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Wh.... Why .......

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KaiSoDaM (3 months ago)
Thats a shame, this game has very high production value, graphics, animations, sound everything is AAA. Its sad to see that is a game so shallow and not fun
fallingbed (3 months ago)
This is beautiful
FoeTecTM (3 months ago)
*EA* More like Exponentially Ass(game mechanics)
Some Halo Guy (5 months ago)
This never happened to me lol
Some Halo Guy (5 months ago)
If it did I honestly would've just tried to make a truse with the other team so they wouldn't kill me 😂
madCRO (6 months ago)
It's funny that there are actually people in the comment section angry at those players instead of that piece of shit game which enabled this kind of behavior. This just proves that the in-game system is wrong...
K2_SLAYER_ (6 months ago)
madCRO lol that happened in every game with any sort of reward after a match. It still happens daily in cod and others. You get a ark people in gun game and etc Cuz you dont have to move. Because it was set where everyone got 200-300 credits every match whether you're good or bad. So people did that in the quickest game mode. But its set now where you get 0 credits if you dont do anything. So NOBODY spins anymore. It wouldn't matter if you needed credits for crates or not. If you got XP/ Amy other kinda reward system people would still do it. Only problem with the game I hate is the progression. The rest of the game is fine. Like the cards and etc but not the p2w crates. I'm glad they stopped it day 1. But hope they change it Cuz they are fixing it soon. Other than that its just a starwars shooter with free Dlc. I ain't got mo complaints. I have more fun in battlefront grinding for a hero than I do battlefeild 1 or ww2. Cuz those 2 new games disappointed me so battlefront is my favorite fps rn. Till ww2 battlefeild comes
CrabbedLeaf (8 months ago)
This is beatiful
Miss Kobe Yoshi (8 months ago)
Part of Your family (8 months ago)
A month later still feel bad this happens to people
BCPowerhouse (8 months ago)
This is what happens when companies make games based on something already popular. They use the popularity of the thing they base the game off of as an excuse to make a game with some terrible mechanics. I've never played this game, and I have no intention of buying it ever. I'll just stick to games that only have cosmetic in game purchases and no grinding.
K2_SLAYER_ (8 months ago)
BCPowerhouse They already fixed this issue. And it’s a common issue in any online multiplayer game that rewards you after a match with Xp or a reward. They just needed to add a simple mechanic to time them out. The game itself has amazing mechanics like any standard FPS. The sheild and saber fights and flame throwers with ships and tanks and air strikes all on the same map with mobile objectives which can destroy the map physically sometimes altering the gameplay. It’s a great game the mechanics arnt a problem. The grinding however isn’t that bad. I have every card in the game and I’ve barley played since release. You get guaranteed cards 1-5 every crate and parts to purchase anyone you want. It just takes a while to max the ones you want. But it’s not that bad, there nothing that’s actually that good to max out you can do fine without cards. It’s not pay to win like the last battlefront with dlc And it’s not pay to win loot crates anymore so that’s great. They’re adding tons and tons of more customization/ modes / and maps writhing then next 2 map drops this game will surpass the content off all battlefront titles prior. And the progression is fine. You level up and each level rewards you 3k points You rank up your weapons and get mods for them. And there’s milestones/ Missions along with daily and season event milestones which provide more that enough loot every day. You can’t say you never get anything. So from the standpoint it’s at now. It’s a really amazing game for the price. A lot better than destiny with locked dlc that’s shit and cheap content. Or 60$ even last years cod is 60$ With 50$-80$ dlc. And this game includes a campaign along with offline co op mode with custom battles like a standard arcade game. It’s fine. And every FPS has grinding. Even single players have grinding... Like skyrim. You want ebony enchanted bow? You have to grind Xp and gather loot. And if you support cosmetic only paid crates your still supporting the awful system that lead companies to greed years beyond the games only to make the next game with not much higher quality.
Samson T. (8 months ago)
I don't play this game so I don't understand people's pain but this shit looks funny as fuck. Thanks for the upload, I laughed for a good 5 minutes straight😂
K2_SLAYER_ (8 months ago)
Samson T. Its fixed now, (Thank god) sometimes you still see people jumping in online lobbies it funny lol
Rex Smith (8 months ago)
I'm really sad. The gameplay in EA:SWBF2 is solid, great even. But the progression system is completely borked and has killed the game for me. It takes too long to progress at all, and there is a clear power difference between a fully kitted out player and a newbie (assuming equal skill levels).
Evan Ray Roberts Gaming (8 months ago)
CSGO meets bf2
K2_SLAYER_ (8 months ago)
Evan Roberts Damn that sucks
Evan Ray Roberts Gaming (8 months ago)
Also the term rubber banding is already taken, they should use another term. because it's confusing. You see, rubber banding refers to latency in a game where you're teleporting backwards all the time.
Evan Ray Roberts Gaming (8 months ago)
Yes there's a built in console and when people are trolling competitive games they will just spin around in place, or run in a perfect circle.
K2_SLAYER_ (8 months ago)
Evan Roberts They do that in csgo?
I've had everyone in the game doing this once
Razgriz - Joshy (9 months ago)
This shit pisses me off man they ruin thefun out of this mode
Adam Moore (9 months ago)
These people are smart. Fuck EA. Support your indie developer. Developers like ReLogic constantly release expansions and patches...get this.....for free!
lookpuke (9 months ago)
just imagine, an endless match, filled with only these people
Some Halo Guy (5 months ago)
fat vape except that nobody did pay to win because that was removed at lunch
fat vape (8 months ago)
K2_SLAYER_ the whole point of rubber banding is to prove how horrible the credit system in this game is. No skill is required at all. And credits are. Needed to fight against people who pay to win
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
I was thinking about that. There must be some lobbies were all players are spinners and the game will never continue. That's a good thing Cuz it means they won't get credits until they get back on. And we wont have to deal with them
Stark101 15 (9 months ago)
The most annoying pieces of shit imaginable.
madCRO (6 months ago)
Stark101 15 people are actually playing this piece of shit game?
K2_SLAYER_ (8 months ago)
Stay KulaA On console ? 🤔 They could still do it but they won't get rewarded and they'll be booted easily now
K2_SLAYER_ i don't think so because people is still walking in circle and jumping in the lobby
K2_SLAYER_ (8 months ago)
Stay KulaA They already fixed it
Stark101 15 too bad they won't fix this issues, they already stated that in their tweet
Mr. Cuddlesworth (9 months ago)
Don't worry, they're busy practicing their dance moves to the song, "I'm Han Solo!"
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
Mr. Cuddlesworth LOL
Itz Toxic (9 months ago)
LOL happened everytime
PixelsFromTheSky (9 months ago)
This happened to me three time today, made me so angery.
TheCunningFox its your fault that you bought this piece of garbage
Ostry Ostrowski (9 months ago)
The first time I saw someone do this I thought it was him just fooling around. But then it happened again... and again... and again...
Lightecold (9 months ago)
Same, send this video to EA.
Bling Bling Boy (9 months ago)
Which is why I don't play heroes vs villains no more.
Benjamin Autera (9 months ago)
I’m starting to see these more and more and it’s just aggravating like seriously I’m not motivated to even play anymore cause of this
madCRO (6 months ago)
Juan Anatoo the funny thing is that people who usually do this aren't motivated to play this game either, especially because of the retarded reward system where you can get almost the same amount of credit as the best players while doing absolutely nothing...
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
I avoid HvV for now. I play blast, you work more with gun kills for milestones. I’ll go back when this is fixed
Bling Bling Boy (9 months ago)
Just avoid heroes vs villains since that's the game mode this is all at.. Every other gamemode is okay and dosent have much cancer
Humberto 3:16 (9 months ago)
Wait, why do people do that?
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
Humberto 3:16 Go for it.
Humberto 3:16 (9 months ago)
K2_SLAYER_ Smh mind if I add ya in PS?
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
Humberto 3:16 It’s common is games that are new and have in game currency or Xp given after each match. It’s really common in call of duty. Most games fix the problem after a while with creating patches that kick the player out of the lobby if they do not get any kills or score within certain time. But people will always find a way. In battlefront people are doing it the most now because it’s easy. And everyone gains around an even amount of credits. It really need to get fixed.
Humberto 3:16 (9 months ago)
K2_SLAYER_ Wow I've heard about it recently, is this a new thing or has this been going on for a while?
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
So they can get credits at the end of the match. And it’s the quickest game mode. So they do this thing called “rubber banding” They put a rubber band on their controllers joysticks so they don’t get kicked out the game. This way they don’t have to play and get rewards for nothing.
kden_bai (9 months ago)
If you can't beat em, join em. (Without rubber banding your controller, just walk backwards in circles and attack anyone who comes with no success.)
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
kden_bai I wanted to do that so bad and edit it with some earrape music but I dont have My pc anymore. If I did I'd post them on this channel.
Lucas TC (9 months ago)
You missed an "y" on the title
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
Lucas TC No its good lol. Common mistakes Cuz normally people see it misspelled.
Lucas TC (9 months ago)
K2_SLAYER_ sorry 😁😁 It was stupid from my part
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
Lucas TC I meant to do that. It sounds like a stutter when youre clueless. Like when you hear something bad. Youre like ... Wha...... What???
The Benjaman (9 months ago)
LMAO IT LOOKS SO FUCKING REDICULOUS, imagine being a enemy walking into that room I would fucking die of laughter
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
The Benjaman That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw Luke in the corner
ImJustASith Jeez! (9 months ago)
Liquid snake (9 months ago)
What are they doing cause i see this to... Is it like a dance or something You earned a sub btw
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
Theyre dancing and not playing starwars XD Thx fwend
Mein Fürry ϟϟ (9 months ago)
Max-Kermit Guess I need to die.
Max-Kermit (9 months ago)
Daniel Melendrez They wrap rubberbands aroung their sticks so they don't get kicked and just farm credits like this. Everyone who's ever done it needs to die
It's Kakoy (9 months ago)
The reason i only play this gamemode with friends
mike stoklasa huehue (9 months ago)
Damn I feel you buddy I hate these people
Cosmic Gamer (9 months ago)
Mails a badass anyway he can take them.Anyway you “can’t kill a sith”.*Dies*
Linkyman11 (9 months ago)
Oh my
I know it's because of EA's stupid credit system, but come on, they ruin every single HvV match for other players, selfish motherfuckers.
Childhood Obesity (9 months ago)
Valentín de las Carreras I've borrowed it from a friend that bought it. Does that count ?
Childhood Obesity so you say it's boring but you haven't even played it? The beta doesn't count.
Childhood Obesity (9 months ago)
Valentín de las Carreras the game isn't fun, idk how you can still find it fun after 3 games. Don't ask me why people or you bought it.
Childhood Obesity so why the fuck do you buy it? If you don't want to have fun, don't buy it
Childhood Obesity (9 months ago)
Valentín de las Carreras they're smart your not for trying to have fun in a game like this
Matthew Chow (9 months ago)
ShadowClouds (9 months ago)
Bence Kátai (9 months ago)
Is there a way to report these assh*les? Because the origin profile page report doesn't have AFK in the list...
madCRO (6 months ago)
Joaco 21O lol "haters"... Its because of people like you that EA just continues with their bullshit year after year instead of just burning out and leaving just a pile of ash...
Razgriz - Joshy (7 months ago)
geez how many times are you gonna say "I'm gonna leave this convo cus I'm more civilized" lol just leave already
Joaco 21O (7 months ago)
Okay, whatever. I'll leave you and the rest of the haters to hate as much as you want. Say whatever you want but do please leave me alone. And no point in calling me 'fucking retarded'.
Swole Tommy Pickles (8 months ago)
Joaco 21O no point in civilized debate with you, you're clearly already too far gone. You're just fucking retarded.
Joaco 21O (8 months ago)
Oh wait, you mean "they were wrong" as in I was wrong? In that case, I suggest you go play Star Wars Battlefront II and see who was wrong.
Harleen Quinzel (9 months ago)
So, did you win? :-D
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
Harleen Quinzel 1 of their guys were afk too , and i fought back. And I went 0-5 ... So I lost XD Luke was a bitch
Jo Ni (9 months ago)
Titan Boy (9 months ago)
Them dancemoves tho Boy this is fucking stupid, at least 2 people do in in EVERY LOBBY
TheSimpleMan (9 months ago)
Oh man this happened to me too I think I’ll post a video called Ruberbanding.mp4 thanks to you Cheers
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
Andrethaprodigy LMAO do it. Cheers m8
MelonRap (9 months ago)
Very tragic... too funny not to laugh XD already had that happened to me
Trevor Reynolds (9 months ago)
I hate those people more than anything. Especially when you get stuck with them..
madCRO (6 months ago)
Trevor Reynolds you wanna tell me you're actually playing this piece of shit?
DarklinkXXXX (8 months ago)
Don't hate the player. Hate the game.
K2_SLAYER_ (9 months ago)
Trevor Reynolds I KNOW ...
Kasper De Deyne (9 months ago)
Ow that sucks mate

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