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Busting A 'Professional' CS:GO SCAMMER!

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I'm a professional scammer hehe :) Twitter! https://twitter.com/MattSeesAss (giveaways&memes) Other scam troll video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZNmkw3J0KA ► My website: www.mattcs.com (all social media links) ► Trade on steam! - http://bit.ly/TradeMatt ► Discord! - https://discord.gg/Er6e4ap song sugar zone - silent partner His profile info steamID STEAM_0:1:13413402 steamID3 [U:1:26826805] steamID64 copy to clipboard76561197987092533 profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197987092533 His Webpage: http://www.skinbuyer.com/ Another csgo scammer trolling video! I hope you like this one just like the last one :)
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Text Comments (764)
Rog_Game (3 days ago)
Ja ik ben gisteren gecammed geworden en bijna alles weg.... i was yesterday gecammed almost everything was gone
justivog (4 days ago)
Mmmmmmmmm let me think🤔
FULLILLEGAL (6 days ago)
4:02 He is fapping
Cometeorz Gaming (11 days ago)
Someone photoshop he sending money to my bank but its fake lol
Alexander Lindgren (16 days ago)
I just got scammed of all my skins. Can u bust him in a video pls?
Aciimov (19 days ago)
Is skype or other webcam enough?
No Name (24 days ago)
At least he's not indian.
Pewfik (25 days ago)
4:10 i think he's like fidgeting cause he's nervous or something edit: fidgeting his leg and that causes his chair to make sounds
LampShed (26 days ago)
The song at the end B, I know the original bit used for it is Heal from the game I co but what's the remix called?
Laugh Out Loud XD (1 month ago)
Hey kid needa skip? 1:05 1:05 1:05 1:05 1:05
Vixy Bexy (1 month ago)
Please bust Aoki
Novem (2 months ago)
What’s the surf server? I have been looking for one with primary guns for a long time, so..
LuckyTarget (2 months ago)
Matt can you buy me one skin with 2euros? Add me steam if you can and I will give you next the PayPal money. Steam name : LuckyTarget
DoubleJ Zee (2 months ago)
He says busting but where’s the busting
TheOnlyGamer Games/Vlogs (2 months ago)
Just because he has an accent doesn’t mean he is a scammer
Ali Khan (2 months ago)
I got scammed today :(
Drakonis (2 months ago)
Nice Bhop scripts
Matis Lauzon (2 months ago)
yoooooo! i speak french tooooo. comment ça va je m’appelle Matis et j’habite au Canada 🇨🇦
Rocky Ryder Wilson (3 months ago)
Nice job man, expose more scammers and making less people be the victim. I admire your act man, you deserve to have good luck given by the god.
Cland (3 months ago)
Firas Dukmak (3 months ago)
Its fucking annoying when someone talks while hes eating
Sean Warren (3 months ago)
bruh his russian or some shit, maybe Ukrainian, basiclly slav... trust me im russian xd
Richie Tham (3 months ago)
I like the way how you bhop man!
gamer4life Nody (3 months ago)
Can you link his old profile so we all can beware of that as well sir
Fire (3 months ago)
Title sounds a little weird
Source (3 months ago)
i think thats the same guy that stole my trash doppler guy knife 2 years ago XD
TheGamingBrothersDK (3 months ago)
Your intro is suck
Levan Matthew (4 months ago)
h matt id like to trade to you a shattered greatsword i think its worth 800dollars+ its not tradable and its not marektable its only giftable id like to trade it for a knife here is my name in steam ~TRADEIT.GGhellcase.com my profile has an invoker's face in a hoodie, my twitter account is Levan Matthew Apuya im not a scammer im only 9, i wanted to trade my shattered greatsword in a trading site but its not tradable, i can only gift it to someone i can trust i
Unturned Master (4 months ago)
4:02 XDDDDD jerking off.
Ghost Zed (5 months ago)
277 scammers but dislike
Fortnite Kingdom (5 months ago)
U are a scammer
Nathan Hoang (5 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198316363486 pls report him for scamming me
SeVen Swag (5 months ago)
lost my shit at 4:03
Rosen Rosenov (5 months ago)
I want to see more of these videos i like it keep it up great work
Marcuz (5 months ago)
Haykabob (5 months ago)
Whadisupeveryone my name ismatt
robbie bowen (5 months ago)
i got scammed the same way some guy had a sick profile and he got me
ЛУК3НД0 (5 months ago)
Hey Matt make more videos like this.Great video!
H̶a̶v̶o̶c̶ (5 months ago)
if u like him as a youtube
H̶a̶v̶o̶c̶ (5 months ago)
go to this website xnxx.com.au
Ludvig Lund (5 months ago)
2:38 sick shot XD
Space (5 months ago)
Lol he added me recently, but under a different name haha. He was advertising a site and wanted my knife lol
Li (6 months ago)
Matt's voice is so <3 T_T it's so soft
Tom Rod (6 months ago)
whats that map he was on at 7:14
Fox FX (6 months ago)
why scammers always ask ''do you hear me?''
Crazy Leo (6 months ago)
Busted :D
Jonah heta (6 months ago)
WebGuava (6 months ago)
Plz stop using deagle noob
GhustBalt MLG (6 months ago)
Eyy my name is Jon
dreK (6 months ago)
That's not him on the profile pic its Jesse from Breaking Bad
YourOwnAzog (6 months ago)
Fucking Russian but anyway his English is better than 85% of Russian population.
flirth (6 months ago)
3:28 lol chawndi
ImagineFoodOnATable (6 months ago)
I have a purple phonod i think awp skin( sorry can,t spell it) and a cyrex usp-s skin that i maybe will trade to.
The killer of the night (6 months ago)
Name of the map?
Anomalio (6 months ago)
Peoples xdddddddd
Tobias Sandbæk (6 months ago)
''is he like jerking off?!?! wtf?!'' he's scrolling his mouse.
Austin C (6 months ago)
It’s either Russian or German
Fodziin (6 months ago)
Your french accent is acceptable, I'm french btw
Riley Leathers (6 months ago)
tbh opskins to add money they add a tax
Charles Wang (6 months ago)
2:40 that deagle shot was insane bro
Dan Ramzee (6 months ago)
watzuvryone lol
dickle (6 months ago)
He says he is in the business since 2010, CSGO was released in 2012.
TJ MCLAREN (7 months ago)
That is a sound of a broken celling fan XD
Nonstop Gamer (7 months ago)
Hi Matt do u wanna ADD me on steam
SuncoKreten (7 months ago)
That Bhops *WOW*
Cyphi (7 months ago)
It was him.... or you :)
KOMI_playsgames (7 months ago)
theres another guy named Joe
lol (7 months ago)
KOMI_playsgames he got trade banned
KOMI_playsgames (7 months ago)
search him and have fun :p
Louis Risager (7 months ago)
Probs shouldn't advertize his webpage. Keyloggers and shit you know :) btw great video
TheSamiG (7 months ago)
6:35 The best explanation on why to buy off this guy XD.
Jon es (7 months ago)
Scammers profile: last logged in 194 days ago
MOOGLII (7 months ago)
"Not all can use OP skin, its 18+" xd
OFFLINE (7 months ago)
Has to clarify that he’s not gay = he gay, libtard owned epic style 😎ur mom gay too👌🏼
Breezetix (7 months ago)
lol no one cares about that scammers information
Mozi K (7 months ago)
Guys and Girls, can u tell me what is ip for that surfing server?
Pelle Heckmann (7 months ago)
# fab fab¨
Takashi Ryuu (7 months ago)
I got scammed by my friend lol
ChirsCS (7 months ago)
plz give me knife i cant afford xD
Cyphi (7 months ago)
Choose better Friends....
Aquato Gaming (7 months ago)
Tu parle pas un petit peu francais ?! XD
buseton (7 months ago)
MarioxGaming729 (7 months ago)
Great vid
Thobias Siirak (7 months ago)
Lol is it fake or u are in call whit this guy?
electric_hiccup 707 (7 months ago)
This guy wasnt professional, 13 yr. old Tomas from Russia was professional.
Lock a real Youtber (7 months ago)
Unity PM (7 months ago)
but did he make profit?
Ghost (8 months ago)
is the scammer on drugs? XD
N1gtY (8 months ago)
i got scamed and it was 3 fake profile
Connor T (8 months ago)
You are fucking like every scammer has a 2nd profile doesn't make them fucking pro
KronixOfficials (8 months ago)
He's russian. Forget getting scammed. He will hack all your electronics lol.
Christopher Crandall (8 months ago)
Ever think he was just trying to buy the damn knife
Mr McCringe (8 months ago)
What surf map is that on 7:07?
Ballerunivers (8 months ago)
I AM FRENCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY
T h e R a m (8 months ago)
You didn't edit this video very well did you? xD
Doomdoom Gaming (8 months ago)
That dude sounds Russian... and u know that Russians are scammers because all Russian sites are fake
Goldenmaker (8 months ago)
Doomdoom Gaming But when he said deposit it sounded so French.
Goffer -wp (8 months ago)
Sponsor confirmed Op skinsss
Glitched Gamer (8 months ago)
use code GLITCHED on csgoupgrader .gg for free bets its legit i won 33$
Raden Dragomirov (8 months ago)
come here https://discord.gg/VBunfBK
Der Anfänger (8 months ago)
Was this guy fapping at one moment😂😂😂
frezzy (8 months ago)
could you proof Petruska cs.money he scammed me hes saying he has a programm that gives you a code and you can get the money on ur steam acc
Geko Wassabi (9 months ago)
The dude sounds 100 % Russian
MyAnusPvP (9 months ago)
Anyone else saw the deagle collat at 2:40?
Edgar Krisna Yoga (9 months ago)
I like jerking off......do u want it with me??? :)))))))))))))))))))))))
Yeetus that fetus (9 months ago)
its sad that some people actually wanna trade and are not scammers but because they go to you first and have an european accent they are automatically classed as scammers

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