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How to download NDS Emulator and Game ROMs
Game freaks, here is a good source. a step-by-step how to download the emulators and rom, even megaman star force
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Mega Man NES
I'm currently speed running this game. My PB as of right now is 21:31:1. Come check it out at http://www.twitch.tv/toad22484 The download link is down and I don't have the original version, guess I will have to redo the run eventually (for quality purposes, I think this is a pretty good run regardless :p).
Views: 955158 Toad Speedgaming
MD Mega Man: Willy Wars (Rockman Mega World)
The only Mega Man to grace the Sega Megadrive is in fact a compilation of the orignal Mega Man I, II and III from the NES, making it irresistible for people who had a NES. There are some minor differences, but only purists will notice them. This game was never released in the USA, just Japan (know as Rockman: Mega World) and Europe. Update: Available in US on the Sega Channel.
Views: 21413 ShiryuGL
Tom Servo NES
This is a rom hack of Mega Man 3
Views: 10567 Tork110
Dynamic Duo VS MegaMan!
I did a battle Of megaman VS Serenade and Bass! It will take a lot of skill to beat them both at the same time, Believe it! (This Battle Was Done Through ROM Hacking Learn to hack http://s6.invisionfree.com/The_Rockman_EXE_Zone/ )
Views: 2226 GreigaMaster
Megaman X 4 - Repliod Sigma Vs. Maverick Zero [PS1 & SS ENG]
In a flashback sequence, Sigma, the most powerful reploid ever created, takes matters into his own hands as he orders his men to stand back, and confronts a dangerous unknown maverick alone. Clearly having the upper hand, Sigma's favor tips to the maverick's relentless persistence and ruthless sadistic nature. Who is this 'red maverick', where did he come from, and how is he so powerful?
Views: 588369 DDDJr
Omega Zero Aura
(You need a hacked rom)i finally found out how to do the Aura and if u want to know comment and ask and i will tell u for sure! Here is the tutorial: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GQ4XPVHF 72037FBE 0013 32038062 0003 72037FBE 0012 32038062 0002 7203800C 581C 32038062 0000 53002CC0 0015 49CA2821 C030 8839F2DE FDF7 74AA3BB7 DF5B 5FE36D10 92A0 B9A4BF24 85B9 0ABE0000 A0B4 88C5D26A DEFB A20380C4 0000 53002CEA 0006 077F8A7F ED7F BFE8FF7D DF7E 7203808C 0403 53002CF6 0005 1F44BFE8 FF7D DF7EBFFF 0000 7203808C 0503 3203807C 0000 42037218 0B0B 00000004 0002 74000130 03FB 52037FB4 0002 C5D80508 0000 74000130 03FB 52037FAC 0002 01010200 0000 72037FBE 083F 52037FB4 0002 BD940208 0000 72000BBA 082F 82038016 0835 53002E40 0010 49CA28B1 A0B4 49390DCA D1DA 49390DCA 8F52 8FD2252D 4939 8ABDEB45 4939 8ABD0000 0000 74000130 02FD 8203807C C8C8 Part 2 of code:Technics 74000130 02FD 8203807C C8C8 72038134 0D40 320380C8 0001 72038134 0D40 32038060 0001 72038134 0D40 32038061 0001 72038134 0D40 5203808C 0002 03010000 0000 72038149 0D40 5203808C 0002 03020000 0000 7203815E 0D40 5203808C 0002 03050000 0000 72038173 0D40 5203808C 0002 03020000 0000 72038188 0D40 5203808C 0002 03030000 0000 7203819D 0D40 5203808C 0002 03050000 0000 720381B2 0D40 5203808C 0002 03070000 0000 720381B3 0D40 32038061 0000 72037FBE 0314 820305D0 02D0 72037FBE 0314 3203A862 0040 Part 3 of code:EX-ASM expasion( Not necessary) 0835B848:4000 0835B868:00EB00EA 0835B86C:00EA00EC 0835B870:00EA00EA 0835B874:00EA00EA 0835B878:00EE00EE 0835B87C:00EE00EE 0835B880:00EE00EE 0835B888:00EF00EF 0835B88C:00EC00EC 0835B890:00EE00EE 0835B894:00EC00EC These codes are for codebreaker. For the last 1 it is only for visualboy advance emulator. When your pasting the last code in vba paste it in the code box. Theres a suprise when you do some of the ex skills and that surprise will work when you put in the third code if you have vba. DO NOT COPY MY CODE AND PASTE IT IN YOUR PAGE! Ok i know alot of people are having trouble and i know i havn't been replying much(school/Job) but you need a hacked rom for these codes to work! Without a hacked rom it would restart if you press select. Also you could get the clt cht file instead of my codes
Views: 29949 Mushturban
Megaman Double Beast Out
This is the result of what you get when you play MMBN6 and experiment with gameshark codes for cross/souls with falzar's beast out for half an hour. Enjoy. -:- EDIT -:- Here are the codes: For MMBN Gregar: Chargeman=Falzar 0AD08D6B58B1 8E84CE79D8AF For MMBN Falzar: Dustman=Gregar A72F56DC926E 27DF5F4A52A9 Both of them turns the last cross (Chargeman/Dustman) into the opposite beast out, and it won't work: 1)If you have already your standard beast out, or 2)If you already used beast over. NOTE however that once you use the standard beast out and use the opposite beast out you CANNOT enter Beast-Over mode, unless you modified the code/game/hacked it yourself. Normally you'd have 1 turn for the opposite beast out, but I used the "Infinite Beast out" cheat and turned it on/off for the extra 2 turns. Infinite Beast Out A35BB06D4A15 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Due to popular demand, here's a quick faq! 1. Q) How do I get Doublebeast chip? A) You get the doublebeast chip by inputting the "Full Library + PA" gameshark/codebreaker cheat, this triggers all chips, including chips exclusives to both games, Django chips, HakuShaku ships, the notorious and japanese-only Beast chips, and Doublebeast chip. Only way to get it, for all I know. 2. Q) I input the codes and they don't work! What do I do? A) You have to put them in the /gameshark/ code in order for them to work, not only that, but you're supposed to have a "Master" code, which is provided with every list of gameshark cheatlist for that specific game. If that doesn't work, then it could be your emulator, I tried it on VisualBoy Advanced and it works just fine. 3. Q) HEY YOU PRICK! All my gamedata got deleted when I put in the code! DAFUQ MAN A) Easy. Once you have the cheats on the list, disable them. Restart the game like normal, with cheats disabled. Once you're /in/ the game (as in playing it), re-enable them again, let them take effect, and save. You can take off most of the cheats off, except if you still want recurring cheats like infinite beast out. 4. Q) So the Chargeman = Falzar thing didn't work. What do? A) Refer to my earlier post, it'll only work if you have either not used your normal Beast Out, or have already exhaused your normal beast out (if you try to use it while in mid-beast out, you'll just do the charge cross like normal). If that doesn't work, then it could be that you may not have it put as a gameshark, or don't have the master code for it enabled. More questions might come soon!
Views: 75428 Gyrruss
(MUGEN)A Chrono Special Super Megaman World
A Movie With Megaman in it
Views: 13712 Chrono0721
EarthBound Anti-Piracy Measure (spoilers!)
NOTE: This does NOT happen with emulators/ROMs! This only happens with bootleg cartridges! More info here: http://earthboundcentral.com/2011/05/earthbounds-copy-protection/ EarthBound's programming was full of anti-piracy stuff. It would often check to see if the game was on a cartridge copier or on a pirate cartridge and then it'd do all kinds of stuff. This video is an example of one of the last checks it does in the game... and it's also one of the most evil things a designer could do. It's so bad it's genius. Anyway, check it out.
Views: 1222521 Starmen.Net Youtube
MegaMan in MarioLand?
MegamanX for the p.s.p sound track.
Views: 4318 Radiant Comics.
Hack Review: Megaman Ultra, part 1
FlashMan stage of Megaman Ultra, the complete hack of Mega Man II by a coder who goes by the name "infidelity". This hack is considered to be a gem, and you can get a preview of its gameplay by watching this. I also decide to finally use my microphone for once while playing. :P You can download the hack at the following address: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/132/
Views: 14322 romscout
megaman x4
me fighting the final boss Sigma in Megaman x4. Using a rom and Epsxe.
Views: 2712 ryansvideogamevlog
Only Z-Saber(Megaman Zero 4)
I used just saber in the initial stage of Megaman Zero 4,I dont remember but it's flawless victory :D Difficult:normal Stage:Initial Stage ROM's language:Portuguese Eu usei apenas a Z-Saber a fase toda, nem lembro mas acho q eh vitória de perfect xD Dificuldade:normal Fase:Fase inicial Idioma da ROM:Português
Views: 788 shuafa
Mega Man World (ROM hack) - Cutman Stage v2
A little more than a simple re-upload. Don't let the title fool you. Before I forget to mention it, the music was plunked in AFTER I recorded the stage footage. If it were in the Nintendo Sound Format, it'd sound a bit different. Look up "Rockman Exile" for a perfect example.
Views: 8345 Josephine Lithius
Hack Review: Megaman Ultra, part 2
WoodMan stage of Megaman Ultra, the complete hack of Mega Man II by a coder who goes by the name "infidelity". This hack is considered to be a gem, and you can get a preview of its gameplay by watching this. I also decide to finally use my microphone for once while playing. :P You can download the hack at the following address: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/132/
Views: 15526 romscout
Megaman New Horizon Gameplay Version 2
Me going through the demo of Megaman New Horizon.. again. This is not made by me and I am not helping the team make this.
Views: 12467 Doctor Mosquito
Megaman & Bass Hacking
A few things I found while hacking, and a little surprise at the end. Its a work in progress. To lear how to hack this game, go to this site: http://z11.invisionfree.com/MMHN
Views: 43618 buster858
rockman battle network 5 twin leaders:rockman vs colonel
the image of the video is bad becasu the program i use to do the video is not good enegouht to film the rom in the emulator of nintendo DS... please coment and hate
Views: 350 Claudio Germano
bass vs green devil
bass vs green devil my first video in youtube ROM IS AT 1rom.net or shadyroms.com
Views: 24117 megamaverickhunterxz
Megaman zero 3 weird buster shots
notice the buster shots turn purple
Views: 3243 Mushturban
Rockman World - Cutman Stage
This is just for comparison to my ROM hack.
Views: 13635 Josephine Lithius
Ryusei No Rockman 2 Beserk x Shinobi gameplay on no$gba
I am sad to say that my PC got infected with spyware and i had to restore it to factory settings so i do not have the rom or no$gba anymore i will find the site i got it from and post the link. ------------------------------------------- This is my first vid on youtube and first time using hypercam so i am a little bad but i will improve..... anyways this is me playing Ryusei No Rockman 2 on the no$gba gba/DS emulator also the song i used is Overdrive sorry i dont know who it is by ^^; Any way enjoy the (sorry bout the bad quality and all as i said first time using hypercam)
Views: 8803 LITRIP
Mega Man X:  Buggy Password
2226-5352-8868 7443-2241-1221 5778-8422-3577 On their own, these passwords send you to the highway stage with no health and an inability to do anything, forcing you to reset your game. However, if you let a demo start up and then try one of them, you'll be transported to the highway stage, but with all heart tanks and sub tanks, and all Mavericks defeated and their powers. Note how your inventory is identical to the demo's at the moment you exit it; you'll even have the same sub tank energy. The only difference is that you don't get Dr. Light upgrades. In effect, this is a method of bypassing the dash upgrade in Chill Penguin's stage, letting you fight through to Sigma with next to no dodging capabilities, should you feel the need to. Also note that even if you go back and grab all four Dr. Light upgrades, the Hadouken cannot be obtained with this bug. Dr. Light's capsule will simply never appear in Armored Armadillo's stage, for whatever reason. Note that this password was removed on the PAL version of the game. This trick does, however, work on the Japanese version (Rockman X).
Views: 291696 MathUDX
Rockman & Forte gameplay video (GBA)
Here comes Rockman & Forte (known as Megaman & Bass in the US), a remake on the Gameboy Advance of the SNES game of the same name.
Views: 2451 YahariTV
Megaman & Bass GBA
baja la rom en http://xcrgames.cl.nu http://xcrgames.cl.nu http://xcrgames.cl.nu http://xcrgames.cl.nu http://xcrgames.cl.nu http://xcrgames.cl.nu http://xcrgames.cl.nu http://xcrgames.cl.nu
Views: 1487 Joel Matus
Glitched Intro Stage Part 1
Bad ROM or whatever, this game allows me to travel back to the intro stage by fighting Chill Penguin and having him deflect one of my shots. The game gives me an instant victory and puts me at the intro stage with Shotgun Ice but no Dash Boots.
Views: 33810 NeoShineKnuckle
How To Patch Any Snes Rom (Play SNES Hacks)
So, due to popular demand (well, 4 requests), I decided to upload this "tutorial", if it can be called like that. * First off, Google "Lunarips", or "Download LunarIPS", you know what you do. *Download LunarIPS. NOTE: You can ask me LunarIPS if you can't find it, just PM me your E-Mail. * Now, extract the file. * Get a clean ROM with the game (I.E. a Super Mario World ROM that you have never played with) you will hack. * Get a patch (the hacks you download). * The patch you downloaded should now look like a moon, double-click it, and select the clean ROM. * Now run your emulator and select the hacked ROM (i personally recommend SNESX9). * And you're done. If you have any questions, PM me. But seriously, PM me, I can help you. Have fun, and stay tuned!
Views: 56365 Solracxealz
MM Ultra preview: Woodman
This rom hack is amazing!!! It's a hack of Megaman 2 with new enemies, levels, and some better bosses, as displayed here. I would have given some after-production commentary but my mic on my lappy sucks.
Views: 355 ziminaiman
SNES Rockman & Forte
A surprise by Capcom. After the release of Megaman VIII on Playstation, no one could expect this truly great game, Rockman & Forte. More curious, 1998! This game came out way long after the SNES was considered dead. A true tribute to the fans and to the system. Playing with Forte (Bass) was also very cool (he could shoot in 8 directions). It was later ported to the GBA. The SNES game has been almost 100% translated by AGTP (Aeon Genesis Translation Proclamation)making it perfectly playbale for non-japanese speaking people and he and his team deserve some serious credit for the many works they have completed up to this day.
Views: 24591 ShiryuGL
Playing Rockman Zx : Advent on a emulator
read title
Views: 2488 SilentLen
Megaman Zero 3 Gameplay
Some MMZ3 rom and gameboy emeulator i found
Views: 256 BlueJetter
Mega Man 4 - Wily Castle 1
It feels weird to image search for figure skaters.
Views: 5304 GuavaMoment
Rockman Wily's Conquest 2 air man stage
Megaman II Hack Rom Ver 0.71b
Views: 4737 clowread401
Megaman Star Force : GeminiSpark
well decide to restart.
Views: 595 SilentLen
Megaman 2: Willy's Conquest. MM2 Hack.
This video shows one of my favorite hacks for MM2. Willy's Conquest. It was made to make up for the lack of challenge that a lot of people complained about in MM2. I did one of the easier levels, Woodman. I may upload more at a later time. I take a lot of damage, but I don't lose a life. Also, this video is NOT to show off my talent as a player. It is to show the ROM. Any comments telling me I'm cheap for using the Metal-Blade will be deleted. Get the ROM at http://www.zophar.net/hacks/nes.html Music is the track played in Willy Stages 1-2 of MM2. I didn't not make the hack.
Views: 11102 XxGaloyxX
can you name all  50 nes games
fifty nes games, in 7 minutes.. can you name each title? some are realy easy some are a tad difficult, give it a try and name them all all games are from my own personal collection of cartridges, no roms =] a few of the titles here would make the angry video game nerd throw a fit since they are so terrible music: super mario bros. underworld rock oc remix - dimmer river city ransom rivercity rammstein oc remix - mazedude megaman 2 dr wily haunts flashman oc remix - mattias holmgren contra amen reflux oc remix - djpretzel kung-fu soundtest oc remix - badlsdtrip double dragon enter the guru oc remix - nintendo guru
Views: 95656 bazariah
Megaman X - D-Rex (w/ Hadouken)
Weakness: Boomerang Cutter (Boomer Kuwanger) You obtain: Nothing The level in the ROM had some graphical issues, so excuse the black boxes that appear in some parts of the boss' sprite. So, this video shows the boss when beaten with a hadouken, not much effort, I know, but I am going to upload a video where I also defeat D-Rex with the Boomerang Cutter.
Views: 10388 Bippo Ernesti
Proto Man: The Red Bomber (Mega Man Hack)
This hack puts Protoman in Megamans shoes
Views: 18677 Doctor Mosquito
megaman battle network 6
i hacked the ROM again but i made it a bit to hard. this time its me and proto vs. bass and ummm i forgot his name
Views: 153 darkfalcon62
Megaman Hack
My first Megaman Hack.
Views: 6488 xXElecmanXx
Mega Man X - Heart Tank Locations
This video shows the locations of the 8 heart tanks location on each stage in Mega Man X. Notes: To get to the heart tank in Flame Mammoth's stage you must first beat Chill Penguin. All the flames will freeze over therefore making it easier to reach the heart tank. To get to the heart tank in Sting Chameleon's stage you must beat Launch Octopus. Doing so will cause the water to rise in the underground part the heart tank is in.
Views: 223314 Chris Simons
can you name the fifty snes games
fifty snes games, in 7 minutes.. can you name each title? some are realy easy some are a tad difficult, give it a try and name them all all games are from my own personal collection of cartridges, no roms =] music: f-zero blue vacation oc remix - lousyspy axelay kick my axe oc remix - midee, prozax super mario world the dark reaches of smw oc remix - aneurysm super metroid mega dancemix 2002 oc remix - MIDIman megaman X brainsick metal oc remix - proticity
Views: 4421 bazariah
MegaMan 7 - Bass
Compared to ProtoMan, Bass is weak. And very annoying.
Views: 15545 Kuchiri
Megaman X3 Hack -DHS system
check http://tonyjih.blogspot.com/ for newest updates. Tony always do the best Megaman X hacks!
Views: 24734 季昭霆
Rockman Exile - Megaman 2 Hack for the NES
This is my attempt at trying to play this game, on normal mode. Even on normal, seasoned Megaman players would have a hard time beating this game. i've only had a game over twice in this video. It is a well made hack, but a hard one at that. and you'll see why.
Views: 31388 DarkValentine1984
my new megaman logo
name says it all
Views: 321 megamanfan98

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