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Spirax Sarco:: Steam Humidifier Product Demo
Using a 3D CAD model, S&A technical experts created this animation to demonstrate how this direct injection steam humidifier works. Result: HVAC engineers quickly see product advantages.
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Spirax Sarco Steam DesignPro Commercial
View this commercial from Spirax Sarco to learn about a great visual design tool for engineering and modeling HVAC steam systems. The program puts what you need right at your fingertips. To download the free version go to http://bit.ly/MRi32N
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A walk through Spirax Sarco's UK Steam Technology Centre
Take a tour around a representation of the UK's most advanced steam system training facility and see how Spirax Sarco's fully self-contained learning environment and practical demonstration areas can benefit your organisation's training.
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Start-up geral - TVA
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TFA Flowmeter - point of use metering
Spirax Sarco's innovative TFA Flowmeter is designed to meet the challenges of economically monitoring steam flow in small line sizes at best practive steam velocities, so you can accurately assess energy consumption at the point of use, giving visibility of steam consumption in every area of your plant. Monitor, understand and optimise your steam consumption.
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Steam Quality in Pharmaceuticals |  webinars@spiraxsarco.com
From vitamins to vaccines, the global pharmaceutical industry is fundamental to enhancing the world’s health. Steam is indispensible to a huge range of plant and high-purity applications within pharmaceutical manufacturing - from HVAC to sterilisation – and can account for a significant percentage of a facility’s energy consumption. As the world’s leading authority on steam system engineering, our experience can help you comply with stringent industry legislation, health and safety and cGMP.
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Cost of Steam
Steam industry expert, Kelly Paffel, gave this presentation to customers via a Webex in March 2017 to educate them on issues contributing to steam leakage and the resulting costs. The topics have been divided into two sections for size and length. www.sandiego.swagelok.com
Steam Design Pro Part 2
HVAC Steam System Design Using Spirax Sarco SteamPro Software
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Steam Design Pro Part 1
Steam Design Using Spirax Sarco SteamPro Software
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Steam QM-1 - Steam Quality Monitoring
Until now, measuring steam dryness fraction (X value) has largely been a manual process, which is time consuming and presents inherent safety and accuracy risks. Armstrong’s Steam QM series is an automatic steam quality monitor that safely and reliably determines and communicates the dryness fraction of steam; allowing you to continuously, accurately, and efficiently monitor your steam system. As an example, a continuous supply of saturated steam is required for steam sterilization. Excess moisture carried in suspension can cause damp loads, while too little cannot prevent the steam from becoming superheated during expansion into the sterilizer chamber. Learn more about Armstrong's steam, air and hot water solutions here: www.armstronginternational.com (Short/Public)
A Case for Steam - The Changing Use of Steam - Part 3 of 3
Learn what the future of steam is and how it will evolve as a modern fluid for many applications.
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Steam Quality Test - Superheat Test
A brief guide to testing for super heated steam in accordance to EN285
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Steam Conditioning system Turbine Bypass
The Next Generation Aeroflow SCV offers six models; two for Steam Control, two with our Laval Nozzle using steam assisted desuperheating, and two utilizing a spray ring header for desuperheating. All models offer zErO leakage.
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A Case for Steam - Where is Steam Used? Part 2 of 3
A common perception of steam is that it is old fashioned, however its uses are wide ranging and very much relevant to the world today. This video offers a quick overview of the applications of steam in modern business and industries around the world. http://www.spiraxsarco.com/us
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Steam quality measurement with Prowirl 200
Steam has long been an indispensable source of energy in the process industry. Here, 40 percent of fossil fuels alone are used for the generation of steam. With Prowirl 200, you have the energy and cost efficiency of your steam system well under control – including your operational safety. This animation shows why, and explains how Prowirl can measure – as a world’s first – the quality and quantity of wet, saturated and superheated steam.
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Steam Traps - Thermodynamic
To learn more about steam traps, visit the Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering: http://encyclopedia.che.engin.umich.edu/Pages/SeparationsMechanical/SteamTraps/SteamTraps.html
Liqui-Mover Pressure Powered Pump - Float Operated
The float operated Liqui-Mover condensate pump requires no electricity and is available as a complete skid-mounted assembly or as individual components for field assembly.
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Steam engineering with modern applications - Chapter 12
Spirax Sarco is at the forefront of steam engineering. Our reporter went to find out about steam's many modern applications. For more updates and videos, please subscribe to our channel. http://www.youtube.com/theiet Join the conversation now: @IETtv #IETtv More YouTube Video from The IET: http://www.youtube.com/theiet LET'S CONNECT! https://www.facebook.com/TheInstitutionofEngineeringandTechnology http://twitter.com/TheIET http://www.theiet.org http://www.iet.tv
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Steam Boilers - The Inside Story: Part 8 - TDS Control
Part 8 of 9: Whenever a boiler produces steam, dissolved solids occur which can adversely affect the quality of the steam produced. This video explains how TDS control is vital to efficient operation of steam boilers.
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Closed System Steam Condensation.avi
A complex solution to a seemingly simple problem.
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The Air in Steam
Learn more about Armstrong steam, air and hot water solution here: www.armstronginternational.com
The importance of choosing the right steam trap for the job
Five questions to an expert: Paul Mayoh, Product Marketing Manager, is quizzed on why it's necessary to fit the right steam trap for your application
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COSPECT® - The Next Generation of Steam Pressure Control Equipment
COSPECT® includes a pressure reducing valve, strainer, separator and steam trap. More info: http://www.tlv.com/global/TI/news/cospect-troublefree-pressure-reducing-valve.html
Electrode Steam Humidifiers by Seungil Electronics
Free-stand Humidifier This free-stand humidifier evaporating and blowing out steams in fully sterilized condition from cylinder where electric power supply completely boils water has adopted mi-com controlling system to enable optimum operation matching with humidity demand for each space being coupled with humidity sensor. As with the characteristics of electrode type, no specific security device is necessary and its operation can be done separately. Features Easy and convenient manipulation of display Controller's display includes menu selection, compelled drainage, setting, operation, alarming breaker and etc, and can be operated easily by any user. Precise controlling Controlling in use of Micro Processor performs the role so precisely to humidifier's maximum efficiency, and also is saving energy. Drainage pump mounted Drainage pump mounted prevents foreign materials' piling-up inside the cylinder, and free drainage can be done wherever the cylinder is positioned. Security and reliability Security-and-reliability based design has passed through the stringent security standard of Europe to obtain CE mark. Auto washing Automatic washing system prevents accumulation of foreign matters inside the cylinder that may be caused by long time operation, and clean conditions can be maintained. Cylinder structured for easy mounting/demounting Cylinder has the structure that can be dismantled, and thus there is little trouble with its cleaning which allows its durability extended. Water's resistance against electric current between electrodes inside cylinder generates heating that makes evaporation of humidifier. Humidity leveler activates magnetic contactor to turn on electric current to electrode, and water's resistance raise up its temperature and in minutes it evaporates and supply humidity through steam hose into the room or duct. At this time, the current amount is in proportion to the submerged depth of electrode i.e. the surface area while the heated volume and evaporation are in proportion to the current. When water level get lowered by evaporation, the locking valve will work to govern the level in line with humidistat's demand for steams to allow certain amount of current, controlling the extent automatically and proportionally. Certain amount or the more of concentrated minerals(or non-organic matters) in the water can be automatically detected and accompanied by drainage with a view to minimizing generations or accumulations of scale so that cylinder's durability can be extended under automatic control. Durability of electrode or cylinder may differ depending upon working conditions(unceasing working hours, water contents etc), and the replaceability of cylinder benefits to maintenance. We, Seungil Electronics, was founded in 1987 and since then, we have always tried our best to provide finest quality product such as Electrode Steam Humidifiers, Temp/humidity transmitters, PC-Monitoring Systems, and Micro controllers. We have wide experience in HAVC industrial field in Korea. We strive to provide dependable performance of our equipment. And as a result we have development export, we will continue to provide the quality product and customer service. http://seungil.en.ecplaza.net/ [Movie information] Voice : none Subtilte : English
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Steam Trap Application and Maintenance: Clip 2 of 4.
Recorded Webinar from Industrial Controls, "Steam Trap Application and Maintenance" Clip 2 of 4. This session will cover the basics of what is steam and take you thru the various types of steam trapping technology as well as techniques for maintaining your steam traps and the cost savings involved in a properly maintained trap population, which ultimately will save you money. What is steam? Steam trap technologies Causes for failure Proper testing of steam traps Cost savings Speaker: Jeff Nelson
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Failed ball float steam trap
The effect of a failed mechanical steam trap on a condensate return tank
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A Case for Steam - What is Steam and Why Do People Use it - Part 1 of 3
Why do companies still use steam in their businesses? Steam still is still an integral part of many modern manufacturing processes, such as food, textile, chemical, medical, power heating and transport. This informative video explains the reasons why steam is so important to modern applications. http://www.spiraxsarco.com/us
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WEBINAR SHORT: Model 9400 Steam Water Heater
Watch this short overview of the only Steam Water Heater available on the market. Plant steam and water never mix! AXION by Haws.
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Energy Efficient Bestobell Steam Trap
Energy efficient Bestobell DeltaB Steam trap compared to other technology.
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Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap - Quick View
Operation of an Armstrong Float & Thermostatic steam trap. When steam pressure may vary from maximum steam supply pressure to vacuum, Armstrong F&Ts are your most energy-efficient choice. Our line of F&Ts brings Armstrong performance, dependability and long life to trapping services requiring continuous drainage with high air venting capacity. Thanks to separate orifices for condensate and air, they provide continuous condensate drainage and air venting-even under conditions of zero pressure. All the benefits detailed here have been designed into Armstrong F&Ts through long experience in the manufacture of pressure float-type traps. They assure you of optimum operating efficiency for long periods with minimum trouble. How they work Float and thermostatic traps are mechanical units that operate on both density and temperature principles. The float valve operates on the density principle. A level connects the ball float to the valve and seat. Once condensate reaches a certain level in the trap, the float rises, opening the orifice and draining condensate. A water seal formed by the condensate prevents live steam loss Since the discharge valve is under water, it is not capable of venting air and non-condensables. When the accumulation of air and con-condensable gases causes a significant temperature drop, a thermostatic air vent in the top of the trap discharges them. The thermostatic vent opens at a temperature a few degrees below saturation, so it's able to handle a large volume of air-through an entirely separate orifice-but at a slightly reduced temperature. Built as tough as the jobs they do Armstrong float and thermostatic traps are unique in their super heavy duty construction. Armstrong uses high quality ASTM A48 Class 30 cast iron or ASTM A216 WCB cast steel-normally found in pressure vessels rated to 250 psi (17 bar) or 465 psi (32 bar). Internal mechanisms are made from stainless steel and are heavily reinforced. No brass cotter pins here. Valves and seats are stainless steel, hardened, ground and lapped to withstand the erosive forces of flashing condensate. Why go to all this trouble for traps normally recommended for low-pressure, modulating service? The operative word here is modulating. Modulating pressures mean widely varying loads, thermal cycling and high air and non-condensable gas loads. In other words: tough service. Inferior, lightweight construction in this kind of service is a mistake waiting to happen. Trap failures on modulating pressure may lead to water hammer, corrosion and even damage to heat exchangers. Armstrong's published capacities are based on actual measurements of traps handling hot, flashing condensate. Competitive F&Ts may utilize theoretical calculated capacities. Armstrong uses its own steam lab to give you actual capacity-especially important on high-capacity traps such as those in our ultra-capacity line. Not only does Armstrong offer super heavy duty construction for long life and reliability, but we also supply the data to back up performance. Here's a simple, easy-to-remember summary: The more your pressure varies, the more you need Armstrong F&Ts.
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Pressure Reducing Station
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Armstrong Steam QM-3 || Steam Quality Monitor
Armstrong International Uploaded on Feb 9, 2018 Maintaining steam quality is essential to proper sterilization in autoclaves in hospitals and other healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Supplying quality steam is not only of paramount importance for the sterilization process and the quality of the sterile product, it also influences the serviceability and longevity of the sterilizer and all its associated equipment. Learn more about Armstrong's steam, air and hot water solutions here: www.armstronginternational.com
steam controlled gas regulator
The operating pressure rangeis 5 - 90psi. This gas controller controls the pressure of the boiler by acting on the gas flow of the burner. The operation of this controller is governed by two membranes and a valve for regulating the gas, the water pressure being on one side of a membrane, the gas pressure on the other side on the other diaphragm. When the boiler has reached the set operating pressure, the burner will dim automatically. The regulator therefore saves gas and facilitates relaxation. It also saves water consumption of the boiler avoiding accidental discharge valve. If you like and want to buy, please ebay/itm number:262432421579
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Steam Trap Best for Wood Kiln
- สตีมแทรปดีที่สุดสำหรับเตาอบไม้
Steam Desuperheater Control
This is a common problem in industry. The next common thing is a really poor control design. Often these control designs result in spurious trips on high temperature. Since the problem is a blending one, the problem is simplified with ratio control. BTC: 13NTcBLecF4nxNcAqi8aBjtea6vGBqD9tM ETH: 0x1e9557ba0aaee93a1c3fc87899cd9cbfe9926ce5 ETC: 0x1e9557ba0aaee93a1c3fc87899cd9cbfe9926ce5 LTC: LNPRPsVfLuR8627ZXMWg2RS15TiQUiATYJ ZEC : t1bn9n2xT14wCzmm6ieTnfTqnyhzf6upPVQ BCH: 1ELZE2PtLes3a4Kwz3yp6k2kDjtmHEkFFm DSH: XeaooG3SHnBZdTkkpCiYLZyYezYHBSX79J
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Industrial steam boiler for textile industry-ZG Boiler manufacturer in China
http:www.zgsteamboiler.com; industrialboilermerry@hotmail.com 2ton,3ton, 4ton,5ton,6ton,7ton, ........35ton gas oil fired steam boiler- Industrial steam boiler for textile industry-ZG Boiler manufacturer in China
Electricity Tracing.
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Steam System Reliability Webinar Presented by Kelly Paffel
In this webinar, Kelly Paffel, a recognized worldwide authority in industrial steam systems and Technical Manager of Swagelok Energy Advisors, Inc., discusses Steam System Reliablity. He focuses on two reliability areas: steam leakage and component failure, and the importance of developing Steam System Reliability Program that proactively maintains a safe, leak free, steam system where steam system components last a minimum of six years.
Industrial Controls Video Training - Steam Traps
Steam traps are a type of automatic valve that filters out condensed steam -- often called condensate water -- and non-condensable gases such as air without letting steam escape. Steam and water leaks are a major cause of energy loss which leads to increases in fuel consumption, water treatment and high maintenance costs due to humidity impacts on electronics.
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Used- Groen Double Motion Table Top Steam Jacket Kettle - stock# 43740003
http://www.aaronequipment.com/usedequipment/kettles/stainless-steel-kettles/groen-tda1-40-43740003 Used- Groen Double Motion Table Top Steam Jacket Kettle, 40 Quart (10 Gallon), Model TDA/1-40, 304 Stainless Steel. 16" Diameter x 16" deep, open top with pouring lip, no cover, 2/3 jacketed hemispherical bottom, rated 50 psi at 32 to 300 degrees F. Manual bowl tilt. Dual tilt out agitator, no attachments, driven by a 1/2hp, 90 volt, 1750 rpm DC motor. Mounted on a stainless steel drain table.
TZIDC Zero Position
How to reverse the 0% and 100% positions of the TZIDC Positioner.
Pressure Reducing Station by Anay Engineering Private Limited, Pune
[http://www.anayengineering.com/] Welcome to Anay Engineering Pvt. Ltd, Manufacturer & Trader of Heating Equipments. The company was incorporated in 1997 at Pune. Our Well developed infrastructure units & Specialized R & D departments have helped us to cater Indian Subcontinent. Kirloskar Oil Engines & LG Electronics Ltd. are few of our prestigious clients and we are backed with skilled professionals, World class quality standards & customized solutions. Bulk Storage Tank, Dampers, Pressure Reducing Station, Allied Services & Turnkey Projects are the products and services that we offer. Due to their flawless quality, longevity & excellent design, our Pressure Reducing Station, Chimney & Receivers are highly demanded by our clients. Our Bulk Storage Tank is best in the industry amongst others. We offer Dampers & Diverters that are well known for their outstanding performance. Along with that we offer Tray Dryers & Heating Equipments that are extremely reliable. We also provide Allied Services, Approvals & Turnkey Projects that are well known for their high efficiency.
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Steam Plant Operation
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Flam Arrestors - Popular Models & Common Applications
-- http://shav-tal.com/flame-arrestor/ .. Flame arrestor allows gas to pass through it but stops a flame in order to prevent a larger fire or explosion. Our company offers in-line, free vent, high-pressure deflagration and detonation flame arrestors. Our flame arrestors use spiral wound, crimped-metal ribbon flame cell elements to inhibit flame propagation by absorbing and dissipating heat, and are designed to provide maximum flow with a minimum amount of pressure drop across the element. Connection sizes range from ¾ inch up to 36 inches. In this video we'll review various models of our quality flame arrestors, their key features and common applications. Threaded In-line Flame Arrestors Threaded Inline Flame Arrestors are designed to stop the propagation of confined low pressure deflagrations. The Inline series prevent flame propagation by absorbing and dissipating heat using spiral wound crimped ribbon flame cells. These cells allow maximum flow with maximum protection. The Inline series is typically used for end-of-line and near end-of-line applications when the system operating pressure is near atmospheric levels and when there is minimal probability of a flame stabilizing on the Flame Arrestor element for an extended period. Typical applications include small fuel-assist lines, waste gas on reboilers and small instrumentation lines. Designed with threaded or flanged connections. Standard housing construction is aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. The element is available in aluminum or stainless steel. Special material and protective coatings are available on request. Free Vent Flame Arrestor designed to allow free venting in combination with flame protection for vertical vent applications. This type product is installed at the top of an atmospheric vent line or storage tank. They prevent flame propagation by absorbing and dissipating heat using spiral wound crimped ribbon flame cells. These cells allow maximum flow with maximum protection. The free vent flame arrestor is used to stop the propagation of confined and unconfined low pressure deflagrations. It prevents an ignited atmospheric vapor cloud from propagating beyond the Flame Arrestor into the vent line or tank. Free Vent Flame Arrestors allow free venting and flame protection for vertical vent applications. Designed with flanged connections, this arrestor allows removal of the flame cell element without their removal of the venting assembly. Standard housing construction is aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. The element is available in aluminum or stainless steel. Special material and protective coatings are available on request. Series 8 High Pressure Deflagration Arrestor Designed to protect against high velocity and pressure flame fronts inherent in applications beyond the performance range of a standard flame arrestor but not yet to the detonation phase of flame development and provide an economical alternative to a detonation arrestor. The Series 8 is designed to surpass standard flame arrestors for applications that include extended lengths of pipe with one bend, elevated operating pressures and extended flame stabilization on the flame cell element. The arrestors are bi-directional and can stop low, medium and high pressure deflagrations. Our design is unique in the ability to provide larger flame channels which requires less frequent maintenance and greater ease in cleaning when service is required, translating to less down time. Our patented element offers maximum flow to pressure drop characteristics enhancing the value of our product in any system. Detonation Flame Arrestors They prevent flame propagation by absorbing and dissipating heat using spiral wound crimped ribbon flame cells. These cells allow maximum flow with maximum protection. They provide protection against flame propagation in piping systems that are manifolded or have long run-up distances. Our company offers a wide range of flame and detonation arrestors designed to provide maximum flow with a minimum amount of pressure drop across the element. Click on the link below this video to contact and get more information about the proper solution for your application. To determine which arrestor is right for your application Click on the link on the bottom of this video right now and contact us. -- http://shav-tal.com/flame-arrestor/
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DELTA SD4 Double Seal Valves - NOT Element - SPX FLOW APV
This animation demonstrates the NOT Element available for use on the SD4 Double Seal Valve. The element is located in the control unit, it is used to add air to the spring of the actuator for closing the valve. This element allows the valve to obtain higher holding pressures.
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Armstrong - Guidelines for Steam System Efficiency
Here's a nice little training video from our friends at Armstrong International. This video may have been made in the '80s but the message is still very relevant. Watch the video and visit our website at http://www.boisco.com for any assistance we can give you on your energy conversion needs. Remember, Boiler Supply Company is your Energy Conversion Solutions Provider!
Arm Steam Tech Presentation
Corporate Presentation of Arm Steam Tech Holdings Ventures Inc. for the STJ Stream Trap Japan.
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Humidifier 3D Animation
3ds max, Corona Renderer, Nuke, AE
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