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My name is Bob - Tom Green (Bob The Butler) w/ lyrics
This song is amazing, and since you cant find it anywhere, here you go hope you enjoy! Okay since I've been getting a lot of requests for lyrics and I see many of you are lazy lol here you go, please give me credit I do appreciate subs :) my name is bob I'm looking for a job when Im not getting fired Im living like a slob go through the phone book looking for work I wanna be an astronaut like captain kirk flip burgers to make me a buck I burned down the restaurant it's just my luck I got another occupation under my belt keepin a job for two weeks I'm doing well like the time at the barber shop gave it all i got chopped off an earlobe, it bled a lot he never said a lot, he just screamedddd and got blood on my brand new blue jeans oh golly gee did it again I talked to my hamster my only friend go through the phone book again like a fool and I see something it's butler schoolll my name is bob and im lookin like a slob bob my name is bob and I need to get a job bob my name is bob not bobert just bob my name is bob and I need to get a job bob my name is bob and im lookin like a slob bob my name is bob and I need to get a job bob my name is bob not bobert just bob my name is bob and I need to get a job bob so I jumped on my motorbike going to be a butler went to the school it was like no other they made me balance plates on my head (yeahhh) they made me make a naked dude get dressed (what?!?!) he dressed me up in a suit and a vest took me to the rooftop for a test made me climb to the edge real slow looked at the ground and I got vertigo (Woooooohhhaaa!) I thought about a woman that I met the other day and the vertigo stop spinning it went away (what?) it felt real good what can I say I think im going to be a butler I'm on my way cause my name is bob and im lookin like a slob bob my name is bob and I need to get a job bob my name is bob not bobert just bob my name is bob and I need to get a job bob my name is bob and im lookin like a slob bob my name is bob and I need to get a job bob my name is bob not bobert just bob my name is bob and I need to get a job went to the place and I got a job on the spot living in the attic I didn't need a lot take the duster dust I attack this grab the kids to basketball practice I make dinner some kind of lewau I want to make the lady say wowww! well the lady comes home and the pig explodes (Whaa?!) messed up again thats all she wrote pretty soon I'll be back on the street (what?) lookin for a job with nothin to eat maybe I can be a rapper rapping on the beat get ya on the dance floor movin yo feet haa! my name is bob and im lookin like a slob bob my name is bob and I need to get a job bob my name is bob not bobert just bob my name is bob and I need to get a job bob my name is bob and im lookin like a slob bob my name is bob and I need to get a job bob my name is bob not bobert just bob my name is bob and I need to get a job my name is bob and im lookin like a slob bob my name is bob and I need to get a job bob my name is bob not bobert just bob my name is bob and I need to get a job bob my name is bob and im lookin like a slob bob my name is bob and I need to get a job bob my name is bob not bobert just bob my name is bob and I need to get a jobbb
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8 Fold - Piss People Off ft. Elliott Hulse (Beat By Epistra)
http://allmixtapes.com/mixtapes/listen/8_fold-8_fold_i_am_strong_the_motivational_mixtape http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=645507 For some life's a game but it's really a journey, people get butt hurt even the ones who are homies, even the ones that are roadies and the ones that are phonies, the ones with no jobs making macaroni you can call them the haters, and choose to acknowledge or push them to the sidelines, like jockeys in college if you never do a thing, you're never gonna win, haters stick to you like road salt on your tire rim So do yourself a favor and separate from these fakers, it's every man for himself you better not meet your maker cuz everyday is just another hustle on the grind, another sitting duck for these zombies to undermined and if you cant see any of the words that Im trying to say, your too damn busy for the images to display you're going to find yourself with obstacles in your way, dodging falling pianos and acme metal safes So fuck all ya haters, Im just gonna do me, I don't give at shit about the person you be you dont got control over my future endevors, Ill antique your face and cover your body in feathers you are the pity the black in my soul, the weight thats been lifted to tackle my goal Elliot Hulse the man that just knows, dont question his antics, unless you wanna get rolled Instead of being jealous just jump on the tracks, the ones that make it the farthest are never looking back they got their eyes on the finish line, their bodies in the zone, hear the determination by the sound of their tone, it's more than just a dream that you reach when you sleep, it's one where you wake and you have what you seak, you gotta shit, eat, and sleep with nothing else on your mind. Else those moments you doubt you fall over the line. Things will get harder, but you just keep pushing, don't fall for the tricks and the silly illusions you free as you go but you fly like a bird, take everything the critics say as absurd we back and forth in this jounery called life, we look up to the stars in the sky in the night and wonder to ourselves when's the day were gonna shine, at least I do that just about all the time Time and time and again you probably feel that you failed, you gave it your best but your heart wasn't really there now you got to question about life is it always being fair, but no one ever told you that failure was rare it's time to move on, you need to get out them shoes, put on some boots and learn some new moves the old you is gone, the new you is in session, think about it like a country, a new year election It's you put on the spot, it's you put on the pedestal, you can't run away it's like turning from a wedding role if you going to do that you might as well quit, and label yourself a pussy ass shit, cause think about all the people that have made it, pushed the haters aside and now they all famous that could be you too, if you really wanted to try, unless of course your a nobody living a lie
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Cheech and Chong - Chilly Winds
Cheech and Chong - Chilly Winds from the movie Things Are Tough All Over, this song was never released so I recorded it off the movie hence all the extra sounds like the motorcycle. Hope you like it, this is one of my favorite songs by them, feel free to rate, comment, and subscribe!
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3 Ball basic Tricks Tutorial 2
Some more basic tricks with 3 balls.
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3 Ball Reverse Cascade Tutorial
Got a request to make a separate more in depth video for this trick, hope it helps, sorry about the lighting.
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Talisman - Insanity (Zaken)
"We actually renamed the talisman because of how insane you would have to be to spend so much Adena trying to get one." - Juji After 10 long tries we finally got it!
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Prop Zone Episode 3: PX3 Sirius and PX3 Vegas Clubs
Thinking about buying some new or even first time clubs? You should really consider PX3 clubs.
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How to Juggle Take Outs
Learn how to juggle Take Outs
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Prop Zone Episode 2: MMX Plus Balls
Sorry this ones not in HD, I just wanted to get this video done with.
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Blahhh Secret
Brings back old memories idc how many vids there are showing this the majority are crap and people need to see this in their life time.
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How To Juggle The Boston Mess
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KiD CuDi Man On The Moon 2: The Legend Of  Mr. Rager Review
Just like the title says, I'm a huge fan, give all respect to Cudder he deserves it, keep up the amazing work, hope your band "The Wizards" allows you to further express your ideas.
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Prop Zone Episode 6: Sport Juggling Co. Bean Bags
These are a great durable choice for bean bags. Although a little pricey they are worth every penny. Prices, size, weight, and pattern are custom to your order. http://www.sportjugglingco.com/
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The Takedown - The Big Switch (ENGLISH)
The episode that brought me into this show. Still looking for the other 8 episodes so if you have any of them please email me at rohanownz@gmail.com
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Windmill and Mills Mess Tutorial
Third juggling tutorial hope it helps many new jugglers out!
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The TakeDown: Six Deck Switch (English Audio!)
Took the audio from some old footage on youtube, balanced it and added it to the new higher quality footage by Cinkelők. I hope this gets things going on someone uploading the rest of this awesome series! Maybe TruTV or whoever owns the original can make a dvd set or reair them on some channel in the US or something. Enjoy!
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Jeepers Creepers 3 Review (No Spoilers)
For all the loyal fans!!!
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Why You Shouldn't Work At UPS Revisited
Since my other video keeps getting hammered with views and dumbass employees think they are entitled and are badasses for working as slaves for peanuts. Here you go.
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531 Juggling Tutorial
The infamous 531 site swap. More difficult than it looks, any questions feel free to ask, sorry about the lighting
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Angry Verizon Subscriber Complains About Shitty Verizon TV Box
The Verizon Quantum TV Box is Horrible. It's 2014 and it runs like it was made in 1998. WTF is up with this? FIX IT!
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Prop Zone Episode 5: Deluxe Bean Bags From JugglingStore
These are decent bean bags for any beginner juggler, however the quality over time isn't very good. They will last and stay together but the decoration is what will fall apart. I found the blue seems to last the longest. They cost 9 dollars and weigh 130 grams. http://www.jugglingstore.com/deluxe-beanbag-570.html
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New PX3 Sirius Clubs
My new and official juggling clubs yay!
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Neurosis Ownz *CSGO*
Some highlights from recent matches on my new computer!
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The Takedown TV Show HELP!
Ok, so this used to be one of my favorite shows, problem is it's like it doesn't exist anymore, so thats where you come in, if you happen to have any of the episodes please upload them somewhere. It would be greatly appreciated Thanks! Heres a list of the episodes: The Big Switch, Shootout at Mr. Lucky's, The Scorpion's Sting, The Dirty Deal, Art of The Steal, Gone In Sixty Minutes, Dressed to Steal, Luck Be A Lady, The Six-Deck Switch, Beating the Bandits, Under the Table, Down for the Count.
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Inside The Ranks - A CSGO Hackumentary
In this 37 minute long awaited video we dig deep inside the csgo ranks to prove why they hold no real purpose and explore the evolution of cheats and what the majority of the csgo player base has become.
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8 Fold - The Good Life (Official Music Video)
Written by 8 Fold (JCGUGS) Edited by JCGUGS and MCSTIKKEL Filmed by MCSTIKKEL Special Thanks to One Republic for the instrumental and Shane Danger for doing the drums! Please Subscribe and also join my FB Page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/8-Fold/306145162766009
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Big Yellow Attacks
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+8 Shiny Elemental Shirt 9/24 (Zaken)
I took the last 9 scrolls I had and tried to sell them but had no luck so I turned around and made my Reflect Shirt +7 really easy. I got inspired at this point. I didn't want to be greedy but I knew I had that extra shirt to fall back on even though I much rather it had been Shiny. I sat at Fantasy Island for 3 hours contemplating and finally I just said screw it and tried for +8 and got it! Now I just need a Shiny Scroll and maybe I can make it 9 and get me a Dark Ama Stone :3
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How To Lose $3000 In 5 Minutes.
I Officially Quit CSGO.
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Ghastly Grinner Comic Book Cover
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It's Just My Ph1los0phy 2
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Pressure (Phone in Balloon)
Cool effect where you take a blown up balloon and push the balloon onto the phone causing it to magically get sucked into the balloon.
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Ludacris Soul SL150 Head Phones Review
Just picked up a pair of these headphones from OneCall.com http://www.onecall.com/product/SOUL-by-Ludacris/SL150-BW-Black-White/Classic-headphones/_/R-110502
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Valve Needs To Introduce Hardware Bans
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531 At Last?
Can it rlly be true? Ofcourse it can lol im so happy i finally can do this trick half ass or not i can do it.
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Talent Show 2009 Juggling to Basshunter
My juggling routine from PV Moore High School's talent show on May 8th 2009, it needs work at some points but I managed to take first place winning 75 dollars! Thanks to everyone whos supported me this far and to all the comments I recieved!
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3 Ball Basic Tricks Tutorial
I was asked by someone to make a video on some basic 3 ball tricks so here ya go its in 2 parts hope you can learn from it :D
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Club Practice 1
Finally finished my 3 clubs and im starting to get down the cascade. Thanks 4 Watchin.
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***How to solve the rubiks cube (BASIC METHOD) Part 1***
In this video I try to teach you how to solve a rubiks cube using the basic cross method. Hope you can learn from this if you have any questions feel free to ask, thx.
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Jeepers Creepers 3 Review Part 2
Let's elaborate
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8 Fold - Going Through Changes ft. Eminem
I used to think I knew what this life was all about, then time slammed its hammer Im broke, I just wont amount to anything I planned and what I'm all about every thought in my head, delete, just throw it out, if your thinking cross barriers, congratz, but know that what you do has been done, created from the scratch, now everything you do is a copycat wearing a mask, and nobody cherishes your work they just call it trash. Keep your head up they say and you'll go far but the truth is you and I will never be that tall, we'll never reach the status to be considered idol, our motors shot and it rumbles when were fuckin idle, and now were rollin on this lonely road again, askin ourselves is it even worth travelin around the bend cuz theres nothing but problems when I try to ascend, the only question I ask is how I can I make it when The more that I change, the crazier that I become, I can only imagine the mind of a senior nun, all those years of being pressed down by a thumb, and aslong as were on this earth there aint gonna be a sum, but you keep lookin for that pot of gold, hoping for truth while your soul is being sold, and your mind is infected with all those stories that are told, and your body becomes numb your senses fitted with a blind fold. I believe in God and whats written in the Bible, our time here is short, we fight for our own survival but this life on Earth doesnt feel meaningful, I asked you to save me now send me where it's peaceful, and te thought of all those lost souls that are gonna perish, when the world ends cuz they die, or you declare it, it just hurts me on whole nother level they aint seen pain till they introduced to the devil. I change from day to day I think I'm just bipolar, nobody seems to give a damn about the wound souldier, Im not on any meds, but I probably shud I say fuck it to all those crazy man made goods, I control my life, push through the pain, I saw what those drugs always seem to do to your brain and it aint pretty, it really fucks you up, would you rather be nervous or give your whole life up, and people always fallin down when they need to run, it's built into our dna its just 0's, 1's, we are naturally computers that's just an awful pun, but rapping the turth on the mic isn't always fun, infact it's pretty hard, in lack it's pretty tard, I'm not going to spice it up by rappin in a leotard, and stoppin all you viewers from standin guard cuz we all know the path we choosen has always been proven loosen
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TriWaZe - "Around The World"
Another video based on one of JugglingStein's videos, thanks to him for allowing me to make it. Took me around 20 takes to get it dropless so it was a lot of work, I hope you all enjoy! [This video was posted on Jugglingstein's page!] Thanks a lot.
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MisConceptions [A Juggling Project] [HD]
The project I've been working on for my 2d design college class, I still have a lot of ideas I want to push for, but for now this will do as a beginning step towards a set of videos under the MisConception name. I want to push for an artistic approach and yet get everyone aware of the current state of juggling. Think of this as a prelude into the series it will soon become. I've spent lots of hours planning out whats seen in this video and the editing process took quite some time, all in all I'm content with the final result; somethings bother me but I believe it's finally time to show you it.
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8 Fold - Chorusless Preview
Leak of a song Im currently working on, sorry about the quality and lag, my laptop is having serious technical difficulities tonight, wouldnt stop chopping my HD copy so I had to upload it to youtube, download the low res, and then import that and compile. UGH. Tell me what yall think, please!
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Just Flusha Things? (Possibly Aim Locking @ Krakow)
What do you guys think?
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8 Fold - The Real Me
This is how I'm really living... Don't say I don't spit truth in my raps... _________________________________________________________ Picture this 10 years old walking into 4th grade, hiding in my shell like a tortoise hides from its prey, never talkin to teachers, like a mute nothing I could say, dodging from the camera just about each and every day, Mom packed my lunches, didn't deal gettin in the lines, always fearing what they thought, like I was committing crimes. Hated gettin called in class, when they asked I wore a mask, stared it off, and turned to red, swore myself that I was dead, Years followed, never changed, lost more friends that I forgave, prayed and prayed for better days, no weapons to fight this game, demons swallowed my pride, mind locked up,whats inside, made no progress through this ride, to the ground like suicide, Scared of the life that I was in, mental bashed, lost in wind, lost in the road of developing my life, lead to these days of feeling strife, going down, isntead of going up, spent the next years just trying to catch up, sick to my stomach I just wanted to throw up, All I wanted to do was just grow up! Life is just a pain when you are lonely and you cant say a damn thing Life will kick when you down, make you break your crown, throw you all around Life will hit you in the sack, stab you in the back, thats jsut a damn fact Life will treat you unfair, give you blank stares, hang you fro myour hairs Next came high school, walkin into 9th grade, still walkin past people, never go out of my way, mind jsut as bad as it was as it will ever be, makin few friends, even fewer be datin me, through my whole highschool I probably talked to 5 girls, You probably thinkin Im lyin but I swear to god I got no girls, had a couple in my life but that was when I was under ten, writin the 40 year old virgin 2, every day with this pen, still turnin red when people be talkin to me, like my brain stops, it just doesn't want to respond to me, SO whats really wrong with me, I really don't know, so far behind it really does blow, tried to change my life, and go on a date with a girl but after 6 months she clearly aint that white pearl, led me on, and told me would go, in the end I asked her and she didnt want to go Present day fucked up, I know this is who I really am, still waitin for a girl to come my way fall and land, One of the only losers in college who aint fuckin, hangin with the bitches, my expectations maybe high but hell with these stitches I met a girl online, who I really liked, spent enormous time talkin every single fuckin night, and then I tried to make a move the only way I knew how, just wanted to hangout you know, just me like a normal guy, and then over time again I wasnt given a chance so much for me to handle when I am in this stance, Im going crazy now, depressed like a bitch, all my life has been a waste, just throw me in a ditch, I feel pathetic, lost, left here with no direction, so stop tellin me jake no need for all this stressin, You say you got problems well I understand, but try to live my life, it aint worth 900 grand
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Lennart Green Top Shot After A Couple Days Of Practice
So stoked. I randomly picked up the deck and just started flinging cards.
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Me Vs. Myself 3 and 4 Ball Juggling
First time messing around with having more than one of me on the screen at once ehh not to bad. I rlly wish the sun didnt change so fast tho kinda ruined the ending but owell.
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The Truffle Shuffle Juggling Pattern
I honestly never knew it was as easy as it turned out to be but its goin to take practice im just saying there isnt much to the trick itself. Overall it feels rlly cool doing it tho so thats a plus and it looks cool so thx to Thegnome54 for the tutorial and dmarden117 for creating it.
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Counter strike extreme v5 more guns mod

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