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Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

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FNAF STUMPED Me! ► https://bit.ly/2stBsVj FNAF 6, What was in the BOX? ► https://bit.ly/2JiFDwT Subscribe to never miss a theory! ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 In the last Theory I told you how FNAF and Scott had be STUMPED. Except, I can't give up. I've invested so much into this franchise. There are clues littered EVERYWHERE in the games and the books. So many that even now, we know MORE! Today Loyal Theorists, we start to piece together the full story! SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ► ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 Hang out with us on GTLive! ► http://bit.ly/1LkSBnz More THEORIES: FNAF 6, No More Secrets ► https://bit.ly/2LVCq4u Petscop - Ghost In A HAUNTED Game ► https://bit.ly/2GmoZux Duck Season's KILLER DOG... Unmasked! ► http://bit.ly/2trS1E4 WARNING! Pokemon May Cause DEATH! ►► http://bit.ly/2FnHjRl Hello Neighbor - DEVIL is in the Details! ►http://bit.ly/2HhXXS3 How Bendy Will END! ►► http://bit.ly/2oqRNbd Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► http://bit.ly/1zz3t7E Culture Shock ►► http://bit.ly/1sw7aZ8 The SCIENCE! ►► https://goo.gl/GFK9EV
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Text Comments (64686)
Badmaarag Gursed (25 minutes ago)
What if circis baby controls the night guard with the disc thing to tell purple guy kill sarah i think
Badmaarag Gursed (28 minutes ago)
Aaah sooo goooood
Epic Jamations (2 hours ago)
Five Nights at MatPat's
Epic Jamations (2 hours ago)
Five night's at MatPat'
Epic Jamations (2 hours ago)
My working out; Matt makes a theory. Scott adds more stuff. Matt makes another theory. Scott adds more stuff. Matt rages Scott is happy Matt makes a theory Scott is sad that Matt got it right (repeat from number 3) My conclusion: Even Scott doesn't even know what is going so he ends it with the same ending
Wayzy (4 hours ago)
What happened to Psychic Friend Fredbear why dont you play his theme song anymore?
Connor Tablet (4 hours ago)
No ther arnt its as esey as picking up a 1 pound coin ýòùŕ wŕœñğ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Connor Tablet (4 hours ago)
Crying chiled (dead)=mick (alive) he killed his family and he is purple guy matt pat you wong
Connor Tablet (4 hours ago)
Read books much the real kiler is told in the first booooook Gfredy is the biten child and its mick shmit not michle and michle dies in sl No michle 22 man is a chiled ok then
Shadow FX (5 hours ago)
The theory is so confusing
Golden Gaming (8 hours ago)
2 girls one c..wait wrong one 6 games one story
jv110 (10 hours ago)
What if the questions in the book are Michael asking the spirit, and the crying child is Cassidy?
france russel (11 hours ago)
My god matpat I bet you will do it
Spotted Leaf (18 hours ago)
The theories make sense, but there is still one thing I don’t understand. Why are the 4 original animatronics different in the second game? Bonnie is supposed to be purple but then turned blue? Looking at freddy’s head from the two different games is different two, however th head the night guard gets is the same as the one in the first game. I know they were used for parts but I dont think the people would give them different suits.
Zaya Moone (18 hours ago)
But in the Silver Eyes they said that there was a carousel in the FNaF1 building... Unless... it wasn't FNaF... Does that mean that the animatronics in The Silver Eyes are the Toy Animatronics? The Withered Animatronics before they were withered (or withered at that point in the storyline)? What does it mean? What building was it that Henry owned?
Oreo master 50 (18 hours ago)
Mat pat: Pull up a chair let’s talk Me: I’m on the toilet
Scrap Baby (1 day ago)
Imagine that Scott Cawthon changed the story because he knew the story,😆
OzOnA BrOs. (1 day ago)
What kind of door can lock from both sides??????
Joey Animations (1 day ago)
I saw a comment that said orange guy from midnight motorist was Dave from the silver eyes SPOILERS: Dave = william
Vinay Shandilya (1 day ago)
For those who don't know the difference between hypothesis and theory Hypothesis:- A proposed explanation made based on limited evidences and as a starting point for further investigation. Ex- We might be living in a simulated universe. Theory:- A hypothesis that repeatedly passed several tests of evidence and has found to be true in all observed situations. Ex- Time allows down at high speeds.
TrevVacTV (1 day ago)
WARNING THIS COMMENT HAS SPOILERS TO THE 3RD FNAF BOOK.The book talked about Charlie's father making 'Ella' dolls. One of the ella dolls was made to change size as Charlie grows (which I think is so that if Charlie dies the ella doll is the same size for her to use) and she wakes up in a box because her aunt was told to hide the ella doll somewhere (in the box) and that's where Charlie wakes up. See the connection? Charlie is one of the ella robots. And in the book John uses the disk distorted thing and the ella doll looks like a human.
Rarren (1 day ago)
Michael was not the nightguard åt fnaf 2. He was there as a Child that's why he gets asked if the carusel was his favourite
Hawazen Eshahawi (1 day ago)
U have 3channels
Gr8 M8 (1 day ago)
The telephone is blue lol
Psy Tch (1 day ago)
Am i the only one scared with all these stories and theories?? I don't think i am going to sleep tonight...
Party Popper (1 day ago)
While watching these again, I was listening to Baby say again and again, "You won't die" and I thought I would say it just once because it was really weird. I said it and . . . . . . I sound like Baby... Like spot on. I listened to her and then said it after and it sounded like she was saying it again. Should I be scared? Or should you... . . . . Maybe Baby exists...
Abdurrahman Malik (1 day ago)
Hes a robot
bethy puppy gaming (2 days ago)
Did one of the unsatisfied comments when he explained who the orange guy was really say that it wasn't William afton it was Dave? It says in the same book (silver eyes) that Dave is William Afton but he changed his name after the missing children incident cos he was a key suspect
Wendy Torie (2 days ago)
This got me confused
Andy Chen (2 days ago)
Anyone else noticed Chica’s eyes move 1:30
Halyalos (3 days ago)
So was the bully brother important at all?
Panda Man (3 days ago)
Me at 00:20
Siron (3 days ago)
Micheal afton's friends are the ones who possess the suits
Anxty (3 days ago)
16:20 Detroit: become human who?
Kiyan Tan (3 days ago)
bbbooo ha 3:27
Jason Edgar (3 days ago)
Join the day police if you have saving chica
Fairy Fox X3 (3 days ago)
8:35 maybe they share the same fonts..because they were brothers? idk..but this is just a theory.. a game theory! thanks for reading :)
Zaura 18 (3 days ago)
I'm watching this video at 2:00 AM, in the dark. I was so scared of the intro that I closed my eyes. Then I felt stupid X)
wolf blood (3 days ago)
I don't know if my mind is blown . . . Or completely fried!!! SO MUCH THEORY, SO LITTLE BRAIN SPACE!!!
Sir Golden Warrior (4 days ago)
FNAF’s story is like science. Every time someone answers a question about life or whatever even more questions appear
LemmyKoopa13 Boi (4 days ago)
Isn’t golden Freddy’s name cassidy
Titan Nine9 (4 days ago)
I just thought of this while watching this video so I’ll have to post on a later one but what if William Alton made robotic versions of all of the children he kidnapped with the Funtime/Twisted animatronics? Knowing Scott, at the rate of how many kids Afton had kidknapped, he would have mentioned how there was a local serial killer targeting children. Afton could have just programmed them to just come back to switch out with older versions of themselves, or just have not cared and wanted to buy himself a couple of years.
sonic Adventure Girl (4 days ago)
"Do you remember your name?" His name is Mike Schmidt not Mike Afton. He might not be blood related to William. This could be why his brother also bullies him, because it's his step brother. And the reason his room is under surveillance. He's an experiment for William.
RandomPerson (3 days ago)
His real name is still hidden, the name mike Schmidt is just a different name he used to get into the fnaf 1 location He isn’t an experiment He is being kept safe from the springlock suits (which clearly didn’t work)
Blueberry Sans (4 days ago)
Oh ye, the place where mustard man is banned from is Freddy Fazbear's. So this proves that William (MM) was banned from the place for stuffing kids in suits, as seen in a cutscene in fnaf 4... Or what he said?
zella jimenez (4 days ago)
https://youtu.be/WDlF0iADl_M go to this link it will explain it all I mean all
Sxgi Gamer (4 days ago)
This the stupidest theory since the pink guy/ purple guy theory. Next thing you know, you'll be saying Michael Afton is golden Freddy
thei fernandez (4 days ago)
Purple guy and I guess Mustard Guy
thei fernandez (4 days ago)
Peanut butter and jelly men
Why that jumpscare on the end!!!!???
Xarm 689 (5 days ago)
Anyone gonna tell mattpatt about the new petscop episodes!?!?!?
Cayden Couch (5 days ago)
Tyler Groves (5 days ago)
Michael Afton can't be The Crying Child cause Michael Afton and Henry (no last name given) made the animatronics when they were adults and they were already built when The Crying Child was bit and you can see The Purple Guy in the bites minigame plus the dates don't add up so its someone we don't know yet plus when someone gets a journal with a name in it they would cross out the already written name
gboy36 2007 (6 days ago)
And the freaking murderrrrrr geeez
gboy36 2007 (6 days ago)
Henry may be the purple guy
RandomPerson (5 days ago)
Not even
Ali Islam (6 days ago)
Who else saw chica move her eyes at mat Pat?
Taleen Qassim (6 days ago)
Before watching the vid: wait what! After watching: jaws dropped* this is A jaw dropping theory
Rae (6 days ago)
So everyone is just gonna ignore Marco Diaz? oK
Gun259 Updated (6 days ago)
frits was a night guard
Huy Pham Duc (6 days ago)
Short theory: Micheal Afton real name is Mike Schimthz .
RandomPerson (5 days ago)
Better theory: mike Schmitz real name is micheal afton
Tom Apted (6 days ago)
If he is a robot how do you explain the blood effect to the scooping
RandomPerson (5 days ago)
Not everything has to have significance
galacticAtlas (6 days ago)
Thanos was the Purple Guy and he killed the five kids because there were currently 10 kids in the restaurant and there wasn't enough pizza.
Proxima (6 days ago)
I hope that when the whole storyline is made and all the story is fit into place that there will be a video putting the whole story into one long video about everything that happened.
LegoMaster (6 days ago)
I thought fnaf 2 takes place before fnaf 1
zac mitchell (7 days ago)
YO SO I JUST HAD A CRAZY IDEA. At 8:05 range when mat patt is talking about the graves and how two of them are Jeremy and Fritz, the two other known night guards in the series. What if Jeremy and fritz... we're BOTH Michael Afton. Hear me out, we know that Scott now seemed to base his story more around him with the release of the last games and the log book, what if Michael was those night guards under a fake name? His FRIENDS names. TL;DR Mike Afton was Jeremy and Fritz using his dead friends names as an alias If this has been proposed before, let me know to give credit where it is due, but I don't remember this being a topic
RandomPerson (5 days ago)
Jeremy is the bite victim, he works night Hates it and gets moved to day
zac mitchell (5 days ago)
RandomPerson I thought the person on day shift (I believe Fritz was the suspected victim) was originally nights then moved to days after the incident? I may honestly have it backwards, the lore of this game does get beyond complex
RandomPerson (5 days ago)
The bite of 87 was day shift Mike is night shift
zac mitchell (5 days ago)
RandomPerson in the grand scheme of things no, but it just solidifies what Matt patt thought, it's all Michael's story. If we are to believe that, then it does actually poke some holes in things we have over looked before. If Michael is the night guard in two, could he also be the bite victim of 87?
RandomPerson (5 days ago)
Ok...but wtf would knowing that do?!? Yeah...nothing
DividesXZero (7 days ago)
I love his angry bird eyes
GameknightMike (7 days ago)
Wait IM the crying child? I hav brown hair and u can read my name Don't stalk me
paopa (7 days ago)
mike junier
8:35 I think I’ve got I theory. I think Gabriel and Jeremy were brothers. Think about it, they go on to posses Freddy and Bonnie. And what 2 animatronics are the only to that share a golden/spring lock suit and a shadow suit. Also Funtime Freddy has a Bonnie puppet which could suggest that Gabriel is the older brother. But that’s just a Theory..... A GAME THEORY thanks to anyone who read this 😉
RandomPerson (5 days ago)
So they are brother because of the font right? Welllll “Not everything has to have significance”
Anna Rieve (8 days ago)
i cant BEAR it {ba dum tss}
Alexander Masiello (8 days ago)
what if henry is golden Freddy? like if you agree
RandomPerson (5 days ago)
100% no
Brony ???????? (8 days ago)
Book theory is needed
Happy Pawz (8 days ago)
Doesn't Midnight Motorist debunk the fact that Micheal is FNaF 4 Child?
Happy Pawz (5 days ago)
+RandomPerson Okay, That's just what I thought. And don't call me a dumbass, there is no need for that.
RandomPerson (5 days ago)
Dumbass 🤦‍♂️ Mike isn’t the one sitting on the chair There is absolutely no evidence for that But evidence for mike being the crying child who ran off to that place again? Logbook
Happy Pawz (5 days ago)
+RandomPerson No. Cause Michael is sitting in the chair. And The Crying FNaF 4 Child clearly 'ran off to that place again.' 2 separate entities. So that's why I commented that.
RandomPerson (5 days ago)
No It proves that mike is the crying child lol
Ragnarok Gamer (8 days ago)
This video had me crying DABBING CHIKA!!!😂😂😂
Selenia Morris (8 days ago)
When MatPat said that the crying child was MICHEAL!! HE SNATCHED MY WIG!!!!!!😂😂😂
Brittany Montalvo (8 days ago)
Omg when I was nine I got all dang books ...how did I not notice 🤬
Maya Fenton (8 days ago)
I've got this book
Josemanuel99 Gomez (8 days ago)
Subtitulos pls
DarkNightmare432 (8 days ago)
I always thought it was golden Freddy because, if you think about it, everyone says (in fnaf 4) "was it me ?" and golden Freddy always says "its me"
RandomPerson (5 days ago)
Who is Cassidy?
DarkNightmare432 (5 days ago)
cassidy ?
RandomPerson (5 days ago)
Who is golden Freddy?
Anthony Rangel (8 days ago)
What happened to his brother?
Foxy the Pirate fox (8 days ago)
Matthew Velasquez (8 days ago)
Wtf is goin on why all of this ugh my mind I don’t understand
Adrian Rook (8 days ago)
Robotic necromancy. Does that make the purple guy one of the C'tan?
OMG your giving me spoilers from the BOOKS
Chell kl (9 days ago)
When I saw the intro I was like HELL NAW! Why am I doing this -.-
T Gaming (9 days ago)
Keeping up with the Aftons Sorry not sorry
alyssa claire (9 days ago)
shouldddd i watch this at 5 in the morning no ammmmmm i watching this at 5 in the morning yes
George Butterfield (9 days ago)
Kim Taehyungie (9 days ago)
I'm kinda confused right now..
Laron Dormeuse (9 days ago)
But how is he a robot and a rooting corps. It is said he starts to smell and well he turns purple. If he was already a robot why would he turn purple. Sounds more like his soul/remenent possed his own body. If it works with machines, why not with a corps. Especially if you get scooped and die painfully from a machine in you ( which is the reverse to how the kids turn into Freddy and crew). But let me watch your other two videos maybe you address that
James Wynn (9 days ago)
11:55 what’s up with nightmare bonnie?
MrPiggleGaming (10 days ago)
Lain Blair (10 days ago)
Listen to Fredbear's voice, in the background it sounds like Ennard or something.
Lain Blair (10 days ago)
Mike's robot spaghetti is touched = : Man touchs robot spaghetti - Mike teleport sout of nowhere and yells : DID U TOUCHA MY SPAGHETT!?!?!?!
Quirky Engineer (10 days ago)
but charlie died at the end of the twisted ones
Dan Ross (10 days ago)
Who is Michael the crying child a.k.a Cassidy?
Ennard TV (10 days ago)
you may not believe this but i played fnaf 6 after letting scrap trap in i heard him saying "interesting what they turned out to be" or something like that. not after death, but maybe he was talking to himself since he was experimenting on reminent
Ennard TV (10 days ago)
he meant molten freddy btw
Alexander White (10 days ago)
Maybe when Michael worked as a security guard at the FNaF locations he went by Jeremy and Fritz as an homage to the dead children further reinforcing the idea that he was out to avenge them and set them free.
Owen McCall (10 days ago)
No change is possible
I am bruised from the kicks in these story’s 😐
Ashey BEAR (11 days ago)
The book belongs to mike there is 4 letters in mike amd there is 4 masks in The good ending I have no idea what do now

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