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AP Shaco Jungle | One Shotting Montage | High Elo
AP Shaco is the new Rengar. When AP Shaco gets ahead he can burst harder then AD Shaco can. My first montage sorry if it's a little bad or off, I'll get better in time. The ELO was Around Diamond 4ish. SONG - TheFatRat: Windfall - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bamvg4Icmi0 I'll be making a AP Shaco jungle guide soon :D
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Minecraft: How To Make A Pitfall Trap
This trap takes 1 piston, 1 bait block of your fancy, 1 lever, around 20 to 16 signs, sand and lava. You can make it has big as you want to or you can make it just for fun and not kill them at all. Comment if you are having trouble building it and i'll be sure to help you has I read all of the comments.
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Shaco Makes Fizz Rage on Stream
This game seemed unwinable but I kept picking them off one by one and it made fizz rage.. hard.. I ended the game with 500 AD building full ad Shaco. also thanks to lulu and janna for keeping me alive :D
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Ap Shaco is Truly Scary | League of Legends
This is what a fed ap shaco looks like. 2spooky4me. Forgive me for my 480p video my internet upload is less then 1mb.
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How to Tilt People as Shaco
Shaco top isn't that bad if you get a small lead like this and tilt the enemy :D
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Fed AP Shaco Top - High Elo Ranked
Shaco vs. Jax in the top lane. I alone did not carry this game my team was very good going into late game. I'm not the best AP Shaco as I usually play jungle but it's fun to practice.
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Minecraft: How to Make a Ore Trap
Really simple ore trap. The good thing about this is most traps use TNT, TNT sounds will make decent miners run this traps give them no chance and is undetectable. This trap is also auto rested so more then 1 person could fall for it. Thanks for watching mateys!
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How to get first blood with Jhin
Getting first with Jhin is really easy to do, but you gotta be good at art.
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AP Nasus Jungle Guide
This is my ap nasus guide. It's really strong
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Minecraft: How To Make A Furnace Trap
Super Simple TNT Trap. This trap takes advantage of the new comparator and is very deadly to thieves. If you want to plant this in your house do NOT use TNT use something like poison potions or some kind of piston device. This trap will only kill thieves and griefers, not your friendly pals.
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Tank Shaco Guide
Tankco guide / tutorial for season 6! I've had a lot of fun with it and pissed of some streamers playing it so I thought I would give a guide. A lot of people asked me in solo que so I can now just link them this. This was around diamond 3 / 4. From The Dust - Breath: https://youtu.be/DCe3HYQYI-Q
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Full movement speed jungle singed. It is really fun to play and I would say it is ranked worthy. Thanks to GameChops for the music! :D Check them out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COwC0F6wxbU https://www.youtube.com/c/gamechops/featured
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| Diamond | Tank Shaco - 4v5 Win - Shaco Carry | League of Legends
This is around Diamond 4 Season 6 preseason. We had a graves that rage quit after going 0/7. I don't play shaco as a tank but I thought it might be fun to try it. This is how you carry as shaco
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Minecraft: Chicken Fate
The lord chicken must make a chose, shall you live or die.
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Minecraft: How To Make A Secret Chest
Using the corner stair glitch, you can make hidden traps, chest and more things! Useful in public servers. ;)
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Minecraft: How to Make a Minecart Trap
Easy to build minecart track trap. Place this on your friends trap and watch him rage ;). Don't want it to use lava?, make it shoot tnt or poison.
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45% CDR Midlane Maokai, sounds amazing right? Well it is. It may just be sitting in a bush for 60 seconds but it feels amazing when you insta kill someone.
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Really Lucky Shaco Blue Buff Steal | League of Legends
Yeah shacos ult can go through walls if you place it right. Shaco's clone auto attacked the blue buff at the last second for a lucky steal. This was all 100% planned no luck.
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Minecraft: How To Make a Melon Trap
Easy tutorial on making a melon trap. This trap is great for PvP servers. Just place one down and someone will take the bait. Music - Disco con Tutti - Kevin Macleod
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Minecraft: How to Make a Death Trap
Really simple one use trap that always kills the player. Sorry for the low mic, this was my first voiced video. Please leave feedback in the comments.
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ap rammus tho
Because im too lazy to make a real video Kappa
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He thought he could get away | Shaco
Twitch was tryin' be sneaky.
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Full Tank Shaco Jungle/Support - Diamond Troll
Back after a huge league break
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Minecraft: How To Make A Tree Trap
This trap activates when someone attempts to chop down the tree. Easy and fast to build and takes less supplies then most tree traps. As soon as someone chops the tree a hopper will pick up the log and make the TNT go boom :) Please Comment as I read all of them.
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Minecraft: How To Make A Farm Trap
This trap is really easy to make and pull off. One need a victims farm, 1 wooden pressure plate, 1 lever, any hoe, dirt and TNT. It has a small chance of the victim running away but it is still funny to watch the farm go into flames. Very evil trap here.
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Jungle Singed Guide : Off Meta Pick Guides #1
Jungle Singed build for season 6. Yes I sound boring but I'm still learning and hopefully in time I can get the hang of things.
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