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CS:S - bhop_aux_a9 in 5:43 by Aimer

1066 ratings | 96840 views
Counter-Strike: Source Bunnyhopping - Watch in 720p! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Player: Aimer Settings: Autobhop - 1000 airaccelerate, 100 tickrate Map: bhop_aux_a9 Time: 05:43.260 Runner's notes: im gonna be taking a break from bhop till its fun again Server: LAN Music: Stumbleine - Cassette (Owsey Remix) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Want your CS:S bhop/kz/xc demo on YouTube in high quality? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5_eomBuKjU Any run uploaded onto this channel isn't necessarily the fastest for that map/category.
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Text Comments (214)
Nexi (1 month ago)
JustBurb (2 months ago)
Did anybody else notice the cut at 1:59
martin knoll (1 month ago)
thats not a cut its part of the map
im a Typical Vayne otp (3 months ago)
İn csgo A player Called Ephilates beat this record but this one is css idk if that counts
Owaan (5 months ago)
can clearly see edit cuts in this lol
Shirotabi (5 months ago)
Maybe this is a stupid question, but do they use a bhop script or mwheel?
Andaç Çoban (5 months ago)
I think use this video instead of the watch for hypnose
FoxhoundCSGO (8 months ago)
Oddly satisfying compilation??
Josh Brannan (1 year ago)
Fuck I remember how happy I was to get past 2:28 after like 3 hours haha, crazy how good people have gotten at such a niche skill
delmanteCSGO (1 year ago)
breathtaking run, just wow...
Nicholas Alex (1 year ago)
Now do it W only. :^)
heardistance (1 year ago)
Паф заценил ) Крут !
Fate (1 year ago)
Omg, it's amazing. I like this!!!
ParaNoza (1 year ago)
Can someone tell me where i can download this map cuz i cant find anything?
SomeoneRacist (1 year ago)
How much speed do you need from the top platform to the endzone?
SomeoneRacist (1 year ago)
thanks miles
Miles (1 year ago)
DKDinMor 1800
Boz (1 year ago)
nidyz (1 year ago)
2:02 and 2:08 are both binded, which is fine because doing anything more than a 360 on a bhop sensetivity is fucking retarded anyways
Boz (1 year ago)
where are the turn binds? gimme the time stamps
nidyz (1 year ago)
care to explain why?
Boz (1 year ago)
you're stupid
nidyz (1 year ago)
turn binds are both allowed and used in this run
HellS RunneR (1 year ago)
What a song?
TheOaxOaxOax (1 year ago)
Stumbleine - Cassette (Owsey Remix)
Wing (1 year ago)
The strafes are almost as smooth as the knife going across my wrist when someone that is good at bhop convinces everyone to vote for aux
ParaNoza (1 year ago)
its a magical rollercoaster of a map why wouldnt u vote for it
fail at 1:20 :D
Horny (1 year ago)
its not fail
KaLaBuNgA (1 year ago)
we need bhopers like this in csgo +_+
Kurisu Makise (1 year ago)
EzilaHD (1 year ago)
obvious aimbotwallscript ez vaceroni and cheese m8
edin (1 year ago)
not even sub 2 u fucking suck gaymer
lacinycoryP (1 year ago)
lolyou still better
ImNedA (1 year ago)
left b/c music
Collyn (1 year ago)
+Aimerrrrrr youre a god
The Cat Goes Meow (2 years ago)
As I comment on this; it hit 30k, ew
stachu (2 years ago)
god that stupid notebook quote on the song is the worst
wave (2 years ago)
Lovely Bean (2 years ago)
This is absolutely insane.
ohy (2 years ago)
These videos are really relaxing.
Reflex (2 years ago)
Such a well-built map, anyone agree?
KingHalbatorix (8 months ago)
Oscar Petersson (2 years ago)
4:50 couldn't you make a 180 turn and hop on the top (finish)
Sannitie yt (2 years ago)
Oh, i've seen it on the cs:go TAS run, but I guess that's another crouch glitch they do then. my bad
Sannitie yt (2 years ago)
+Кирилл Дмитриев You need way too much speed to do that.
Shurm (2 years ago)
someone did it in 4 mins
holy shit (2 years ago)
is that auto?
f i x 3 d (2 years ago)
that aimers_hell part though.
p p (2 years ago)
maybe there is no area between sector i think better record than this time if there is time between sector and sector
Qrypton (2 years ago)
doge (2 years ago)
I was in a server and aimer comes in so I spec him, not knowing who he is. I literally wanted to quit bhop cause I thought he was just some regular guy that made me look like a snail LOL
RiqqiBHOP (1 year ago)
doge m
Julek Jarosz (2 years ago)
To fast >.<
Bubi (2 years ago)
Better than TAS
HappyFace96 (2 years ago)
+Bubi TAS is now 4:18 by boomshot, hit a skip to end at around 4:50 on here.
Graeme Cherry (2 years ago)
Rob^ has a better time
imTxT (2 years ago)
Omg dude.. How many time ?
Zoltán Bartha (2 years ago)
i dont really know what was i watching but thank you for my most relaxed 6 mins in my life :)
toroux (2 years ago)
best bhop video.
Dream (2 years ago)
+Toroux you get it
Bq B (2 years ago)
song not long enough, gonna add thunderstorm sound effects at the end
Aimerrrrrr (2 years ago)
+Bq B actually is part of the song
frizz; (2 years ago)
go back to scroll n3rd nah m8 nioce run
Chris Luk (2 years ago)
aimers so shit
EphialtesTV (2 years ago)
Nice run aimerr congrats!!
I don't even know. (2 years ago)
rip rob
Viagra (2 years ago)
is this nip Aimer?
antoha antoha (2 years ago)
Dude that's awesome
Fkk. (2 years ago)
How do I setup a local server with these settings? Do I necessary need to run a dedicated server for this? If so, is there a good guide for this?
Fkk. (2 years ago)
sirhephaestus (2 years ago)
was gonna badger you about any routes that werent up to par but a couple of them are actually decent!
Luke Bruce (2 years ago)
It is almost perfect, you should try for the perfect run.
methepeoplebmx (2 years ago)
Nice song steal, Noob Run.
Ducks (2 years ago)
+Aimerrrrrr :^)
Aimerrrrrr (2 years ago)
+Daniel McMorrow damn dude ur crazy
Ducks (2 years ago)
You gonna timescale and segment an aux_a9 run and claim it to be legit?
Aimerrrrrr (2 years ago)
+methepeoplebmx fuck U kid
Polis (2 years ago)
Imagine if at the end, Windows Autoupdate happends :D
prksL66 (2 years ago)
You sir are a sick man!
Nice run forest
xtrain (2 years ago)
+Aimerrrrrr Sick run forest! Do your wrists hurt after this time!1!!?//?
Aimerrrrrr (2 years ago)
+PunchingStuffTV thats my name and thanks
jugs (2 years ago)
jugs (2 years ago)
fragz38 (2 years ago)
damn nice run aimer and nice song
kulmikas muna (2 years ago)
actually one of the best runs
cakespray (2 years ago)
cool song
ChubbyFruit (2 years ago)
1:07 I don't think that's a teleporter? Render rip?
ChubbyFruit (2 years ago)
+Aimerrrrrr Ohhhh i see, that's trippy. Nice run anyways man!
Aimerrrrrr (2 years ago)
+ChubbyFruit its a teleport the way that level works is you go through the start and fall down the hole and u actually get teleported to the ceiling which you fall down to the last 3 blocks
Joakim Walldén (2 years ago)
sick bro
englishcomputer (2 years ago)
What do you want? I want to bhop like him
wave (2 years ago)
hey cool run
Headband EG (2 years ago)
From 7:30 to 5:43. What a legend. Also cute as fuck 2
Benjamin Rowe (2 years ago)
The concentration and determination on this guy
rjt197197 (2 years ago)
aimer more like gaimer
wolfie (2 years ago)
beautiful run <3
The Boondocks (2 years ago)
im 12 and im watching this
Buggajay jay (2 years ago)
─────────────────────────▄▀▄ ─────────────────────────█─█ ─────────────────────────█─█ ─────────────────────────█─█ ─────────────────────────█─█ ─────────────────────────█─█ ─────────────────────────█─▀█▀█▄ ─────────────────────────█──█──█ ─────────────────────────█▄▄█──▀█ ────────────────────────▄█──▄█▄─▀█ ────────────────────────█─▄█─█─█─█ ────────────────────────█──█─█─█─█ ────────────────────────█──█─█─█─█ ────▄█▄──▄█▄────────────█──▀▀█─█─█ ──▄█████████────────────▀█───█─█▄▀ ─▄███████████────────────██──▀▀─█ ▄█████████████────────────█─────█ ██████████───▀▀█▄─────────▀█────█ ████████───▀▀▀──█──────────█────█ ██████───────██─▀█─────────█────█ ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son, ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a faggot! ███─▀─██──────█────▀█──────█────█ ███─────────────────▀█─────█────█ ███──────────────────█─────█────█ ███─────────────▄▀───█─────█────█ ████─────────▄▄██────█▄────█────█ ████────────██████────█────█────█ █████────█──███████▀──█───▄█▄▄▄▄█ ██▀▀██────▀─██▄──▄█───█───█─────█ ██▄──────────██████───█───█─────█ ─██▄────────────▄▄────█───█─────█ ─███████─────────────▄█───█─────█ ──██████─────────────█───█▀─────█ ──▄███████▄─────────▄█──█▀──────█ ─▄█─────▄▀▀▀█───────█───█───────█ ▄█────────█──█────▄███▀▀▀▀──────█ █──▄▀▀────────█──▄▀──█──────────█ █────█─────────█─────█──────────█ █────────▀█────█─────█─────────██ █───────────────█──▄█▀─────────█ █──────────██───█▀▀▀───────────█ █───────────────█──────────────█ █▄─────────────██──────────────█ ─█▄────────────█───────────────█ ──██▄────────▄███▀▀▀▀▀▄────────█ ─█▀─▀█▄────────▀█──────▀▄──────█ ─█────▀▀▀▀▄─────█────────▀─────█
xtrain (2 years ago)
+Buggajay jay Nice one
eskay (2 years ago)
Great run Aimer, glad you got the run uploaded finally :)
Dequavious Gengar (2 years ago)
smoother than kraft smooth peanut butter MingLee
UberBiji (2 years ago)
very intense
north (2 years ago)
NOAHqq (2 years ago)
1 sec, msging euria to hop on css
sabec (1 year ago)
Aimerrrrrr nop
Aimerrrrrr (2 years ago)
+NOAHqq plz let this be sarcasm
1337xiMo - (2 years ago)
so sick
nyoom (2 years ago)
aimers strafes turn me on
Khashan (2 years ago)
+nyoom yeah this is better than porn.
Zeff (2 years ago)
pretty neat
Zeff (2 years ago)
+The Boondocks ello bby
The Boondocks (2 years ago)
+Zeff hi
Wistick (2 years ago)
meme skip ?
abysall (2 years ago)
nice run aimer if you dont respond to this i will kill myself later tonight <3
The Boondocks (2 years ago)
+abysall hi
abysall (2 years ago)
+Aimerrrrrr love you too
Aimerrrrrr (2 years ago)
+abysall killing urself is bad ok
Pedsiez (2 years ago)
damn, i want your skills aimer :O
pawz (2 years ago)
hey squad good run my favourite skip was at 3:30 thanks team
Makmak (2 years ago)
I've never enjoyed playing or watching this map since its release, but this run was so sick. Incredible stuff you got here gAyMeR
Wing (9 months ago)
djSRK wait he's gay?
iNoob234 (10 months ago)
Aimerrrrrr this run inspires me to bhop
Sandorff (1 year ago)
Huh I thought I were a rare specimen as a gay bhopper!
Aimerrrrrr (2 years ago)
+unbiased george. same
unbiased george. (2 years ago)
+Aimerrrrrr thanks aimer for supporting every1 whos gay like me in bhop. too bad im still part of the virginity squad :^). also makmak op, makmak > aimer get rekt, you may have this good run but for all the good runs u have makmak has aleast 10 for your 1 ahahahahahaha!!!!!
3d ou (2 years ago)
Shout out to Tony for not getting any errors converting the demo file.
xImATankx (2 years ago)
Sick run
Birdy (2 years ago)
psssfhfshfhsfhhht I could do this blindfolded
BhopUltima (2 years ago)
heH nice run ;d
Spinach Bagel (2 years ago)
sweet run aimer, ive been waiting so long to see this :>
Macho (2 years ago)
good cheat
DKPixeL (2 years ago)
it is auto?
DKPixeL (2 years ago)
+Aimerrrrrr hi huimer)
Aimerrrrrr (2 years ago)
+PixeL_Denis 1000 tick, scroll hi pixel
sirhephaestus (2 years ago)
Aimerrrrrr (2 years ago)
+Quinn Muirhead yea at the legit last part like two times haha
Quinn Muirhead (2 years ago)
+Aimerrrrrr when you were running this did you ever fail right at the end? Because I hate when. That happen
Aimerrrrrr (2 years ago)
+sirhephaestus i h8 u, pal
Froge Hops (2 years ago)
Jason Erl (2 years ago)
Aimer: "Yo man watch me sub 6 on aux" *A couple of months later* Aimer: "Yo man I did it"
Breezetix (9 months ago)
what did you say before the edit
Jason Erl (2 years ago)
+Aimerrrrrr But ye basically when the tas of it came out, forest said you were working on a run with that booster skip. So after not seeing it for like 2 months I figured "well...", then suddenly I see this xP Boom. Instant reply.
Aimerrrrrr (2 years ago)
+Jason Erl :), i didn't mean to come off as rude my b
Jason Erl (2 years ago)
+Aimerrrrrr Sorry I changed it. Just a joke :( 10/10 professionalism
Aimerrrrrr (2 years ago)
+Jason Erl what? i played it for a day, then a couple of months later i went back to it and got the run in 8 hrs professional instant reply
Pomadé (2 years ago)
Took you long enough
The Boondocks (2 years ago)
+Etho Bhop hi
Pomadé (2 years ago)
jonmac5037 (2 years ago)
nice ean
dave (2 years ago)
it's amazing how this map has evolved from no one believing sub 7 was possible to now getting sub 6 great run
xtrain (2 years ago)
+HVWL He gave birth to Pepe
Seytan (2 years ago)
+qNxX and arcane
dave (2 years ago)
+HVWL you (used to) make even more autistic comments than pepe fixed that for ya
random bhop content (2 years ago)
+worldst4r you make even more autictic comments than pepe
qNxX (2 years ago)
+worldst4r same story as badges a few years ago
fjake_ (2 years ago)
Syktx (2 years ago)
sick hops dude, gj also that ending is so perfect

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