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CS:GO - Fnatic vs. EnVyUS [Dust2] - ESL One Cologne 2015 - Grand Final Map 1

70943 ratings | 10091148 views
It's the Major everyone has been waiting for! The top sixteen teams from around the world compete for their chance at $250,000 and the title of ESL One Cologne 2015 Champions. See who makes it to the top! Watch more Counter-Strike action here: https://www.youtube.com/user/esltv/playlists?shelf_id=25&view=50&sort=dd ESL One Counter-Strike: Global Offensive August 20th-23rd 2015 Cologne, Germany http://www.esl-one.com Follow us for schedule updates, giveaways, and more! http://www.twitter.com/esl http://www.facebook.com/esl theScore eSports is your destination for full live scoring, stats and news for CS:GO! Real-time scores, standings, stats and leaders for CS:GO at ESL One Cologne and every major CS:GO league & tournament. Combined with our breaking news and detailed push alerts, theScore eSports has your CS:GO needs covered, along with every other major game, including LOL, Dota, SCII and Hearthstone. Get it NOW from the App Store http://thesco.re/esportseslc2 and Google Play http://thesco.re/esportseslc3
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Text Comments (7307)
Vaishant Sah (21 hours ago)
The video you get when you type "BEST CSGO MATCH"
darknix (1 day ago)
10 fcking mil... so sad csgo died. Fucking valve is to blame!
Ymola Shakir Arena (2 days ago)
4 Awp LOLZ
Meliha Demir (2 days ago)
3 sene geçsede hala izledinmi hadi lan vurusun diyip nefesini tutuyosun
Makeshift Cafe (4 days ago)
old csgo is just so much better
PCS4420 (4 days ago)
These were the fucking days
SimonSHDs (5 days ago)
They got the AWPotunity
Random Guy (6 days ago)
zakaria othman (6 days ago)
I love team fnatic
miracles creator (7 days ago)
its really inspiring video for gamers
judiel atienza (9 days ago)
No one beats kennys hes too fast
BulgarianBall Mapper (9 days ago)
When will be the next tournament
Star Games BG (9 days ago)
where is f0rest
Stanley Chaney (10 days ago)
I banged your Russian girlfriend
LX8 (13 days ago)
Was ne Salamiparty in dem Raum :D
jxcess3891 (14 days ago)
no girls?
Arya Putra Adhyasa (18 days ago)
who is better? Bucks or KennyS
Joshua Gamer (19 days ago)
Why does Kenny's keeps missing few shots
GamerBoy XD (20 days ago)
I did not know there is a tournament of cs go
Youthree123 GAMING (23 days ago)
Any 2018 Here?
hitch (26 days ago)
Is the crowd real or is it bluescreen?
FaZe_LunarY (19 days ago)
hitch real
إلياس أوكيل (27 days ago)
Fnatic nooobs
PeNg Witnessed (13 days ago)
إلياس أوكيلThey won but ok.
Pigeon Liquid (28 days ago)
yo less noob apex
2 Kafadar (1 month ago)
vay canına
KoonToon Channel (1 month ago)
FC KennyS.
nglz (1 month ago)
10 mil views
madjid wahiba (1 month ago)
I can play withe fnatiC HOW
Da Wae (1 month ago)
Deagle play was so awesome
Aksel gaming (1 month ago)
Ayy 10 million
Ryan M (1 month ago)
Spectator is an idiot.. fucking asshole keeps jumping person to person.. and whenever people are about to shoot vs each other he jumps to someone else .. dumb asshole
Roma Zaporojetc (1 month ago)
10 million yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
HandiQuacks (1 month ago)
10 million POGGERS
Kum Las (1 month ago)
не ну-ка они пиздец хуячились тогда
Fruktoza (12 days ago)
Fire Fist Ace (1 month ago)
10 million views!!!!!!!!
10 000 000 views on a CS:GO match. Legendary.
Серж (1 month ago)
Where is S1mple?
Michael Wang (1 month ago)
10 million wew
BadNews Bears (1 month ago)
Franciskid (1 month ago)
s1mpleof (1 month ago)
2018 здесь?
DRAH (1 month ago)
10 000 000 :)
Pingu14589 (1 month ago)
OMFG! I'am the 10th million viewer , 9,999,999 views 70K 2.6K SHARE
Paul Owen (1 month ago)
worst crowd ever
lord champa (1 month ago)
Beat erino (1 month ago)
Were did all the lock on clips go in 17 and 18. Everyoe and their grandmother were cheating in 15.
Arzheus (1 month ago)
Semmler :(0
Abdulbari Mohammed (1 month ago)
When you watch it live, ez
petar stavrov (1 month ago)
came here before we hit 10m boyzzzzz
Sebastian Jacobsen (1 month ago)
Kennys is the best
GamerzofDoom (1 month ago)
Lucky fanatic
PC_Tigerツ (1 month ago)
KRIMZ omg pls no! 😑
Zones (1 month ago)
Rip csgo
AA L (1 month ago)
This is painful to watch
MrWhytex (1 month ago)
Naggi (1 month ago)
Khalfan Ali (1 month ago)
I love C's go
articZer0 (1 month ago)
I only play on dust2
Muhammad Huzaifa (1 month ago)
NbK knife kill was awesome and OmG
erol şahin (1 month ago)
Eliab Marroquin (1 month ago)
why am I watching this, I've never played csgo....
SimSOo Games (1 month ago)
goood player niceee video
iKONChan IsMyBias (1 month ago)
Thx for this me and my friends came to this with our parents and siblings and we said we would perish this moment forever since its only one time thx a lot now we can watch on tv if i download it im on pc :3
JoSseiMY CS:GO (1 month ago)
2018 ?
Kartik Shetty (1 month ago)
consoleswars (1 month ago)
Best CSGO game of all time
Heaper Web (1 month ago)
O bilgisayarlar bende olsa herkesin Azına sıçmışdım
Azyz Hssin (2 months ago)
INtro music plz
leo abu (2 months ago)
Noob NBK
gujrati status (2 months ago)
Scarz (2 months ago)
Normal que fnatic ai gagné vu la compo de nV --'
Minecraft & More Playz (2 months ago)
2018? ❤
arcdelta4 (2 months ago)
Probably the most iconic Match of CS:GO
MenzaR (2 months ago)
Akmal Imi (2 months ago)
yeah fnatic wins
P.Early High (2 months ago)
Fnatic cheat a lot !
Doge Doge (2 months ago)
Dluh a je parchant
kinukiyaki (2 months ago)
What krimz here
jerwin cuyno (2 months ago)
Emre Ertekin (2 months ago)
The Best Tournament Ever !
david kvesic (2 months ago)
flusha here have wall hack
Emel Karataş (2 months ago)
Sussalardı. İzleyebilecektik:D
Team Fnatic win please
oh no English, I'am rus
Yasin Ula (2 months ago)
Kennysin gozleri cökmus mk
daniil (2 months ago)
nice hvh
Richard Watson (2 months ago)
69 thousand likes. 69 lol xd
Zeckle (2 months ago)
nice bro you are the best envyus i love envyus but mostly cloud9
Sean Callahan (2 months ago)
this is when i built a pc to get into this game, it was a mesmerizer at this time. Now it is complete garbage, and you get a hacker on prime, and when you pay for external matches such as faceit, and esea. Hackers have ruined the game, thank you.
Horse (2 months ago)
iCallOfDutyDog (2 months ago)
Probably one of my favourite pro matches in CSGO ever
Bill Wkr (2 months ago)
Faze uppppppp
REMEDIOS MARICEL (3 months ago)
i thought its enyvus
Display Name (3 months ago)
For those that want free cs go skins, try Skincenta :D
Aske Askelov (3 months ago)
My buddy won gloves in a CSGO giveaway on a website called Skincenta. Finally a website that works.
EnVyus for deh wen
Rachna Gupta (3 months ago)
These people dont know how to play ...... I killed all bots in extreme mode with headshots on 3 of them and normal kill to 2 of them
Rachna Gupta (3 months ago)
Daniel Liebman yes.... I know all of them...
I was scratching my leg (3 months ago)
Rachna Gupta and ur point is? Can u throw Eu smokes? Do u know all callouts? Did u get into a major?
Aske Askelov (3 months ago)
In case somebody wants free cs go skins, go to skincenta. Look for it on google...
Dane Brownawell (3 months ago)
Ik nothing about this game, I just like watching it. But why do people shoot their sniper and then go to their knife
TryZoid (3 months ago)
Dane Brownawell quickswitch, if you dont quick switch after the shot you'll automatically re-scope in
Rav En (3 months ago)
KRIMZ plays safe
Rav En (3 months ago)
go Kenny

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