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CS:GO - Fnatic vs. EnVyUS [Dust2] - ESL One Cologne 2015 - Grand Final Map 1

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It's the Major everyone has been waiting for! The top sixteen teams from around the world compete for their chance at $250,000 and the title of ESL One Cologne 2015 Champions. See who makes it to the top! Watch more Counter-Strike action here: https://www.youtube.com/user/esltv/playlists?shelf_id=25&view=50&sort=dd ESL One Counter-Strike: Global Offensive August 20th-23rd 2015 Cologne, Germany http://www.esl-one.com Follow us for schedule updates, giveaways, and more! http://www.twitter.com/esl http://www.facebook.com/esl theScore eSports is your destination for full live scoring, stats and news for CS:GO! Real-time scores, standings, stats and leaders for CS:GO at ESL One Cologne and every major CS:GO league & tournament. Combined with our breaking news and detailed push alerts, theScore eSports has your CS:GO needs covered, along with every other major game, including LOL, Dota, SCII and Hearthstone. Get it NOW from the App Store http://thesco.re/esportseslc2 and Google Play http://thesco.re/esportseslc3
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Text Comments (7237)
ExVelTY DearIus (2 days ago)
nice bro you are the best envyus i love envyus but mostly cloud9
Sean Callahan (2 days ago)
this is when i built a pc to get into this game, it was a mesmerizer at this time. Now it is complete garbage, and you get a hacker on prime, and when you pay for external matches such as faceit, and esea. Hackers have ruined the game, thank you.
SSSniperKnight (2 days ago)
iCallOfDutyDog (3 days ago)
Probably one of my favourite pro matches in CSGO ever
Bill Wkr (3 days ago)
Faze uppppppp
i thought its enyvus
Display Name (6 days ago)
For those that want free cs go skins, try Skincenta :D
Aske Askelov (6 days ago)
My buddy won gloves in a CSGO giveaway on a website called Skincenta. Finally a website that works.
EnVyus for deh wen
Rachna Gupta (12 days ago)
These people dont know how to play ...... I killed all bots in extreme mode with headshots on 3 of them and normal kill to 2 of them
Rachna Gupta (10 days ago)
Daniel Liebman yes.... I know all of them...
Daniel Liebman (10 days ago)
Rachna Gupta and ur point is? Can u throw Eu smokes? Do u know all callouts? Did u get into a major?
Aske Askelov (14 days ago)
In case somebody wants free cs go skins, go to skincenta. Look for it on google...
Dane Brownawell (14 days ago)
Ik nothing about this game, I just like watching it. But why do people shoot their sniper and then go to their knife
TryZoid (12 days ago)
Dane Brownawell quickswitch, if you dont quick switch after the shot you'll automatically re-scope in
Rezun Idk (14 days ago)
Dane Brownawell its a habbit
LGJPanther YT (16 days ago)
KRIMZ plays safe
LGJPanther YT (16 days ago)
go Kenny
LGJPanther YT (16 days ago)
who won?!
Red Room (17 days ago)
TryZoid (12 days ago)
LGJPanther YT its not even a 16-0, more like 160-0
LGJPanther YT (16 days ago)
what about you vs them
vinh ho (18 days ago)
Theflipgamer (21 days ago)
Do they use hacks? Because they can see each other through walls
Who Am I (23 days ago)
This is so entertaining and I get chills when I hear the croud
Julie Lykke Severinsen (25 days ago)
miss dd2 :(
Viraj Aher (25 days ago)
This is the first video that shows up when I search "CSGO Best Match"
TryZoid (12 days ago)
Viraj Aher dont forget boston 2018
Bryan Alhazerd (27 days ago)
The crowd reaction is amazing, why aren't the recent majors like this?
TryZoid (12 days ago)
Bryan Alhazerd boston major and pgl krakow
Aske Askelov (27 days ago)
truly a great game.
Ketan yadav (27 days ago)
look at g2 now,apex and kenny less aggressive and fearless :(
can you give me this crosshair?
TARIK-ALBA (29 days ago)
Les FanaTiC gagne nik ta mère spoil mdrr
zakaria othman (1 month ago)
Veri god
Yuanzhi Wang (1 month ago)
Grabbing popcorn for this awesome play
Rens Gravemaker (1 month ago)
Isnt fnatic a palsdins team
TryZoid (12 days ago)
GrumpyPants GamingChannel its lol dota and cs
EagleDesigns (1 month ago)
*One day ill be in there too*
MaxGaming 1080 (1 month ago)
I only hear it in my right ear thouggh
BlackAchilis (1 month ago)
Feels like a wrestling PPV lmfao, all just for a fucking game.
simo gamer (1 month ago)
FragsZx (1 month ago)
First rounds always have a lot of energy. Watchig this 2-3 years later still gives off hype as if it was still live 👍
emrevaleska (1 month ago)
Old EnVyUs
Ugandan Knucklez (1 month ago)
Late* but i belive they both win.
venom art (1 month ago)
Ugandan Knucklez huh????? There is only one winner. Have u ever plaued csgo sir?
Darticek_ PRO (1 month ago)
Figgy LP (1 month ago)
happy nice
Sabby Bal (1 month ago)
who wins
Joaquin Elpuente (1 month ago)
Flusha was the mvp of this map, no doubt about it
Unova Trainer Cilan (1 month ago)
I hate fnatic
venom art (1 month ago)
Unova Trainer Cilan then u must be really noob
Unova Trainer Cilan (1 month ago)
Darn fnatic
E Games (1 month ago)
KennyS was beast in the Boston tournament
TryZoid (12 days ago)
E Games nope they lost 2 maps against c9
Mk_Prod TEAM (1 month ago)
new site gambling WWW.SHAFOU.COM
Kowaleusz (1 month ago)
what monitors are the pros using?
venom art (1 month ago)
Kowaleusz it was pre setup by the tournament sponsors
Divyansh Gaurav (2 months ago)
Wwwait a sec.... 9.6m?😨
Freak Mind (2 months ago)
RIP apex
A Lover of Video Games (2 months ago)
Hey, look! Before Fnatic became a punchline!
Tommy VerceTTİ (2 months ago)
The best times for CS GO !!!
AtomiK (2 months ago)
Best CSGO final ever.
SK Vlogs (2 months ago)
Robert EX (2 months ago)
I love you kennys
huntforerror (2 months ago)
Game#Shqip Player (2 months ago)
Darth Vader (2 months ago)
KRIMZ is coward
Jaceblue04 (2 months ago)
I got here from a Jojo "To Be Continued" compilation.
Theodore Malsloh (2 months ago)
Haha always ban overpass
Marcelo Cruz (2 months ago)
Alguien k hable español :v
Ultimate_ MemeGod (2 months ago)
Marcelo Cruz Yo no hablo
erenmert temiz (2 months ago)
this is 2015 we are 2018 we are eight
Henrik Holst (2 months ago)
I wish I had a good pc :c
venom art (1 month ago)
Henrik Holst if u have pc, u should just go buy cheap intel core i5 and open up ur motherboard to change the proxessor cuz csgo is a heavy processor game. U dont need good graphic cards. If u on laptop u cant change ur processor.
zysmos (2 months ago)
19:36 the chills
Mor Siyah Cecom (2 months ago)
I miss old Fnatic and Envyus :/
wissem wiss (2 months ago)
ez skins https://gamdom.com ---> code : elwiss
Ayberk Itku (2 months ago)
İlk t olan kazancak
I'm sad now (2 months ago)
Anyone else wathched the whole video
ja Jïp (2 months ago)
Csgo faggots
David Schjodt (2 months ago)
Look at 4:01 a guy made his gummy finger thing a hat. :)
Pip (2 months ago)
On my channel you will find moments ON comps.
soleiman Bachaev (2 months ago)
muhamed mhameed (2 months ago)
what how 1:5:28 olof just nuts
Gökdeniz & Deniz (2 months ago)
KennyS professional gamer
Gökdeniz & Deniz (2 months ago)
NuNex (2 months ago)
Best major ever.best crowd ever.
kuzma prutkov (2 months ago)
Давно уже все игры берем вот на этом веб-сайте. К примеру CS:GO итого за 39 руб. Тех. помощь вечно на связи. ℹ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgoBDjSJRGM
Jan Pol (2 months ago)
Jw to baran Lol like
Tuno (2 months ago)
19:41 достал ножик то режь,а он заднюю включает)
Apricity (2 months ago)
Fnatic...EnVyUS.... Old Dust 2... what a time to be alive
1 957 896 vues (3 months ago)
Flusha obvious wh
1 957 896 vues (3 months ago)
From the first round it was already epic, it's clearly the best game of csgo of all time 19:39
JeffTheTommyActBoy do (3 months ago)
If you dont want to wait 19 minutes of your life then here. Started: 19:00
Krimz hack aimlock 27:53
Asahxh Xnxn (3 months ago)
Kırımz bok gibi oynuyo
Mustafa' ali (3 months ago)
Xde mende la kennys main balik awal tido je
MrBimmer (3 months ago)
why can they see through walls, what shitty game is this
Missed the old sounds
Craft rise dead (3 months ago)
Pro Kenny
Adoptedturtle (3 months ago)
19:39 is my favourite moment in all of the counter strike I've ever watched
Horatiu Mihai Draghici (3 months ago)
Horatiu Mihai Draghici (3 months ago)
kiss vali (3 months ago)
ESport: The only sport where no really fight :D
Đorđe Lale (3 months ago)
I miss old dust2 ;((
Ethan Overleese (3 months ago)
trash gameplay lol
Cosmin Farcas (3 months ago)
27:52 hack lol
XXXTREME (3 months ago)
Who else here watching in 2018?
De3thx (3 months ago)
I gotta tell you my friend keeps lying about his non-existent team called Dreamkings saying his team are in esl csgo he's a fucking liar i tell you
venom art (1 month ago)
DatRussianSniper k
D duck squad (3 months ago)
Fnatic is more skilled. KennyS use hack
D0m460j (3 months ago)
Haze FX (3 months ago)
Back when envyus where legends

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