golden Freddy's name. Love your channel dude, I hope I helped in some way 💛 Edit: It's a female name, and Freddy is male. So.. Is it puppet's name or Golden Freddy's?
Cyber OW (4 hours ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Anfs5idQeJI 5:00 idk if this will help
BananaLover9876 (4 hours ago)
Scott Cawthon (4 hours ago)
Oh yeah here’s a clue in the novels there’s a name called CASSIDY
#KittenMeows (4 hours ago)
Mike isn’t dead because Scott is impossible and wants to confuse us...aka Scott’s a jerk
Clara Lindsay (4 hours ago)
Plot twist: Charlotte is Monika.
Lolipop11 (4 hours ago)
I'm so confused
Inkogneeto (4 hours ago)
Okay guys something just hit me while watching Dawkos newest vid. Matt did you try Shadow Bonnies name!?!? It's the only name that isn't consistent.
NatanisLikens (4 hours ago)
Um... I'm a former Advertisement student... at 8:21 NO!! Those two fonts ARE NOT THE SAME!! HOWEVER! I don't believe this is a "coincidence"... as you've REPEATEDLY said Scott Doesn't do coincidences. Both fonts are a Script font but not the same one, if they were the same font then Susie would be connected like Night is... however it is not. Also look at the "i's" you can clearly see the difference.
Declan Donohoe (4 hours ago)
The hole thing about the FNAF 3 building burned down its the same building ans the FNAF 6 location. Remember how you could scrap or keep in FNAF 6 spring trap is something you keep MatPat such a big fan because you always have so mush evidence to prove your right
Dingoer (4 hours ago)
When will any of these become “game laws”
Maarit Björnholm (5 hours ago)
I have a theory jr means second and the building is jr and another theory when Mike runs away theres those freddy feet
AlucardGaming (5 hours ago)
At 17:36, has anyone tried a connection to the word search in the logbook? Just an idea.
Jody Buntz (6 hours ago)
There is also something else in scottcawthon.com
Let me inteoduce saggy. A person who example think that it is cool to like anime and says "Whats the meaning with life?" And "kill me" or "i have no life" they also think its really bad to dab and play with didget spinners the look away when they see it for some stupid reason its not like it is dangouros there is more about saggy but heres some examples of saggy youtubers: PewDiePie and Gametheory
Randy Weeks (6 hours ago)
Ok I got a theory A GAME THEORY! what if the 4 bullies are the purple guys victims. Let me explane the purple guy or PG for short, killed them for "killing" Michael. The maskes relate don't they? About the timing, after the death of Michael the place shuts down opens again in a different area PG sees the kids who killed Michael lures them then u know the rest
Daniel Phillips (6 hours ago)
Hey MatPat I'm unsure if this small theory has any ground to stand on and it's mainly just a hypothesis, with the only thing able to call evidence is that it would make some scenes story wise, so with that said what if you where right with what you thought was wrong? I know it sounds a little dumb but hear me out. The crying child like you said is a robot but had died before, much like your previous theory with nightmare representing death if crying child died in the hospital then William stole his sons body fulled it with remnant to replace the remnant his son lost and made his son a bio-robotic body. This way the phrase do you remember your name makes sense. Michael can't or finds it difficult to remember his name. The bit like you said hit the frontal lobe causing permanent memory damage and the remnant more than likely also cares their memories causing Michael to not fully know his own name. I'll assume that remnant will carry memories due to the animatronics vendetta ageist William for killing him going after Micheal thinking that he is William. This is honestly something I myself am not to sure but am confident enough in to have you look at to see if this is valid. But like I said this might not be right but would make scenes story wise.
Jody Buntz (6 hours ago)
http://www.fnafworld.com/I am still here.jpg
Jody Buntz (6 hours ago)
No spaces in I am still here.jpg
Jody Buntz (6 hours ago)
Gam theory, me and my bro found something: go to fnafworld.com and inspect. inspect then go to sources and check under www.fnafworld.com in the sources. It say*I am still here.jpg
Derek Night (6 hours ago)
Mat...I think you are trying way too hard connecting books to games now.
abcgamer1 (6 hours ago)
okay matpat let me talk to you about something that we all MISSED and I'm covering things As I am watching the video and typing . Now your going to have to pause at certain times and squint your eyes to read and see it so matpat pause at 1:33 it reads "Does he still talk to you" which could be talking the the crying child. pause at 2:40 its reads "Do you miss them" clearly mike or something or something is talking to someone. Okay so now pause at 3:21 it reads "DO you have dreams" then a picture of a freddy so the crying child or someone dreams about nightmare freddy and coming back again at 7:10 it repeats do you still miss them so who is speaking during this sentence and is talked by matpat later. So what does this mean whos speaking to who or what we all missed it and there is more little notes in the first video before this one and it shows the notes but I didn't read them so someone help me out here too times "does he still talk to you" 1:33 "do you have dreams" 3:21 "do you miss them" 2:40 so what do these little notes mean and I bet there at more than what me and mat found in the book
Zack Marshall (6 hours ago)
Matt just listen to me ok what if Endo u know the bear endoskeleton Might be the endoskeleton for lefy. I mean he`s a animitronic bear with no endoskeleton so maybe and I think mangle has three eyes so maybe that will help u on the journey of understanding that. Plz notice me senpai... Sorry I had to do that I`ve never been noticed by any youtubers famous like u. Don`t worry I would`nd care if u ignore me. i`'ll just sit in the corner... in the opposite direction of popularity... alone... and sad... and ignored. But I'm fine😂🤣😊😔🙁😢😭👻😭😭😭😭
Harlee Tavares (6 hours ago)
So...Michael died from the bite and his body may have been put into an AI robot, then his spirit/personality went on to possess/inhabit it? That’s what I’m interpreting from this, but man William Afton is an *EXTREMEMLY* horrible father. Although I think that’s being generous.
JSL (6 hours ago)
MATPAT, just keep doing what you do.
Zari The Skeleton (7 hours ago)
this changes everything ive ever thought about fnaf!
The Artist Inside (7 hours ago)
You should theorize when Detroit: Become Human could occur because it doesn't seem probable that the first Chloe Android model could possibly release within the next three years.
Piccolo918 (6 hours ago)
Here is my theory and I won't need Sister Location or FNAF 6. Fred Bears Family Dinner opens up. Fred Bears closes due to child being murder on its property. Fazbear Entertainment buys Fred Bears and opens as Freddy Fazbears. It gets popular and creates a show called Fred Bear and Friends in 1983. Toys and plushies come out due to being popular. Fred Bear and Spring Bonnie revived as Spring lock suits. Crying Child gets put into Fred Bear Mouth by his Brother's friends and brother. Crying child gets bit by Golden Fred Bear, loses his frontal lobe, and goes into a coma. Spring lock suits are decommissioned. FNAF 2 location opens up and new toy animatronics design to prevent accidental bites and murders in summer of 1987. FNAF 2 location going out of business and shifting to FNAF 1 Location. Crying child wakes up and now is man in November 1987. Due to not having his frontal lobe he has no memory who he is, or why he is in the hospital. Frontal lobe trauma attributes to memory loss and trouble processing emotions. He applies for a job at the fnaf 2 location in hope's to remember who he is. He applies under the name Fritz Smith. We plays as Fritz in FNAF 2 not Jeremy. Jeremy story is told to us through the recording every night. Jeremy completes his shifts goes day shift. Fritz comes in listens to recordings tampers with the animatroncis believing kids were trapped in the suits gets fired. Oder is him not bathing originally do to his frontal lobe missing. He goes to FNAF 1 location as Mike Schmidt. Listens to the recordings then tampers with animatronics gets fired. Several years later he hears about Fazbear Frights and hears they found a real animatronic. He applies and gets the job. He listens to the recordings and learns about the spring lock failure incident aka the bite of 83 and the Golden Bonny Suit used to murder kids. He frees the remaining spirits and comes term what happen in past the spirits move on in Happiest Day Minigame. He torched the place knowing the killer is alive under the suit. He remembered his past and what happen to him. Crying Child story comes to an end, hence 4 games and 1 story. Names don't matter that much. The puppet is the first victim and asks the Crying Child to save the spirits. Crying Child tampers with animatronics. Golden Freddy was decommissioned after spring lock failure incident. No spirit possesses Golden Freddy hence why its limp, doesn't move around and a hallucination. It's me is a reference to Crying Child memories to being the bite victim. The oder is due to damage on the frontal lobe he doesn't realizes, nor cares that he smells. Fritz and Mike being fired for the same thing makes them the same person. The toy animatronics in fnaf 4 were toys made to promote Fred Bear and Friends TV show then were made into actual animatronics due to kid friendly look that's why toy chica beak is off. It started as a toy first before it was animatronic. Foxy is possessed by Crying Child brother that's why he is only animatronic who isn't fooled by the Freddy mask in FNAF 2. In FNAF 1 he beats the door like a brother would do to get their Little Brother to open the door. Freddy, Chica and Bonnie possessed by the Crying Child Brother friends. Toy Animatronics not possessed by anyone just doing their job. Ballon Boy possessed by Fat Kid holding a balloon in FNAF 4. Shadow Freddy and Bonnie just hallucinations of the shadows of Fred Bear and Spring Bonnie. Shadow Freddy in FNAF 3 most likely a device that produces kid sounds to attract main animatronics to be destroyed by Purple Guy. Nightmare represents death coming for the Crying Child, but fails. The box is a tough one and very little evidence say what is in the box. I think it's a journal that belongs to the Crying Child, but that is a guess. Adding the other 2 games fills in details that gives context. Here we are with 4 games 1 story. What do you guys think?
Zed Trick (7 hours ago)
Phone doesn't look purple to me?
Camden Usakowski (7 hours ago)
Matpat what if jolly 3 was somehow part of the fnaf storyline
Destroyer Guy (7 hours ago)
If the guy you play as in the game is the kid who got bit that's means the kids in the suits are your friends the were put in there(idk tho)
Samuel Allen (7 hours ago)
15:38 |||| Matpat, Matpat, Matpat, ....... Matpat Charlie never comes back to life (at least what I think) , John (or one of her other friends I can’t remember) says “That’s not Charlie” so I THINK she’s dead 💀 anyway Matpat keep up the good work
Ella Luv (7 hours ago)
You know what? I have a theory. An original one. (Jk, someone else definitely thought of this.) It's now been accepted that the crying child is Michael Afton, right? But who does that make his brother!? We know the fates of all the other Aftons, except him. The crying child does go on to possess golden Freddy as we see in the happiest day mini game, but I think mike's brother goes on to possess... Foxy. Think about it! In the happiest day mini game, we see the release of five spirits, Golden Freddy, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy.this matches the birthday in fnaf 4 too! Five kids, mike, his brother, and his friends. Each representing an animatronic. What's even more, Foxy has always felt out of place in the animatronic roster. He's not on stage, he's just hiding in pirates cove. Much like mike's brother hid to scare him. Also, Foxy's jumpscare. He doesn't "jump" at you, he just peeks his head out the door, and *scares you*. So there it is, mike's brother is Foxy. And with the new found gravestone knowledge, we can conclude that mike's brother is named Fritz.
Dante Quintero (7 hours ago)
Nightmare and nightmare fredbear are from fredbear's family's dinner from ultimate custom night file
Jamestrib _M (7 hours ago)
That feeling when the 1st book has the name of golden Freddy ( Michael) and even though the books are not cannon, if Charlotte stays Charlotte in the games, Michael should stay Michael too.
noscopeking 456 (7 hours ago)
I remmeberd
Covert X (7 hours ago)
If mike is the kid and security guards... does that explain why foxy and springtrap walk in the security rooms unlike literally every single other character jumping or attacking? (going to the idea of foxy being "Older Brother" and SpringTrap being "William Afton"
ParadoxInfinite1 (7 hours ago)
Confused screaming
Nickachu Gamer (7 hours ago)
Idiot purple guy is in fnaf 4 and he grew to an adult after 4 years eh
Nightmare Chica (7 hours ago)
This makes sense
DGX24 (7 hours ago)
that phone looks blue
Cara Paige Spry (7 hours ago)
omg did you see that thing. it was midnight moderist When you play it and try to go into the room in the house but when go out side to investigate to take complete circle around the house without opening any dialogue you’ll find that the door is open when you come back in and there are five beds in the room and 4 beds in each corner in blue with Bonnie Chica foxy and Freddy on those beds then in the middle there’s a pink bed with golden Freddy on it 🤯🤯
Cara Paige Spry (7 hours ago)
just to make it more confusing (also i saw it from a youtuber Waytwo)
Frankie The Turtle (7 hours ago)
You have to solve fnaf completely
jay vernon (7 hours ago)
It’s Cassidy u use the wrong graph u should have tried the word search u would get Cassidy Cassidy is golden Freddy
9:00 Did... Did you really just use a Scrubs reference? I love you
Lucy Hearts (8 hours ago)
Ummmm...then who is the guy watching tv when William comes home and the character watching tv says, "Leave him alone. He's had a hard day" it doesnt make sense. The kid wearing the foxy mask could still be the crying child. I think the spirit in the book that is asking the questions is actually Michael trying to communicate to the crying child trying to get him to remember who he is and to remember where he was from. But thats just my take. I believe mike purposely marked his name outta the book, hoping to get crying child to write his own name down signaling him to remember his own name.
Aidan Camacho (8 hours ago)
wait so there is a fnaf 6 now whats next fnaf 100
Harm † (8 hours ago)
I love this game, but all Scott does is add more crap to cover up all the plot-holes he unwittingly creates, MatPat, He is using you.
Asheq Yoshke Camposo (8 hours ago)
Mike really is the bite victim and him surviving. Because remember pshycic fredbear that he will put you back together. It means that he trying bring him back to life. Those breadcrumbs that fredbear made you to do so Mike go back to life. And him surving the scope because of the cutscene where enerd left he turned purple and looks suspicious. So enerd left, and we all saw that he stood up and survived because of remnant. Then he must know about animatronics in fnaf 6 so he tried to end them there. But also got ended with him because of Henry I think. I forhot whos talking in the recording sorry.
E gamer (8 hours ago)
If Mike is the cry baby then who is the teen
ava spero (8 hours ago)
since mike was using different names for his jobs, maybe he used the names of his childhood friends for his security guard jobs ?? idk it kinda makes sense
The End Warrior (8 hours ago)
my brain hurts now😂😂😂
Astro Death (8 hours ago)
Has anyone put more thought in "The Older Brother" and why he scared Michael.Maybe William Afton told him to scare him and took it to far?
Evan Staaben (8 hours ago)
In the Pizzeria Simulator, when you get to Destroyed Freddy and put back out the Phone Guy says "Don't forget Saturday, you want them all to be in the same place". Do you think this means the Phone Guy is working with Henry? And if so then who is the Phone Guy? Just a thought
Nathan Gill (8 hours ago)
get ready to do theories on UCN (Ultimate Custom Night) if necessary
Chara Dreemurr14 (9 hours ago)
Mat Pat in silver eyes it says that the blue prints and the others were gone and the went to fnaf 6
IronFoxGames (9 hours ago)
MatPat... I have a theory, in fnaf 4, u can see that nightmare has an animatronic inside him "Nightmarrione" and so doese lefty. What if nightmare is the nightmare version of lefty, think about it, theyre both black bears, they both have captured the puppete, and they are both the same model "relitave to the timeline". and dont say that they have different colored hats, but WHATEVER! its just a theory. Plz notice this MatPat, it might really help.
Comment (8 hours ago)
omg i never reallized that but i have theory too, my theory is that funtime freddy could be the older brother of micheal afton bacause all of his psychopathic lines are referencing fnaf 4 of his little brother's birthday like: Ooooh birthday boyyyy idk something like that.
Devon Carmack (9 hours ago)
Michael is Golden Freddy by the consistently of his fear because of the bite he had on his front lob so it is fear to golden Freddy which is creation because the phase 'Its Me' means fear as golden Freddy.
DoubleDelirious (9 hours ago)
what if the puppet is Henry no last name given because the puppet supposedly controls the animatronics and by controlling the new and improved funtime and other animatronics that are in sister location, the puppet (Henry) would control their deaths as well as their lives. Also at the end of the Immortal and the Restless Vlad accepts the baby as his own and doesn't say that the baby isn't his​
Jag Anderson (9 hours ago)
I know mike’s name it is Elisabeth because at the end of fanf simulator the guy said hi Elisabeth if you even remember that name
Jag Anderson (8 hours ago)
And if you say his name is mike look at the front of the book and you will see that mike crossed out his name and the spirit said do you remember your name
DoubleDelirious (9 hours ago)
the y-axis on the grid must mean something if the x-axis implies​ something
kbfsnowman425 (9 hours ago)
Weird theory here. Mike “is” golden Freddy. The bite on the crying child looks a lot like getting scooped. Getting scooped removes a child’s remnant; their soul. But after getting bitten William Afton pledges “I will put you back together. It could work with a combination of remnant and animatronic knowhow but replacing remnant is not necessarily returning it. Without a soul are you the same person? Could a separated soul and body work independently? I ask "Who is golden Freddy Mike?" “IT’S ME!”
Comment (8 hours ago)
lol that could work, my theory is that funtime freddy could be the older brother of micheal afton bacause all of his psychopathic lines are referencing fnaf 4 of his little brother's birthday like: Ooooh birthday boyyyy idk something like that.
Tasha King (9 hours ago)
The crossword puzzle says "its me over and over if you find all the words plus the two hidden sentences; "What's your name" and "Who are you". It also sorta looks like a map if you color code everything, one color for the words listed, one for "its me" and one for the hidden sentences.
ProGamerSparky (9 hours ago)
I think golden Freddy is the spirit that possesses psychic friend Fred bear."it's me" is referring to golden Freddy being the plush that mike had as a child. There's a lot more evidence in the survival guide.
mr. Something (9 hours ago)
Me Dont Understand Fnaf. Me dont understand Grammar Too.
Piccolo918 (9 hours ago)
Can you guys like this comment so MatPat can see that would be awesome. Hey Mat Pat I was thinking about the flat line at the end of fnaf 4. Did Michael take the heart monitor off himself. It would make a flat line noise since its not attached to anything. Phone guy said the bite victim survived with out their frontal lobe in fnaf 1. No frontal lobe means memory loss and mustard man is William Afton with Spring Bonnie outfit on him hence why he is mustard color instead of purple. It just came to me recently so I thought I would share it. If I'm wrong oh well.
Piccolo918 (8 hours ago)
Comment Nice theory but I'm sure Michael brother is foxy. Foxy only animatronic who isn't fooled by the freddy mask. Being that his brother wouldn't be fooled by the mask. He would know thats his brother.
Comment (8 hours ago)
it could work, my theory is that funtime freddy could be the older brother of micheal afton bacause all of his psychopathic lines are referencing fnaf 4 of his little brother's birthday like: Ooooh birthday boyyyy idk something like that.
The Oreo (9 hours ago)
If Golden Freddy is the one talking to Mike through the book, then everything, the phone, the faded images, the "what do you remember" could be Cassidy quizzing their brother on what he actually knows, or if this is the real Mike Afton or some kind of impoater...just a theory!
LonelyRavioli (9 hours ago)
Wait a minute...where did Ennard go?

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