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Girl Unit - Rezday

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Club Rez EP Released: May 2012 Label: Night Slugs All copyright Night Slugs. I do not in anyway claim ownership of this audio.
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lafont augustin (5 years ago)
Hi everyone. I'm lookin' for sounds similar to the noise we can hear constantly in the background during the song. It's a very very industrial noise with many reverb, as if it comes from a huge hangar. Help me !
jessimatic (5 years ago)
This is a lot like the song I heard in my head while listening to the magnets going crazy inside of an MRI machine.
methepeoplebmx (5 years ago)
yes is true
Luca Montefiori (5 years ago)
he used to trap with notoriously BIGGIE
methepeoplebmx (5 years ago)
his name are P Diddly
Zenmaster T (5 years ago)
Wow, i really hope you this post was a joke. Skrillex invented dubstep as much as Puff daddy invented hip hop
lody (5 years ago)
hmm this is familiar
methepeoplebmx (5 years ago)
ye it's

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