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X Products X-5 50 Round Drum: Full Auto MP5 Test
Testing the new X-5 drum with my HK-94, Silencerco Octane 45HD, and registered full auto pack. Ammo is CCI Speer Lawman 147gr. All NFA laws apply! Follow-up test with MP5SD here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nbcaGkxO8A
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HK MP5K Operational Briefcase
Genuine HK briefcase with MP5K-N and registered Qualified Manufacturing HK Auto Sear. All NFA laws apply!
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DOJ HK 94 Full Auto
I recently picked up this 1988 DOJ (Department of Justice) HK 94. The finish is rough and it has a number lightly inscribed on the top of the receiver, but the internals are in great shape and it shoots 100% on full and semi. My Form 1 to SBR it has been sent to the ATF, but it's still a blast to shoot even with the ugly 16" barrel. I'll be sending it out to be refinished, paddle mag release installed, genuine MP5 barrel installed, and remarked to MP5 once the Form 1 is approved.
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SilencerCo Chimera Full Auto Test: HK21E Belt-fed, HK53, HK G3K
Testing out my SiCo Chimera with some of my full auto host guns. In order of apperence: HK53 5.56x45, HKG3K, 7.62x51, HK 21E 7.62 x51. I think I'll need to play around with some different locking pieces to tame some of these guns. The rate of fire is a little too high and the recoil impulse was a bit much, especially with the G3K. The A3 (aka meat tenderizer) stock was not the best choice for this setup. I have no problem with the G3's recoil in un-suppressed full auto, but once I added the suppressor, it was pretty brutal. Adding a clubfoot stock with heavy buffer should definitely help.
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Swapping a Transferable HK Sear Pack Between Host Guns
In this video I explain how to swap a transferable HK sear pack between different caliber host guns. This is a registered HK sear - all NFA rules apply!
Views: 4417 lrm1981
Transferable HK Sear, MP5 and HK51 Overview
A brief overview of a couple German HK host guns in my collection, including my transferable HK sear. All NFA rules apply.
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2018 Eden Vermont Machinegun Shoot
A fun weekend with good friends and awesome weapons.
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Browning Belt Filling Machine Model of 1918
Loading some cloth belts for my Browning 1919A4 with an original Browning belt filler. It's pretty cool to see this 100 year old technology still functioning the way it was intended all those years ago. This belt machine has the 7.62X51 feed chute adapter and pusher. Originally these were built for the 30-06 cartridge.
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MM23e Belt-fed Machinegun Compilation
Michael's Machines MM23e with transferable Qualified Manufacturing HK sear. All NFA rules apply!
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JLD-PTR91 Full Auto
I picked up a very nice G3 clone built off a JLD receiver and German parts kit recently. The price was right and the build quality was excellent, more importantly it functioned 100% right out of the box with my transferable HK sear. Couldn't be happier with it. This is a registered HK sear - all NFA rules apply!
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HK MP5K Breakdown
Breakdown of my MP5K with Qualified full auto sear with a little shooting at the end of the video. Sorry about the lighting and the focusing problems with the camera, I'll try to fix it for my next video.
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HK94/MP5 Submachine gun - B&T Suppressor
Giving some love to my HK94 - MP5 conversion with registered sear and B&T MP5 Suppressor. All NFA rules apply!
Views: 4712 lrm1981
New HK SP5K With Registered Full Auto Sear
Testing my new SP5K for the first time with my registered sear. I had my daughter filming me and she wanted me to do some cheesy over exaggerated action shooting at the end (flip flops and all) - I apologize in advance :)
Views: 50223 lrm1981
1976 HK93 Full Auto
My old 1976 SACO imported HK 93 with registered full auto sear
Views: 16048 lrm1981
PTR - C93: Full Auto Test and Range Report: HK93 Clone
Here's my initial impressions on the new PTR built C93 rifle, with full auto function testing. All NFA rules apply!
Views: 921 lrm1981
H&K Machine Gun Shoot - Sub Guns to Beltfeds
All of these firearms are being used in conjunction with my registered H&K machine gun sear.
Views: 5546 lrm1981
Michael's Machines HK94 to MP5  Full Auto
This is a 1988 DOC HK94 that was converted by Michael's Machines. I had Mike install a genuine MP5 barrel, paddle mag release, remarked to MP5, and a complete refinish. I'm using my transferable Qualified HK sear, Silencerco Octane 45 HD, and the HK94 has been registered as an SBR - all NFA compliant.
Views: 19161 lrm1981
HK51 Full Auto Compilation
My 7.62x51 Vollmer HK51 conversion with registered Qualified Manufacturing full auto sear.
Views: 13152 lrm1981
(HK) MM23e Beltfed 5.56mm Machinegun
Michael's Machines MM23 (HK 23e clone) with registered full auto sear.
Views: 13158 lrm1981
Machinegun Range Day
Firearms shown are 100% legal and NFA registered.
Views: 369 lrm1981
HK SP5K Full Auto (MP5K SMG)
A few mag dumps with my HK SP5K host gun and transferable Qualified HK sear. All NFA laws apply!
Views: 4209 lrm1981
X Products X-5 Drum With Full Auto MP5SD (2nd test)
Follow-up test of the X Products X-5 Drum with my TPM Outfitters MP5SD. Mixed 115 and 124 grain FMJ. Functioned 100%
Views: 4420 lrm1981
Shooting Machine Guns in Eden VT
Glock 18 - Post Sample (HK)MM23e With Registered Sear HK416 - Post Sample
Views: 594 lrm1981
HK Ambi Burst Pack Hammer Spring Install - With Full Auto Test Fire
How to swap a pistol hammer spring to a rifle hammer spring in your HK burst pack. Note: All NFA laws apply - This is a 100% legal, registered HK sear installed in a converted pack.
Views: 517 lrm1981
Top 3 Favorite Full Auto HK Sear Host Guns
It was a difficult decisions, but here's a list of my 3 favorite HK host guns.
Views: 297 lrm1981
M35A2  'Deuce and a Half' and HK MP5 Machinegun
Playing around with the Deuce and a Half and killing some pumpkins with the B&T suppressed MP5. This MP5 has a transferable full auto sear - all NFA rules apply!
Views: 453 lrm1981
Random Thoughts on Gun Rights + HK MP5SD shooting
Here's me rambling on about the current state of affair in regards to our gun rights, and some thoughts on my YouTube channel. Full auto MP5SD shooting at the end to make it less boring. All NFA laws apply!
Views: 442 lrm1981
Transferable Browning 1919A4 and GE Minigun!
I got a chance to shoot my DLO 1919A4 for the first time at our annual Machine Gun Shoot. Bonus footage of an extremely rare, and expensive transferable minigun at the end!
Views: 933 lrm1981
HK53 Full Auto
Ghillie built HK53 with post sample parts kit, SW receiver and Qualified transferable sear.
Views: 3641 lrm1981
LGT Dyno tuning by Mike at ESP
1st: LGT w/ AVO420 Turbo, Equal length headers, supporting mods. 2nd: LGT w/ GT30r Turbo, Unequal length headers, Meth, Supporting mods. 3rd: GT30r flyby
Views: 2856 lrm1981
100 rounds of M196 tracer - full auto HK53
Night shoot from the Green Mountain Boys Shooting Club annual Machinegun shoot @ Camp David in Eden, VT 7-17-15
Views: 7759 lrm1981
HK MP5K/SP89 With Octane 45 Suppressor- Full Auto
This is a legal, NFA registered firearm. Convereted HK SP89 with a registered Qualified Manufacturing Sear, SilencerCo Octane 45HD with 3 lug adapter, Aimpoint T1 Micro with B&T low mount, and some cheap 147 grain Speer Lawman .9mm
Views: 1217 lrm1981
Transferable DLO M1919 A4 Machinegun vs. Propane Tank
Who said kids and machine guns don't mix? The little man had a great time with the 1919 A4 - 5 gallon propane tank w/ road flare makes for an excellent target!
Views: 218 lrm1981
(H&K) MM23e Beltfed Machine Gun - 100 rounds slow motion
Michael's Machines MM23e beltfed running through 100 rounds of 5.56 without a hick-up.
Views: 2172 lrm1981
PTR 32 KFR Gen II 7.62x39 - Full auto
Testing the PTR 32 KFR from Atlantic Firearms with my registered sear for the first time. Nice slow, and controllable rate of fire.
Views: 21358 lrm1981
HK53 100 round Beta mag dump
Views: 6927 lrm1981
Killing dirt Rambo style - MM23e and G3K Machine Guns
200 round belt dump with my MM23e and 40 round mag dump with my PCS built G3k All NFA rules apply. Qualified Manufacturing transferable HK machine gun sear installed in these firearms.
Views: 443 lrm1981
MM21E - C93 Full Auto
Range day with my most expensive and least expensive sear hosts.
Views: 910 lrm1981
Atlantic Firearms AA89K - full auto 100 round beta mag dump
Shooting my brand new Atlantic Firearms AA89K (MP5K) right out of the box with my Qualified full auto sear. I put 400 rounds through it that day without any issues at all.
Views: 11554 lrm1981
Vermont snowmobiling - Trying to get over the mountain GoPro HD 1080p
Our attemp to break trail after the storm in Belvidere, VT 2-26-12. Sorry for the crappy angle of the camera.
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HK MP5 and G3K Machine Guns
Views: 301 lrm1981
Legacy GT, Dom 3.0r turbo + Meth
Tuned by Mike K from Tuning Alliance - 380whp 412TQ Mustang Dyno
Views: 23035 lrm1981
HK51 Machine Gun
Shooting my 308 Vollmer HK 51 machine gun with Qualified Manufacturing sear for the first time.
Views: 1790 lrm1981
SilencerCo Maxim 9 - First Shots
My Maxim 9 arrived at my dealer today. These are the first shots, right out of the box. The gun feels nice and shoots well, It's lighter and more balanced than expected, but I'm not impressed with the trigger.
Views: 857 lrm1981
TPM MP5 SD - Full Auto
Views: 1559 lrm1981
Full auto FN SCAR 17 Heavy
My first time shooting the SCAR heavy in full auto @ Green mountain boys shooting club annual machine gun shoot in Eden, Vermont. 7-20-13
Views: 3162 lrm1981
PCS built HK53 - full auto
I had Jeff over at Parabellum Combat Systems build me an HK53 using a Special Weapons receiver and genuine HK53 parts kit. The build quality is top notch and it runs flawlessly with my registered sear!
Views: 1013 lrm1981
200 Rounds through the M249 SAW
Green mountain boys shooting club 2013 machine gun shoot - Vermont.
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