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Footbag 5-17-2011   // Short runs and Links.
Shred. Attempted Vasek Style Whirr - let me know what you think about that.
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Freestyle footbag |  Nemesis
First time hitting this trick. First time hitting a four dex trick. My footbag career is complete. Sorry for the curseword
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GrandTheftGrav Section
The original video I made for the Footbag Community. Summer 2015 titled "Grand Theft Gravity." In 2160p ! I didn't realize the clips for GTG would be re-arranged, so I wanted to post my edit too! Link to Grand Theft Gravity footbag film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2t4KYZ-fP4
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Hollow pass!!!!! Insane GH3 PC custom - Exilelord
Yeah, this is an accomplishment in my opinion.. funny thing was it took me like a tenth less time than entropy which was strange. I just had to put it up.. =) keep it in the records. i guess 4 stars is good, i think passing it was better lol..
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This is a half-ass spoof of David Claven's "socks" video that you can no longer find on youtube. His video is here. http://www.footbag.org/gallery/show/11546
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Guitar Hero 80's  || Seventeen 100% FC
Probably my favorite song from this game/disc. Didn't bother with looking up sp path.
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Freestyle Footbag | Evan Gatesman Las Vegas Jam 2011
Songs titled Nightvision and Superhero's by Daft Punk. I didn't record in HD so 1080P and ect won't help all that much. 480-720 is better though. Mediocre editing probably, whatever, I like it lol. Enjoy.
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GH3 Knights of Cydonia  FC 100%
Omg i freaked out, comply unexpected i was shaking and used the last star power early so i didnt screw up
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CS:GO Nearly flawless training speed run. ( 24.1 s)
Wanted under 25 seconds.. had 25.2 like 3 different times.. Then this one ended up pretty darn good. lol...
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TTFAF: Hermans Solo FC
Holy freaking crap i can't believe i got this :D!!!!!
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Guitar Hero III, Devil Went Down to Georgia 5* 90%
yeah good run, wish i wouldnt of missed some of the easy stuff cause i hit alot of the hard that time.
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GH3 Victory Solo K... Crazy Part DWDTG-- Full speed
i've gotten 100% on slow... but full speed is insane
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DWDTG  Verse 2 100% FC
. there, it has been changed, i guess it is a FC
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Guitar Hero III We Three Kings 5* 300k 98%
Yeah i did pretty good besides my retarded mistakes
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GH3 One, By Metallica,  96% 597k
i swear my voice didnt squeak at the end.. lol nice run.. sucked up the solo right on..!
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Footbag || Slow Motion...  8/6/11
Just messing around really... Tried to tie three drills together. Also did 9 blurry whirls. Song is from minecraft; artist is C418...
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Guitar hero II Jordan Solo B & C Tapping.. 91%
first run on slow, thats why i had a kinda funny laugh at the end cause i only had to try once... lol..
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Gh3 Victory Solo Q FC
not all that hard in my opinion... but not easy
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Footbag 4 - 11 - 2011
Bad camera angles, Lost my tripod adapter clip for my camera. I put my camera on a shoe.
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Challenges 6
The last one took basically 2.5 hours of attempts.
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footbag 5 17 2011
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DWDTG: Devil Solo H  FC
EFFF SEEE!!!!! yeah another 1 i can't belive i can get
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Daft Punk Part 1
Owner of the song belongs to Daft punk, titled Aerodynamic ; Been a while since a video, here is some new stuff; i guess this is some progress, not much it seems to me but i have been busy with school, maybe i am wrong. Enjoy HD ! :) And lets hope more HD in the future too.
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brad paisley - Time warp 5* GH3 Custom - adohuu
Made sure i had braid paisley first, ha.. like i said, amazing song... i love playing it and i think i may be getting much better at GH through these insane customs.. i keep hitting crazy stuff.... & yes i am an idiot and i stopped the film when the song was over, i made two recordings instead.. IMO (in my opinion) it looks nicer how it just skips to the stats.. whatever not a big deal im rambling on about pointless stuff.. As the title says, this is a custom by adohuu, its honestly my favorite song i've played right now, most likely due to the fact is it so enormously different that any other song i've played on GH.. (Country) i guess i like this as a variety.. i love Exilelords Mp3's too .. evil sounding is awesome.. =) I think this was a good run for me for sure, i missed some easy stuff like always, we/ expect more GH videos if sick customs keep coming up.. =) Peace
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Random Jan2015
Didn't spend a whole lot of time on these drills I probably should go for some personal records sometime.. I kinda kept hopping from one thing to another like an ADD rabbit. My cardio is kinda weak. Still getting back into it after an 8 month break. - 18 drifters - 32 strong stepping ss clip - 24 flip stepping ss clip - 12 ducking down - 10 atomsmashers - 8 contacts far pickup - double down RPT - ducking clip x3 - whirl x3 - diving clip x3 - whirl x3 RPT (and I really want to x5 this drill just cause i like it) I have no idea what the "ohh, ohh, ooh, yah" thing was.. It distracted me too a bit lol
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Kansas City Day 1
Cody Carter, Zac Miley, Cory Allen. Cody got half of the footage from this day. I got the end half. Song is titled "The Modern Age" By the strokes.
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Footbag Merlin
Clean!!!!! Tom Kotsakos
Views: 418 cory allen
Kansas City Day 3
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GH3 Fun With Raining Blood, 318k 97%
Yeah i wish i didnt overstrum, but i was purposly trying to strum like that.. and yeah, i only use 3 fingers... kinda sucks really.. id probably do better with 4.. crappy quality at the end.. my bad..
Views: 1074 cory allen
Paradox Stepping Clipper / leggy PDX Whirl
The sound is off and i don't know why... It could be more uptime, but i mean its a start to a difficult set so whatever. - For Donovan,
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Guitar Hero II Jordan 5* 92%
Jordan by buckethead
Views: 280 cory allen
Kansas City Day 2
Views: 247 cory allen
Haha @ at the end. my mother was like. "Oh my gosh..."
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Footbag extras 6/25/15
Made a video for online Footbag community and these were some xtras. I exported this in "Youtube 2160p" with maximum render quality via adobe; testing out that quality.. Last trick was mostly a joke, but I got closer than i thought so i posted. Won't really ever go for that again, but I do want to learn spinning merlin consistently some day as per influence of Reid Strellner. Such a sick trick. Overall I kinda suck. =D
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Raining Blood:   Flood! 97% Full speed, Tapping
Just got 334,224 in a real run soon after this vid... 15th place -7 notes on this section;
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GH3 PC Custom - Black Widow of La Porte 643k
Well, This is a good run for me. i said this was "filler" because im trying to make a video of my footbag tricks i can do at the moment, however its very crappy outside.. And i am sorry my damn guitar was in the way, i thought it was cool at first, the it kinda got annoying. I'm sure you all wont mind.. At around 4:30ish i was forced to delete about 15 seconds at most of video because my the part was unreadable and crashed it from putting the video on my desktop. Damn disk error.. we/ Sorry! But thank god i was able to even get it to work without deleting it all.. damn camera keeps giving me trouble.
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GH3 Custom extropy PASS! -  exilelord
haha, well i was excited to get this song.. but after 50 tries i was like omfggggg.. this is DUMB.. but yeah! Pass!! xD sorry for the dull response.. i had gotten so tired of playing it.. cause you mess up once and if you don't get it back.. BAM DEAD! oh and i think i lied. i will probably get more exilelord songs.. he has Mp3's with his songs =)
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Devil Went Down to Georgia  -  706k  -  GH3
I totally choked from Solo K and on out of nervousness. So many stupid errors =(.. Could have gotten so many more points by keeping my combo with the 2nd and 3rd to last Star powers. Whatever, 700k is awesome. And Devil solo A-E FC real run? as soon as that happened i got SO Nervous LOL.
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1 Hand, 3 Fingers, TTFAF Intro FC.... +++ Insane Solo FC...
I guess this is what i can hardly believe i can hit these days..
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GH3 Expert Career Scroll, 13.6 Mil points, Everything 5*
my random 100%s are funny
Views: 2317 cory allen
Footbag Ripped Warrior
Views: 161 cory allen
Footbag Fog
Views: 152 cory allen
10 drifters ; 20 osis ; 10 stepping near clipper BSOS ; 24 Ripwalks ; And everything else is self explanatory
Views: 219 cory allen
Can't be Saved 100% FC
My shot at the optimal path.... failure.. but close =) rather easy song but o well FC :F
Views: 160 cory allen
Footbag Alpine Blur
Tom Kotsakos
Views: 143 cory allen
Guitar Hero 5 custom PTH ST sightread
Me - Right Garwood - Left yeah, us basically playing this song for fun, i will be posting footbag vid's soon; P.S.** I do not own any of the new games and my Xbox is broken, so its hard to take things serioulsy anymore, who knows i may put a FC vid up sometime but i really don't know, i have to play at Garwoods house.. =)
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