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Cambreur College Promo (DJ Snake - Let Me Love You Parody) [SUBTITLES]
Our school made a promo video. It's funny... to me...I added subtitles... ROAD TOOOO 60 SUUUBBBSSS!!!!
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PUBG/CS:GO Scamming Methods #2
In this video i show you the fake validation scam. Before completing the trade from which you will profit a lot he will ask you to verify your account via OPSkins or a steam moderator. In both cases you'll send your items to one of his fake accounts and he will block and unfriend you. The scammer featured in this video was not very good at england and not so smart.... I'm 2500 views away from reaching 10k views which means I can monetize my videos again and make my montly 7 cents. RAODDD TOOOO 800 SSUUBUBSSS!!!1!! Song: Ghost'N'Ghost - Coconut Mystery
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CS:GO Scam Methods #1
I get approached by a scammer about once every two days so I cam up with the idea to expose all scamming methods as they will all appear to me.... I cut the video a few times to conceal private information. ROAD TO 70 SUUUBBBSSS!!! Music: TheFatRat - Xenogenesis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ax_EIb1zks TheFatRat - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7xai5u_tnk
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I tamed some sabers, mateboosted and insanely high level... ROAD TO 60 SSUUUBBBSSS!!!! Haters always be hating...
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Vsauce Compilation #2 - Magical Dinosaur Poop
Part 2 of stolen vsauce memes! Enjoy! ROAD TO 70 SSUUBUBBBSSS!!!!1!!1!!!!!!!!!
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Vsauce Compilation #1 - Shooting 93% Pure Dabs
Hey Michael, Vsauce here! We hit 4 likes on the "bring ARK back vid" which means ARK is likely to return! fakjoe ROAD TO 70 SSSUUUBBBSSS!!!!!!!
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Still need a new logo. ROAADD TOTOOO 80 SSUUSSSBBBBSS!!!
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Vsauce Compilation #3 - Robot Here Vsauce But Hey
The third and final part of the Vsauce compilations.....for now... ROAD TO 70 SSSUUUBBBSSS!!!!
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Vsauce Intro Compilation #4
Hey Vsauce, Michael here! Like if you want to see me play PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds or H1Z1 KOTK!! RAOD TOO 7000 SUUBBBBSSS
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WARFACE (feat. Pepe The Frog)
I ehh.... copy pasted this vid... from this amazing guy... The Human Malteser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVu5SfzS6zI ROAD TOOO 70 SSSUUUBBBSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Vine or Meme?! #3
Women belong in the kitchen! Comment down below whether you think this was a meme or a vine? ROAD TO 70 SUUBBSSS!!!
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Original video: (not mentioned) Like if you want the ARK series to come back!!! ROAD TO 70 SSSUUUBBBSSSS!!! Haters always be hating....
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The LARGEST object in the UNIVERSE!!!!
Like & Subscribe Tell me if you like these videos in the comments.
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Gambling my Worries Away - CSGO
4k more views to go until 10k views... ROAD TO 70 SSUUBBBSSS!!!
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Vine or Meme?! #5
Part 5 of vine or meme. ROAD TO 70 SUUUBBBSSS!!!!
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CSGOGem is NOT a scam! I deposited an item and could withdraw it instantly from this site after upgrading it. I am not sponsored by CSGOGem or tell them in advance that I would make a video on them! I am not affiliated with CSGOGem in any way. I think they have an item system where they instantly buy the're items from opskins.com etc. I play a lot of CS:GO and I have a famas skin while I never use the famas so I thought I'd try and gamble once... I've never gambled with my own money before so I guess this will be the start of my gambling addiction! xD Want to see more videos related to CS:GO? Like the video, subscribe and let me know in the comments! ROAD TO 70 SSUUBBBSSS!!! Music: TheFatRat - Fly Away (feat. Anjulie) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMg8KaMdDYo
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Bloodborne - Feet Dude
A super easy and weird boss in bloodborne. This is me defeating it and it has so many feet! The boss is named The One Reborn.
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ARK: Survival Of The Fittest - #3 DILO ARMY!
Another ARK: SOTF episode! This time I win using a stolen dilo army. I will upload COD and other games as well btw. I will also upload the remaining Bloodborne bosses since I've finished the game. Do you guys want me to start an ARK: Survival Evolved series?! Tell me in the comments! ROAD TO 45 SUBS!!!!
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ARK: SotF #16 - 2v2 w/Sir Strictyshifty RIP Teammate
My teammate sucks.... ROAD TO 60 SSUUBBSSS!!! Haters always be hating....
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AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh This is a meme.... ROAD TOOOO 70 SSSUUBBBBBBSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Like and subscribe. I have to clickbait 3k more views in order to try and make money of youtube! RAOD TOO 70 SSUUBBBSSS!!!
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Vine or Meme? #1
Comment down below: Is it a vine or a meme? ROAD TO 70 SSUUUBBBSSS!!! My "ARK Comeback video" reached 5 likes which means ARK will come back to this channel! thicc
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COD Ghosts - Riot shield KEM-Strike
It might not be a riot shield KEM as you expected but it still is one.
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A 9 Kill PUBG Solo Win EU (Cinematic)
I could've made it a lot better but I was lazy. The PUBG replay system is also broken, the sound isnt aligned. I tried my best to align it but the free video editor isn't really good at that.
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Vine or Meme?! #9
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PUBG Case Opening!
These videos take no effort to makes so I'll be doing a lot of them... ROADD TOO 80 SSUSUSUBBSSS!!!!
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My new PC!
I build this PC myself. I wanted to make a sick montage but you could see me in the reflection of my PC and I was too lazy. Song: BTSM & Lektrique - Religion (Far too loud remix)
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When melting the snow doing the easter egg on the giant, there is a 1/1000 chance of getting this perk. The Illuminati perk! Editing done by Akkerstan. His channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkKqg8i5yNu3pXbDFDVz9XQ Like if you enjoyed the video and also if you didn't and sub 4 more!
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Vine or Meme? #2
Is it a vine or a meme? Comment down below! ROAD TO 70 SSUUBBBSSS!!!
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ARK: SotF #21 - 2HP Remaining (2v2 w/Dodo)
The game is nearly over and only one other person is left togetehr with me. Health drain kicks in as the time limit expires and the person with most HP wins. I had 2 HP more than my opponent... ROAD TO 60 SUBBSSS Haters always be hating....
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Shrek fanfiction #2 (Protecting the nest!)
Welcome to the weird outskirts of youtube! For some odd reason I was not able to edit this thanks to youtube..Only the intro is missing... ROAD TO 70 SSSUUBBBSSS!!!!! Haters always be hating...
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Vine or Meme #8
Part 8 of Vine or Meme....starting to lose hope... ROAD TO 70 SUUUBBSSS!!!!
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Vine or Meme?! #7
Part seven! Enjoy! ROAD TO 70 SUUUBBSSS!!!
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Vine or Meme?! #4
My last vine or meme got striked.... ROAD TO 70 SSSUUUBBBSSS!!!
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COD Ghosts - Quickscope montage #2
My second montage. I hope you enjoy.
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It's never ogre #1 (Shrek in the making}
There will be at least a second part to this... ROAD TO 70 SSUUUBBBBSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm quitting YouTube
Life sucks and than you die
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PUBG #1 - Funny Moments!
I need to hit 10k views now to make my monthly 0,30$... Life is hard... ROAD TOO 70 SUUUBBSSS!!!
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COD Ghosts - Best Spawntrappers Ever!
I came into this lobby and I got totally destroyed by their spawntrap skills. It becomes worse as the video proceeds.
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ARK: SotF #9 - Rocks EAT Spinos !
I enjoy playing ARK: SotF okay! ROADD TOOO 60 SUUUBBBSSS
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Vine or Meme?! #6
Edition 6 of Vine or Meme. ROAD TO 70 SSUUUBBSSS!!!
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ARK: SotF #17 - OP (2v2 w/Dodo)
I....am.....over......powered.....I started recording late but whatever.... ROAD TO 60 SSUUUBBBSSS!!!! Haters always be hating....
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ARK: SotF - Final Fights #4 - MATEBOOSTED REX'S
Views: 32 Berosar
ARK: Survival Of The Fittest - #4 Spino's V Rex V Mammoths V Apes + Guns
I won.... This game is free to play on steam. ROAD TO 45 SUBS!
Views: 36 Berosar
ARK: SotF #18 - I Love Nades (2v2 w/Dodo)
I love grenades. They are just so good... ROAD TO 60 SSUUBBSSS!!! Haters always be hating...
Views: 31 Berosar
ARK: SotF #13 - 2v2 w/Sir StrictyShifty
I play 2v2 with my friend.. He's also Dutch. I taught him how to use nades xD. ROAD TO 60 SSSUUUBBBSS!!!
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ARK SotF #24  - THE RETURN! (2v2 w/Spyro)
ARK: SotF is back on this channel... This is one of the most boring episodes ever. I haven't played SotF in months and this was the first game I played again. Dodo changed his name to Spyro and he is featured in this video. ROAD TO 70 SUUUBBSS!! Comment "hachelbackie" below if you're reading this.
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ARK: SotF #23 - I GOT KNOCKED OUT! (2v2 w/Dodo)
In this video I win another game of SotF and I get knocked out but still survive. ROAD TO 60 SUUBBSSS!!! Haters always be hating...
Views: 22 Berosar
COD Ghosts - Hiding Spots Octane
This is my first vid on hiding spots. Stay tuned for the other maps.
Views: 49 Berosar
COD BO3 - Sniper Gameplay, Feeds And Collaterals!
I went 20-8 in the end. Like if you enjoyed the video! Sub for more!
Views: 156 Berosar

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