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[Update #1] --Homemade-- Mk1 Railgun 2000 Joules
i have been building this for the past month and thought i would finally share what i have done so far. sorry for the way i'm talking i don't normally talk on camera. for anyone wanting to know this will be powered by 400v 4700uf caps.
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[Update #2] --Homemade-- Mk1 Railgun 2000 Joules
So here is the second update of my work in progress railgun. i know its been a while since the last update, main reason was lack of funds for a bit and just didnt have time as well. but now im back with another update with new insulator covers for the back rails an the main copper rails. i wanted to tackle this first before i started any of the electronics because i wanted to make sure it was safe before testing in the future. i also scrapped the co2 system mainly because i wasnt able to get the round out of the barrel fast enough for it to get through the rail with out turning into a glowing mess. second is it could be annoying to constantly replace the co2 every time i wanted to test the system. i figured because it would take a minute or two to charge the capacitors using a spring loaded system and loading after every fire wouldnt be so bad. the new spring firing system all on its own took me a week and half to get it to the point i have it now. my next goal for the next video will be to get the battery magazine system finished so i can then start on the main charging circuits. i'm still currently working on a efficient fast charging circuit and i should be showing some of that progress in the next few videos.
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Testing Warframe Razer Chroma Support
warframe just added support for it to use chroma apps to change the rgb lighting on razer chroma devices i thought i would show it off in a video.
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[Unity 3d] Scenic Bowling Game VR Update #2
So after uploading the first video this morning i've been working on the level a bit today. here is the change-list -Updated the main standing area to a better visual look -increased the size of the balls and the lane -added 2 other color balls -added new mesh for pins instead of just blocks. -tweaked the ball collision system -added a new ball holder -added a camera to the pins to see what you hit If i can get More than 10 likes on this video ill release a build of the game free for people to try and play.
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Osiris New Dawn Exploring Aziel
Just a Non Commentary Gameplay of traveling to the new planet in Osiris called Aziel. Its a very cold planet with lava also on the surface. This is part of the New content called "Dawn of Aziel". i take off at 2:00 Game Store Page : http://store.steampowered.com/app/402710/
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[Unity 3d] Scenic Bowling Game VR Update #1
so i wanted to make a game for VR and i havent bowled in almost 10 years because there are not really any local bowling areas so i decided to make a bowling game in unity i spent last night and a bit this morning making this little proof of concept to see if it was even worth trying and im linking what i have so far. most of the items in use are physics based which seem to work well. all 3d models are created by me.
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[H3VR] Dual Deagle Reload / Weird Reload Glithc
this took so many attempts to get it right and on the way there i hit this rather funny glitch.
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Minecraft: Safe way to fall from high up
Skip to 1:32 to see it in action This is just a thing i came up with quick on how to get from a large height using slime blocks i wondered if i could stop the bounce with putting a piston on the top so i stop the bounce and turns out it works perfectly. basically all it is, is that normal when you drop with slime blocks you will bounce for quite a while and i really didnt like that so i added a tripwire on top of the slime block and then two blocks high i added a sticky piston with no repeaters so its instant that is the key it has to happen right away. once you land on the trip wire the piston triggers and it stops your bounce since minecraft cant do damage from upword force.
Osiris New Dawn - Behind the Hidden Bunker Door
So i really wanted to see what was behind that door so i attempted to modify the save file to TP me into it but it kept putting me at the top of the hill instead but by accident i was able to find a hole in the map which allowed me to see most of the cave in a x-ray view as you can see they cave system is mostly there but there isn't anything of real value in there yet. Cord to door is -6.6 -23.9
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Black Ops 3 Campaign Glitch
just as i was playing through the campaign i moved to this area and fell to my death so i thought i would record it so it might be fixed in the future.
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Unity 3D RealTime Audio Visualizer
i've always wanted to have a real time visualizer like this one and i could not find any decent ones online so i made one in unity. took me about 2-3 hours to get the code to work right and about another 1 hour to set everything up. SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2X5mJ3HDYE
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Scrap Mechanic Forklift
so i saw some other forklift designs on youtube and none of them really seemed to work like a real forklift. i have driven forklifts before so i have recreated as close as i can to a real forklift. still a bit iffy. cant lift much without heavy counter weight but i think its a good start. let me know what you guys think, also if you want me to show you how its built.
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[Unity 3d] Scenic Bowling Game VR Update #4
Just another Update of adding new items. i started work on the code for the entire system that i will use but it will take me a bit. the code im currently righting is the system that will score the game will give more bowling balls as needed and sweep the pins and place down new ones. the hardest part of this is going to be the scoring system for me. next update i hope to have a main menu and be able to reset the scene from in game.\ Change log -Temporary Name for game [Scenic Bowling] -added more to the scene -added Teleportation locomotion so you can now walk around the main area the lane will not be walk-able. -added scoreboard ( not functual yet) -added rope fence to keep stray bowling balls in the lane -added railings -added a frame to the screen -adjusted lighting -added LOD to the far back objects to increase performance. -reduced volume of air screen sound FX
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H3VR Just Messing around [HTC VIVE]
i was just messing around in h3vr and put together this and thought i would just record for fun. its a very fun game. PC Specs: CPU: Intel Core i5 2320 quad core 3.0ghz GPU: Nvidia GTX 970 Ram: 16gb DDR3 OS: Windows 10 64bit VR HMD: HTC Vive
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Minecraft PC In VR On Gear VR
So i wanted to play minecraft in vr on pc but being me i had to do it in the most complicated way i could using a gear vr. to do this i use a program called Vridge and an app on my phone that i had to use another program called sideload vr to install the vridge gear vr version. then im able to trick steam vr into using the gear vr streamed over wifi i then installed a mod for minecraft called vivecraft and there you go minecraft pc on gear vr. i do have gear vr minecraft edition but i get sick with that version but not on this version Link to the channel that shows how to do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTWqi0TtM6g&t=30s
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The Architect Horror (UNITY 3D) Work in progress [UPDATE #1]
i love to play horror games and most of the game i play don't truly scare me so i thought i would create my own seeing as i have pretty good experience with unity over the past 6 years and so i thought i would make my own horror game. so this is the main area that you start off in. when you start the game starts during the day but about 5 min in the sun will start to set and the house gets dark and that's were the fun begins. right now this is able 2 days into development and i plan on it being about a 6-7 month project before i will feel i will release a beta of the game. i know it doesn't look that good right now but over time i will add a lot of detail and optimize the game as well.
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Unity 3D Recreation of Stress Level Zero Office part 1
So someone in the comments of there new video said it would be cool to recreate there place and use it for VR so i set out to make that said place. just a good information. i only own the model shown in this video the real place is owned by stress level zero and i have no affiliation with them this was strictly just a personal project. link to download and walk around is this link right here.https://www.mediafire.com/?66ukla1matoieuk Link to there channel https://www.youtube.com/user/freddiew2 link to video for comparison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD4UlShicgY
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Scrap Mechanic House
This is a house i built with the new winter update items. too me about 2 hours to build and thought i would share it with people. just some information on how to use the house Blue Buttons - Door White Buttons - Lights Red Buttons - Windows Green Buttons - Large Doors Download Save Files - http://www.mediafire.com/file/lda9bhp9e6blzrp/Scrap+Mechanic+House+Save.zip Car Workshop File - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=810425341 Recorded With Shadowplay.
[Unity 3d] Scenic Bowling Cinematic Clip
Just thought i would throw this in, its using a normal camera not VR camera with some nice image effects to make it looks nice.
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[Unity 3d] Scenic Bowling Game VR Update #3
Its Been a bit since i really had time to work on this during the week and i had a few days to work on it now so i thought i would share what i have so far. in the beginning i wanted to make a multi lane area but i figured the player doesnt need those so now the game will have multiple maps with one lane and a cool scene the first scene as you can tell is inspired by leonardo da vinci with his invention the air screw making it so the lane can fly high above the clouds. Change Log -Scenery Change -bowling ball color change -fix black lines on pins showing up from far away -fix some stutter, noticeable in VR -changed the lane color -added Valve Lab Render for use in the MSAA -added sound FX for wind and air screws
(!!! EPILEPSY WARNING !!!) Experimental Game [WIP] Update #2
!!! WARNING !!! This video contains pulsing low frequencies of sound if you are sensitive to that or flashing light please do not watch. this is an update video of my work in progress game that im just experimenting with.
The Architect Horror (UNITY 3D) Work in progress [UPDATE #2]
So here is another update of my side project a horror game im pretty sure im going to be changing the name. because in the next update ill give a bit of the story out. main changes were wall color change updated the lighting to the new system you might have seen from my other unity video. and now im using unity 5.4 so i was able to just recently test the SSRR effect for the ground not sure if its going to be in final release but it looks good non the less. the game is still very early in development as you may have seen i don't have any of the horror aspects yet once i create the entire house the way i want i will start destroying/aging the place to make it creepy after that i will start planing how the game will proceed. but for now here is another update on the house.
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Experimental Game [WIP] Update #1
so if you had been fallowing my steam page i have canceled development of Shadow Strike. mainly due to its been 6 years since i started it and well it isnt what i wanted it to be anymore. ive never accepted any donations or money from the development so i dont feel upset about canceling it. however i will not be stopping developing a game. i have changed direction on what i want to create this is sort of a sneak peak for now of what it will be. it will mainly be single player with co-op but there might be a multiplayer added in the future if it seems worth it. but for now here is what i have been working on the past few days its not much but its to show i'm still working on things.
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Warframe | Powered by GeForce GTX
Livestreamed from NVIDIA GeForce Experience GPU: GeForce GTX 970 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM (15.96 GB usable) Resolution: 1920x1080@60Hz Driver version: 361.43 Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Warframe | Powered by GeForce GTX
Livestreamed from NVIDIA GeForce Experience GPU: GeForce GTX 970 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM (15.96 GB usable) Resolution: 1920x1080@60Hz Driver version: 361.43 Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
test stream
testing out 3d modeling stream
ASTRONEER Terrain Tool House Gameplay
Just thought i would upgrade the work i have been doing in this game. its a pretty fun game and i now found out i can create a house with the terrain tool.
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Battlefield 1 Beta Gtx 970 Ultra (flamethrower is OP)
just showing me playing the beta with specs and frame-rate also the flamethrower is to OP and needs to be nerfed specs: gtx 970 ssc evga i5 2320 quad core 3.0ghz 16gb of ddr3 ram.
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The Architect Horror (UNITY 3D) Work in progress [UPDATE #3]
So im trying out realtime GI on the flash light and i really think this is the way i want to go. yes its more resource intensive but i feel like i could play with peoples minds by messing around with the GI to make it seems like something was there but not really. also you might have noticed that the floor is a different texture. i completely made the texture from scratch using a new program that im learning called Substance Designer it works rather well but im still learning it.
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Zoids Battle legends HD gameplay
thought i would just show some gameplay of this game. im currently in the works of making HD textures for this game.
Warframe Gameplay
this is a sort of a test/proof the test is to test a new method of converter to upload the video faster and second i was in an argument with someone saying that warframe cant go past 200 fps. well if you look in the lower left some times the game will go over 200 fps in some parts of the game. and during large battles the computer i have can still stay above 50-60 fps. specs intel core i5 2320 3.0ghz quad core 16gb of ddr3 ram EVGA GTX 970 SSC 120gb SSD the game is loaded on plus OS.
Unity 3D Recreation of Stress Level Zero Office v2.0
So ever since the last video i really looked into other ways of creating a realistic lighting in unity so i began writing some of my own code thats why im not releasing this version for use because i want to use the code in future projects. also i went a bit creative this time making what the place could be.. i only own the model shown in this video the real place is owned by stress level zero and i have no affiliation with them this was strictly just a personal project. link to download and walk around is this link right here.https://www.mediafire.com/?66ukla1mat... Link to there channel https://www.youtube.com/user/freddiew2 link to video for comparison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD4Ul...
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Warframe Beta HD game-play (no-commentary)
BTW this games graphics in the video are maxed out at 1920x1080 res. just if you guys wanted to know. So i liked this game so much i would show you guys some gameplay of it. this is max settings at 1080p. the original video that after effects rendered out was over 104gb but the converter [H264 Codec] kept the same quality but shrunk it down to around 1.4gb so this is my first full 1080p video i have ever uploaded. hope you guys will enjoy the gameplay. if the video is a bit choppy sorry about that its a new converter im using after the old sucked so bad. it did make the video a bit to choppy in some parts.
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