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Will Panorama UI Save CSGO?

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Valve just released a new Major update to CS:GO, the Panorama UI, which you can currently check out in the csgo beta build. What is Panorama UI and will it save CS:GO from counter-strike dead game?
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Text Comments (3769)
RiceManz (1 day ago)
WTH... I don’t have this
skankhunt42 GS (1 day ago)
0:28 lol
Mr BlackSun93 (1 day ago)
Yes, the new ui looks nice, but they need to fix the bugs, the lag, the hitbox, the hackers, the servers and if they fix those things, it will be the perfect tactical game :D
The ZGX (1 day ago)
CSGO is dying, go play other game like Rainbow Six or others, there are many better FPS games than CSGO why limiting yourself?
Moon Man (2 days ago)
if i was any of yall i would sell all of those expensive items because prices are dropping and i already sold my 3k$ inventory and its been worth it since its right now like 2k but csgo is dyeing, ppl are annoying, ppl dont play it for fun always talking shit even tho ur carrying them but honestly ppl ruined the game for me and ppl always calling me a smurf etc like playing on high ranks its not fun its literally u going try hard every game
Epoch Divergence (3 days ago)
Part of me thinks it looks kind of clean and nicer but it mostly looks overly minimalistic and makes me think i'm playing in an apple store.
I See (3 days ago)
Hope they will take your ideas into consideration.
dumb cunt (3 days ago)
fuck csgo lmao
Arkillik (3 days ago)
I almost quit csgo because of the toxic community and griefers. But I can't stop playing because csgo has unique gameplay that you can't find anywhere else. So I never solo queue and always play with 2 people or more.
Lado Qarseladze (3 days ago)
only good anti-cheat save cs.go ))
Nono FDGooD (3 days ago)
you know what would save cs? not this...maybe cleaning the community???????? maaaaybeeeeee....
angrybutton (4 days ago)
banning cheaters pff. Have you maybe taken into consideration that they are just better than you and not cheating? Withing my csgo career of more than 4000 hours. I maybe had 2 cheaters. 1 just sprayed around with his negev and the other one was a bit more subtle but only a bit.
Hardcore Gamers (4 days ago)
Source 2 plz
RfdMusicOfficial (4 days ago)
Lol it looks like fucking wow, terrible. Only way to save MM and csgo is to remove cheaters.
Hank Hill (4 days ago)
can't wait to lose even more frames
Raivo S (4 days ago)
But what about FPS?
DOMBUH (5 days ago)
lowkey i think i like the old UI lol
JUDVS (5 days ago)
A UI saving a game? kek
Stiles (5 days ago)
Meh.... I will always enjoy CS as a game, but CSGO.... I'm just done with the lackluster updates and waiting ages for basic functionality from valve. They cashed in on skins and stupid shit.
connors (6 days ago)
So basically they re did the CS:GO interface akin to how Dota 2's was redone with Reborn, it won't revive the game.
a blatant hacker’s vocabulary is limited to “dont cry”
Nigger Faggot (6 days ago)
Panorama UI Save CSGO? If source 2 will save csgo???? .hmmmmmm
Puff Splix (7 days ago)
Puff Splix (7 days ago)
t almost drops bomb XD
Puff Splix (7 days ago)
t almost drops bomb XD
Mr. Kannitho (7 days ago)
hahahahahhaha csgo will still a piece of shit,only that wrapped in wrapping paper
Robert Marsh (7 days ago)
Save? gftoh
RatusNatus (7 days ago)
Very interesting. Thanks but im still waiting for the DEMO viewer since 2001....
Mark Lorenze Maceda (7 days ago)
It's been fun CSGO. With this, you may finally rest in peace now.
FoxXY (7 days ago)
Wow and it took TF2 like what is it 2 months
1 4 0 0 (7 days ago)
The real question is, When will the WarOwl get a closure?
ban cheaters, fix hitboxes, improve matchmaking? no, let's change interface.....
krakyane mogiwara (8 days ago)
0:28 it was about to fuck up
Uganda (8 days ago)
Valve should do something very effective against cheaters before doing literally anything else. This game sucks rn, don't waste your time on it. Go play pubg or something else.
G3X (8 days ago)
What save ?? from csgo dead ?? csgo is dead on low ranks for plebs, it will NEVER be dead on highlvl/semi-pro/pro. Useless video for kids who are atm in fartnite with momy card$$.
Marvin Me (8 days ago)
What a gay way to say hello, I'm sorry. Would never subscribe!
Too Cute To Poot (8 days ago)
Listen in 1.25 speed so it's actually like a normal person speaking to you.
TISO (8 days ago)
Uğur YILMAZ (8 days ago)
I play this game since 2015 faced only 1 cheater and he was spinbot. I think you guys are bad at the game
Noman Rasheed (9 days ago)
csgo is dead bcz of hackers nt bcz of UI
xd ImThebandIt (9 days ago)
Definetly will make me try it again but not enough to pull me out of Fortnite <3
Ryan Harrison (9 days ago)
I have 25min ques..
Shadowraix (9 days ago)
Looks very close to Battlefield's UI update last year.
cs iis for people with skills... other games are just trash. simple.
DKsaNn (9 days ago)
Save csgo? From what? Lol it’s not even dying.
WiseWeeabo (9 days ago)
where exactly is any evidence "going for an open system"? is there something I missed?
WiseWeeabo (9 days ago)
or that they're "most likely" going to let you customize ?? something?
sn1K (9 days ago)
just give me de_season and de_tuscan ffs
krickit (9 days ago)
Yooo why hasn't youtube recommended a warowl video to me in 2 years
Christopher Rodriguez (10 days ago)
Something like this isn't going to save CS. It will continue to die because of how stale it truly is. They need to FIX things and ADD things in the game. Not stuff as pointless as UI's and shit 🤦🏻‍♂️. Oh well there are much more better games out there (PUBG and Fortnite) 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Dassie Gaming (10 days ago)
The Hot Pepper (10 days ago)
If it has your face on it its fucked already.
furiuscat4323 (10 days ago)
whoa, chill. you realize its still in beta
GAMING NINJA YT Ninja (10 days ago)
MakeSh00t (11 days ago)
counter strike will never die... cs beta starts in 1999 and its still alive 1.6 more than source
Rasmus (11 days ago)
3 years too late
Peace Keeper (11 days ago)
The new ui it's make my fps drop when I'm open the scorde board, but it's back when I'm close it
Furito (11 days ago)
Don’t add too many 3D models
ritik joshi (11 days ago)
Any one give me skins I give you 1 B 8 ball pool coins acc
Blue Eyes White Teddy (11 days ago)
It looks like ass.
Teplo (12 days ago)
I didn't know you had background in web development. You seems to really get UX and UI and I have much more respect for you now! Great vid as always!
N3MEX (12 days ago)
Panorama ui is shit
Happy :D (12 days ago)
your accent is terrible
SHADi CS (12 days ago)
No. Panorama won’t save csgo.
Drogani 47 (12 days ago)
128 tick :(
DieAhatSchnecke (12 days ago)
imagine thinking a game that has over 200.000 players is "dying" fuggin spoiled kiddos
Fanni OwO (13 days ago)
1:34 That guy got me thirstyn over him since the min i saw his character model tho...as fast as i logged in steam and started Cs i changed to his model tho👀 i actually love this update,now just execute the cheaters and it will be a good game
Tiger 1 (13 days ago)
Tbh it looks too overdone
MenacedAssassin (13 days ago)
Igie Tipsay (13 days ago)
Help me pls i only have 33 fps in panorama update
NorveeYT (13 days ago)
Ther should be a panorama VAC
Banda Randa (13 days ago)
Panorama UI i out.I tried it and it was not at all good.It led to fps drops and lags here and there.And the interface is so confusing too.I switched back to original version but still the lag and fps drop wont stop.Please make a newer in depth video on the Panorama UI.
SaelNo (13 days ago)
havnt seen ur vids in months but wow you lost so much weight you look great
Novatic Chaos (13 days ago)
Am i the only 1 that cant seem to get panaroma ?
DJmax88 Games (13 days ago)
no, will not, still to many cheaters
Mark Magnolia (13 days ago)
It will be cool when people stop cheating
eternal happiest (13 days ago)
after update m lagging ..my ping is ok loss is ok but also lag
b 33 (13 days ago)
This cannot rescue csgo but ban all the cheater then i will play it again.not play over 3minth bcoz of the cheater.this 1 that valve should look into
Why they removed Aztec? I still need the achiev 😑
Danial Barati (14 days ago)
one thing that can save CSGO is just an powerful anti cheat
In Malik (14 days ago)
At 4:15 that worried me so much if it was gonna be only bright I do live in a cave so that’s nice to know
Peter Berati (14 days ago)
Why to be saved is a best seller on steam
Enigma 3D (14 days ago)
Was CSGO in need of saving?
Nova (14 days ago)
The new UI is bad ..
Quinten S (14 days ago)
So it starts to look like Fortnite now? I'm out, gays
Oldman (14 days ago)
CSGO is dying? If you look at stats CSGO always have +300,000 players per day. But I will say, a game that not have new players to start playing, that game is dying. Do you think how many new players in +300,000? CSGO not welcome new player and the players who keep say it's not dying is a player who don't look outside. CSGO is dying for sure. It's about time. When old players stop play, it's completely death.
raiyu1985 (15 days ago)
I can't believe that CSGO is copying knock offs FPS games that copied their works. Counter Strike legacy is thrown out the window.
RazAlguise (15 days ago)
Valve needs to ban anyone that uses walls and aim botting and anything else that falls under cheating. Played a match last night and the guy was around my rank but he peaked me and my teammates every time we turned out backs. He knew exactly when to peek. Some people just don’t care and cheat because they know they can get away with it.
iBaxtter (15 days ago)
I can't understand why Valve doesn't make servers ONLY for turks and russians. Every time I try to play this fcking game I get teamed up with these nations, I hate these nations. Why can't I get teamed up with germans all the time, hm?
valorz-iwnl- (16 days ago)
what about console?
Anthonycostello1234 (16 days ago)
Looks like critical ops lmaoo
Spoop (16 days ago)
Fortnite is dying
JohnyBoi (16 days ago)
Mr Saltnic (16 days ago)
I have the crappiest ass laptop its 3 years old or 4 years old and it runs csgo af 40 fps is this update going to drop the fps because it's a lot smoother ?
marios karipidis (16 days ago)
WOWOWOWOW can't w8 for this
Meto 23 (16 days ago)
RIP potato pcs T_T
darkhorse0404 (16 days ago)
The game isn t si fun,just competitive
Shark (17 days ago)
things that will save cs go is a new gun
Alexis Torres (17 days ago)
there goes my frames...
Zach R (17 days ago)
I’m feeling like cs is going to come back a bit fortnite gets boring for more people
Flanger (17 days ago)
The new scoreboard's background blur has to go immediately!

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