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Dark Souls 3 Abyss - Watchers Glitch
Dark Souls has some crazy glitches wonder when they will patch this, because they patched the variation for Soul of Cinder. Obvs didn't find this, was found by someone I forget the name of (sorry) and then Distortion 2 developed it further.
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Gone Home Any% [OLD WR] 47.19s
I got WR back, not for long I expect but I can beat this.
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Metro 2033- Redux (OLD Any% WR)  2:50:13.470
NEW WR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS32LYJNy7I&t=6830s This is ok, still a few min could be saved. But wanna look for more skips before I upload another run. Timesaves on... Dead City Dry Frontline Outpost Church Tower 2 (Might be more, I forget)
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Metro 2033 Redux (Any%) 2:46:23.220
Finally got round to uploading it nearly a year after doing it xD. (Not best run terrible tower and some new strats can save a few min)
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Dark Souls 3 - Iudex Gundyr (Speedrun 1:48)
Nothing official just fun lol.
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Anno 2070 My Awesome World
my awesome world in anno 2070 I have played this map for about 10 hours and its probably the best I have don on single player
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Initial D: Special Stage - Akagi (Uphill/CC) 2:35.059
Did this nearly 2 months ago...I'm lazy xD
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"FOR JAPAN" | Rising Storm / Red Orchestra 2 | Epic Funny Moments Montage
Hey guys me and Charlie decided to re-visit red Orchestra 2 / Rising storm multiplayer and here are some of the best moments from the 15 mins that we played! Charlie | https://www.youtube.com/user/charliekay27 Music | https://machinimasound.com/ Tags: Red Orchestra 2 heroes of Stalingrad, steam, valve, razer, fraps, sony vegas 12, funny montage
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Anno 2070 Cool Nukes
sorry a little laggy as you would expect from me recording and like 16 nukes being launched at the same time
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Dark Souls - How to Cheese Seath
I was lvl 68, so around when you should fight him and as you can see this fight was trivial becaue of the curse resistance of the humanities and Havel's Set. *NOTE* I made this ages ago and only now found it again and decided to have some more upload variety.
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Initial D: Special Stage - Myogi (Downhill/CW - Dry) [WR] 2:57.308
Kinda disappointed in this, sub 57 is doable with three perfect laps, was slightly off the pace of lap 1 and 2. But with a second lap like my final one, along with a first lap like the one I was racing against would make the sub 57 possible. Just a hard grind for every lap to be perfect.
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Gone Home Any % 48s 210ms PB (2nd Place)
Just over half a second off WR around 0.6 second time save needed.
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Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) "Random Things" Rag doll?
hi and welcome to another GTA IV video just another compilation of funny clips
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Initial D: Special Stage - Usui (Uphil/CC - Dry) [WR] 2:52.742
So many bad laps and then I finally get a decent one...and then I'm disappointed that it wasn't better xD
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Dark Souls - Gwyn Cheese
I came back to Dark Souls many months after I first finished it and I remembered I had a character at Gwyn. A few months ago I wasn't that good at parrying and I remembered Gwyn being one of the hardest fights in the series...and then this happened, LT ruined one of the best bosses ever, becomes a bit trivial.
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Fallout 3 GOTY The Pitt DLC Gameplay 1080p ENB - Part 2: The Steelyard
Hey guys, this is kinda random because I Have not uploaded any other Fallout 3 videos to this channel but the Fallout 4 hype is real so Fallout 3 is getting a good look at, I have just done a charecter to lvl 30 and now I'm doing some DLC I have never done before... The Pitt.
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The most annoying glitch in the world if you have ever experienced it then you will know what i mean this is the 3rd time it has struck me across various playthroughts and in this instance it was a minor case it can be much worse for example he follows you and you cant fast travel or anything and he keeps talking. THANKS FOR WATCHING.
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Dark Souls 3 - Irithyl Skip
This skip is quite easy and even if it takes a few tries it is nice to get to Yhorm a little quicker.
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"DILDO LAUNCHER" | Gmod Gun Game
Today we play a new gamemode. The concept will be familiar to any Call of Duty player, it's Gungame. We have a good time in this I hope you guys enjoy and although I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks I will try my hardest to upload as frequent as possible!
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SCP Pony Mod Why The Fuck Am I Playing This
a little mod a friend told me to get I egret it I don't know I could even make it past the start if anyone want me to play it more I might
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Metro 2033 & Metro Last Light Redux, Executable Has Stopped Working *FIXED*
This glitch makes the game crash onto a black screen and is yet to be patched, so I had this issue and I found a solution!
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Initial D Special Stage - Myogi (DH) 2.55:793
Beat my PB, need to upgrade the car much more to attempt WR.
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Team Fortress 2 Hide And Seek
A funny little video in TF2 where me, Harry and George are just messing about in a Mario map on TF2 we played some hide and seek and we messed about a bit and well it was just funny so yaeh hope you enjoy it!
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SCP My Little Pony Mod Episode One
why was this made check it out its the scariest game ever more than the original something about bloodthirsty ponies isn't right
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Gone Home 100% WR  4.16.201
A little better than my previous WR, there are lots of small timesaves but the big ones are. (big timesaves are still really small). This is a fun speedrun that just needs practise, better than Any% but barley played by anyone. - Faster front door key grab (0:00) - Faster locker key (0:24) - Folder grab (2:18) - Actually picking up the ball -_- (3:25) Could prob get a 4:15 and a god run could be 4:14.
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Secure Contain Protect SCP My Little Pony Mod MLP Shit Scary
a shit scary moment I mean dam this was scary I have never seen 173 this close to the beginning I mean dam this was scary
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Ninja Roy Speedrun Hacked% (1:51 min) WR
Retarded speedrun 2.0.
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Iroha Downhill - Assetto Corsa
The Iroha downhill in a Lancer Evo. Was ok but some shitty stuff too. 4:13 prob considered trash but meh still learning. No assists.
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Telltale's Game of Thrones #5 - Cersei is a Bitch!
Hey guys another episode of Game of Thrones here, sorry for the slow upload pace, such big videos take me an age to upload, but no worry's, more vids in the next few days.
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"Congratulations, Nobody Gives A Fuck! | Alien Swarm
A really fun free game we have been playing and I was looking through my footage for funny stuff and this just made me laugh so much, hope you enjoy! Charlie - https://www.youtube.com/user/charliekay27
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Fallout New Vegas Underwater Poker Easter Egg
I have see this Easter egg many times but never knew where is was but I was just exploring and I found it the location is Ruby hill mine which is on the road up to Jacobstown and the right hand size near the bottom of the hill. Thanks for watching and remember to like and subscribe.
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Dark Souls 3 - Learning to Parry
I never really tried parrying before, after a little practice you notice yourself improving, definitely worth it, good damage and counter in PvE and PvP (it also just looks cool tbh). Weapons: Hollowslayer Greatsword Black Knight Glaive Chaos Blade Shield: Hawkwood's Shield
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Bitch Slapping Jeoffery, We have All Wanted To Do This | Kingslapper | Game of Thrones
Hey guys a funny game a found on the web that lest all game of thrones fans do something they've always wanted to do....BITCH SLAP JEOFFERY!!!!!!! Kingslapper | http://chromaengine.com/kingslapper/
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Bioshock Infinite Ending And Secret After Credits
An excellent game and I only have a few problems as you can see at the end the water detail is amazing but then the grass is shocking and I have it on ultra settings too and apart from that there isn't a lot of problems only minor things not worth mentioning and its also very complicated and if I get enough responses requesting it I might do a lets play
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Fallout 3 GOTY The Pitt DLC Gameplay 1080p ENB - Part 3: The Fighting Pits
Hey guys, this is kinda random because I Have not uploaded any other Fallout 3 videos to this channel but the Fallout 4 hype is real so Fallout 3 is getting a good look at, I have just done a charecter to lvl 30 and now I'm doing some DLC I have never done before... The Pitt.
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Metro Last Light Redux - Red Square  2:32.884
Saved a few seconds on previous time with a smooth jump OoB.
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Channel Trailer
Pretty shitty trailer tbh, but better than the old one lol, needed more transition diversity, made it a while back and cba to change it tho tbh.
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Gone Home Any%  46.783
Going faster is hard.
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Civilization V (Any%)  3.151 Sec (WR)
A new PB.
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SCP Secure Contaian Protect SCP 372 Sighting
me paping my pant when I saw this I decided to highlight this video because you don't see him that often so you know there you go
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Dear Esther Landmark Edition - 17:47.45  [WR]
Pretty good, other than having a godlike caves I cant rlly see any way it can be faster. Thx J.P for new strats.
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Outlast - Backwards Superman
Not the fastest way to do it, but damm this can be tricky when trying to be consistent.
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Dear Esther Landmark Edition - 19:40.11  [Former WR]
Can be a bit faster for sure, caves were slow and I dunno if all my walking was that optimal tbh. Not really sure wtf is going on in that caves map tbh. RTA faster than the original game, just cos of caves.
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Civilization V Master of The universe Achviement guide *UPDATED*
Hey this is an updated version of a tutorial that I made a while back that video will still remain as this doesn't cover the subject more adds to it and this is going on my relatively popular steam guide.
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Just a funny video when Duck went invisible, lol!
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NieR:Automata - Virtuous Treaty
This and the default light weapon make the best combo for 2B (towards the end of route A it can be hard to upgrade this to the level as some other heavy weapons such as the "Fang of the Twins", which is easier to upgrade and therefore better until you get +3/4). Dxtory sucks, I had 60FPS and the video looks laggy asf
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Fallout New Vegas Rare/Cool wepons
a cool little video showing all the rare and just cool Weapons that I have found I will update when I have found more
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