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How to Find Hidden Cameras
http://www.techlicious.com/tip/the-secrets-to-finding-hidden-cameras/ Whether it's through a camera hidden in a dressing room, public bathroom or rental apartment, being watched by a stranger strikes fear in any woman. And it's not just paranoia. Stories like the one reported last month by the St. Petersburg Times about roommates Vanya Samokovareva and Ralitsa Dzhambazova finding spycams hidden throughout their rental apartment in Tampa remind us that the potential danger is real. So I consulted Todd Morris, CEO and Founder of Brickhouse Security, a surveillance and security company, to find out what you can do to detect hidden spycams.
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Review of the Polaroid 300 Instant Film Camera
Buy on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003B2GTY0/?tag=techlicious-20 Polaroid, the brand that was once synonymous with instant film, left the business about two years ago. The brand is now back on a basic consumer camera that spits out business card-size prints. We say "the brand" because the actual camera is a rebadged Fujifilm model, the Instax 7S. (Though the Polaroid does come in other colors--black, red and blue.) The film is the same as well. In the shots we took, the colors were bright and true to life and the focus was soft, which you'd expect from this type of camera. Prints take several minutes to fully process, but it's still fun to see them slowly emerge from the field of white. The Polaroid 300 costs $90 and film $10 for 10 prints--a bit pricey for everyday shooting- or you can use the Fujifilm packs, which are almost half the price. Here is a link to the Fujifilm packs on Amazon (no longer much cheaper, unfortunately): http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0070B4FDA/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0070B4FDA&linkCode=as2&tag=techlicious-20
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Western Digital Announces New SanDisk 400GB MicroSD card
Brought to you by Western Digital. Western Digital just announced its 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC card – the world’s highest-capacity microSD card. With enough capacity to hold 40 hours of Full HD video and transfer speeds of up to 100MB/s (fast enough to move up to 1,200 photos per minute), you’ll never be without the content you want.
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See Roku TVs New OS8 Features for Fall 2017
Find Roku TVs on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2xKpr2i (affiliate link). Subscribe: https://tchlcs.com/TMYTSub. Roku TVs are getting a bunch of new conveniences with Roku OS 8, including a built-in broadcast TV guide for cord cutters. The new OS update will roll out to most existing Roku boxes and TVs (like TCL) this fall.
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Hands on with Spin Master Boxer
There were a lot of robots at Toy Fair this year, but Boxer won our hearts with its deep gameplay and extra-lively personality.The robot boasts a wide array of infrared and touch sensors, has an emotive LED display and it responds to voice commands, which makes it very interactive. Boxer can perform nifty wheelies on two of its four wheels and play with its own special soccer ball. In addition to the activities preloaded on Boxer, you can add new ones by having Boxer scan game cards with its optical scanner. And, Boxer plays well with others: Up to three Boxer bots can interact. Read more in our Techlicious Best of Toy Fair Awards story: https://www.techlicious.com/guide/techlicious-best-of-toy-fair-2018/
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Understanding Laptop Processor Choices
With so many different processor options, choosing the right laptop can be a daunting task. In this video, Suzanne Kantra, Editor-in-Chief of Techlicious.com, will guide you through the choices and help you determine which is the best laptop for your needs. See our picks for the best laptop choices in our laptop buying guide: http://www.techlicious.com/guide/laptop-buying-guide/
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Demo of Samsung Hub 3.0
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Toshiba Libretto W100 Laptop Hands On
http://www.techlicious.com/blog/hands-on-with-the-toshiba-libretto-w100-dual-display/ Toshiba announces the debut of their dual multi-touchscreen notebook, the libretto W100.
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Hands on with Mattel's Barbie Hello Dreamhouse
Barbie's Hello Dreamhouse has floor sensors, reacts to voice commands and more. See it in action during this demo at Toy Fair 2016.
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EcoATM Cell Phone Recycling Kiosk Hands-On
For options other then EcoATM: https://www.techlicious.com/tip/how-to-sell-your-phone-for-the-most-money/. This video from CTIA demonstrates a new cell phone recycling kiosk from EcoATM.
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Flip SlideHD review
The Flip SlideHD camcorder has a 3-inch flip-up screen that makes video sharing easy. See our full review at: http://www.techlicious.com/review/flips-new-slidehd-doubles-as-a-3-inch-movie-theater/
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Hands-on with Sony's PlayStation Move
This week I had the opportunity to try out Sony's motion-based controller system for the PS3, the PlayStation Move. Coming this fall, the PlayStation Move will bring a new level of realism to platform gaming. For our full take on the PlayStation Move: http://www.techlicious.com/blog/hands-on-with-sonys-playstation-move/.
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Hands on with the Fisher-Price Rocktopus
This Fisher-Price STEAM toy teaches kids about different musical instruments, rhythmic patterns and musical styles. There are 15 instruments that kids can mix and match during gameplay. Available Fall 2018 for $60. For kids ages 3-6.
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Hands on with the New TCL Roku 4K UHD TVs
See the full selection at: http://amzn.to/28Tp1sH. TCL's new 4K UHD TVs add a better way to search for your favorite TV shows and movies, plus a feature-rich remote. Get the details in our story: http://www.techlicious.com/blog/tcl-4k-uhd-roku-tvs-get-better-search-new-remote/
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4moms Self-Installing Car Seat Demo
4moms new car seat takes all of the guess work out of installing your car seat and ensures your child is safe every time you leave your house. See all of our CES 2016 coverage http://www.techlicious.com/CES-2016
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Hands on with Beyblades Burst Digital Control Kit
Playing with Beyblades has always been about switching up component parts — tweaks that make them fiercer combatants in the battle arena. But nothing is going to give these mecha-warriors a more distinctive personality revamp than the game-changing Beyblade Burst Digital Control Kit. The kit includes a smart Beyblade Burst top, which has Bluetooth for controlling your Beyblade's spin, and a motorized bottom, the Beyblade Burst Battle Platform. Once you've launched your Beyblade, you can change spin speed and direction using the app on your smartphone. Kits will be available with the Bluetooth tech-enabled Beyblade Burst Genesis Valtryek V3 or Farnir F3 top. Read more in our Techlicious Best of Toy Fair Awards story: https://www.techlicious.com/guide/techlicious-best-of-toy-fair-2018/
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Hands on with the Crayola Air Marker Sprayer
The Crayola Air Marker Sprayer turns any fat-tipped Crayola marker into spray art, like an artist's airbrush.
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Gerber BabyNes Formula Maker Demo
With the Gerber BabyNes, you can prepare your baby’s bottle in less than a minute at the desired temperature and with the exact amount of formula — and no lumps. Just insert a single-serve BabyNes formula capsule, available in six age stages, push a button and out pours the measured amount of formula into your baby’s bottle. $249 on Amazon: http://amzn.to/28ToDKO
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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Calendar Preview
Liz Sloan of Microsoft walks us through the calendar functions on a new Windows Phone 7 device, the Samsung Focus.
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How to Make Your Photos Email Friendly
Here's how to easily create and send small photo files. Got to http://www.techlicious.com/how-to/make-your-photos-email-friendly/ for written instructions.
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Amazon Kindle Fire Walkthrough
http://www.techlicious.com/blog/the-skinny-on-the-amazon-kindle-fire/ Amazon entered the tablet fray today with the new 7-inch, Android 2.3 powered Kindle Fire. At a price point of only $199, Amazon is aiming squarely at those users who want basic tablet functionality, but don't want to kick in the big bucks for an Apple iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. And at a $300 savings versus those devices, the Amazon Kindle Fire will likely be a huge hit.
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First Look at the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator
We speak with John Herrington of Samsung about the Family Hub Refrigerator. Find out why is the right time for this type of smart appliance. Note that Amazon's Alexa technology will not be included when the product launches. See all of our CES 2016 coverage at http://www.techlicious.com/ces-2016/
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5 Ways to Get Started with Your Smart Home
Thanks to Capital One for sponsoring this post. For rules and to learn more about the Simply Smarter Home Sweepstakes, please visit http://bit.ly/2uZmk1M no purch. necessary #ad
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How to Hook-up an HDTV
Getting the best picture on your HDTV with information on program sources and connection options. From consumer technology expert, Suzanne Kantra.
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Hands on with the LeapFrog LeapStart
Available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2jFCB6G/ (Disclosure: affiliate link). LeapFrog's latest early learning toys, the LeapStart Sr. and LeapStart Jr. combine hands on learning with electronic play. The Jr. model is designed for toddlers - ages 2-4 - and the Sr. takes kids through 1st grade. Price: $39.99, additional books $12.99
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Hands on with Actev Motors Arrow Smart-Kart
This fun electric car for kids can be controlled by parents with an iOS or Android app, letting younger kids drive more safely.
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What You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge
We interview Suzanne De Silva of Samsung about the key features of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.
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Hands on with Thames & Kosmos Happy Atom
This physical and digital chemistry kit lets you discover the world of molecules in an intuitive, hands-on way.
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Hands on with the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Learning Home
We love that fact that the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Learning Home is using toy versions of the latest smart home tech to teach kids about numbers, shapes and the weather. You'll find a smart thermostat, a solar panel and even an electric car charger, which works with the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn 3-in-1 Smart Car (sold separately, $39.99). The home even recognizes the car, welcoming your child home. Read more in our Techlicious Best of Toy Fair Awards story: https://www.techlicious.com/guide/techlicious-best-of-toy-fair-2018/
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Bowflex SelectTech 560 "Smart" Dumbbells Track Your Reps
Now available for purchase on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2hGWbjr. Watch this full demo of the Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbells from their launch event in NYC.
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HP Palm Pre 2 for Verizon and webOS 2.0 Hands-on
http://www.techlicious.com/blog/hp-palm-pre-2-for-verizon-gets-a-faster-processor-and-new-os/ Back in the day of Filofaxes, I fell in love with the first Palm Pilot (1996) and never looked back. Over the years Palm lost its edge and, unfortunately, won't get it back with the Palm Pre 2 for Verizon. It merely pulls even with other smartphones on the hardware side and shows little innovation with the new HP webOS 2.0. Taking a look at the hardware, the Palm Pre 2 gets a faster 1GHz processor (twice the speed of the Pre) and a better camera, with a 5MP sensor, an LED flash, and a fast shot to shot time of 1 second. There's a new keyboard that has better tactile feedback and the 320 x 480 resolution 3.1-inch display is protected from scratches with Gorilla Glass. In short, nothing that stands out, and that screen is among the smallest in the smartphone market. The new HP webOS 2.0 has two interesting new features—Just Type and Stacks. The Stacks feature literally keeps your applications and data organized into, well, stacks. So if you're reading your email, your email box window, the individual email window and the web page window you opened when you clicked on a link in your email are all stacked in a fan. Navigating through the fanned cards is easier than Android or iOS, which require you to backtrack one screen at a time. Just Type looks like a search box, but it's much more than that. Yes, it will search Google and you can set it up to search other sites and even apps on your Palm Pre 2. But that's not all. It also serves as a way to start typing an email, texting or doing just about anything on your phone, without having to go into the individual application first. Tim Pettit of HP Palm takes us through the key new features of webOS2 on the HP Palm Pre 2 for Verizon.
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Hands on with Hasbro's Love2Learn Elmo
Hasbro's Love2Learn Elmo has Bluetooth built in so parents can personalize the experience and direct play.
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Tamagotchi Friends at Toy Fair 2014
Over a decade after Tamagotchi digital pets came and went, they're returning with some modifications that will make them more enjoyable for kids and adults. Tamagotchi Friends work similarly to the original toys. Kids hatch a pet, feed it, clean it, nurse it when sick, teach it, and play with it to get the pet to grow and develop a personality. In this version, kids can pause the game and not have to worry about their pet needing anything. Find out more in our story on Techlicious. http://www.techlicious.com/blog/tamagotchi-friends-is-an-update-to-a-classic-toy/
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Moto 360 Women's Collection from Motorola
http://www.techlicious.com/blog/motorola-moto-360-smartwatch-android-wear-motomaker-customized/ Check out the new line of Moto 360 women's smartwatches. Smaller bands for women's' wrists, as well as new fashion designs.
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SanDisk iXpand Base Makes iPhone Backup Easy
Brought to you by Western Digital. Find it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2B9AYFj Backing up your iPhone is as easy as plugging it in to charge with the SanDisk iXpand Base.
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Western Digital Announces New My Cloud Home
Brought to you by Western Digital: Buy it at Best Buy https://tchlcs.com/wdmch (affiliate link). Today, Western Digital announced new editions of its My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo. Both are designed to provide an easy way to backup all your files from all your devices in one central place – and access them from anywhere with an internet connection.
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How to Get Great Reception on Your Cell Phone at Home
If you use your cell phone to make calls at home, you may have missed important calls or experienced spotty reception. Fortunately there are cordless phones that can help solve these problems.
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Hands on with the Lenovo Smart Display
Upgrade your smart speaker to a smart display with this Google Assistant-powered gadget.
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How to Upgrade Your Wireless Network with a New Router
Increase the speed and range of your network by upgrading to a wireless 802.11n router. These simple steps from Suzanne Kantra, Editor-in-Chief of Techlicious.com, show you how.
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Mattel's Hello Barbie in Action at Toy Fair 2015
Mattel shows off its new Hello Barbie interactive doll at Toy Fair 2015 in New York City.
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Get Skype on Your TV
http://www.techlicious.com/how-to/get-skype-on-your-tv/ With a Skype-enabled HDTV, you can now make free video calls from the comfort and convenience of your living room. Here's how to do it, as shown on a Panasonic 54" VIERA VT25. Featuring consumer tech expert and Techlicious.com Founder, Suzanne Kantra. When you can't visit in-person with friends and family, the next best thing is video chat on Skype. In the past, that meant crowding the family around your computer's webcam to talk to grandma. And let's face it, many home office environments are not the most attractive place in the home. With Skype-enabled HDTVs, you can now sit in your living room and chat in comfort. The Skype camera's wide-angle lens on your TV captures much more than the usual computer webcam. In fact, it can cover a whole family sprawled on the sofa and the built-in stereo microphone accurately picks up the conversation. What you need to get Skype TV To get Skype TV you'll need four things: • A TV that can run the Skype TV app • A Webcam that is compatible with your TV • Broadband Internet service • A Free Skype account. How to set up Skype TV Setting up your TV for Skype is simple. First you'll want to connect your TV to your home's broadband network. Some TVs come with Wi-Fi built-in, for others you can buy a compatible Wi-Fi adapter. Or simply plug an Ethernet cable into the TV and then into your network's router. Next, you'll need to plug a compatible webcam into your TV. Not just any USB webcam will do, so make sure you check your manufacturer's recommendations. For instance you'll need a Panasonic communication camera to plug into one of your Panasonic Viera TV's USB ports. Finally, you'll need to launch the Skype TV service using your TV's remote control. Each manufacturer has a name for their Internet service. For instance the Panasonic service is called VIERA CAST. Pressing the VIERA CAST button on your TV's the remote will bring up a list of apps, including Skype. How to use Skype TV Once the Skype software is running, you need to log into the service. If you don't already have a free account, you can create one using the TV remote control. To make a call, the person you're trying to reach must have a Skype account and accept you as a contact. Once the contact accepts your invitation and is in your address book, you simply select him from your contacts and hit the 'Video Call" button. The person you're calling can be on a computer or another Skype TV. Once the recipient accepts your video call, you'll see him or her and you can begin your conversation. To receive Skype video calls, you can choose to automatically log in to Skype when you turn on your TV. When someone calls, a notification will pop up and you can either start chatting or indicate that you are not available (helpful when watching the season finale of your favorite show!).
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Zoomer robotic dog by Spin Master at Toy Fair 2013
Zoomer robotic dog by Spin Master at Toy Fair 2013. Winner of the Techlicious Best of Toy Fair Award. See all the winners at: http://www.techlicious.com/blog/techlicious-2013-best-of-toy-fair-awards/
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Lenovo Ideapad 100S Bargain-Priced Laptop Hands-on
http://www.techlicious.com/blog/lenovo-windows-10-budget-laptops-for-holiday-2015/ Hands-on with the new bargain-priced Lenovo Ideapad 100s Chromebook and Windows notebook. Starting at $179 for the 11-inch model and $249 for the 14-inch model.
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LeapFrog Tag Maps Hands-on Review
Demo of Leapfrog's new maps for use with the Tag Reading System
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Hasbro Furreal Makers Proto Max demo
Available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2j5dkXc (affiliate link). Hasbro is known for their incredibly life-like animatronic pets and now, with the FurReal Makers Proto Max Pet, winner of the Techlicious 2017 Best of Toy Fair Award, each pet can have its own personality, while also teaching kids the basics of coding. Kids assemble their pet and then use the accompanying app (available for Android and iOS) to create custom movements and responses to their interactions. The app uses drag-and-drop block coding, which makes it easy to assign responses to each sensor. There are more than 400 sound and 100 eye animations to choose from, as well as lights and motion. Once a routine has been coded, it can be saved and assigned to any sensor. There are tutorials and starter challenges to get kids started and then they can go to town making Proto Max truly their own creation. Learn more: https://www.techlicious.com/blog/techlicious-2017-best-of-toy-fair-awards/
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Sony Bloggie Touch Preview
With a beautiful 3-inch capacitive touch screen, the ability to take 12 MP photos and great low light and close-up capabilities, Sony takes the pocketcam up a notch with its Bloggie Touch. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0043CYRT6?ie=UTF8&tag=techlicious-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0043CYRT6
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