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How To Build A Trap Base - Rust Tutorial
How To Build A Trap Base - Rust Tutorial Hi Glox's! So today i'm going to show you how to make an easy trapbase without any components! I hope you enjoy!
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Caseopening.store (Scam Site!)
Do NOT deposit any money! It's a total scam site, and they are trying to earn easy money!
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First CSGOGEM Upgrade
Hi guys! Short little video, of my first experience with CSGOGEM. I can recommend this website!
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This Ruins Matchmaking! - (CS:GO Overwatch)
Hey guys! So i decided to record a Overwatch, and this is what pisses me off about CS:GO Matchmaking. And more too. I hope you enjoy! :D Promo codes: Datdrop.com (cyglox) CSGO-CASE.com (cyglox) Lucky-cases.com (Cyglox) wildcase.com (cygloxyt) csgolive.com (cyglox) farmskins com (cyglox)) skinhub.com (cyglox) kuycase.com (cyglox) csgoroll.com (cyglox) csgobig.com (cyglox) holyboost.com (cyglox) Dropgun.com (@★CygloxYT★ dropgun.com)
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Easy Way To Profit! - Datdrop.com
Yo guys! So i couldn't withdraw the last Glock-18 Off World, so i sold it, and openede 2 Pop milspec, wich gave me a ST Factory New SSG-08 Abyss woth 7.50$ On cs.money i got exactly 19+$ so 2 times profit already there! Promo codes: Datdrop com (cyglox) CSGO-CASE com (cyglox) Lucky-cases com (Cyglox) wildcase com (cygloxyt) csgolive com (cyglox) farmskins com (cyglox) skinhub com (cyglox) kuycase.com (cyglox) csgoroll com (cyglox) csgobig com (cyglox) holyboost com (cyglox) Dropgun com (@★CygloxYT★ dropgun.com) - I hope you enjoy this video!
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Zeflix A Scammer?!
Hey guys! This is like the 20th time i randomly gets added whenever i get some csgo skins.I always accept just to get a little laugh out of it. I hope you enjoy!
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WALLHACK CONFIRMED! - CSGO Casual (WallHack Edition)
Hi guys! What do you think about hackers? Pissing you off sometimes right? Well... Watch this, and leave your meaning in the comment about this dude. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cyglox/?ref=bookmarks Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/cyglox Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cyglox/
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OPENSKINS.COM - The Best Way To Profit! **(GIVEAWAY)**
Hi Glox! Welcome back... I'm feeling good today, and I hope you do aswell! If you watch the video till the end, there will be announced a NEW GIVEAWAY! - I hope you all enjoy my new video! Peace out!
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Disco w/ Friends - Vlog #1
Hi Glox's! I really hope you enjoy this vlog thingy... I'm not that good at making vlogs and stuff, but I'll do my best to get the videos more exciting! - I hope you enjoy guys... Leave a like, comment down below and subscribe, and become a Glox member today! :D
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A Good Start - Rust (Solo Survival) S1-E1
Hi Glox! So, i've started this new Rust series, and i do hope you enjoy it! Leave a like, subscribe and comment down below if you want more rust episodes and series! /Cyglox Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/cyglox Twitter: https://twitter.com/cyglox Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198049232989/ - Remember to click the little bell for notifications, everytime i upload or stream!
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Butts On A Plane - CSGO Coop Mission w/ Fabio
Hi Glox's! Welcome back to a new video! If you enjoy, leave a like and subscribe if you're new on the channel! Top Donation: LetsPlayGerman = 89$ Donation: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88967261&token=GvzxTy5A Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cyglox-488746554667450/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/cyglox Promo codes on: Farmskins.com (cyglox) CSGOLive.com (cyglox) hellcase.com/fcyglox (cyglox) - Leave a like, comment and subscribe and become a Glox today!
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R8 Revolver | Crimson Web  !!GIVEAWAY!!
Hi guys! Remember to subscribe, leave a like and a comment! Check my Twitter, follow me aswell and show that you liked the video! ;)
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SKILLS OR HACK?! - CSGO Best Shots! #1
Hi Glox! A small video i just edited, after some random games with friends! I hope you enjoy this video, leave a like if you do, and i'll see you in the next one!
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Blocked My Friend - NMRIH (Duo Survival)
Hi Glox! I am back in full form, lots of energy and a lot of new stuff coming for you! I hope you still hang around, because there will be a blast soon on the channel! So stay around!
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PROFIT!!! - Betting On Slots!
I'm back! Let's hit 20 likes and I'll make another one of these videos! Don't listen to me in the video about the Giveaway! I will be doing a better Giveaway soon as possible, i just went to crazy about the profit i got! - Stay tuned and keep an eye out for updates!
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1$ TO A KNIFE!!! - CSGOGEM Upgrades!
Hi guys! I was so f*cking lucky, while recording this video. I didn't even think it would happen for me, since I've tried before! I am so happy! I hope you enjoy! :D Promo codes: wildcase.com (cygloxyt) csgolive.com (cyglox) farmskins.com (cyglox) csgoempire.com (cyglox) skinhub.com (cyglox) chefcases.com (cyglox) kuycase.com (cyglox) drakemoon.com (Cyglox) casegods.com (cyglox) csgo-skins.com (cyglox) Drakewing.com (Cyglox) csgoroll.com (cyglox) csgobig.com (cyglox) csgodouble.gg (cyglox) casejar.com (cyglox) holyboost.com (cyglox) csgo500.com (cyglox) csgobounty.com (cyglox) csgo-case.com (cyglox) skinup.gg (cyglox) csgoblocks.com (cyglox)
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CS:GO Montage #5
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cyglox-488746554667450/ Song: Inukshuk - We Were Infinite [NCS Release] - Hope you enjoy!
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I LOST MY FRIEND!!! - CSGO Coop Mission: Haunted!
Hi Glox's! I hope you all had a merry christmas and a happy new year! I had a blast this new year! So, me and my friend LetsPlayGerman decided to do something new this time! Coop missions is always fun to play, so we tried out the Haunted map and it is so COOL!.. You should try it yourself! :D But anyways! I hope you all enjoy this video, and that you would like to see more coop and more new cool stuff this year! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cyglox/?ref=bookmarks Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cyglox/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/cyglox For contact, fanmail or support: Cygloxyt@hotmail.com
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Goodbye My Friend!
This just a joke video guys! We where playing and found this way to fun! :D I hope you enjoy.
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CS:GO Montage #2
Song: Desmeon - Undone (feat. Steklo) [NCS Release] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cyglox-488746554667450/ - Hope you enjoy!
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GIVEAWAY WINNER - HellStar Congratz!
Congratz HellStar! Leave your tradelink down below and I will send you the R8! :D
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P250 (and AK) Highlights! - CS:GO (Casual)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cyglox-488746554667450/ - Leave a like, comment down below and subscribe and become a Glox member today!
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CS:GO Montage #1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cyglox-488746554667450/
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360 NO SCOPE!!! - CS:GO w/ LetsPlayGerman #3
Hi Glox's! I hope you enjoy this awesome new video! We are gonna make some more challenges and 1v1's soon! Check out LetsPlayGerman's channel too! https://www.youtube.com/user/DerGermanHD - Leave a like, comment down below and subscribe and become a Glox today! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cyglox-488746554667450/
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Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze - !!GIVEAWAY!!
Hey guys! Another giveaway right here for you! All you have to do is: Like this video Comment And follow me on Soundcloud. Link: https://soundcloud.com/djniklas-frederiksen
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CS:GO Montage & Funny Moment #4
Song: Inukshuk - We Were Infinite [NCS Release] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cyglox-488746554667450/ - Hope you enjoy!
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CS:GO Montage #3
Song: Phantom Sage - Silence (feat. Byndy) [NCS Release] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cyglox-488746554667450/?ref=bookmarks - Hope you enjoy!
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Free Money? Free CSGO Skins!!!
Hi Gloxs! In this video, i explain about a website, called csgopoints.com! They allow you to do loads of surveys, to earn points so you can withdraw YOUR favorite CSGO Skins! - Link for the website is down below! http://csgopoints.net/?ref=76561198049232989
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CS:GO Vs Mw3 (Danish Rage)
Hey! Mig og 2 af mine kammerater spillede lidt Free For All igår mod hinanden... Her er hvad det endte med! Sry m8, men det var fandme grineren! - Håber i nyder videoen!
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CSGO Highlights #2
Another cool highlight for you guys, but this time with 2x ACE! The game ended 16-13 for enemy team... I was carrying 46-1-15! - Hope you enjoy! ;)
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ITS ALL GONE! - Rust (Solo Survival) S1-E3
Hi Glox! I'm back, and this time i was raided... I was planning to record a new episode yesterday, but was really tired and had no energy. - I'll start a new series soon as i find a new server, so don't forget to click the little bell icon!
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1v3 Clutch - Inferno CSSO
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I'M BATMAN! - CS:GO w/ LetsPlayGerman #2
Hi Glox! I hope you enjoy this awesome new video! We are gonna record some more games for all of you Glox, so stay subscribed! A special thanks to LPG for the awesome intro and outro! LetsPlayGerman: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0668b1NNhCpG_TNLvUDTJA - Leave a like, comment down below and subscribe for more!
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Playing Against Hackers?!
steam://rungame/730/76561202255233023/+csgo_download_match%20CSGO-7vQZ3-XYCbV-FEMMF-kXC9A-nKurD Go and watch the replay for youself. I can't find their profiles anymore, so I'm sorry!
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Congratz! I hope you enjoyed this giveaway! Leave a like, and a comment if you want more. To get better priced items, help me out using my promocodes so i can pull something more insane out for you guys! ;) - Have a nice sunday
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WE'RE AT THE CLUB! - CS:GO Co-op (Hotline w/ Quiknezz)
Yo guys! Enjoy this fun gameplay of me and Quiknezz playing co-op together. Go and show some love on his channel and help him out! /CX
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No Deaths! - Guardian Missions w/ Joemanx13
Hi guys! I guess you've already played all Guardian Missions, and I have to aswell. But today me and Joeman decided to take a map now that he haven't finished them all. Take a look, and se how we did it! /CX Joemanx13's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYxXBsg62jxiUGOn0ihcbcw Promo codes: Promo codes: wildcase.com (cygloxyt) csgolive.com (cyglox) farmskins.com (cyglox) csgoempire.com (cyglox) skinhub.com (cyglox) chefcases.com (cyglox) kuycase.com (cyglox) drakemoon.com (Cyglox) casegods.com (cyglox) csgo-skins.com (cyglox) Drakewing.com (Cyglox) csgoroll.com (cyglox) csgobig.com (cyglox) csgodouble.gg (cyglox) casejar.com (cyglox) holyboost.com (cyglox) csgo500.com (cyglox) csgobounty.com (cyglox) csgo-case.com (cyglox)
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20x Twice In A Row?! - CSGOUpgrader.com
Hey guys! Because of a new headset and i haven't tested my new mic, so there's no talking in the video... Sorry! Wanna test this site? Use my code: Cyglox (For free .50$) Promo codes: wildcase com (cygloxyt) csgolive com (cyglox) farmskins com (cyglox) csgoempire (cyglox) skinhub com (cyglox) chefcases com (cyglox) kuycase com (cyglox) drakemoon com (Cyglox) casegods com (cyglox) csgo-skins com (cyglox) Drakewing com (Cyglox) csgoroll com (cyglox) csgobig com (cyglox) csgodouble gg (cyglox) casejar com (cyglox) holyboost com (cyglox) csgo500 com (cyglox) csgobounty com (cyglox)
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THE BAIT DUDE! - Betting On Slots #2
Yo guys! I hope you enjoy this video, and enjoy watching me gamble my life away (lol). Smack that like button for another one?!
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CS:GO Highlights #1
Yoooo guys! I'm back with a fun little highlight video for you. Meanwhile, I'm finishing highschool and i really want you to help me out with something. Use my codes please! :) - Giveaways will come sometime!
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Hi Glox's! For so long, i've only had bad games and couldn't really find my inside CT and T! But TODAY, it all changed! Watch this epic Ace and comment what you think!
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Hi guys! I hope you're all having a great start of the weekend! I know this isn't something speciel, but i want to post more stuff on my channel for you, and aswell for my sakes! - See you soon!
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Congratz to Oliver! Next time guys... More need to participate in the giveaway. :) /Cyglox
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GIVEAWAY WINNER - Joemanx13 Congratz!
Congratz Joemanx13! Promo codes: wildcase.com (cygloxyt) csgolive.com (cyglox) farmskins.com (cyglox) csgoempire.com (cyglox) skinhub.com (cyglox) chefcases.com (cyglox) kuycase.com (cyglox) drakemoon.com (Cyglox) casegods.com (cyglox) csgo-skins.com (cyglox) Drakewing.com (Cyglox) csgoroll.com (cyglox) csgobig.com (cyglox) csgodouble.gg (cyglox) casejar.com (cyglox) holyboost.com (cyglox) csgo500.com (cyglox) csgobounty.com (cyglox) csgo-case.com (cyglox)
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How To Get Profit - Holyboost.com
Hi guys! Check out Holyboost, at the link down below! Also, don't forget to use my code so i can post more giveaways for you! ;) /CX Promocode: Cyglox Link: https://www.holyboost.com/get-free/cyglox Holyboost: https://www.holyboost.com/
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Funny Moments/Kills - [CSGO]
Hey boys n' girls! Leave a comment down below, what you want me to record. I'm out of ideas! - Dope track? Check it out right here: https://soundcloud.com/djniklas-frederiksen/burn
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