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SSB 64 - 3(Yoshi) vs 1(Pikachu) TAS
Controlling 3 players vs 1 computer
CSGO SDK - coop_mgs1 (metal gear solid remake)
map is a huge pain in el bonkers vvis.exe errors extremely long compile times due to the number of lights in the tunnels @_@ Problems to fix: • The logic entities timing bot spawns • Changing teleport info_teleport_destination • lighting issues • bot spawn too close to player audible range • need better sprite for the "!" • wheels spin on the wrong axis for 2nd car • first car doesn't exit fast enough • need to add the other 2 tunnels along with the last outside part hopefully I'll get it done this week :v Update: I'll most likely make much more efficient usage of logic entities when returning to this map metal gear solid remake for CSGO coop
Source SDK - Fake Dmm door and glass test
fooling with physboxes finally got them to behave since previous tests, they'd break even though their strength was set to 0
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CS:GO SDK - Fake DMM (ported)
Ported from my hl2.exe version to see how weapons would penetrate grenades work with this, but if you are doing something like this incendiaries or frag grenades are not recommended because they'll most likely murder ur fps
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TSA - L4D2 Solo Bridge
This time I try to bunnyhop the bridge (failed a bunch of times as you see me spaz out and shoot) Cheat commands used: host_timescale 0.1 (slows down the game) sm_cvar sv_airaccelerate 9999 (so i can strafe easily to gain speed) ent_remove (removed the bots) I wanted this to be more entertaining than the last one Satisfied with the speed I gained at the end
Left 4 Dead 2 - Half-Life 1
Decompiled chapter 1 of Half-Life : Source .bsps and combined them into one map. I might make this a campaign up to chapter 3. First I have to fix several lighting issues and add nav meshes If you want to play this as it is: https://www.mediafire.com/?0xwh4euqmrnpmov
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Dynamic Water Fountain
Integrated graphics aren't the best, but they do well in the source engine. The combine_fx.pcf water_faucet particle system aka "Dynamic water"
GunZ 2 Stab stab stab
playing with cheat engine
Portal in Half Life 1
This Is The Portal Mod "Portal: Project-Alpha" Portal: Project-Alpha has its own portal skins, so the portal gun doesn't look official! I got the maps from half-life source and GCF to put in this mod. ---------------------- Cheats used: sv_cheats 1 ent_create weapon_portalgun - so you dont get that stupid light effect in your face if u hold the portal gun in a certain angle impulse 101 - all guns and ammo noclip god host_timescale 0.1 (1 is default 0.1 is slowmotion) ------------------ How to get HL:S maps in portal Tut: 1. Make a seperate folder (if you want) 2. copy materials and maps from half life: source 3. go in materials, and delete console and VGUI 4. paste in C:\program files\steam\steamapps\steamname\portal\portal 5. say yes to all 6. Run portal and type map [whatever] EX: map c1a0
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Super Mario 64 - Creepy song (hacked rom)
weird song playing of mario's voice replaced all 'instruments' in the castle theme
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Super Smash Bros. 64 - 2 Player TAS test
Tried 2 players for the first time
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CS:GO : Tank test
now THIS is a func_tank link to map and source files https://www.mediafire.com/?kryj2lcewj3thqq
CS:GO Prop hunt (in the making)
Getting into squirrel coding & vscript w/ assistance from: https://www.youtube.com/user/Flyguysdk Problems: Prop-player death causes crash Going to add T player strip Have yet to figure out how to use E to change to prop in proximity Code: http://pastebin.com/xuUB3sx4
GunZ 2 Being a jerk
Sorry for the questionable quality, first time running through legit video editing. Dumb video shrunk on me too q.q
Left 4 Dead 2 - Fort
A fort I made with barricade builder
GunZ 2 Alpha
A bunch of unused maps in GunZ 2 that they should have released 3: Lumber Valley Cargo Ship Oilrig test_pve_01 test_pve_02 Train station Asylum Mansion (Alpha) Dam
HL2: EP2 Fake DMM map
fooling around with a map that uses physboxes in place of walls by Robin Link to map: https://www.mediafire.com/?al78u6a941myffs If you want to incorporate something like this in your maps: (with a wall chopped up with the clip tool) ------------------------------------------------- Set "Health Level to Override Motion" at least: 90% of what you put for "Strength" at most: 95% of what you put for "Strength" I recommend Strength be "10000" and Health Level override be 9500-9700 Set "Physics Impact Force to Override Motion" for outer surfaces around 40000-60000 for inner walls around 60000-80000 Recommended width of breakable walls be 4 units or smaller Shapes for: Wood: Sliver-ish, verticle diamond shapes (the thinner the better, but not too thin Plaster: trapezoidal, rectangular-ish best to cut it with a mix of hand-sized and head-sized rectangles Metal: Not sure about this one, since metal is supposed to be bent out of shape before anything else happens so do whatever shape you'd like Concrete: blocky, rectangular add a mix of large blocks and small ones recommended larger pieces be closer to any support beams/corners Glass: Have a couple of fixed points and make a mix of triangular shapes that share a point where they break (makes it look nicer)
Sven-Coop Custom ladder test
i invented this so go away
Sven Coop - Custom Weapon Template Creator
Windows Form application I created on Vistual Studio 2015 to make it simpler to create weapon templates for just about any model. It is required, though, that the user knows which index each animation needs to have to work properly. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?2gi1t4zn55gozou I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
GunZ 2 - Stuff
doing random stuff
TSRP - Floating (havoc9)
Sound quality turned out worse than i thought, owell uploaded this because i liked the song Took these screenshots in xenoncity_final.bsp role play map (this song is played somewhere in these types of maps) from The Specialists
GunZ 2 infinite bf
Left 4 Dead 2 - Half-life: Scientist Sound mod
I'm not sure how to amplify the sounds, but this mod was a lot of laughs. Now all I need is to replace all the zombie models with the scientist ones. (I'll probably steal the model from Half-life: Source)
Sven Co-op (TAS) - exhale1platinum
This map was fun to speed run. It only took 2 attempts
CS:GO Cart racing
No one told me about game_ui D: This map just has a bunch of physboxes that have thrusters attached to them, activated by game_ui entitiy (it checks to see if u are moving which transfers those to the thrusters u set them to) map link: https://www.mediafire.com/?ytb23djqkc63i96
L4D2 - Tile Minigame test
the math logic entities are not working for some reason each red circle sets a corresponding math_counter equal to 1 and when it is black it is 0 the entity that causes this cycle is each math_counter has its own logic_compare, but the logic compare stops working after 2 tries
HLTASmod - ts_parking test
Testing out HLTASmod https://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Half-Life_TAS_Mod
Sven Coop - Vox & Friends
Playing with a few friends on Sven Coop and the Easy Speech plugin in matclub.bsp http://www.svencoop.com/
GunZ 2 Equipment Glitch - Skii legs
this is what happens when u put on 2 max boots and 2 ivan shirts at the same time
GunZ 2 Alpha - Max miscellaneous weapons
Chainsaw does no damage :c but it makes u fly c:
GunZ 2 Glitches - Out of Adam Crude Oil Storage Facility
Yup, if there is a will there's a way
GunZ 2 Slash Shot
testing out stuff
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GunZ 2 Scarier ivan
ivan is a monstr
L4D2 - Anomalous Materials
After a weekend's worth of work I've got most of the nav mesh configured and added a bunch of triggers for smooth gameplay I don't know how to get the bots to stand on an elevator though, and mobs don't immediately attack the survivors. Update: Nav mesh works much better now Waiting for some time to open up to work on the next chapter
GunZ 2 - !!
alexsei celebrating his victory :c
TSA - L4D2 Solo
TSA - Time-Scale-Assisted "speedrun" Don't ask how that smoker didn't grab me, I don't why he didn't sv_cheats were on so I could "ent_remove" the bots so it's a normal campaign but solo Other cheats I used z_common_limit 150 (150 zombies can be on screen at one time) z_mob_spawn_size_max 150 (max number of zombies spawned in a horde) z_mob_spawn_size_min 140 (minimum number of zombies spawned in a horde) I'm not sure if the above commands took place because I've seen 150 zombies on screen before, and that didn't look like it happened in this run, sadly. I used 0.1 for the time speed (10x slower than normal) and I now see why people use 0.25 (crosshair movement is much smoother) This was a lot of fun. As monotonous as playing the game at 10x slower speed, it was fun fooling around spamming buttons and turning with inhuman precision at playback time
GunZ 2 Glitches - Out of Marketplace
I always KNEW there was a way
GunZ 2 - Die
MarioZ 2 - The Second BroZ
My attempt at making Alexsei mario :s
GunZ 2 [US] Open Beta - Mansion
I really start to try hard on evasion and wall bouncing

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