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CSGO - Zombie Escape Mod Gameplay on Pirates_Port_Royal map (Level 4) - GFL Server

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CS:GO Zombie Escape mod multiplayer gameplay on the custom ze_pirates_port_royal_v5_6 map level 4 on GFL server. Boss at 3:57 Watch level 5 here (https://youtu.be/hsS0oqE1jtw) » CSGO ZE Playlist: http://bit.ly/CSGOZE » Last Video: https://youtu.be/1L5xl223RJE MAPPER Creator of the map: Puklicax SERVER Name: GFLClan IP: SKINS USED PP-Bizon | Osiris Karambit | Fade PC SPECS: Intel i7-3770K | Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB | 16GB Ram Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Popular Zombie Escape Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwKF962A9VUhpzRRZ1EXwZOU1ixz7ouIF
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Text Comments (54)
yuko mizuki (6 months ago)
how come you dont use flash light?
Novy Chandra (6 months ago)
1:02 / 1:03 / 8:05 ALLAHU AKBAR сука блять!!!!!!!!!
Roxuno (7 months ago)
Check out my YouTube channel. I upload CS:GO Zombie Escape videos ! ;)
MaximusOTK (7 months ago)
How to download the server
SKIN SKIN (7 months ago)
How do I join this server?
DZ ICE BEAR 99b (7 months ago)
WTF he sayed الله اكبر
Youb Hennane (7 months ago)
Steam o no Steam? ???
Godgey Loko (7 months ago)
Is this Gmod?
UE - UMUT (7 months ago)
Allahuekbar diyerek dalga geciyor oruspu cocukları
Shuraim Faheem (7 months ago)
I have play in this server and I know some of name in this video such as spacecow,whim4life and mrsaxo , there really good and funny. Btw my username is HaRrY_KiNg
MLP egasus (7 months ago)
my pc has shitty frame rate and it keeps freezing, mainly because the cooling system is fukced, don't ask me why I no repair it, they don't make the types of cooling system s I use anymore
Rashid (7 months ago)
Dude, Barbosa was wipping some ass back there lol.
VerpxnntYT •ɞ• (7 months ago)
whats the server ip?
ShutUpAndGoogleIt (7 months ago)
Candra Insani (7 months ago)
GG XIX. (7 months ago)
Where are you from ? I want to know.
axonek3 (7 months ago)
From Sweden.
MLP egasus (7 months ago)
wtf I can't find the server on the internet, all the other GFLClan server appears but none of them say ZE
ShutUpAndGoogleIt (7 months ago)
Happened to me as well. I had to copy the IP address of the server (description of vid) and I think I put it in the search bar.
CS:GO LUCKYKNIFE (7 months ago)
🐻Need a knife🐻 💥Then come to me💥 🐻If helped , put liке 🐻 💥💥TIME IS LIMITED💥💥
Filicia Monti (7 months ago)
Thanks, i deposit 60 withdraw 110, i love you
Mircha Lablovich (7 months ago)
Thank you for such a method, man
zombies motherfuckers
Anonymus 88 (7 months ago)
Alauakbar 😂😂
DZ ICE BEAR 99b (7 months ago)
it's allah akbar u f... الله اكبر
Itu ucapan islam
venum (7 months ago)
i love this server
Joao Gonçalves (7 months ago)
I Love this type of video
Mape Muts (7 months ago)
Wow you been doing good axonek3 your channel is growing amazing gamplay and i found your channel by just looking at cs:go zombie run
Amine Hares (7 months ago)
nive video 💕
❶ Octavian Simon (7 months ago)
*voice_enable 0 next time..*
AekO (7 months ago)
wheres kakarot
Citadel Soliman (7 months ago)
May roy (7 months ago)
May roy (7 months ago)
May roy (7 months ago)
I have subscribed
May roy (7 months ago)
I subscribed
May roy (7 months ago)
I subscribed
gaming point (7 months ago)
Allahuakbar masallah i just love your videos
Oguzhan Colak (7 months ago)
Nice bro ❤❤
Dum :v (7 months ago)
I have csgo on ps3 so i cant play that map or mode :(
Hubbabubba _ (7 months ago)
Ale y wea get a pc
Я одинешенек кыргыз
DZ ICE BEAR 99b (7 months ago)
fuck u bitch
Armee Mans (7 months ago)
I got a gut knife tiger tooth.
Armee Mans (7 months ago)
axonek3 do you want them because I have some leftover keys
axonek3 (7 months ago)
Why didn't you get your favourite skins,P90 death by kitty & Aug Akihabara Accept ? ,;)
Armee Mans (7 months ago)
Trading for a m9 bayonet ddpat field tested
Eric Łèđêšmâ (7 months ago)
Rui Min (7 months ago)
What is your name in game?
[LOLZ] Dragon KingZ (7 months ago)
Rui Min His name is kekchup CyoLN thank me later
Rui Min (7 months ago)
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