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CS:GO - Top 5 Most Expensive Gamma Knife Unboxing Videos!

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The best insanely expensive knife unboxing videos from twitch and youtube. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet My Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/McSkillet Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/og_mcskillet Sponsors: Free $2.50 with Code "mcskillet": http://csgowild.com/ Free $1.00 with Code "MSKINS": https://gameflip.com/shop/skins Knife Opening Youtubers: StatTrak Flip Knife Emerald: https://www.youtube.com/user/Tiagovski555 StatTrak Bayonet Gamma Doppler: https://www.youtube.com/user/TmarTn2 Karambit Gamma Doppler Phase 2: https://www.youtube.com/user/jahovaswitniss Karambit Lore: https://www.youtube.com/user/Oakiiee M9 Lore: https://www.youtube.com/user/465Ultimate
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Text Comments (5871)
WolfDesiign (22 hours ago)
Dude #4 guy sounded like grus brother when they laughed lol
yewlow (1 day ago)
Black And White (3 days ago)
Valve is so bad why best inv ban?
Black And White (3 days ago)
AHB (11 days ago)
ill be surprise if they open factory new Crimson Web karambit or m9 bayonet
Dropped Ironyy (3 days ago)
He died
Majo (11 days ago)
Don't buy a McLarren and play csgo
Aaash (12 days ago)
RIP Mate May I meet you on DoomsDay...
david (13 days ago)
fuck you u dead
Reck4K (14 days ago)
Why did McSkillet come up in my recommendations?
Squeaky G (15 days ago)
Squeaky G (15 days ago)
Jali Fc (15 days ago)
Wolfzz 10 (17 days ago)
Isto só aparece pts
Joltaik (17 days ago)
when pixels are worth more than your rent
Mota Boata Toma (18 days ago)
Stop commenting on this video about how bad a person you think McSkillet is. It's not like he's going to read your comments and it's definitely not going to do anything for the 2 innocent people he killed.
Caqua YT (19 days ago)
Team Tinfoil (19 days ago)
Rip the mother and daughter he killed, hope he burns in hell.
Team Tinfoil (19 days ago)
+jamyt03 what the fuck do you mean, he drives on the wrong side if the highway 100 mph, fuck off fanboy
jamyt03 (19 days ago)
Team Tinfoil they probably deserved it
ZappTree (20 days ago)
You dead bro
ST_Scottish (23 days ago)
nice car sell it then give the money to the people u killed
It exploded
Bunny Channel (24 days ago)
SzalonaMysza (25 days ago)
g g (25 days ago)
Раша изволь гласить
Cameron Brady (27 days ago)
Who knows what was going through your head when you killed those people but you didn’t just ruin there lives you ruined the lives of your family’s and now everyone of your fans feels ashamed and disgusted by you just you could have your glorified suicide.
YT-_EliteShot_- (27 days ago)
Last thing he got was a battle scared mclaren
Yan Vegas (27 days ago)
He played a big role in the skin community. I am very sad that he is forever gone
Veikko (26 days ago)
he killed a child and the mother?? I hate him
ColdValcano (28 days ago)
Mist Impact (28 days ago)
ivel (28 days ago)
why are people hating on a dead guy? do you expect him to respond...
LLB (28 days ago)
Because he is a piece of shit!
PokeRaisin (28 days ago)
Yeah his fucking soul will or if he has one.
Grim (28 days ago)
Nixya cebe
theonlypd (28 days ago)
what is going on guys? live streaming...
Tampon Man (29 days ago)
All of u r bitches bc Mc skillet had mental disabilities it’s not his fault he did what he did
Tampon Man (28 days ago)
Oli Langlois he didn’t kill two ppl he wasn’t himself when it happened he changed over the time he was diagnosed he couldn’t do anything about it
Tampon Man (28 days ago)
Axerotic Jonathan it wasn’t over csgo
Axerotic Jonathan (28 days ago)
Wasn’t it over csgo?
TakeFlight (28 days ago)
He killed a 12 year old and her mom. Idc if he has a mental disability or not.
Oli Langlois (28 days ago)
Ripz Music he killed two people!
PotatoStudios (29 days ago)
Fuck you burn in hell!
Axerotic Jonathan (28 days ago)
Op j207 what made him do that though ?
Op j207 (28 days ago)
He had mental issues what do you expect read the whole story about it before you say shit like that
William Gonzalez (28 days ago)
No empathy for him at all how dare u murder a wife and kid your just fucked up its not like you didn't know the consequences on what would have happend if you're going 100 mph on a freeway when you're on a police Chase.
William Gonzalez (28 days ago)
+BigChildren It's not like he didn't know the consequences on what would happen when he was going on a freeway for 100 mph on a police he probably did mean to kill anybody but he probably knew there was a possibility that someone would have got injured or killed. Think about it this way Imagine you heard someone in your family got injured or hurt in a car crash over a suicidal person who was on a police Chase going a 100 miles per hour after crashing into an elementary how would u feel? God hope Nothing happens your family but just think about it that way. I Have no empathy for a murder
BigChildren (28 days ago)
William Gonzalez he wasn’t trying to you tard
William Gonzalez (28 days ago)
+Op j207 I have no empathy for him yeah sure he had Mental issues but to go as far for killing a mother and her 12 yo daughter is fucked up. Theres no reasson for you to empathy for a murder
William Gonzalez (28 days ago)
+Op j207 He has the rights to kill himself thats on him but to go far enough to crash in to Elementary and start a police Chase going a 100 miles per hour what would you expect for someone to say it's not like he didn't know the consequences on what would happend
Amcc (29 days ago)
Nice skins, it sure would be a shame
Amcc (29 days ago)
Rest in peace
marcia moe (29 days ago)
May I ask those who unbox and game like this: Do you not see how depressing the entire thing is? Not the suicide, but rather people believing in the Matrix and living a virtual life. So you guys all "Take the matrix?"
marcia moe (29 days ago)
I guess this is a place where people are at a higher risk for suicide. I don't game or unbox knives. You should stop.
Alexander Squillante (29 days ago)
R u dead
Matthew Stanley (29 days ago)
Murdering scum bag. Rot in hell
Op j207 (28 days ago)
He had mental issues what do you expect read the whole story about it before you say shit like that
Beck Lea (29 days ago)
That’s a cool knife it would be a shame if U CRASHED YOUR CAR INTO 2 INNOCENT PEOPLE
diamondari9 (28 days ago)
you're not funny for mocking someone for their depression leading them to killing themselves he couldn't stop the car even if he wanted to.
Jayden Folpp (29 days ago)
GIZMOC16 beef (29 days ago)
Rip Mcskillet
Not Ewan (29 days ago)
he dead gotem
Apex 784 (29 days ago)
*How's the life ban?*
00f//MrStealYoGurl (29 days ago)
McSkillet, I bet u won’t read my comment
Op j207 (28 days ago)
+Clorox Bleach the guy new he was dead that was the whole point of the joke bro
Clorox Bleach (28 days ago)
+Op j207 is that a joke or meme...?
Op j207 (28 days ago)
+Clorox Bleach WHOOSH
00f//MrStealYoGurl (29 days ago)
Clorox Bleach (29 days ago)
He's dead. Committed suicide and took 2 people with him.
Adrian Grigore (29 days ago)
Congratulations, you're really famous now, for all the wrong reasons. RIP everyone involved.
kevin ARC (29 days ago)
nuevo suscriptor :)
kevin ARC (28 days ago)
Alv No pos c McLarenmurio :v
Op j207 (28 days ago)
Esta muerto el que iso este video de verdad
Charlespat72 (29 days ago)
Top ten YouTubers who DIED
William Peterson (29 days ago)
wow youre retarded (30 days ago)
And here i am unboxing a gut knife rust coat battle scarred
Bad Medicine (30 days ago)
Prov 8: 35-36 For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the LORD. But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.
Bullerbasse018 (28 days ago)
ok cool
Bad Medicine (29 days ago)
It's Bible. If the deceased had spent his time reading it rather than playing video games, he might still be alive today.
Bullerbasse018 (29 days ago)
eeeehhh wtf
William Wallace (30 days ago)
I hope this is a lesson for depressed people with suicidal thoughts
Jack Bobbitt (30 days ago)
Tiltnexhale (30 days ago)
R.I.P :(
Splicetactics (30 days ago)
marcje007 (30 days ago)
glad you are dead
Filip Olofsson (29 days ago)
marcje007 fuck you
Ilay A (30 days ago)
Why? If he wasn't dead and suicidal he wouldn't kill anyone, I'm SAD he is dead, he was such a good guy before making a dumb mistake
Xander (30 days ago)
lel this guy just murdered two people and killed himself aswell
Rudy Gallus (30 days ago)
There are a few other Counter Strike ballers in these rooms, someone step up and keep our YT soeiety moving forward.
CeSayrise (30 days ago)
Fuck you .
dat Boi (30 days ago)
RIP in hell
Vazez xd (27 days ago)
00f//MrStealYoGurl (29 days ago)
RIH... he doesn’t deserve PEACE
Mark Red (30 days ago)
who else watching this video today because of the recent suicide case?
Cameron Brady (27 days ago)
Murder case
Op j207 (28 days ago)
M e l v i n (30 days ago)
Why is everyone saying murderer?
diamondari9 (28 days ago)
he made the wrong turn and would've stopped the car if he could've so stfu and spread hatred somewhere
Owen West (28 days ago)
Op j207 he was driving against on coming traffic going 100 mph. He committed suicide and murdered 2 people. That's the full story you dumb fucking retard.
Op j207 (28 days ago)
+Owen West actually he drove off in his mcclaren after having a feud with his family and also he was driving away from the cops read the whole story dude
Owen West (30 days ago)
He drove his McLaren into on coming traffic going 100+ miles per hour. He ran into a car a killed a mother and her daughter. Instead of just killing himself with a gun in his mouth he decided to take someone else's life with him.
stev stevhoov (30 days ago)
Adam V (30 days ago)
Hala Madrid (30 days ago)
wtf man are u fking serious, why would u do that u fucker
Patriot Samurai (30 days ago)
Please don’t sub to this guy, you havent heard the whole story then, he is a murderer
Patriot Samurai (24 days ago)
Jack Mather “mistake” it was on purpose
Jack Mather (28 days ago)
Roccobpa1 you shouldn’t be punished forever for one shitty mistake.
Xavier590 (30 days ago)
Patriot Samurai You're a fucking retard
Roccobpa1 (30 days ago)
Patriot Samurai i feel so sorry for him even though he's s murder and ugly scum now in hell, may those innocent souls go up to peace and mcskrillet be punished forever
troll ing (30 days ago)
kid killing pos I hope you burn in hell
Whatclassymoose (1 month ago)
All of that. For what? 3 people dead. 2 of them innocent.
Whatclassymoose (19 days ago)
Spawnify (19 days ago)
damn why you so mad he just good at the game and ur not
MacGyver B. (1 month ago)
this guy run is cat at 160 km/h and kill a mother an a teenager in a suv in another car fucking asshole full of shit you're are a murderer
Leandro García (1 month ago)
Ojala solo se hubiera matado este pedazo de mierda, pobre de la señora y si hija
Jack Egan (1 month ago)
Vazez xd (27 days ago)
+Global Threat retard
TheGamingChipmunk (1 month ago)
He's a murderer and a terrorist
Global Threat (1 month ago)
Jerry Westgate (1 month ago)
he doesn’t deserve to rest in peace he’s a fucking scumbag fucker should’ve shot himself but no he had to kill an innocent child and her mother because he was that much of a selfish prick
Utellglass (1 month ago)
He killed children
Jim Jim (1 month ago)
Can't believe McSkillet is dead. So unfair. If that mother and child had been driving in another lane, or set off at a different time or drove at a different speed they wouldn't of hit him, and perhaps this legendary CS hero would still be with us. So unfair. RIP dude.
diamondari9 (28 days ago)
he wasn't drunk, he was derpressed to the point of suicide and was in a cop chase
AquaticFilmsRB (30 days ago)
Jim Jim a
Jim Jim (1 month ago)
that was uncalled Jerry. Wishing someone to rot in hell now that is sick. It was an accident and you folks are projecting. Saying it was "on purpose" is a nice way to forget about your own personal sins for at least a few minutes. Make yourselves feel better dissing the dead guy.
Jim Jim (1 month ago)
blaming them is as dumb as blaming him. Nobody killed anybody on purpose - it was an ACCIDENT. Accidents happen, especially when drunk.
Rot in hell.
TheGamingChipmunk (27 days ago)
Why are you calling people retard for pointing out that this guy is a murderer?
Vazez xd (27 days ago)
TheGamingChipmunk (1 month ago)
I hope
4ELKUN4IK chanel (1 month ago)
Sebastian Cirese (1 month ago)
Siege Addict (1 month ago)
Rest in pepperonis
justin carson (1 month ago)
Learn how to fucking drive MORON
bonnie lozano (1 month ago)
Ti por Mcskillet
Stigma (1 month ago)
vroom vroom
Lexi Laurence (1 month ago)
blackmessiah282 (1 month ago)
Scumbag murderer
Vazez xd (27 days ago)
Retard... He had depression
D M (1 month ago)
You have the right to end your own life, but there must have been some serious issues going on if you decided to kill two other people...
Leonard Feuerstein (9 hours ago)
We got it ok? Now shut up
Nikki Riv (2 days ago)
He killed a child and their mother
D M (14 days ago)
Shotgun Grunt (14 days ago)
Do u comment this under every video from him? He is dead, he wont read it anyways so stfu .
Ethan Mysterio (24 days ago)
nitrify wow your right I wonder why anyone would hate on a person that while killing himself killed a mother and a daughter that would be happy to live out the rest of. There lives in peace but now sadly they can’t.
Timm Planty (1 month ago)
Fuck this scumbag, I hope he rots for what he did to that family. R.I.P to the mother and her 12 year old daughter.
Alex Shkurti (1 month ago)
Whats the point of saying RIP,its not like god and souls exist
Four Zero (26 days ago)
Lmao, you are so stupid if you don’t get the bigger picture after you die lol.
Vazez xd (27 days ago)
+TheGamingChipmunk you're such a retard it's unbelievable
TheGamingChipmunk (1 month ago)
Why would you want to pay respects to a sick terrorist murderer who deserves to rot. It's mind boggling how anyone could even remotely try to defend him.
Megakev (1 month ago)
*Fedora tipping intensifies*
Produty (1 month ago)
lool i know.. but i want to pay respect too ..
alimousios (1 month ago)
Shaux (1 month ago)
Vazez xd (26 days ago)
+Four Zero so it's okay the hate on the guy that had mental issues and couldn't do anything about it?
Shaux (26 days ago)
WOW GUYS!! Thanks for the positive comments! I always appreciate a good few comments Every ones in a while!!
Four Zero (26 days ago)
RaxOgyPlayz Kfkf So it’s okay to act on homicidal thoughts just because we have depression? Grow up.
Vazez xd (27 days ago)
+Remorse he had depression retard... Idfc about that "murder" of yours
ProteinMonkey (1 month ago)
he can suck the devil's dick
DoodleDoctor (1 month ago)
Shotgun Grunt (14 days ago)
"DoodleDoctor" lol u should die on the same way 0
iLLuSiONs (26 days ago)
Dramatic kiddo
Drews Burns (29 days ago)
DoodleDoctor I don’t really see the point of this? I mean it’s not like he’s gonna come back to life and read the comments.
Alan Dwyer (1 month ago)
b u r n
memelord gord (1 month ago)
Dont say RIP to this hunk of shit. When your're feeling suicidal. Do that shit by yourself, you dont need to take the life of a little girl and her mother.
XQube-M Player (1 month ago)
Cry more
Iroquois Pliskin (1 month ago)
People who came here to say RIP, don't. He murdered a woman and her child by driving into them head-on in his car as a suicide method. Fuck this piece of shit he deserves to rot in hell.
RacistFish (1 month ago)
TheGamingChipmunk (27 days ago)
+Vazez xd so i'm retarded for mocking a terrorist murderer
Vazez xd (27 days ago)
+TheGamingChipmunk nah he means "Rest In Peace" cause he's not retarded like you
TheGamingChipmunk (1 month ago)
I hope you mean 'Rest In Piss'
Gilang PM_ (1 month ago)
:'( RIP MY Bro
TheGamingChipmunk (1 month ago)
He should rot. Disgusting terrorist.
Remorse (1 month ago)
He killed a mother and her son while going for his suicide like a selfish prick, the guy is a fucking cunt, and is probably getting dicked down for eternety right now. I sincerely hope so.
KillerEagle0110 (1 month ago)
Rest In Peace
irisroon (1 month ago)
Hes a murderer, he deserves no peace.
Nat Kornblum (1 month ago)
Press f to pay respects
MrVisualLove (1 month ago)
Rip my friend
Jules Hancock (1 month ago)
h0mid (4 days ago)
you know he is dead so he cannot read this
JackRicciuti ™ (12 days ago)
Jules Hancock he had depression
FirmBooty (22 days ago)
icecube He didn’t drive through a school
Ethan Mysterio (24 days ago)
Sink tell that to the mother and daughter he hit while committing suicide oh wait you can’t you know why because he killed them and if that’s not murder idk what is
OmegaCobra Laksrer (25 days ago)
+Jules Hancock so Logan Paul filming a corpse was just okay and nobody gives a shit?
Kevin Kang (1 month ago)

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