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Math Games For Kids : How to Play the Arithmetic Game
Learn how to play and teach this great game for practicing arithmetic with expert teaching tips in this free online kids math games video clip. Expert: Courtney Hester Bio: Courtney Hester has a degree in elementary education. She has many skills and talents, including making various crafts. She has made many different types of crafts with her students. Filmmaker: bobby Hester
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Whitest Kids U' Know - Sniper Business
Clip from The Whitest Kids U' Know on Fuse. from episode 209, Sniper Business.
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Robert Kiyosaki -  The CASHFLOW Game
It's Time To Get Smarter With Your Money. "...It's become even clearer to me that what Robert talks about and teaches is more important than ever. Financial education is crucial to this country at this point, and Robert's acumen in this area cannot be disputed." - Donald J. Trump Robert Kiyosaki interview at: http://eaglesvisions.blogspot.com/2008_06_01_archive.html
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Education & business find uses for Serious Games
http://www.euronews.net Computer games are beginning to break out from their console and entertainment world, and finding more constructive applications in the worlds of business and education. This special edition of HiTech looks at a very French revolution.
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Children's Fitness Programs Part 1
Part 1 of our tips to setting up a successful childrens fitness business. www.lilcommandos.com.au
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Book Caterpillar Crawl from www.funny-business.com
Caterpillar Kids game rental Carnival Games Carnival Rides Picnic Entertainment for your company picnic, festival or college event in MI, OH, IN, IL
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How to Start a Lemonade Stand
Watch more Money Advice for Kids videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/17500-How-to-Start-a-Lemonade-Stand It’s hot out. You like money. How about starting a lemonade stand! Step 1: Make a business plan Before you make your lemonade, make a business plan. Will you have to spend any money on supplies? If you’re going to spend $5 of your own money on ingredients, for example, you’ll need to make more than $5 to make a profit, or the money you get to keep. Now you can decide how much you want to charge per cup to make sure you earn that. Tip Remember, if you’re setting up shop with other people, you’ll have to split the money you make with them! Step 2: Pick a perfect day, time, and location Pick the perfect day, time, and location for your lemonade stand. Think about where and when the largest number of thirsty people would walk by your stand. Think hot days at playgrounds and fairs, or during little league games. Of course your front yard is just fine, too. Step 3: Make your lemonade sign Make your lemonade sign using some cardboard or foam core and a large, bold marker. Write 'Lemonade for Sale' with the price clearly visible. You can add a drawing of lemons or a glass of lemonade if you want. The bigger and flashier your sign, the more people will notice it. Step 4: Publicize your business While 'walk in' customers are usually the bulk of lemonade stand business, you might want to let your friends and family know what you’re up to. You can either make flyers or do an email blast announcing the time, location, and date of your grand opening. Step 5: Make the lemonade Make your lemonade ahead of time. You can make it from a mix, but serving homemade lemonade will make your stand special and might help you sell more. Either way, have a grown-up cut up a lemon so you can float the slices in your pitcher. Tip For 1 gallon of homemade lemonade, ask an adult to juice 6 lemons, then mix that with 1½ cups of sugar and 2 quarts of water and ice. Step 6: Do a taste test Now comes the fun part—drink it! You’ve got to make sure it tastes good, but don’t drink too much or you’ll have to mix up some more. Step 7: Refrigerate the lemonade Pour the lemonade into a large thermos or several pitchers and refrigerate it until you’re ready to start selling. Step 8: Set up your table Set up your table. You can use a folding table or some milk crates with boards on top. On top of this set a clean tablecloth and lots of paper cups. Hang or prop up your sign. Tip Make sure everything looks clean—the cups, table, pitcher, and even you! Step 9: Have change Depending on what you’re charging, you’ll want to either have lots of quarters or single dollar bills to make it easy to make change for your customers. Keep the money safe and organized in some kind of box on the table. Tip If there are other stands in your area, try to make yours stand out. Put the words 'Gourmet' or 'Secret Recipe' on your sign. Step 10: Set up the lemonade Store extra ice and lemonade in separate containers under the table so you won’t have to run back to the kitchen, and fill a see-through serving pitcher with some ice, lemonade, and cut lemons. Tip Don’t set out cups already filled with lemonade. Flies will swarm around them and it will look gross. Step 11: Attract customers Smile and wait for customers. People like to buy from kids that smile. Did You Know? In 2003, a 6-year-old boy started a lemonade stand to raise money for breast cancer research. Today 'Max’s Lemonade Stand' is a nonprofit that’s made over $30,000.
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Kids Making Games
A project for learners in Scotland collaborate to make educational games. Using the Thinking Worlds 2 Sim authoring tool.
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child safety game
Do you worry about them experimenting with tobacco, alcohol http://www.good4ukid.com/dnn/ Educational Board Games, Educational Games, Learning Games, Board Games, Board Game, Kids Games, Kid's Games, Card Games,Games To Play,Games For Kids,Children's Games,Family Board Games Educational Board Games Learning Game Kids Card Childrens Family Games Drug Prevention Alcohol
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Beehive Game "Live"
Beehive Game "Live" - Full contact business networking
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Drop Shots Tennis on Channel 2 (Business Story) - Tennis Lessons for Children
Drop Shots Tennis was featured on Channel 2 News about the owner, Matt Nelsen, and his role in this successful small business, teaching tennis lessons to young children, ages 2 to 10. Kids CAN learn to play tennis, and we can teach them. Drop Shots Tennis is one of the most unique locations that teaches children how to play tennis. We specialize in teaching kids tennis, where everything at Drop Shots Tennis is geared for KIDS / CHILDREN. We have mini courts, smaller rackets, softer balls, and lots of toys, so kids will learn to play and love the sport!
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Teach Basketball - How To Start A Basketball Training Business
How to make money by teaching, coaching, and helping kids in your area become better basketball players with specialized drills and lessons. For more information on how to start and run a basketball training business, please visit: https://www.TeachBasketball.com (Updated in 2018)
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Dice Games : Rolling the Dice to Get Out of Jail in Monopoly
In Monopoly, dice can be used to get out of jail by rolling a two-of-a-kind. Roll dice numbers that match to get out of jail in Monopoly with tips from a gaming enthusiast in this free video on dice games. Expert: Dean Hale Contact: www.wearehdtv.com Bio: Dean Hale has been playing board games and card games for over three decades. Hale and his family spend a lot of quality time playing games. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Vectorform - Surface Math + Games
http://www.vectorform.com/surface/ Marygrove College - teaching kids math using the Microsoft Surface and Vectorform's election tracking applications. The last bit of the video adds some of the games we played - Surface DJ and the Vect-O'Lantern.
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Hall of Icebreakers: The Alphabet Game
During the pre-service training for every new member class, we engage the members in a series of icebreaker games. Not only does this help the members build friendships, but it also teaches them games they can use with the youth at their sites.
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Kids Castle Maze infaltable rental Carnival Games Carnival Rides Picnic Entertainment for your company picnic, festival or college event in MI, OH, IN, IL
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Dino Moon bounce kids ride game Carnival Games Carnival Rides Picnic Entertainment for your company picnic, festival or college event in MI, OH, IN, IL
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Wooden Swing Sets by Kids Creations
http://www.kidscreations.com Swing set manufacturer Kid's Creations, LLC showcasing their business model and how they put safety first. Welcome to the world of Kid's Creations! You've just taken the first steps of a journey filled with fun and games that will last through your child's entire youth and for generations beyond. Our business model is based upon three ideals: Quality, Safety, and Savings. By delivering our product directly from the manufacturer to you, the consumer, we are able to save you thousands while providing the highest quality swing sets along with a greater level of personal care, attention, and service. So many companies today sacrifice quality and craftsmanship for profits. When Jeff Snell, the founder of Kid's Creations, decided to offer his swing sets nationwide he made sure that the quality of his play systems didn't get lost in the overall plan. At Kid's Creations, we use the very best materials available, including one-hundred-percent con heart redwood. We are the only company to use this high of grade redwood in our play systems. Not only does this lumber contribute to the sheer visual appeal of our swing sets, it's virtually splinter-free and naturally decay-resistant. This is especially important because it allows us to avoid using the CCA treatments that are so common among swing sets and yet are now being found to cause serious medical problems. Plastiol-coated chains, which prevent fingers from getting pinched. Ductile iron swing-hangers, which are the strongest on the market. Heavy-duty molded slides, which feature super-high side rails that are safe enough for the smallest user but strong enough for mom and dad. Recessed hardware, which prevents cuts and scrapes. One-half-inch zinc-plated steel fasteners; most competitors use leg screws that loosen over time, but not Kid's Creations. Rounded edges and corners: we round all of our edges a full one-half-inch providing for much safer play. "Flat ladder steps: these are the safest steps available for your child. A four-by-six swing beam that is rated at two-hundred-fifty pounds per swing comes standard on the majority of our swing set models, and all of this with a thirty-day money-back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty to boot! Quality, safety, and the very best value for your recreational dollar: Kid's Creations! Kid's Creations ahoy!
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Board Games & Card Games : How to Make an RPG (Role-Playing Game)
When creating an RPG, develop statistics for creating characters, for different combat and for role-playing situations. Study other RPGs before creating a new one with tips from a gaming specialist in this free video on role-playing games. Expert: Windy St. George Bio: Windy St. George has worked at Games of Berkeley for eight years. She is an expert in all types of card games, board games, tabletop games, RPGs, and miniatures. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
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www.MsCharme.com Educational Kids Games and Toys
http://www.MsCharme.com See an educational game you can play with kids. Toys and art projects can be made from very simple items that kids can make at school or home. Visit www.MsCharme.com for tips.
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Hardly Working: Business Time
Some people think there's more to life than success in the workplace. They're called "middle management." Free CHTV video podcast on iTunes: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPod... CH Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/CollegeHumor/6363207806 For more, visit http://www.collegehumor.com/chtv
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home party business games 4 direct sales/mlm consultants Tip# 2
http://www.PartyPlanGames.com A home party business tip.
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Selling Jewelry : How to Plan Games for a Jewelry Party
Planning games for a jewelry party depends on the type of people attending, but an introductory name game is a great way to break the ice. Use games to introduce the jewelry products at a party with helpful information from a jeweler representative in this free video on jewelry retail. Expert: Judy Carrier Contact: www.wearehdtv.com Bio: Judy Carrier is a representative for Jewel by Park Lane, a family owned and operated business out of Chicago, Ill. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Teaching English : How to Communicate Better in Business
Communicate better in business settings by being concise and specific when relating information via phone or email. Reduce the possibility of miscommunication by following important tips from a teacher in this free video on communication skills. Expert: Michael Walter Mitchell Bio: Michael Walter Mitchell has a masters degree in education from the University of California, Los Angeles. He has been teaching English and history at various secondary schools. Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky
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Slip-n-Slide from www.funny-business.com
Slip-n-slide Carnival Games Carnival Rides Picnic Entertainment for your company picnic, festival or college event in MI, OH, IN, IL
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Lemonade Crunchy Ice Game!
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Ahoy Matey Inflatable from www.funny-business.com
Ahoy Matey Inflatable rental kids ride Carnival Games Carnival Rides Picnic Entertainment for your company picnic, festival or college event in MI, OH, IN, IL
Two Person Improvisation Games : "Fortunately, Unfortunately"  Improvisation  Exercises
Learn the improvisation game called "Fortunately, Unfortunately" in this free performance Video. Expert: Terri Lynne Bio: Terri Lynne is a freelance hair and makeup artist for film and television production. She received her hair and makeup training through the University of Winnipeg in Canada. Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin
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BBS Barcelona Business School Games Theory on FRIENDS
BBS Barcelona Business School Games Theory on FRIENDS
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Baalty Game (Arabic video)
This video describes the Baalty computer game for young people in Egypt that teaches small business skills, entrepreneurship, and micro-loan management.
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Baalty Game (English video)
This video demonstrates and explains the Baalty computer game, which has been developed and used in Egypt to teach children small business management, entrepreneurship, and micro-credit management.
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Improv Comedy Icebreaker Games : Improv Comedy Games: Enemy Defender
Play Enemy Defender in improv class to promote closeness among participants. Learn the improv comedy game Enemy Defender in this free theater acting video from a teacher of improvisation. Expert: Shana Merlin Bio: Shana Merlin carries more than 1000 hours of teaching under her belt, and is one of the most experienced and effective improv teachers in Central Texas. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA
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Stoneham's Pumpkin Festival
The Stoneham Business and Community Educational Foundation sponsored a Pumpkin Festival last Saturday, Oct. 25, on Town Common. The festival featured a pumpkin-carving contest and lots of fun games for the kids. The carnival games — run by students in the high school community service class — included Grab the Ghost, Pumpkin Frisbee, Find the Pumpkin, Stop the Scarecrow, Candy Corn Toss, Ghost Darts and Spider Bowling. Small prizes were given at each game. All proceeds from the festival will be used to fund The Stoneham Business and Community Educational Foundations grant program. Since its inception in 1992, the SBCEF has given over $90,000 to Stonehams schools and youth organizations to fund enrichment programs in the arts, sciences, health, history and culture.
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Money Minute: Video Games and Job Cuts
Electronic Arts has extended its offer for Take Two Interactive by one month. AP's Mark Hamrick reports on that, and the rest of Friday's business headlines. (April 18)
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Card Games : How to Build a House of Cards
When building a house of cards, get cards that are rough around the edges and can create friction. Build a house of cards by setting up pyramids, and hold them together with cards on top by following tips from a gaming specialist in this free video on card games. Expert: Windy St. George Bio: Windy St. George has worked at Games of Berkeley for eight years. She is an expert in all types of card games, board games, tabletop games, RPGs, and miniatures. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
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How To Set Up A Rotating Martial Arts Curriculum - Martial Arts Business
http://www.martialartscurriculum.com/ is a complete online video rotating curriculum for martial arts instructors.
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T-E-A-M Together Everyone Achieves More in MLM
http://www.mlm-mentor.info When you get old in life, things get taken from you. But you only learn that when you start loosing stuff. You Learn life is this game of inches.So is football, so is business. In either division, the margin of error is so small. I mean one half second too late, you don't quite make it, one half pound too light, you don't quite make it also. The inches we need are everywhere around us, they are in every break of the game, every minute, every second. Tell yourself right now as you go into your future that in whatever you want to do with your life that you will fight for that inch. In your life, you tear everything and everyone to pieces for that inch, you claw with your fingernails for that inch because the universe knows when it adds up all those inches (that you fought for), thats going to make the difference between winning and loosing, between living and dying. In any fight, its the guy who's willing to die who's going to win that inch. Because thats what living is, the six inches in front of your face. So in your family life, your business life, your sporting life etc, look into your partners or your teammates life. Ensure him that you will sacrifice yourself for the sake of the bigger picture because you know that when it comes down to it, you're going to do the same for him. Thats team work. Together everyone achieves more. A marriage cant be saved by one person. A team cant win solely with one star player. A business corporation cant make millions based on one good man. T-E-A-M work makes the dream work! Call me 00353863823062 teamwork 160 games to build teamwork mlm teamwork quotes mlm effective teamwork mlm quotes about teamwork mlm benefits of teamwork mlm free teamwork games mlm importance of teamwork mlm teamwork cartoon mlm teamwork hospitality mlm define teamwork mlm what behaviors to measure for collaborative teamwork mlm teamwork workshops mlm free teamwork exercises mlm teamwork slogans mlm teamwork activities mlm teamwork games mlm explain teamwork mlm quotes on teamwork mlm teamwork in radiotherapy mlm what is teamwork mlm articles on teamwork mlm at behaviors to measure for collaborative teamwork mlm teamwork and getting along with co-workers mlm teamwork stories mlm teamwork training mlm barry joliff teamwork and team play mlm teamwork lessons mlm teamwork rubric mlm teamwork skills mlm example of teamwork mlm teamwork exercise mlm teamwork games for kids mlm teamwork poems mlm advantage of teamwork mlm definition of teamwork mlm j&l teamworks mlm larry bird teamwork mlm teamwork + children mlm teamworks mlm 1983 act health in mental teamwork mlm good teamwork mlm international teamworks inc mlm office teamwork mlm sermon football teamwork mlm teamwork exercises mlm teamwork in organizations mlm teamwork in the workplace mlm teamwork workshops north carolina mlm soccer teamwork goals mlm sports help develop leadership and teamwork skills mlm strategies that foster student teamwork mlm teamwork + children art mlm teamwork apparel mlm teamwork in business mlm teamwork skills activities games mlm teamwork workshops nc mlm workshops to improve teamwork mlm building teamwork mlm teamwork + second grade posters mlm teamwork assessment mlmteamwork assessment tool mlm teamwork athletic apparel mlm teamwork diagrams mlm teamwork disadvantages mlm teamwork keychain mlm teamwork nurse advantages mlm teamwork ppt mlm teamwork quote mlm teamwork theories mlm teamwork uniforms mlm teamworks uniforms mlm wonder pets teamwork song mlm blue angels teamwork mlm building teamwork building character mlm disadvantages of teamwork mlm effective teamwork skills mlm entrepreneur teamwork mlm examples of aspects of teamwork mlm football team captain teamwork mlm humor teamwork poster mlm it takes teamwork to make your dream work speech mlm lesson on teamwork mlm multicultural workforce teamwork mlm nursing teamwork mlm poems about teamwork mlm problems teamwork mlm quote about teamwork mlm quotes teamwork mlm resume questions about teamwork mlm sports teamwork mlm teamwork assignment mlm teamwork cartoons mlm teamwork certificates mlm teamwork definition mlm teamwork group activities mlm teamwork icebreakers mlm teamwork in the military mlm teamwork mp3 mlm teamwork poster
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The Birthday Game = proof that Scientology is a business
Money. Provisions. That's what it's all about. See for yourself. Another parody by Golden Lulz Productions using original material from the "Church" of Scientology. Clips used under the Fair Use Exception for the non-commercial purpose of parody only. The "International Production Strategy" presented in this parody is the actual "International Production Strategy" from from a 1984 Flag Int video! By the way, the guy on the left is not just some random fellow. In court, he described his duties as follows: "As the WDC Chairman and Commanding Officer CMOI, I direct the activities of a large, international church. I am responsible for the financial planning for CSI and for ensuring the long-term future of the religion through safeguarding its financial reserves. I appoint all senior officials of CSI. I, along with the Executive Director International and the Executive Strata, a division of CSI, also formujlate the long-term planning for the expansion of all Churches of Scientology." Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f2/Declaration_Marc_Yager_1994.pdf The guy on the right was also actually in charge. Source: http://www.xenufrance.net/ed-int-declarations-of-guillaume-lesevre.pdf These Clowns *ACTUALLY* ran the strategy of $cientology! LRH states: "MAKE MONEY. MAKE MORE MONEY. MAKE OTHER PEOPLE PRODUCE SO AS TO MAKE MORE MONEY." - L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 9 March 1972, MS OEC 384 5.4X "The Birthday Game" details the measures ("stats") such as: "Paid completions", "Cash on Hand", "Payments to Flag", "Gross income", "Gross book sales", "Paid starts", "Value of services delivered", "Money paid for Training", "Gross Income Divided by Number of Staff", "Number of Books sold to New Public" http://wikileaks.org/wiki/Scientology_cult_Birthday_Game Creditz for the lulz to B4NO1CANSEE
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The Beijing Games: Sport, Business, Politics (1 of 2), 2008
A wide-ranging discussion featuring Olympic sprinter Harrison Dillard, economics of sports author and professor Andrew Zimbalist, and ESPN Executive Vice President John Walsh. Hosted by the Aspen Institute, The 2008 Aspen Ideas Festival will engage its participants in a variety of programs, tutorials, seminars and discussion events which together are guaranteed to charge the atmosphere with vibrant intellectual exchange. Think of it as a week-long summer university for the mind -- remarkable lectures and classes across a stimulating array of topics.
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Children, Ethical Sport and the Olympic Games
Google Tech Talks February, 1 2008 ABSTRACT Given Ms. DeFrantz's day to day work at the LA84Foundation, there are many questions about the ethical nature of sport as viewed through the goals of the Olympic movement. The LA84 Foundation exists because of the 1984 Olympic Games. Their mission is to get youth life ready through sports. The IOC has decided to have Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in 2010. The purpose for these Games was said to be a method for getting young people more interested in the Olympic movement. How will these Games produce that result? Speaker: Anita L. DeFrantz Anita L. DeFrantz, an attorney and member of the International Olympic Committee and 1976 and 1980 Olympic teams, is the president and member of the Board of Directors of the LA84 Foundation, which is managing Southern California's endowment from the 1984 Olympic Games. In addition to her Olympic bronze medal performance in the 1976 Games, DeFrantz won a silver medal in the 1978 World Championships in rowing, was a finalist in the World Championships four times and won six National Championships. The IOC awarded her the Bronze Medal of the Olympic Order for her leadership role in fighting the U.S. government-led boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.
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Book Dragon Hide n Slide from www.funny-business.com
Dragon Hide n Slide Inflatable Rental Carnival Games Carnival Rides Picnic Entertainment for your company picnic, festival or college event in MI, OH, IN, IL
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Consolarium on BBC News - Gaming in Education
Learning and Teaching Scotland's Derek Robertson explains new gaming in education projects with the Nintendo DS which are motivating, engaging and improving the attainment of Scottish students.
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Teaching Kids To Code
Google Tech Talks March, 7 2008 ABSTRACT Learning to code has become both more important and more complicated in the last decade. We need to make it attractive and easy again. Most western countries currently experience a shortage of skilled computing professionals in the employment market. We have seen a similar problem in the 1990s, but this time the situation is different: While the problem in the 90s was university capacity (we just couldn't educate enough people quickly enough), this time around it is enrolment: Universities have the capacity, but not enough students sign up to study technical, computing related subjects, such as computer science or software engineering. The real problem lies before university: at school age, students decide against computing as a subject, because it is perceived as geeky, tedious, intellectually not challenging, and most of all boring. At the same time, programming in schools is on a sharp decline. We need to counter this trend by bringing programming back into schools, and make it an engaging, challenging, relevant and enjoyable activity. To be successful, the public sector, academia and business should work together to make this happen. At the University of Kent, we have developed two successful development environments, named BlueJ and Greenfoot, and educational material to address these challenges. In this presentation, we will discuss both, with the main focus on Greenfoot, a system for beginners to learn Java programming through development of interactive graphical applications. Greenfoot and its associated materials can be used to teach programming in schools, computer clubs, or to your own children. Kids develop computer games, and -- almost as an aside -- learn object- oriented programming in Java. In this talk, I will present the software, strategies for learning of programming, and the benefits and drawback of Java as a first language. Speaker: Michael Kölling, Computing Laboratory, University Michael Kölling is the lead designer of the BlueJ and Greenfoot programming environments. Both environments are designed for beginners to learn the basics of Java, and are widely used by schools and universities all over the world. Michael is also the founder of the Sun Center of Excellence in Object-Oriented Education at the University of Kent. He works as a Senior Lecturer in the Computing Laboratory at the University of Kent, where he teaches Java to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and is co-author of a successful Java textbook, "Objects First With Java."
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Players Only with Scott Steinberg: INDIE GAMES
Never mind smash hits like Halo 3 and Gears of War: It's independent games -- small, quirky and low-budget productions -- that are really making huge strides forward for the PC and video game business today. This week on DigitalTrends.com's Players Only, we learn why thinking small is in, and the reason tomorrow's next game design superstar might just be staring right back at you in the mirror. Also explored: The importance of innovation, digital distribution and ways to make and market your own game...
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Book Duck Pond from www.funny-business.com
Duck Pond Midway Game Carnival Games Carnival Rides Picnic Entertainment for your company picnic, festival or college event in MI, OH, IN, IL
MS-DOS Games: Dinopark Tycoon
One of the most original "business" games made, DinoPark Tycoon is both a strategy and managing game. The player must run a modern park that features dinosaurs as its main attraction. The goal is to take care of the dinosaurs and feed them, while keeping the park clean, organized, and well maintained. Music: The Beatles - Across the Universe
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Fun business training hand drumming workshop
http://www.ActiveRhythmology.co.uk provide your team building drum circle, business training drumming workshop, conference energiser Boomwhackers, community junk percussion activities and more!
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Czech Outdoor Awards 2008 - Part Kids
AUDIO+PHOTO Award of czech outdoor business. Trends: Kids and Family Activities. Czech language only.
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Joe Brignoli from Pro-Star MMA, Kids MMA Drill or Game
Pro-Star Mixed Martial Arts Designer/ owner Joe Brignoli shows a fun game/ drill with a practical application. "Toss and Close," is demonstrated by Tony Amorin (2007 NAGA World Champion) and Matthew "Z", Pro-Star MMA students from Jerry Jones' MMA school in Nutley, NJ. For information on licensing the Pro-Star MMA Curriculum, business systems, and marketing strategy, contact Joe Brignoli at 1-877-274-4846, or joe@prostarmma.com.prostar pro-star www.prostarmma.com kickboxing grappling bjj brazilian jiu ju jitsu jiu-jitsu kick boxing punch thai mixed martial arts mma ufc ultimate fighting championship pride IFL ultimate fighter joe brignoli joey joseph jerry jones john graden david bybee frank shamrock chuck norris liddell tito ortiz randy cotoure bas rutten gracie mata napma teachers association kids karate taekwondo tkd drill drills clearwater palm harbor FL florida Nutley nj new jersey kids jab cross overhand right hook to body uppercut upper cut focus pads mitts sparring games left hook thai kick straight right straight knee thai knee clinch full mount nelson side mount escape roll guard half full butterfly head north south takedown take down single double sprawl arm bar hammer lock hammerlock reverse keylock key lock bearhug bear hug forearm fore arm snatch low leg headlock front fight stance fighter tony amorin matthew z defense 1 2 3 4 stand up standup position full nelson pass catting out guillotine counter scoop class classroom movement knee kneebar pummel over and under plum tie up tie-up block blocks warmup warm-ups warm ups spin active standing ankle pick foot touch back backward backwards jump side sidekick hook front transition combo combination duck slip evade weave submission submissions www.martialartsteachers.com capping cap wrestling
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Counter strike extreme v5 more guns mod

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