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90s Gamers VS Modern Gamers

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Nostalgia Alert!! This is when we had all the time of our lives, God i miss those days. Back Then, We didn't have great Consoles or PC's / Computers, Not so great graphics. No Fancy accessories, But that time gave us memories we will never forget of. What can be a better way to enjoy life rather than chilling with your friends, eating Cheetos and mountain dew while playing a classic retro game? You tell me ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡~) This Comparison was for entertainment purpose only, it has nothing to do with real life. All my videos are just for entertainment purpose only. I do not mean to Disrespect anyone. But if you find this inappropriate, please feel free to comment down your opinions. And if you enjoyed the video, please like it and share it with your friends. Consider subscribing to my channel- it encourages me to create more awesome content. If you enjoyed, check out my other videos here- https://goo.gl/9sePBa if you need to remove a video from my channel, Or you own something that I used in my videos, email me@ bloodwalker55@gmail.com Music and Sounds used in this Video- ● Dutty Moonshine - Takin' It Back ● The Happy Troll song - by D1ofAquavibe ● Jazzcomedy by Bensound ● Street Fighter V OST- Ken's Theme ● Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky Snitch ●Kevin MacLeod - Manic_Polka ● Kevin MacLeod - Fluffing a Duck ● Undertale - Dogsong NOTE: All Music, sound effects, posters and game clips fall under Creative common license 3.0 read more about it- Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ (Some Music and sound effects are not be listed here because of they aren't free to use / Royalty free) ***Games shown in this video*** Games in blurred background- ● Super Mario Bros 1985 ● Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 ● Virtual cops 2 ( PC ) 1995 ● Super Mario 64 1996 ● Contra 1987 ● Road Rash ( PC ) 1995 ● Ultra Street Fighter II 2017 Modern Games - ● Need For Speed Payback (2017) ● Agents of Mayhem (2017) ● Grand Theft Auto V ( 2013 ) ● Minecraft ( 2010 ) 90s / Retro Games - ● Need for Speed II SE ● Sonic The Hedgehog ● Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Aaand That's it ! Follow me on other social sites ( it's free! ) ● Twitter : https://twitter.com/COD_F1sh ● Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CDFSH/ ● Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/codfish_ I hope you enjoyed this Video, If you did, don't forget to like, and subscribe for more trash (͡o‿O͡) And Thanks for all the support :) It means a lot to me. Keep Fishing 🐟
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Text Comments (8960)
Ryltar (6 minutes ago)
Pentium? Pfff 486 DX100 that was a machine.
Sarp Atılgan (50 minutes ago)
4:11 i was like ITS FREAKING DOGSONG
Extroier 29 (1 hour ago)
Som Aditya (3 hours ago)
Man wish I was born before 90’s so I could enjoy all the games of 90’s
MrFoxy1337 (3 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/-cUNiII0NEg?t=388 Minecraft needs a better computer than it looks like.
MrFoxy1337 (3 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/-cUNiII0NEg?t=133 The toilet is bigger than him.
ummm (4 hours ago)
!!steam is having a sale!! midweek madness logic gta v: 1% off gta 1: 90% off
Soccer Kid231 (4 hours ago)
lol codfish downloaded bob and vagane pics
Mirunshao (5 hours ago)
Remember when there was street fighter, mortal kombat, SMB... And remember when there wasn't fortnite?
TailsDoll999 (6 hours ago)
Man,minecraft sucks
RYAN GURUNG (8 hours ago)
PuNked (13 hours ago)
Sure 90s had some troubles, but now? They are the legends you should be respecting, because people try their best to make em' while new game Ceo's and developers just lacking their intellegence.
Knee Grow (13 hours ago)
Giovanni Meza (14 hours ago)
6:24 xD the laugh
Yamcha San (17 hours ago)
if you ask me I think today games are not bad but they don't have that classic style like the 90's
DEVIN Ross (17 hours ago)
I’m a og gamer and a modern gamer
DAVID42507 ChiledHood (18 hours ago)
*6:22* How the f**k is that possible
Domnul Fara Nume (23 hours ago)
3:51 why you don't have majora's mask?
Domnul Fara Nume (23 hours ago)
No hate
MrBlimbo (1 day ago)
Ngl your lack of respect and knowledge of vintage hardware is kinda disrespeccful.
One Eye (1 day ago)
4:11 , 6:40 undertale annoying dog song (remix)
moha glade (1 day ago)
I'm so glad im 90s gamer because i now don't take the new games features for granted like the kids of 2000s i enjoy everything
el pelo de tocino (1 day ago)
Whats músic 7:26?
el pelo de tocino (20 hours ago)
Azure - Agario (1 day ago)
street fighter v ost kens theme
Ethan Chase (1 day ago)
Minecraft for PC: Paid Roblox for PC: Free *I GOT 2*
Danilo Diolosa (1 day ago)
forgot to mention if you buy a game in 90' you buy the complete game, all secrets unlocks etc... Modern games... You buy the game for $50 more can unlock the super ultra package with dlc (one mision) and $30 more for one costume
CookiePvP (1 day ago)
I’m a morden gamer and a 90s gamer but I will pick 90s gamer because morden games are sometimes hard
Apoorv Gupta (1 day ago)
Last one was epic
iTz Tito (1 day ago)
60 Fps. Fps Drops To 59 *SMASHES MODERN 100,000,000,000 dollar pc*
iTz Tito (1 day ago)
This is Me in the *90s And modern* at same time XD
The Joker (1 day ago)
I miss those days
Angelo Ymeri (2 days ago)
What is the name of the youtuber who destroyed the computer
super deke (2 days ago)
m are the two lol
3:34 it​ how​ to​ besic 5555 good
naruto sasuke (2 days ago)
Ps3 vs ps4 please🖕
Unboxing Operation (2 days ago)
What do you use for making this animation
malala CONFIRMED (1 day ago)
malala CONFIRMED (1 day ago)
His computer
Nikolas Corcelli (2 days ago)
Hehe Boy
mix Er (2 days ago)
After having so many subs this channels dead
Shabana Khanam (2 days ago)
I lave mordern games like pubg
Dark Code (2 days ago)
90s: wow good graphics nice! 2018: hey 90s your graphic is poop! 90s: don't put your level on our time! 2018: eww don't talk to me 3018: stop bullying or else I will give the *3018 gaming experience* to the 90s. 2018: noooooo :( 90s: YES! >:)
RIR TUBE (2 days ago)
(1:34) He is downloading bob and vagene pics.jpeg XD
H111W (2 days ago)
you copy how to basic's video
Just A Dude (2 days ago)
Slim girl vs fat girl
ItsAntonio_xD (2 days ago)
mel david (2 days ago)
Im more of an early 2,000s gamer
BLOXER FAN 131 (3 days ago)
3:34 howtobasics
rafli ardiansyah (3 days ago)
i choae 90s gamers
Priya Kumar (3 days ago)
i didnt know super mario bros was for n64
Gurjas Singh (3 days ago)
When will you upload new video
Flip Hert (3 days ago)
Sonic on N64 🤔 did i missed anything 😱
BreakTimeWithDon (3 days ago)
90s gamers play GameBoy, modern gamers play spinner. Who exactly is more modern?
alanhasmemes (3 days ago)
possibly the worst video ever
Lego fighters (3 days ago)
The multiplayer modern gamers get another controller but it be multiplayer
Zelda OFox (3 days ago)
Super Mario World it the best
jh jh (3 days ago)
Foxyna_ YT (3 days ago)
Gunu toonastic Nayak (3 days ago)
2:20 like a boss
bobbelonie (3 days ago)
Ha ha I started watching this determined to hate it but ended up smiling mao for 8 minutes!
NV6 (4 days ago)
1) Since when is Sonic on a Perfect Dark cardrige? 2) Since when do you play Super Mario Bros on a N64? 3) Since when do you play Super Mario Bos on a N64 without a cardrige inserted? 4) Since when is installing a thing on the N64? Great video
Gaming Badass (4 days ago)
Come on man, you are playing street fighter soundtrack and playing some beat em up
Renu Verma (4 days ago)
90s games are best. Usme Super Mario sabsa best h
Luka Marian (4 days ago)
in 2:55 is fake
Sonic Hedgehog (4 days ago)
90's is the best no matter the graphic
David Denino (4 days ago)
xXLSSKonaraXx (4 days ago)
Sonic the Hedgehog on NES???? Thats the biggest miracle tahat even jesus cant do
Mark Andrew manuel (4 days ago)
6:30 what the heeeee😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁cckk
Youssef Al Makdissi (4 days ago)
N64 !!
President Pusscat (4 days ago)
but the 350z was made in 2000
ShadowAngel (4 days ago)
About as funny as a broken arm. Millennials are so unfunny and pathetic it's ridiculous.
배승원 (4 days ago)
Roblox was born in the 90s AND REALESED IN THE 20TH YEAR
Facundo Poviña (4 days ago)
3:55 thats just putting a catridge, you didnt installed any game in DOS or win 9X? lol the real pain
Megalo (4 days ago)
HAK'Z TV (4 days ago)
Am is Modern gamer
CTPEJIQK (4 days ago)
Can it run Minecraft?... xDDDDDDD
Cake boi 231 (4 days ago)
3:32 how to basic
Davion Kennedy Wall (4 days ago)
6:20 and 6:30
Dank Nibba (4 days ago)
3:12 what game is that?
skyfout (2 days ago)
Dank Nibba need for speed
Sandy Vancleave (4 days ago)
4:18 look at the time it takes to download 10 days 5 hours lol r.i.p
rydwan parker (4 days ago)
7:35 what game?
el team burrito (4 days ago)
Call of duty 4 modern warfare Modern gamer Crash bandicoot warped 90s gamer
dumb idiot (4 days ago)
Last time i checked Perfect Dark doesn't load sonic
XMaster29 (4 days ago)
Couldn't agree more on the graphics part, back then we appreciated the graphics as they were unlike now, almost everyone is complaining if it's not 4K 60 fps :/
bonzohavoc (4 days ago)
Nice fudgets sannees
Rex Respects (5 days ago)
I guess im a 90s gamer but im born in 2001
Tattle Kantek (5 days ago)
90's wins 100/100
Enzo Vanderlei Cruz (5 days ago)
*why did u make me offended at those modern gamers!!!*
code unknown (5 days ago)
4:13 *10 days and 5 hours* nice pc bruh
Aditz TV (5 days ago)
U r fonkey
gaming prb (5 days ago)
Hmm *Читать далее*
2:12 XD
The Gamer (5 days ago)
Whats the song by 7:27
Amir Hossein Haqqani (5 days ago)
6:52 Only time (Enya)
DOGE MAN73 (5 days ago)
Modern better cause the graphics for 90's is crap
DOGE MAN73 (5 days ago)
+RockyDaRebel stop hating cause guess what I play payday 2 GTA and fortnite
RockyDaRebel (5 days ago)
DOGE MAN73 no shit there bad because technology wasn’t as good as it is now back then
Isy _ (5 days ago)
1:35 watch closely
Faris Ubaidillah (5 days ago)
YEA 90s
PINKI GOYAL (5 days ago)
Very funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Karam Gamer (5 days ago)
bill prob (5 days ago)
Wait, wait, wait, was Sonic the Hedgehog really on the N64 during the bit wars of the 90's?!
EminemMusic Eminem (5 days ago)
FUCK the 90 gamers modern gamers rule
EminemMusic Eminem (5 days ago)
If you diss me then Fuck you no matter What you say
Gopnik Excalibur (5 days ago)
Lol not even modern specs can handle a ball of tnt

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