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Top 10 BEST Ninja Defuses In CS:GO History

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These 10 pro CS:GO ninja defuses will have you on edge. Welcome to Valve Guides. Today, we are going over our top 10 Pro CSGO Ninja Defuses. So grab those wire cutters, and let's get right into this countdown. GRAB CHEAP SKINS UP TO 40% OFF: http://goo.gl/1nR2TW If you liked this "Top 10 CS:GO Ninja Defuses", make sure to subscribe to subscribe to see more countdowns like these every 3 days. ▼ STAY CONNECTED! ▼ Follow Us on Social Media! ★ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/UltraGuides ★ Discord: https://discord.gg/ultra ★ Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/UltraGuides ___________________________________________ In this video we talk about: "CS:GO Pro Ninja Defuse" "CS:GO Pro Ninja Defuse Moments" "CS:GO Snax Ninja Defuse" "CS:GO Best Ninja Defuses" "CS:GO Sparkles Ninja Defuse" ▼ SOURCES ▼ CS:GO n0thing Ninja Defuse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS5G6ZwsHP4 Maikalele ninja Defuse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en81okNHPEA Dupreeh Ninja Defuse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2odnnQ11R8 azr Ninja Defuse https://youtu.be/-3LwQPHnogA?t=13s FLUSHA Ninja Defuse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJIwj-IpHSg xarte Ninja Defuse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM3ywrM-SDE jw Fnatic Ninja Defuse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuEVsqtIh8c kjearbye Astralis Ninja Defuse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9Gaq1X1gg4 minise ninja defuse G2 esports https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrW2tG_SMWc snax ninja defuse Navi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZjQRhkjm1s&ab_channel=CS:GOCoverage (6:37)
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Text Comments (578)
Fernando Rodríguez (1 month ago)
I was playing on Mirage we all were alivw aswell as all ct I was watching short when my team "cleared" site and sayed there was no one ok then my team smoked and planted the bomb in it and then "out of nowhere" "bomb has been defused" after 6 sec after the plant :)
PayPa Paypa (2 months ago)
Number 10 nothing *video ends*
DA3VNKT (4 months ago)
Did you see flusha locking on to the guy at palace in the number six ninja defuse
Love Alexandersson (5 months ago)
3:03 T defused xD
drömmen (6 months ago)
wtf Krimz ninja against tsm
xxxARBiHxxx (6 months ago)
so much "bla bla bla", can anyone post a link without "blablablabla" komment from this guy? yust play the fucking video dude, we see allone what hapens -.-'''''
GoodGame (8 months ago)
ISwear iUse2bGoOd does the best ninjas
John Paul Brebonia (8 months ago)
Where is houngoungagne's defuse. He is global
Mohammad Daniyal (8 months ago)
2:39 anyone else noticed that instantaneous flick? Crisp clean lock bois
hecc off (11 months ago)
"Nothing made a play"
Reynaldi (11 months ago)
Your son of ainsley
Edvinas Maleckas (1 year ago)
try to stop at 0:52 and look at the guy on the left! :D
Chorfela (1 year ago)
I did one I didn't have a defuse kit and I had a smoke that I forgot about and I was at 7 and the t tried to spray me down with a p90 (he was barrel) and I got the defuse and lived
Alertxz Zx (1 year ago)
1:33 dupreeh looks sus af
SebogMango (1 year ago)
Flusha Hack in mirage 2:40 aim just at him
Muffensi (1 year ago)
3:03 to allow flipside? do you mean to allow ence?
TheGreatEagle (1 year ago)
Where's Kioshima's ninja on dust 2 it was a sick play, smart and just the fact that he held it while the molly was burning him makes a top ninja defuse on this list.
sweapez (1 year ago)
my defuse was better xd
DickSneezeMcgee (1 year ago)
Please stop with the fuckin red circles.
MrSuperPorkChop (1 year ago)
Flusky (1 year ago)
Number 10: Nothing
zurk (1 year ago)
Flusha wallhacker and aimbot!
Daniel Onisifor (1 year ago)
Olomeistar defuse The bomb on The fire, Where îs?
Breezi (1 year ago)
3:03 Didn't know T side can defuse their own bomb. Pretty cool!
TeasinTrio (1 year ago)
Valve Guides: Welcome to the list! Me: LEZ GO! Valve Guides: #10 Nothing Me: WHAT! ... Oh the name...
PriceDown (1 year ago)
I once hit a double kill 1v3 and then defused the bomb with .1 seconds left and then got killed immediately after... *THE THINGS YOU DON'T GET ON CAMERA*
Blood Gaming (1 year ago)
Same fame 2 defuses FaZe vs VP mirage Snax first 1v5 then Maikelele 1v2 second on A both
Geoffrey Bailey (1 year ago)
it's pronounced azer
Twin Burritos (1 year ago)
where is olof burning defuse
Ludvig Holst (1 year ago)
Ninja defuse?
I once ninjad using the T sides' smoke lol
Fuck You. (1 year ago)
Nice Knife
MusubiGaming (1 year ago)
And I'm here still confuse on how to bhop
LifTa (1 year ago)
I remember I was in a 2 v 3 and they ran off b to go get our teams awper and I started to defuse, it got to 5 sec when they got back and they spent 5 sec trying to kill me but they couldn't and after defusing one knifed me in shame
Tink (1 year ago)
3:02 flipside didn't defuse though.
Benena (1 year ago)
did you see flusha lock onto the persons head on mirage after the defuse VAC INCOMING :p
Panini Stealer (1 year ago)
ninja defuses are funny when you see the look on the terrorist's faces
Eric Louis (1 year ago)
can you just shut it and let the clip play please?
Rus Toggamton (1 year ago)
Where's the incindiary nade defuse thing?
Flame Reflex (1 year ago)
2:38 aimlock
empty172 (1 year ago)
OnlineBots is an Estonian team and HS is best Estonian CS player
Szabolcs Illyés (1 year ago)
Krimz vs TSM
Grandmii 245 (1 year ago)
Ba dun tiss
KrissaN (1 year ago)
LOL the funny thing is that all was playing in Counter-Terrorist!
Toxic Radio (1 year ago)
I wouldn't have seen the bomb in the thumbnail if there wasn't a red circle there
kubo. (1 year ago)
And KRiMZ ninja on mirage???
Munchy (1 year ago)
I like how you can't say maikelle lmao
HuskE (1 year ago)
I got a ninja on nuke b site
ItzJeff (1 year ago)
brexit (1 year ago)
3:09 your accent hurts me (kat-oh-vee-ceh)
What about Ninja defuse by Xizt against publicscr or Team X. They were 9-15 and were going to loose but Xizt save and they even won the whole tournament 😉😉
Oskar Jakubowski (1 year ago)
0:53 Nice edited bruh! That Maikelele!
Blok B (1 year ago)
a ninja defuse is when you throw a smoke at the bomb and then defuse it,not defuse is in plain sight.
Wardon (1 year ago)
flusha aimbot ??? 2:39 , speed 0.25
Hehe lol (1 year ago)
Good joke at the end og the vid
Ethan Russelll I'm (1 year ago)
faze is s fake team
Ville (1 year ago)
not krimz ninja defuse
no valens 1v5 Xile vs A51 yolo smoke cache?
Blast Blue (1 year ago)
once on train, its was 6v1. The bomb was on A. All of us were on the site and the one guy came and defused it. No smokes, flashbangs or anything. He just walked in and won.
Austin Smith (1 year ago)
Blast Blue lol 😂
SharoBG (1 year ago)
I had better one but I don't recorded it it was 4 against me I grow a smoke and defuse it really in not lieing
NiKo Games (1 year ago)
+-TheMasterSoldier- Holy shit groot grew a smoke
-MasterLobster- (1 year ago)
Uhum, _suuure_
Lil Deuce (1 year ago)
pro's don't fake
Adrian P (1 year ago)
The coincidence is that all 10 plays was in ct team
-MasterLobster- (1 year ago)
funny and original
dorfus BB (1 year ago)
Navi's ninja defuse in the grand final for the esl one ny league should've been on here
:/ thonk (1 year ago)
0:20 had me laughing number 10,nothing!
Nils Lindstedt (1 year ago)
mcnugget (1 year ago)
kios 3hp molotov defuse better be here
Jay B (1 year ago)
Khorshed Hasan (1 year ago)
Cyrus Same question :/
AnkkaTuubi 123 (1 year ago)
suomi perkele
killermichi (1 year ago)
Noo I got the best at all time
Rednie (2 years ago)
ESL ONE Katowice 2015? Dennis didn't even play for fnatic at that time, Wtf valve guides?
MrMushroom Animations (2 years ago)
2:40 not cheaterrrr
Tink (2 years ago)
3:00 to allow flipside to defuse? Flipside was on the T side.
cobydrei (2 years ago)
fucking flusha obviously aimlock
FeedADogACat (2 years ago)
I love you tacoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MekkiX (2 years ago)
2:39 flusha aimbot and wh confirmed
XinpA (2 years ago)
How 'bout mine no kit, smoke and 5 enemys killing me right after defuse...k, it was on silver 8)
Zimmy 92 (2 years ago)
these guys are pro players? why they didnt cover the bomb thats so dumb
Callum Harper (2 years ago)
Shoulder year recovery graduate clear position.
Steven Steve (2 years ago)
this is not the best :/ this is just A pro player ninja The best ninja is Spakles and sNake
sunnydarks woootoo (2 years ago)
where the damn hype lik super smash brios
WillP - CSGO Gameplay (2 years ago)
2:46 You said imagine a 2v1 with smoke on top of bomb. But then said with 4 other terrorists :D
RemaKKe (2 years ago)
Cool :D
Apx Guardian (2 years ago)
Faze needs 2 stick with call of duty instead of csgo
Allah's Footwear (2 years ago)
crit (2 years ago)
You said Flipside defused even tho they were T side
Carlos De la Flor (2 years ago)
Where is the ninja defuse from Valens in caché ?? make a part 2 :)
Hijinxx FTW (2 years ago)
So annoying xD "Nothing did a cool play" "Nothing ninja defuse"
Acshotz (2 years ago)
2:39 Flusha mate he locks onto the guy up there Hacks or luck?
Ashton Chester (2 years ago)
Tips to get a ninja Defuse 1. Kill everyone 2. Throw a smoke 4. Defuse And Now you are a legend
Plevel (2 years ago)
where is krimz on mirage?
chicken nuggets1234 (2 years ago)
it was a 1v3 competitive everyone on site I didnt even have a smoke but I went in, crouched and got a 10 second defuse
Andreas Huse (2 years ago)
2:38 flusha aimbot???
Victor Widell (2 years ago)
Why the clips from d2 while presenting the teams? Super confusing. Just use the actual match. tHat would give some context for the defuse itself.
Artur Uy (2 years ago)
I had an amazing ninja defuse it was like a 5v2 and 14v12 (my team losing) then me and my team mate rushed the bomb site he threw his smoke at the bomb but was killed but since he distracted the guard the guard didn't see me go in the smoke and even though the guard was beside the smoke the whole time I was defusing he didn't notice at all I we ended up winning the match
K3nn (2 years ago)
they're dicord server should say 18+ cause all kids are made fun of because they arent 18 or older
★SpookY★ (2 years ago)
Puts title as best csgo ninja defuses and on video he talks about pros ninja defuses that are shit asf XD
Thomas Kopv (2 years ago)
I didnt really love the video ... do i still give a like or ?
Jonko (2 years ago)
Honestly there should be more of virtus.pro in the video, they have sneaky ninja plays more often than anyone in the world
LesAtomic Brothers (2 years ago)
flusha's aimbot at 2:39 He legit put his aim in the guy trough the smoke
SovietBoi q (2 years ago)
Woah what's wrong with suicide squad?

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