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Fallout 76 – Official Teaser Trailer

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Watch the official teaser trailer for Fallout 76 from award-winning creators Bethesda Game Studios. https://beth.games/fallout76 See more during this year’s Bethesda E3 Showcase happening on June 10th at 6:30pm PT in Los Angeles, CA or live on YouTube.com/BethesdaSoftworks or Twitch.TV/Bethesda. Stay alert and follow Fallout on social media: Official Site – fallout.com Facebook – https://facebook.com/fallout Twitter – https://twitter.com/fallout Instagram – https://instagram.com/fallout ESRB RATING PENDING: May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit www.esrb.org for rating information.
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Text Comments (66972)
Samurai Red (2 hours ago)
I'm surprised people are liking it
Atlas Marvel (14 hours ago)
They could've easily named it Fallout: Vault 76
Dylan Matthews (1 day ago)
Getting fuckin’ goosebumps here I’m so excited!!!
LaughS0L0ud (2 days ago)
Take me home, country roads...
S. Cho (2 days ago)
Don’t go near my lawn.
anthony clifford (2 days ago)
War never change
Sir Daniel Fortesque (2 days ago)
Looks fucking garbage
Galne Fred (2 days ago)
My problem with 76 is that the world doesnt look ”atomic anailated” enough
Joan Laporta (3 days ago)
De qué trata el puto juego?
mr mibs (4 days ago)
Vault 75 ?
STALKER RUSЬ (5 days ago)
Sorry, Black Isle and Interplay, we lost everything...
Arsenic Poisoning (6 days ago)
at first we all thought it was I don't wanna set the world on fire but surprise bitch TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS!!!!!
The song says, "West Virginia", could this be a hint to where Vault 72 is kept?
Yay I was right! I can't believe I said "Vault 72" On a "Vault 76" Trailer :)
Anonymous (4 days ago)
Vault 76 you mean? And yea the game is confirmed to take place in West Virginia
FreshZombie (7 days ago)
Please realease the full Version oft that cover
FreshZombie (5 days ago)
Russell Marker yeah i found it :) thx
Russell Marker (5 days ago)
FreshZombie well I got some good news for ya it’s on iTunes
J.C. Moes. (7 days ago)
Clearer for me is the 'development' as well as the arrangement of Denver 's world hit, of which I am a fan of, among other things, this musical' support 'is certainly not convincing for me. Hopefully, therefore, not leading.   But despite the fact that I have considerable confidence in the special qualities of Bethesda, this meager 'Trailer' can not tempt me to order beforehand.     J.C.M.
jaydenrock (8 days ago)
Can’t wait to buy this and not open it and sell it and get sued. It’s gonna be awesome. Asshats. You are lucky if anyone buys your games ever again.
Just a Bread (8 days ago)
okay bye
American Capitalist (8 days ago)
NO STEAM RELEASE?! Please don't tell me I need another launcher....... Red Dead for me then...... lemme know when the next Fallout game comes around.
Devina Danado (8 days ago)
Just saw the new "card system". Really not liking it. This all looks like Bethesda took something good, and simple, and fun and complicated the hell out of it! :( From the look of things they should be working for the government instead of making video games. Guess it'll be another 10 years waiting before they throw a version at us that's hopefully worth playing. :/
*Cory in the closet* (9 days ago)
9.7k COMMIES disliked this video
It’s WhateVR (9 days ago)
Oh no I have to play with people now
Sniper Stalker (9 days ago)
Anonymous (3 days ago)
*W E S T V I R G I N I A A A A AA *
Generic Lesbian cat (9 days ago)
TDespacito 76
mcjacobs2488 (10 days ago)
Bethesda is making a mistake by making this multiplayer focused.
Is Awesome (10 days ago)
fully online and no npc offline personal quest? i'll skip. i rather save my money and buy some CROISSANT. Bethesda, know your market and get your stupid idea out of here.
いのるいぬ (10 days ago)
Clifford Trudeau (10 days ago)
Who els came here because of bendy and the ink machine
DesertRosePro (10 days ago)
Nope, nope, nope. Not getting any more of my money after FO4. No more giant set pieces with no story line. Even the trailer is a set piece. I'm tappin' out. No more FO for me. Adios.
Ryder Barton (7 days ago)
Anonymous actually it’s just you who cares.
Anonymous (9 days ago)
No one cares lol
Emojiman (11 days ago)
its a fucken spinoff people, it doesnt have to be singleplayer
Geezer Warrior (11 days ago)
Counter-point: https://youtu.be/b6x0W1MeYlc
*C o l o u r T e h V e e h*
tor9281 (12 days ago)
if you change your mind and release on steam platform i will buy it! :D
moody owl corp (12 days ago)
Yeah 76 motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!
Poland (13 days ago)
As a southerner this gives me the urge to fuck my sister and do some chewing tobacco
theblueglaceon (13 days ago)
"We save single player gamers". You know what? FUCK YOU TODD.
M8 I haven’t even finished fallout 4
Soi un gran fan e fallout desde me salió el 3 este pinta diferente esto parece ke va esta estar muí guapo
Michael Figueiredo (14 days ago)
Unless Your deciding to go the multiplayer route with dishonored 3 since the outsider cannot govern who will receive the power of the void and Your gonna make a dishonored game that'll feature a storyline that can be played with a Friend who knows
Michael Figueiredo (14 days ago)
Bethesda if You make a dishonored 3 let the outsider be somebody that guides and gives information to the protagonist for whatever the agenda may be and also in the game, if there is the consequence of high chaos and the reward of a non-lethal playthrough the high chaos ending should end with the protagonist taking up the mantle of the new outsider depending on the story, I just think that would be cool
t ST0RMTR00PER t (14 days ago)
Fallout 1 - an excellent RPG. Fallout 2 - an excellent RPG. Fallout 3 - an RPG. Fallout New Vegas - an excellent RPG. Fallout 4 - a loot and shoot fps. Fallout 76 - a fortnite spinoff that no one asked for. Bethesda, who are you, who do not know Fallout's history?
Ender 2277 (14 days ago)
Hi I don’t care if the game has bugs I just want to play the beta. If I get the pre order in August will I be fine??
Jake perkins (14 days ago)
This is the fallout location I never knew I wanted but I now know I need more than ever
ChimeraWorks (14 days ago)
Where is the beta
Red guy (15 days ago)
Red guy (15 days ago)
this was retarded.
Red guy (15 days ago)
Ruben Arevalo (15 days ago)
Honestly Bethesda online is a great idea if done right I hope you guys can pull it off; my only worry is that the story will be extremely lack luster like fallout 4 and it's disappointing narratove
Anonymous (15 days ago)
I wish they'd release this version of the song, I know, they released the official cover, but it sounds kinda different in this teaser and I like it more.
taints23 (16 days ago)
Th Konstantin (16 days ago)
Надеюсь, что хоть это не будет таким же днищем, будто 4-ая доля
Derpyfacegaming (16 days ago)
Already played it, just download 'Fallout Shelter' (it's free on Switch) then when it says pick your vault number, choose 76.
420 (17 days ago)
Microtransactions = Nope!
WickedHandzz (17 days ago)
I wanted to preorder the Power Armor Edition on PS4 but it's out of stock. Please Bethesda, contact me soon, I really want to get the duffle bag and the goodies. :(
Gilbert (17 days ago)
I never realized how retarded Fallout's fanbase was until I looked at this comment section.
David Westwood (17 days ago)
Fallout 76 has things about it that look cool, but too many downers for me, no voiced NPCs or real story, and just fetch quests, modding will probably have to be relegated to just visual changes since there is no true single player (Which sucks ass, mods are what make fallout!), VATS is real time which seems pointless now and the RPG elements are lacking. The world space and visual aesthetics look great, but this is what any of us wanted. They really should have looked and the love of New Vegas and gave us back the dialogue system and the humor that was a staple to the franchise as well. I'll play it, and probably enjoy it, but i hope Bethesda is listening to it's fans. I'd rather the game get delayed and them address our apprehensions, and problems with it before it's released.
seafort everton (17 days ago)
Someone told me this is just an online game but I want to pre order it. Is that true
Ash Tucker (18 days ago)
I got a question. When is the beta coming out?
Is this fallout 5 or did I accidentally warp time again?
Eine JT (19 days ago)
Supaa Dupaa (19 days ago)
It would be OK to play COOP with friends but multiplayer battleroyale game would suck...
re per djos 76 (19 days ago)
Wai rents op 500
STG44 Kar98k (19 days ago)
BOBY (19 days ago)
on steam too ?
Robert M (19 days ago)
Don't the kids have enough online games? The introduction of ESO killed Bethesda's interest in the project and we are waiting a decade between releases because of it. How long will we be between Fallout releases because of 76? Fortunately the 10 year wait for the next ES game is nearly over.
Moist Cake (20 days ago)
Came for the trailer stayed for the song.
Akumusi (20 days ago)
imagine The elder scrolls : VII Fallout
Clayton Marionneaux (20 days ago)
Project Ballout76 Project ballout76 is a discord/website players can use to gamble bottlecaps or use to trade various items with each other. For more information and details about the project. visit the discord with pictures and the wesbite etc. Discord - https://discord.gg/bNFh3jH
Chase Novak (20 days ago)
Last E3, Bethesda supplied me with enough Nerdgasms to last till NEXT E3
Preston Garvey (20 days ago)
Hey, Bethesda, is there gonna be some settlements to help?
Meme Man (20 days ago)
*W E S T V I R G I N I A*
Zam Han (21 days ago)
more realistic sex scenes please and more hotter women pls
Zam Han (20 days ago)
Anonymous you lost your bet iam 4
Anonymous (20 days ago)
I bet you're like 11 years old lmao
toxic chicken (22 days ago)
so exited
Karesz vagyok (22 days ago)
Starting like Fallout 3, I like it
Caleb Rowan (22 days ago)
I live in West Virginia
Ford Nox (22 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRPeYP6gS-s&list=RDfEzqndjwwIA&index=2 Cap here.
Someguy (22 days ago)
U should name one of the monsters Mothman cuz u know he "lives" there.point pleasant
Lackaboy (24 days ago)
Can you guys make a port of fallout 4 to switch
Steven Cassel (24 days ago)
what a lovely song
Abominated Films (25 days ago)
So this is fallout, WITH, multiplayer?
Abominated Films (25 days ago)
A ha..
Eli Abergel (25 days ago)
He I don't like country music Country roads starts playing TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS
Carl Giuliano (25 days ago)
You’re treating Fallout fans almost as bad as Disney is treating Star Wars fans right now. No one wants an online Fallout, you misled us on the BETA and worst of all, like Disney, you are not listening to the fans.
Jade River (25 days ago)
I haven't actually wrapped my head around what this actually is, but from I gather its a fallout version , where everyone can at last play and see others / friends same time in fo4 / 76 ? So with this being something everyone kinda wanted, that's going to mean players with better mods or certain mods will be grieving power killing others possibly ? like in other online game pvp style ?
Mobile Roblox General (25 days ago)
I live in west virginia please give me a discount
loopyjoker97 (25 days ago)
That huge bridge is new river gorge bridge
TheLaughinAssassin (26 days ago)
And they skipped to 76 because why??
よしとん (26 days ago)
Nicholas Hoffman (26 days ago)
Papi E (26 days ago)
People: u aight man? Me: yea Also me (home alone): TAKE ME HOME, COUNTRY ROOOOOOOOOAAADDDS
SquishySquid368 (26 days ago)
rip john denver
Wrecked Boy (27 days ago)
back to 183 y ago
Obama Llama (27 days ago)
There's a mod for Fallout New Vegas that prepares you for this game. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koV7ZZB2Ufw
Fresh Bread (27 days ago)
Unpopular oppinion: I actually like the concept of the game , it remind me of the survival multiplayer gamemode on those servers. I always wanted some game that was made only on that . Cant wait for it to be released.
Mr. Fakename (27 days ago)
Mountain M A M A
MikeNite (27 days ago)
tilt bethesda's logo and u got roblox
BlinGames (27 days ago)
Fallout 76, out now in stores near you.
Bobby Venters (28 days ago)
I’ll be glad when the game comes out so all that’s complaining can be playing it so they can actually have a reason to whine. So much negative videos and no one is even played it to form a opinion. How long before the Beta is playable ?
Keen Observer (28 days ago)
0:35 for a few seconds it reminds me of toy story for some reason
DankPepe (28 days ago)
Enclave Armor
ᴋᴇᴋ ᴍ8 (28 days ago)
The song starts like an Ink Spots song, such as Maybe, I Don't Want to Set The World on Fire, and others
DEAD PYRO (29 days ago)
I've never played fallout but im playing fallout 4 idk if im part of the family
SOVIET JESUS (29 days ago)
Never got so fucking pumped by a trailer since EA released Battlefield 1
SOVIET JESUS (29 days ago)
People that complains about multiplayer its because they know they are gonna be low level shit and are gonna get killed while getting stuffed. As I will play for a bit

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