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HBox on leaving his job:'I was born to apparently be the pro [Puff] player...so f**k it let's do it'

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As glamorous as it might appear, the life of a professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player isn't always fun and games — in the case of Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma, his Smash career has forced a balancing act between the game he loves, his full-time job and his family life. However, this difficult balance recently led to a monumental decision, as Hungrybox quit his job in October to pursue streaming and Melee full-time. A month later at the Smash Summit 3, Hbox sat down to share what it means to him to finally be fully embracing the video game side of his life how the decision will impact his future. Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Overwatch Jump Guide: Temple of Anubis" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP75MIyOFds -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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LuvDemSoundz (3 months ago)
Former smash 64 player who happened to stumble upon this video. I left the community for personal reasons (just not my thing), but I genuinely enjoyed this video. HBox just seems like a man who chased his passion, whether it brings him a lot of money or not, and as a fellow "man" in this world, I highly respect him for that. Enjoy what you do best man. If you can make a living doing what you love to do, more power to you.
npaprika1 (3 months ago)
I usually don't enjoy watching Hbox, but I hope the guy makes enough money from Smash to financially support himself if his pro career ever ends for whatever reason. If you leave an engineering career for a large amount of time I imagine it's hard to get back into the industry. Maybe now he'll have time to practice and realize he's better with a less boring character :P
Dr Cyan (3 months ago)
DAFT PUNK *SPOTTED* 4:42 “Something About Us” by Daft Punk, from their sophomore album “Discovery”
Air_strike96 (6 months ago)
I’m 2 years younger then him and I’m heading into the competitive gaming thing to help pay for my college. Is that a bad thing? Because I barely make enough at my current job.
Sitruk86 (7 months ago)
i might not like his playstyle. i might not like to watch his sets. but god damnit, i still have to root for him. he did what we all dreamed of. "fuck this job, ima go play vidya games." and he put in the work to make it.
Daniel O (8 months ago)
Your GF is adorable! It’s really stupid that people give you shit.
Aldo Ch (9 months ago)
he quit his job at where? cannot hear it properly
HungryBox. Jr (9 months ago)
Baka Ch I heard "west rock"
Schlimm Shady (9 months ago)
"Melee is not forever" That's where you're wrong :)
HungryBox. Jr (9 months ago)
Schlimm Shady yup
Breno Manhaes (10 months ago)
Hbox- “I quit my job” The Moon- “That’s not safe”
HungryBox. Jr (9 months ago)
Breno Manhaes xD
Edmond Liew (10 months ago)
I love how the bosses let him choose which event to go to instead of dismissing it entirely on the grounds that video games aren't a viable life choice and therefore shouldn't be involved
HungryBox. Jr (9 months ago)
Edmond Liew yeah same here :)
Frosty G2Glacier (10 months ago)
>left his job sure it was not something a little closer to "let go"?
Fazz (10 months ago)
no need to curse says fricking
Andrew Miller (11 months ago)
Easily the most genuine smash player. I fucking hate mango for making him look shitty despite him showing so much undeserved respect back to mango. Poor guy.
Deaf by Hip-Hop (11 months ago)
Well melee is dead if this man is now 100% committed to it. Pp please come and save this game.
SSB_Seal (11 months ago)
And from that day forward, the melee dynasty forever changed to make room for only one big box at the top.
Dallas Yu (11 months ago)
Joseph Franc (1 year ago)
I'm gonna be honest, but what Hbox claims he did in the beginning was really damn immature. You can have a crisis, emotions are fine, but if you are gonna get yourself overwhelmed in front of your managers and say such a pitiful statement in front of them like that.........thats pathetic dude. I respect your decision to play Melee, make your dreams come true, but you could have totally done it in a more dignified way than breaking down in front of your present responsibilities and overly express your inner perils to them as if they are gonna give a shit during their busy day that is totally dependent on your cooperation to do the job you signed on to do.
Joseph Franc (11 months ago)
Joshua Day It is when you do it in such an immature and undignified way. Hbox crying in front of his managers like that and saying something they couldn't possibly care about hearing, isn't the way to do it.
Joshua Day (11 months ago)
Joseph Franc He has a duty to his sponsors as well as his job. That's not pathetic when you're legit trying to please everyone but you love something so much more than what status quo is
CXG (1 year ago)
Just realized HBox looks like my sisters boyfriend. That's why I felt good about this dude.
TheBaesment (1 year ago)
I'm 24. Living in my mom's basement. And I can't even wavedash.
WiZ DooD (19 days ago)
RarestJeff  that was the wakeup call bro, like when you can't wavedash it's time to step it up XD this dude looks like he is livin a good life now though
King Weirdo (4 months ago)
Kbra Hart I would ask your doctor dude
Kbra Hart (9 months ago)
im 23 just got a cyst in my wrist for playing another game for far too long, now i see i can make money out of this. can i still play melee with a cyst
RarestJeff (10 months ago)
vro just airdodge into the ground wtf are you doing
TheBaesment (1 year ago)
rty ♪♫ Thanks man. I hope things shift in your favor as well.
riley andrews (1 year ago)
Decrease taste dimension occur brilliant boot fair trigger future.
WaEddy (1 year ago)
He looks way older than 23. Is he the youngest melee god?
MrLgeez (1 year ago)
hbox you keep what you are doing, do you man:')
Michael Young (1 year ago)
You know I never really thought that I would consider myself an HBox fan, but after watching these videos I've really grown to respect this man.
Hero! (1 year ago)
HBox is my favorite melee player because he's the most chill
Tony Pantoja (1 year ago)
stop killing melee get a job
Ociel Amador (1 year ago)
this man is barely 23 years old :o
JoiyGaming (1 year ago)
i honestly want to pursue esports to but idk if it will screw up my life
Vafflin (1 year ago)
there are plenty enough engineers, but there is only 1 pro puff in this world
Tye Foster (1 year ago)
I'm the same age as Hbox and I want to kill myself. Cheers.
Big Brother (1 year ago)
Hbox still lives with his parents? Oh shit...
Nazir Khan (1 year ago)
jesus christ hbox is so fucking dramatic...
Wavebird (1 year ago)
How do people hate HBox? He's so passionate and cheerful
James Smith (1 year ago)
millieman76 (1 year ago)
Rationally, do what you love. But always have a backup plan.
Kokoro (1 year ago)
Even if Melee dies, being able to say that you're one of the best players in the world at something is pretty good to put on a resume. It shows talent, dedication, and drive.
Avery Hepburn (1 year ago)
is that a wise decision? I mean follow your dreams in all but wow.
Yale Yang (1 year ago)
"Finally living in the now". About time
Alex R (1 year ago)
Francisco Korganoff (1 year ago)
Hbox is from Argentina? VAMOS LOCO<3
N8 (1 year ago)
I love HBox but you guys gotta understand it's only because he's one of the greatest in the world that this is even remotely an option for him. He also completed his education on time and his engineering degree isn't going away even if he quits his job. I'm just saying this for anyone who is thinking about playing video games full time, just keep in mind even for Hungrybox it's an extremely difficult and unstable situation, even if it is what you love to do.
Busterman64 (1 year ago)
Live the dream HBox, live the dream(and live it happily)! ;3
RipleySawzen (1 year ago)
Great to see yet another esports player going full-time.
Arcadeperfect Reviews (1 year ago)
I guess you can do that when you live alone. When you have a family to feed you can't drop life to play melee. Medical bills are real bro
Sam Honey (1 year ago)
This is so dramatic for no reason
Julio Ramos (1 year ago)
RES PECT! Esos son huevos y no mamadas. Best of wishes man
Jnaejnae Gaming (1 year ago)
u inspired me to play jiggly puff in sm4sh. I hope the best for you Hbox :D
2SeizeTheDay (1 year ago)
so much fucking respect
Tin Yeep (1 year ago)
I respect hbox
jrnoobzero (1 year ago)
This is why Juan is my favorite smasher. I wish he didnt beat Reggie at that smash4 nintendo tournament and maybe puff would had being buffed
Spritznok (1 year ago)
I cried ;-;
Moist Marsupial (1 year ago)
Remember kids, this is what winners look like.
soridosuneku (1 year ago)
Are all these clips of him some time after he quit his old job? I'm outta the loop
Mrs. Featherbottom (1 year ago)
Dashie Plushie (1 year ago)
he wants to be a "well known name" what!? he's already at the top though lol
PK Tim (1 year ago)
Dashie Plushie AYY
Cosmic Cosmo (1 year ago)
how could you not love this guy
Templar Animated (1 year ago)
Inspiring my boi. Ima get to the training room and follow suit.
Sagerz (1 year ago)
i used to be a hardcore fan of the gods, and despised hungrybox...watching his character now, and hows hes changed...im starting to love him :)
Guy Person (1 year ago)
Sagerz but hbox is a god.
tuanisthename (1 year ago)
I think winning evo was really good for hbox in some non-obvious ways. he achieved the heights of melee success, only to be immediately followed by high-pressure expectations and underwhelming performances from him that must have been humbling. he seems more down-to-earth and at peace now.
Sound INC (1 year ago)
Hbox, I respect the fuck out of you and support your dedication, but that's a rough thing to give up man, that a nice job to have. You went through a lot of schooling for it, and I think isn't worth quitting. You know more than me, but I wish you luck and you have my support either way.
James Smith (1 year ago)
Sound INC he can always get a new job easy. he still has the degree. chemical engineers are extremely sought after, so he can go back whenever he wants.
DeLisi (1 year ago)
Lets go H-box! dont worry man you can do it!!:D
Liquidscum (1 year ago)
He's hungry box hungry for the box box= GameCube
Lep (1 year ago)
There's so much of a push pull that I experience I feel with HBox. I hate his playstyle and was pissed when he won Evo. And yet, whenever I see videos like this, it reminds me of what a solid person he is. Conclusively, good for you HBox. I hope you reap the benefits that you expect.
Bc (1 year ago)
man good stuff! super proud of Hbox
Ali Saf (1 year ago)
dope! good luck Hbox!
Andre Morgan (1 year ago)
I fucking love hbox, man
Denirio Hickerson (1 year ago)
Respect but I dont like that the video didnt put ANY links to follow HBox. Shit I want to give this man a Sub!!
joseph mendoza (1 year ago)
Denirio Hickerson He has both a twitch and a youtube channel both are great and have some nice content
Drew McDaniel (1 year ago)
Let's reflect. He had his best year and was very solidly the best player this year while he still had his job. And now he decides to quit his job? If anyone should be playing full time it's h box. It shows how hard he works. But congrats h box now you can relax a little more
Greatdragon999 (1 year ago)
I respect men who do what they want while still being realistic about being an Adult. Respect.
ThatRandomGamer (1 year ago)
One of the guys in hungruboxs pictures looks like Disguised Toast
AguyNamedHorse (1 year ago)
lmao. what a dumbass. hell love playin video games until he needs healthcare.
Guy Person (1 year ago)
AguyNamedHorse what use is healthcare when you die once your shield breaks?
Nashid Ahmed (1 year ago)
AguyNamedHorse let him worry about that lol, it's his choice
Anonymous (1 year ago)
Such a risky life choice. But gotta give respect to HBox for his love for the game.
Zach Dahar (1 year ago)
he is a gimmick who crys all the time
NinSegaSoft (1 year ago)
This also begs the question, how the fuck did Hbox maintain top 5 status for 4 years of being in an engineering program as well as a year working full time? Most people struggle to get through that kind of thing *without* being top 5 in the world at something
Electric Speed (7 months ago)
And still he found time to rest.
Ben (11 months ago)
And he's only 25
NinSegaSoft (1 year ago)
WCPMachines im saying though that must have been some pretty insane time management on his part for 5 years lol
WCPMachines (1 year ago)
NinSegaSoft best in the world tbh.
tradition1 (1 year ago)
NinSegaSoft no luck all skill
NinSegaSoft (1 year ago)
I believe that HBox can pound his obstacles into the ground 😉
Kraken Soup (1 year ago)
You can always get another job lol
Shiny Pawniard (1 year ago)
MrBlvdman (1 year ago)
Ugh, It feels weird. I'm happy that he's doing what he enjoys but the practical part of me wonders.. Would this life style be able to work much later? Would HBox feel comfortable playing this game 10 years later? Would he be able to make enough money for retirement when he's older? It's amazing being good and professional at games but once you reach a specific age it just starts to fall apart.. reaction, speed, endurance. After finishing watching the video, I feel as though Hbox answered most of my questions, time will truly tell at the end of the day. Hope it really works out for him, very enjoyable to watch
xIsxAlive (1 year ago)
Well he did say "I've quit my job, amd I'm going to play melee fpr the next few years" So I'm guessing when he starts to burn out on melee he'll continue working.
Mike Hawk (1 year ago)
also reggie publicly said he can work with nintendo anytimehe wants
Mike Hawk (1 year ago)
MrBlvdman theres a popular streamer, shes 82 and she plays overwatch, plays skyrim, and oldschool nintendo games
Drew McDaniel (1 year ago)
He's living in the now.. He's not stressing about the future because he knows he'll figure it out when it comes
Anonymous (1 year ago)
I mean... He still has his chemical engineering degree so he can always get a job lol
platanom3n (1 year ago)
whoever dislikes this is a bitch
Kevin Leo (1 year ago)
this is the start of the REST of his life :)
Ryan Rotert (1 year ago)
you sir won my heart with comment
Funny Valentine (1 year ago)
Samuel Johnson (1 year ago)
alright, hungrybox is doing what he loves and is happy. Good on him
ethan bradberry (1 year ago)
holy fk I thought he was already like 35
Roma 58 (1 year ago)
Hungrybox is just 23? I'm two years younger than him. What am I doing with my life?
Atoc (1 year ago)
GuyN0ir I'm 27 and just started college.
GuyN0ir (1 year ago)
I'm two years OLDER than him and still not finished with school....
Drew McDaniel (1 year ago)
HBox is an insanely hard worker tbh. Find what you like doing at work insanely hard at it
TheBeggies95 (1 year ago)
Respect Hbox
Zachery Shinn (1 year ago)
Hbox is 23? "So young", he is one of us millenials, amazing.
I am Eshmasesh (1 year ago)
Millenials are people born in the very late 80s to the 2000s.
Freddy Trujillo (1 year ago)
Zachery Shinn 90's. don't get it mixed up with the 2000's fuckboy
josh terry (1 year ago)
Mad respect to you, HBox! Living life is what life is about.
hussein335 (1 year ago)
You worked your ass off for 4 years in college to quit your job and play smash? Come on hungry box! Melee won't be around forever.
Sub (1 year ago)
As he said in the video he still has his degree, his future is secured if he ever needs to go back and he is young enough to try doing what he loves for a few more years instead of doing something else
Jackson Steal (1 year ago)
hussein335 He worked his ass for 4 years to secure his future. He can afford to take risks like this when he's young. If anything, he still has a degree in a high demand fieldl.
hussein335 (1 year ago)
You worked your ass off for 4 years in college to quit your job and play smash? Come on hungry box! Melee won't be around forever.
LopsidedPasta (1 year ago)
Since STEM fields will always be in high demand, you can always go back. Congrats HBox!
LopsidedPasta (1 year ago)
HBox > Mang0 Not only at melee but as a person
Deaf by Hip-Hop (11 months ago)
Disagree. Hbox is a grimy, shameless, honorless player. He does the cheesiest shit to win like controller peaking. While mango on the other hand homie stocks when his opponents sd on accident and tries to play the game fairly
Pat (11 months ago)
This has nothing to do with mango or hbox as a person or whatever but if you think a process engineer gets paid more than mango's sub count then you're delusional https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Process_Engineer/Salary
SnoopyDrew (1 year ago)
Funny when people cant see through hbox's condescending personality.
LopsidedPasta (1 year ago)
+Armando Orozco When "moron" is your insult of choice, you don't understand sentence structure, and you think a Melee player who seldom wins supernationals makes more money than a player who does and who is an engineer, you might be Armando Orozco XD. Good one kid, keeping YouTube humorous for the rest of us! gg
Armando o (1 year ago)
+LopsidedPasta I'll defend anyone I want to moron of course I'm not married to him and you trying to point that out to me makes you a dumb ass and it is true because people who work at twitch said mango makes more than they do and for hbox to do the same action like mango going full time melee and streaming would be a dumb choice if it didn't make enough money
BrokenMoonStudios (1 year ago)
He's only 3 years older than me, yet he looks like a grown ass man. xD I love you, HBox. Never give up! :)
TheDiamondRiolu (1 year ago)
BrokenMoonStudios maybe it's the badass beard
BrokenMoonStudios (1 year ago)
+Zoophilla Aw, thanks for the kind words, sweetheart.~ :D
Raymond Sanchez (1 year ago)
HBOX is the best fucking smash player. Personality and puff playstyle. Amazing.
STORMWHITEpro (1 year ago)
As a player I hate H-box , hes so safe only plays one character runs like a bitch everything about it is so un-fun to watch. However as a person he is awesome and hope to meet him one day.
STORMWHITEpro (1 year ago)
Well to fair the player picks the character. Also aMSa and axe are two of my favorite players They literllay brought their favorite charcters to the brink of 20xx and there viability. Playing what you love is awesome. My only problem is marth was always my favorite, even before i knew he was op.
RipleySawzen (1 year ago)
Don't hate the player, hate the character. IMO all characters suck compared to aMSa's yoshi!
STORMWHITEpro (1 year ago)
The thing is I love Armada and M2K. M2k Plays like a machine 99% of the time opting for the most optimal play. Armada is like mango , but without the style (with fox at least.)That's why watching mango vs armada matches are amazing. Armadas peach game is like an immovable wall of defense and its at least fun to watch case he does other shit. HB just kind of sits there in hos box and waits. Oh you can jump and do side b cool but what else? Arguably his ness is way more fun to watch. it's not helped that I think jiggly-puff is a cheap character to play.
RipleySawzen (1 year ago)
I hate mango's playstyle. It's so stupid and foolish. I like Hbox and his smart moves, and those like him like M2K and Armada. But that's what's so great about smash. All these different players, characters, and playstyles ensure that after decades even, the game stays fresh and the meta keeps evolving.
tradition1 (1 year ago)
STORMWHITEpro it is, there are different playstyles and being defensive is one of them, where you like it or not is your opinion.
RenD _ (1 year ago)
melee will never die.
tradition1 (1 year ago)
maybe if the melee hd rumours are true, but even then there are many nostalgic people that will find wrong in it.
TheGameBoyUltimate (1 year ago)
If he wants a job, just say that he is patient. "Example please?" I play puff.
Wolfen (1 year ago)
Hosanna (1 year ago)
Thought he was a marathon runner and Mang0's the sprinter
JP Serrano (1 year ago)
Why didnt you put footage from evo?? Hbox was as his best in there
ssonicdeafmonkey (1 year ago)
Good shit hbox.

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