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Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies Gameplay [Part 2]

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Roly German (2 months ago)
Me play is you map ave ero and sombie combination
Валерий Мама Папа
Counter Strike Extreme Nexon Xtreme Zombies Counter Strike Game
Zombies Nexon Counter Strike ZOMBIES ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!!! 1.6 💀
Сounter Strike Zombies Neхоn !Zombie apocalypse
hi ok (4 months ago)
You good at bhop wow xd
Madness N for nigga (5 months ago)
Nice gameplay this is my favorite game to watch in youtube
Fire - FFB (8 months ago)
Красавчик классно играеш
Autsogi Youcef (1 year ago)
can sumone give the link to download this game free ?
Autsogi Youcef (1 year ago)
yea there is sumone told me about that thanks
Special707th (1 year ago)
absolutely free
Autsogi Youcef (1 year ago)
is it free ?
Special707th (1 year ago)
You can download this game from steam
gamer zoro (1 year ago)
guys don't look at the graphics look at the weapons and the zombis I like this game but not really
Leila Lopez (7 months ago)
gamer zoro Todays gamers especially kids only care about graphics which it sucks
Snake Eater (1 year ago)
this shit looks really dumb
Jose Espinola (1 year ago)
puto haker yo perzonalize sete mapa el que estas jugando
leonor elisa Cardenas (11 months ago)
ese mapa tiene mas años que tu :vv
y perdona por decirte eso :v
ese mapa esta desde hace tiempo hay asi que no digas que tu lo creastes :v
87r4cjy3onreevt34j0b (1 year ago)
Как вы изменили зомби?
Fire - FFB (8 months ago)
Эй ты же российский
Special707th (1 year ago)
What do you mean? (You can type in english)
Mister Fulanito (1 year ago)
how can obtain dual kriss
а будто бить подствольным гранатомётом
Special707th (1 year ago)
правой кнопкой
leo lilil (2 years ago)
this game looks like garbage
The Community is Garbage, Because you fuckers don't know what Opinion is, and I like this game and I like haters too
Leila Lopez (7 months ago)
Ezra Alegarbes He cares about graphics not gameplay so he's a total garbage
Ezra Alegarbes (1 year ago)
leo lilil u should not say garbage at this game
elisabeth vieira (2 years ago)
i have counter strike nexom zombies i did download by steam but it says need steam WTF?
Lordwarship (1 month ago)
Yup, you need steam to play.
ER0N (2 years ago)
Try ti reinstall the game, like deinstall and install again
um I also encountered that problem all u have to do is go to steam click steam top left corner then click offline mode steam is gonna restart then click again top left steam and make it online mode again .... then it works :)
Special707th (2 years ago)
try to rebot your pc and then launch the game again
Maxim Begunov (3 years ago)
Maxim Begunov (3 years ago)
Круто играеш
Special707th (3 years ago)
Да ничего особого:) 

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