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All Unreleased Counter-Strike Maps - CS:CZ to CS:GO

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An overview over all the unreleased Counter-Strike maps. English version of an article I wrote for InCounter-Strike. https://cs.ingame.de/artikel/unveroeffentlichte-counter-strike-maps/ Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/ESCalationOffic Support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/ESCalation
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One dislike wow
El Rey Bribón (8 days ago)
Your english is getting better, more natural. Well done! Great video as well!
The shield in CSS was completed in the language files before being cut, I checked earlier.
I'm sorry...it's just..... *What did you say happened to Vertigo?*
SuperTabachoi (9 days ago)
Right in the nostalgia gland
Mikko (10 days ago)
10:13 uninstall Counter-Strike font xd
Bacca Á Là Boss (10 days ago)
the one person who disliked is a fucking dick whole
Aleyzr CS:GO Guides (10 days ago)
Thanks for showing us these maps. Really intresting video
National Productions (10 days ago)
The month that that magazine of PC Gamer was released, was the month I was born.
KevJac (10 days ago)
valve please fix
Polonyalı Jerry (10 days ago)
your latest de_hankagai map has missing textures. WARNING: texture lump "cem_jpnbldg3_2a" not found WARNING: texture lump "misc_shopfron3a" not found WARNING: texture lump "misc_shopfron3b" not found WARNING: texture lump "sign_jpn_12" not found WARNING: texture lump "sign_jpn_6" not found
Xander Niles (10 days ago)
This is such a helpful information, been wanting to know more about the cut maps, mostly about the CZ ones because all the Cs1.6 cut maps are accessible via different sites -- especially 17buddies since that site has all of them, plus previous versions of maps that are available in the final game. As for the CSGO ones, never heard of them. I would really like to try them out.
Could you make a video series of ALL counter-strike maps ever made? Custom 1.6 maps, cs cz, source and csgo. Kinda like a quick review and walk through of every existing map ever.
Xander Niles (10 days ago)
@Nobody Reads My Comments duh...that could take forever. I mean he can do a top of the most popular maps but that's all.
Chaz Hartwayne (10 days ago)
1:10 Yeah, I still remember my first USP Headshot from Overpass all the way to B when I killed the defusing CT and in Teamspeak he was like " WE TE EFF!" This was in 1.6, a LOOOOOOOONG time ago.
nekju (10 days ago)
Can you give links for all these maps pls?
zenn22 (10 days ago)
such a cute voice :3
BLANK (10 days ago)
Can you play all of these maps with bots with some cs version? Or at least some of them.
Flex Gopnik (10 days ago)
Dear turtle rock studios: Go Condition yourself and re release those darn maps from 2003
Flex Gopnik (9 days ago)
+Xander Niles Ahhhhh healll yeah boi!
Xander Niles (10 days ago)
@Flex Gopnik If I remark correctly, Turtle Rock Studios released a cut campaign of L4D1 after almost 10 years, so...idk there might be a chance.
syl-coq (10 days ago)
Is it possible that you scan the page of the magazine you had showing sreenshot of the map like de_construction? Maybe upload the image to let us see it better. Juste out of curiosity even if there is not much to see
CS PRO (10 days ago)
Let's wish that those maps aren't lost and they're hanging out somewhere, waiting for someone to leak them out or valve to release them or something... I'd really like to see an actual CZ beta of Gearbox along with all cut weapons, models, and maps..
sv_aimbot 101 (10 days ago)
Some of these maps exist on cstriketrs build of cz but not all and the most the new weapons are not inplamented apart from the shield famas galil
Fr0st CS:S (10 days ago)
5:42 I have the same fidget spinner as you!
Jimilimijimi (10 days ago)
inhaltlich sehr qualitativ, weiter so :-)
omar oyt (10 days ago)
I remember when counter strike wasn't boring when I played over 20 maps a day that's why I stopped playing counter strike global offensive sad but true RIP NTH_LET'S_TAKE_MOTHERS_TANK & cs_arabstreets, all the awp maps, poolday & iceworld :(
Noah Ihlein (10 days ago)
des video ist genau 2 sekunden zu kurz -.-
yoyleyes (11 days ago)
cs_range kinda looks like it has some geometry were reused from Half-Life: Blue Shift.
DUDE, you have to increase the bass and decrease the treble a bit.
ICY (11 days ago)
Time, Dr. Freeman? (Referring to HL_VR)
Maximus0451 (11 days ago)
It’s a shame that many of these maps would never (officially) see the light of day. They were good looking maps.
udese (11 days ago)
de_construction looks like de_vertigo
Markel Fortunato (11 days ago)
the layout of the shooting range looks EXACTLY like the one from Blue Shift
Xander Niles (10 days ago)
@Markel Fortunato Same developer. Gearbox made HL Blue Shift and HL Opposing Force.
Abstract K10 (11 days ago)
De_Dahab is pronounced Thahab
Flashenite (11 days ago)
5:20 my primary language is arabic and you pronounced it right. the name means "Gold" and from what it looks like. it seems that it takes place in a traditional arabic gold place market where people exchange/buy gold,silver, bronze, etc.
Flashenite (11 days ago)
+Abstract K10 yeah he said it correctly it sounded fine to my ears
Abstract K10 (11 days ago)
Flashenite and it’s pronounced Thahab Arabic is my primary language too btw
Bacca Á Là Boss (11 days ago)
good shit
TheSasGaming (11 days ago)
1:52 De what?
Phasor Thunder (11 days ago)
I really like the theme of De_Depot being of some sort of rocket testing facility. I wonder if some of the models can be used from it?
GotrixTV (11 days ago)
Nices Video wie immer.
Canalu' lu' Dorel (11 days ago)
dreikliksphilip is real !!!!!!!!!!!
SNOWFlak (11 days ago)
all those sourse maps were so fun and cool
RazingBolt (10 days ago)
Talking about *Condition-Zero BETA* , I want all those cut Weapons such as M60, Molotov, Grenade Launcher, Machete, etc. but with cs 1.6 view-model instead of Condition zero view-model. But where can i found it?
RazingBolt (10 days ago)
+Xander Niles yeah, that what i meant, lol Edit: I can't find the official machete skin for 1.6 view-model instead i only found for Nexon's Counter-Strike model. Also, molotov was exist in condition zero with 1.6 view model where Famas and Galil were introduced at the 1st place
Xander Niles (10 days ago)
@RazingBolt If you are talking about the hands, that can actually be done. You should head to Gamebanana and ask the modders in there for assistance. Also you are mistaken, M16 never was part of CS, don't you mean M60? And there never was a molotov model.
J.D SFM (11 days ago)
I must say you did a good job both on the article and this video! Keep it up ^^
cptmacmillan1111 (11 days ago)
Since its cscz to csgo, i surely hope that factions from cscz will also be in csgo. Namely the Spetzsnaz.
Tommy23r10 (10 days ago)
Yeah i was wondering about a Russian faction too, but anti-terrorism one, namley the Spetzsnaz or the FGB? ( i think it is )
Ichmag Bäume (11 days ago)
All of them are better than Canals
Sea Biscuit (11 days ago)
Die meisten Unreleased Maps kommen aus CS:CZ! :D
Knuxfan24 (11 days ago)
I wouldn't mind seeing de_alleyways recreated using the SDK map files from Left 4 Dead, if only because I'm a massive L4D fanboy.
ValoTheBrute (11 days ago)
Valve plz add
ValoTheBrute (11 days ago)
I want all of theese
DaFullo (11 days ago)
These maps seems fun to play back when cs 1.6/cscz are still popular. Still wondering how it looks and play when it reimagined to csgo source engine.
Cop_Fighter (11 days ago)
You and 3klicks should do a collab
Aleyzr CS:GO Guides (10 days ago)
that would be awesome!
Peter Meter (10 days ago)
No thanks.
Joseph Davidson-Labout (10 days ago)
great idea
Dummy Account (11 days ago)
TheSodingen627 (11 days ago)
yes please
top lel (11 days ago)
Canals should've been one of them.
SmokWed (11 days ago)
360p squad !!
7.62 x39mm (8 days ago)
I always watch in 240p, still good regardless, lol.
ESCalation (11 days ago)
refresh it, should be HD now^^
thedoomhunter (11 days ago)
2:46 Nice.
Harexe (11 days ago)
360p rip
exdi lul (11 days ago)
Hi, I like your channel
Jesper Denkvist (11 days ago)
Nice video

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