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Social Lessons - School Business Episode 1
Based on an insanely stupid naming in my class. Voice acting and animation by me. Animated with Mine-Imator 1.0.5 - Song: Forecast Elevator something something... just search for royalty free elevator music So yeah, in my school we have "social lessons" or as you may know it "social studies". Though, for some reason, the majority of the students wanted it to be called "sexual studies/sex ed/sexual lessons because they are probably retarded or something.
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Building with Wolfie [INTRO]
Her name is exactly: AlphaWolfie - MC So, I'll be making Intros for her, as if they were Thumbnails. B'cus this took me 10 minutes. So why not? My channel is so unknown... I want to make intros for everybody... SPAM ME WITH REQUESTS! PLEASE! XD
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Realistic Movements - Realistiske bevægelser
Hello everybody! I just watched an awesome tutorial, and got better for using Mine-Imator! Here's the tutourial I saw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sj-ua8HSRnY ________________________________________________ Hej allesammen! Idag har jeg set en guide til Mine-Imator! Jeg er blevet meget bedre som i kan se, og meget mere realistisk bevægelse. Her er guiden, men den er på Engelsk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sj-ua8HSRnY
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PYRO IS A FURRY or some shit that'll make ya click.
The levels of sarcasm are too high to calculate.
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GZ-Suit - Particle Test [50 FPS]
Hey! Cool Zombie, right? It took pretty long time to draw that skin. GZ stands for Green Zombie. I think this guy is going to be in Cubeventures. But in episode 7 or somethin'. _____________________ Jeg er for træt til at lave DK...
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Spriyo - Intro *V1* [Dual V Pixel Studios]
So me and Pixel Studios are making a collab-ish intro! I'll make the animation it self, and he'll put on loads of AE effects :D I can't wait to see the final product! Music: Galantis - No Money
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Blue Bolt - Test
Yay! Thoose new sounds are awesome! I love'em! Hope you like this little test. Have a good day! (Or evening. Or maybe even good night...) ________________ Yay! Jeg elsker de nye lyde! Håber i kan li' denne lille animation. Ha' en go' dag (Eller aften. Eller måske endda godnat?) __________[Credits]__________ Sound/Lyd: Minecraft (By Mojang - C418) Animation Program: Mine-Imator 1.0.0 Demo 5 (By David Norgren AKA Stuff By David) Edited with/redigeret med: Windows Movie Maker Bye! - Farvel!
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"6 Pieces Punch" - Sound?! (LYD?!)
Hello everyone! Guess what? I just learned to put sounds in my animations! Theese sounds aren't sooo good, but I also didn't used so long time finding them! Have a good day! Sound Download Links: http://soundbible.com/1953-Neck-Snap.html http://soundbible.com/1522-Balloon-Popping.html --------------------------------------------------------- Hej allesammen! Gæt hvad der er sket? Jeg har lært a putte lyde på mine animationer! De her lyde er ikke så gode, men jeg brugte heller ikke så lang tid på at finde dem. Ha' en go' dag! (Download Links i Chatten)
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Epic Intro (Lil' Loud! / Lidt højt!)
Yay! An intro! (That I'm actually going to use, unlike all other intros I've made XD) ALSO, I've found all MC sounds in MP3 edition, so I have LOADS of sounds now! :D YAY! Hope you like the intro. Bye! Have a good day or evenining. Or maybe even good night? XD. Also I've made a new skin and rig. Pretty nice right? ____________________ En ny intro? Yay! (Som jeg faktisk vil bruge, ikke ligesom alle de andre XD) OG... Jeg har fundet alle Minecraft lyde i MP3 version, så jeg har hundredvis af nye lyde :D. Ha' en go' dag, eller aften. Eller måske endda godnat? XD Og jeg har også lavet nyt skin og rig. Nice ik'? _________________ CREDITS All sounds by the Mojang Team (By C418 I think) Alle lyde af Mojang (Af C418 tror jeg) Animated with the awesome program: Mine-Imator 1.0.0 DEMO 5 (Owner of program: David Norgren AKA Stuff By David) Edited with Windows Movie Maker
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Portal Appearience - Test
DK) Portal Opståelse - Test Det her er noget jeg skal bruge for en part 2 af en animation jeg er igang med. Jeg har lavet første del, jeg mangler kun lyd, og redigering. Håber I kunne li' denne test, og de to kommende parter af animationen! _________________________Made with Mine-Imator 1.0.0 only_______ English) Hi! This is going to be used in a part 2 of a upcoming animation. I already made part one, but I need to edit it. Hope you like this, and the upcoming animations!
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Grenade Rig - Test [Elipsi Warning]
Me and BlazeXL tried to make some sort'a contest/collab/for fun thingy... And Blaze... he... made the best... grenade... EVER! jk. no offense blaze. lol.
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Teleport Test - Read Desc! (Læs beskrivelsen!)
Hi! I just learned some new awesome particle effects! I almost got my Recordin' program working (I guess...), so I will make alot of tutorials soon! BEST NEWS I am going to make a new series, called Cubeventures. Me and my friends are gonna be in it, and I already made the script for episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the half of number 6. It's gonna be about, me and my friends. We wake up in a forest, and we don't know what happened. We forgot everything about Real Life, but we are just so sure that we don't belong in Minecraft. At least we remember most things about minecraft. There's a guy called The Unknown, and he tries to make everyone in the world to his slaves. Main Characters Me Lucas (One of my best friends) Alex (Also one of my best friends) And some Villagers called:¨ Tommy (He's a 9 year old child) Smetsi (His a Smith, and he is Tommy's dad) Freja (A Farmer, and she's Tommy's Mom) The Unknown (Kinda like Herobrine, but I don't wanna say more, cuz he is Unknown, you know) Hope you'll like them. I think the first episode will be 1 or 2 minutes long, and it'll come out in 2 months or something, cuz I have to make alot of rigs, and build some houses and stuff. So... have a good day! (Or evening or what ever ;)) Sounds from Sound Bible Programs used: Mine-Imator 1.0.0 DEMO 5 & Movie Maker (And YouTube, but that's not a program, but...) Animation By me (Of course) Editing Me (Of course...) ------------------------------ Hej! Jeg orker ikke at lave den danske version, men jeg kan sende dig manuskriftet, hvor der står hvad der skal ske i alle episoderne og så noget. Hvis du bruger det til at lave din egen serie, vil jeg rapportere dig. Du må godt blive inspireret selvføgelig, men... BTW Jeg laver også nogen tutorials snart, fordi mit filme program virker næsten! (Håber jeg...).. Ha' en go dag! (Eller aften eller... ;))
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Free Axes! - Gratis Økser! - Minecraft animation
I used 20 minutes on this... IDK why I made this, but hope you like it XD. ______________________________ Jeg har brugt 20 minutter på det her, ander ikke hvorfor jeg har lavet det... Men håber at du kan li' det XD.
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"A Normal Rig Test" - "En normal Rig Test"
Ehmm... Sauce. I mean hi! Hope you like this "tottally normal Rig Test". It took me pretty much a half hour to create the rig, and another half hour to animate the rig. It's short, but... You know... it's just a test. Tests is always short, right? Or am I just... What ever... I mean.... good bye! Programs Used: Mine-Imator 1.0.0 Update 5, YouTube Music: Jingle Punks - Good Starts __________________________ Øhmm... Sauce. Jeg mener hej! Håber at du kan li' den her "totalt normale rig test. Det tog mig cirka en halv time at lave selve rigget, og brugte også cirka en halv time på at animere rigget. Jeg ved godt at den er kort, men er alle tester ikke det? Eller er det bare mig der er... Lige meget... farvel! :D Musik: Jingle Punks Programmer brugt: Mine-Imator 1.0.0, YouTube ______________________________________________
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(Late) Christmas Special (Merry Cuby Chris-tmas!)
Merry Cuby Chris-tmas! XD I hope you had a really nice day and got some good gifts yesterday. I'm sorry this special didn't turn out so... special...? But yeah, have a good day! (All sounds from Minecraft)
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Evil VS Good (Reupload) [Scrap]
Hi! This is some stuff I've made for about a year ago, so it's not the best I've ever made. But I think it still looks pretty awesome. INTRO CREDITS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tYvTrb1GxI _______________ Programs used: ------------------------------------- -Mine-Imator 1.0.5 -Windows Movie Maker -------------------------------------- Sounds used: -------------------------------------- All sounds from Minecraft
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Defend The Crystal (Noot top good)
Hi... I know this animation sucks, but it's okay, right? I don't realy know what else to "say". _____________________________ Hej...¨ Jeg ved godt at den her animation er rimlig dårlig, men den er da ok, ik'? Jeg ved ikke rigtige hvad jeg eller skal "sige".
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Sound Tests 1 - Sword Fight
Yeah... just a little test! The program I used to make this, just F**KED up. Cuz when I added 3 sounds, and I wanted to add a 4th, all the sounds switched places, and some of them disappeared, and... But a least I could add 3 sounds.... Yeah.... bare en lille test! Mit program F**KEDE op, fordi jeg prøvede at adde 4 lyde. Da jeg havde addet 3, og ville add en 4, så byttede alle lydene plads, og nogen forsvandt og...
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Mine-Imator Physics - Test
DK) Titel: "Realistisk Animation - Test" Hej! Jeg har lavet en lille test, hvor jeg får chests og pistons til at bevæge sig realistisk. Intet andet. ______________________________ English) Hi! I've made a little animation physics test, where I try to make chests open, and pistons turn on in a realistic way. Nothin' else than that. ______________________________ --------------------------------------[CREDITS]-------------------------------------- Animated with: Mine-Imator 1.0.0 DEMO 5 :Animeret med
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Luckiest spawn ever - Animation
Dansk) Navne oversættelse: Heldi'ste spawn nogensinde. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - En lille gammel video jeg fandt for at holde uploads'ne igang! Håber i kan li' den. :). Ha' en god dag! ;). ____________ English) This is an old animation I found to keep the uploads going on! Hope you like it! :) Have a good day! ;)
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Breaking Stone - V2: Cracks
Just an improved version. Bare en bedre version.
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Soundt Test 2 - "Cuby-Brine" 2
Yeah, I will upload a lot of sound tests today! Yeah... jeg uploader en masse lyd Tests idag!
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MIDSA 2... new entry V3... thingy, 2 lazy to write this a billion times... (elp meh improve... pls)
Yeah, congrats if you can actually find the differences, there is very few changes in this one. BUT MORE VIEWS AMIRITE?! I'm lame.
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Got Bored
The title says everything
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Sound Test - Cubelectronic
This video is already on the channel, but now, there's a version with sound. :) Den her video findes allerede på kanalen, men nu er der en version med lyd :).
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In a mine
A little video.
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Awesome Pictures!
Just Awesome... Bare awesome....
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DJ Ridoo [Intro] (New name: PXC Squad)
So, I found this guys channel, and wanted to make an intro. So why not surpise him? :D
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Minecraft is a copyright of Mojang It's late so merry goodbye lol.
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Old Animation Fight Test thingy....
Well, I hope you didn't die of cringe.
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Grammer Books - School Business EP2
Based on my school books. They're terrible. Animated with Mine-Imator, voiced by me, and animated by me. What should I bash on next?
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Epic Kills - Episke Drab
Hi! I'm getting pretty good and fast at animating right? Hope you like all theese tests. Especially with minecraft's epic sounds! Have a good day! (Or evening? Maybe even good night?) _________ Hej! Er jeg egentlig ikke blevet rimelig hurtig og god til at animere og redigere? Håber at I kan li' mine tests. Ha' en god dag! (Eller Aften? Måske endda godnat?) __________[CREDITS]__________ Sounds/Lyde: Minecraft / Mojang C418 Made with: Mine-Imator 1.0.0 DEMO 5 / David Norgren AKA Stuff by David Windows Movie Maker / Microsoft / Windows Bye! / Farvel!
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"My end" - Minecraft Animation - Cuby Chris
Hello everybody! Today I wanna show you a little animation I made for my friend. His an enderman, and the other Endermans does'nt accept him, so they try to kill him. Programs used: Mine-imator 1.0.0 ______________________________ Hej allesammen! Idag vil jeg vise jer en animation jeg har lavet for en af mine venner. Han er en Enderman, og de andre Endermen acceptere ham ikke. Derfor prøver de at dræbe ham. Progrrammer brugt: Mine-Imator 1.0.0
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"Cuby & Epic" - Minecraft Animation [Part1]
Finally "Cuby & Epic" is realesed :). I don't remember if I already uploaded it, but who cares! Now it exists with sound! I know that I'm a little bad at putting sound on, but.. I learned this for 4 hours ago, or something like that, and you can't be proffesionel at something, you have only tried in 4 hours. ------------------------------ Endelig blev "Cuby & Epic" uploadet. Jeg kan ikke huske om jeg allerede har uploadet den på kanalen, men nu eksistere den ivertfald med lyd! :) Jeg ved godt at jeg ikke er så god til at putte lyd på, men jeg har kun hvist hvordan man gør i cirka 4 timer, og man kan ikke blive proffesionel til noget, man kun har prøvet i 4 timer.
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Loading... Load Completed
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Assasin [Wallpaper]
I just thought I'd make a little Wallpaper-ish picture :). And if you want one, tell me! I can make one with your skin, and stuff like that! 100% Free!
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RIP Steve - [Minecraft Animation Test]
Going from 1 video per month, to 2 videos per day XD Hope you like this little test. Programs used Mine-imator 1.0.0 DEMO 5 Windows Movie Maker All sounds from soundbible.com Have a good day.:) _____________________________ Fra 2 videoer hver måned, til 2 videoer hver dag XD Håber I kan li' min lille test. Programmer brugt Mine-Imator 1.0.0 DEMO 5 Windows Movie Maker Alle lyde er fra soundbible.com Ha' en go' dag! :)
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Get Walrus'd
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finally.avi (Fixed)
K, so is done now.
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Blood - Test Animation
Lille Blod Test - Meget kort!
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Assasin [Render]
So I thought I'd try to make a little render out of the wallpaper. I might make a full-length animation with this sort'a thing. Feel free to give me ideas in danish! -Any idea. Seriously. I don't care if it makes no sense. I like reading comments. -Even hate comments. -They're funny.
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I ned money. Gimmmeeee MONAY
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Soda Popper 2014!
An old rig I found laying on my USB from way back when I had a shit laptop
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"6 Pieces Punch" - Minecraft Animation Test
Hey everyone! I just want to share this little Test with you! ------------------------------- Hej allesammen! Jeg vil bare vise jer den her lille test som jeg har lavet!
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Bow Rig Showcase (Round Sides and Bendable String)
Have to go now, so I don't have time to make the description.
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Bored Again
[Insert usefull text here]
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Imagine Dragons - Believer (Fanmade Lyric Video) | Not finished
I just couldn't stop myself from making this. Song: Imagine Dragons - Believer (It was in the video... but whatever)
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Easter Temple [Mini-Easter-Special]
I'm a hurry! Sorry! [Inset Description here] lol
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Un-surprised [Test] (60 FPS)
So, I was bored. -And I made this. :P I'm proud actually. :D -Because I actually made a video before another billion weeks went by. :/
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Something ft. Blaze Animations (Best name ever)
I don't know what to call this. Bye!
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