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SMX's Twelve Days Of Christmas! (2000 Special)
HOLLLLLLY WHACK-A-MOLEY this took me forever! (2 Days) This is one of the best things I've ever done! Order of Appearances: SMX Hazuko David HECKRAY CoolBraker Kenny Kaido SMZ Omar Mei Sensei-Mo Psycho M Fearless AND THEN SOME OTHER PEOPLE THAT IM TOO LAZY TO LIST Well, let's reach for 60 Likes for this awesome project! And why not subscribe? It's free! Merry Christmas my fellow subscribers! Or.... Not if you don't celebrate Christmas Oh yeah before you go, which do you want me to do, Corrupted 3, or the other part of my 2000 sub special?
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RHG 8: SMX Vs Kaido V.3 (Finished) 900 Sub Special
HOLY COW!!!! THAT TOOK WAY LONGER THAN I EXPECTED!!!! So anyways, I put a lot of effort into it, and it would really mean a lot to me if you liked or subscribed :)
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StickNodes | Anime Opening | But without any Japanese.
Thanks to Psycho M Animation Studios for giving me the Inspiration to do this ;) His channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrZBp4eX_TwXP8kzGVlTNtA Back to SMZ's Backstory.
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Full Nothing Left Chapter 1
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[Undertale] Sticknodes: Joint w/ Gamerix Part 1
Credits to Gamerix for helping me :) Do not ask me or RIX to send anything you see. Part 2 will come soon :3
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RHG #9: (Joint) SMX Vs Omar Vs CoolBraker Vs David Part 1/2
HOLY COW THIS IS AWESOME! So, this is basically a joint 4 Man RHG. We all decided to do this and we thought this would be the perfect battle. David was busy and Omar was android, so they couldn't participate in the joint. :( But he will participate in the next part of the RHG! :) Got any questions? Ask us! :)
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Sticknodes ~ Bye Bye Meme | SMX AUS (reupload)
Basically, I wanted to upload/ take a break from backstories of Corrupted. Cringy Memes Don't worry, something special is coming :3 reuploaded due to time error.
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RHG Hotel Episode One: New Beginnings
Here it is! Episode One! So yea. DERRRRRRRRP IF u see this say #Burrito
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Corrupted Chapter 3 Episode 8: Change
Last animation of the year, but there's still so much to look foward to! Stay tuned! Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
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SMX's First Remix! Echolovania (Megolovania Remix)
THIS IS TERRRRRRRRRRRRIBLE But, since you guys like it, here's the download: https://www.mediafire.com/?7g7bcv9ji9b335l
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Corrupted Episode 6 (Chapter 2): It All Comes Together
Yey! I've been working on this on vacation. Sorry if this thing sucks, kinda rusty and all. Lots of secrets and things you should take note of... To know what Kenny Sees You must think that he will bleed These Illusions that you'll find Will occur later, it's only a matter of time... That's cheesy. But it has a meaning... Songs used: Megalovania UnderMix - SayMaxWell Deadwood - Really Slow Motion - Really Slow Motion Music
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RHG Hotel 3: Test of Determination
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SMY's Backstory
Little Short. But who doesn't like a story with mystery? Backstories are gonna take a break. Expect other content.
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Corrupted Episode 4: Broken
Sorry if this episode isn't as good as the others, this is an episode based on character development, and episode 5 will be very dramatic, longer, epic, and PROBALLY not awesome. So thanks ;)
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OC Battles #2: Jex (Malone) Vs SMX
Yeeesh. Finally finished the animation! Me and Malone finally agreed to fight each other. I started this long before, but dropped it for 3 months because of Other issues. So you might Expect some parts to be bad and some decent. Yes, I look like i'm unmatched, but I did it for the lols and practice. This is one of my most prized animations. Enjoy!
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Happy Late Bday Mei Yamazuki! By 1 day...
I didn't realize it was Mei's birthday and I didn't have time to finish it on her birthday.
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Kaido's Theme: Corrupted
boredom. Waiting for update so i can continue Corrupted. Toby Fox is the creator of Undertale, who made the original letmotif. Derp.
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Corrupted's Second Opening
Finally finished. This only took me 2 days, but it was hard. Anyway, going to take a break from Backstories and start Episode 9! Stay Tuned :D
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SMZ's Backstory
Honestly this took me much longer than I anticipated. One of my greatest works.
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Corrupted Chapter 2 Episode 7: Strike Back
FINALLY I'm SOOOO RELIEVED TO FINISH THIS. Now I can start the best part of the series.
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1000 Sub Special 2/2: Bad Apple AMV Joint Parody (w/ Zerlaw Anims ft. Animators!)
OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! So big thanks to Zerlaw Anims for helping me on this project. And congrats for him for reaching 100 Subs! Credits to TouHou for this amazing song.
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SMX and Cool Vs SMZ and Breaker | Joint With CB
Nothing much to say :/
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Sari May Be Gone... But Her Cousin Needs Support Too.
Who is sariness? Sariness was a 13 year old animator who worked with her cousin, Bio. Sariness was sadly diagnosed with Terminal Cancer, where nothing can be done. She had nine days to live. Unfortunately, her time on this world was over, and she passed away today. Rest in peace Sari. Although I've never interacted with you much, you were still part of the community. The animator community. Bio. Bio Animations was the cousin of sari. As far as I've heard, he was devastated about her death, and attempted suicide 3 times. He's never been online ever since. Support him on his channel. He needs support as well.
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The Path Of SMX OST ~ The End?
Backstory is on it's way guys!
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StickNodes | Who Broke It? Ft. Animators
Just a quick Sync.
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Flash Sprite Joint Battle | Goku Vs Evil Goku Vs Goku Black w/ Inbix
Goku: http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Goku Goku Black: http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Goku_Black Evil Goku: http://dragonballfanon.wikia.com/wiki/Story_of_Evil_Goku
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RHG Hotel Episode 2: An Overpowering Foe
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Horrible Syncing Test #1
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SMX's backstory
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"It's Been so Long" Fan Video minecraft edition
Fan video of "It's Been so Long" by The Living Tombstone. Created using Video Star: http://VideoStarApp.com/FREE
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What have I created...
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The Backstory OST ~ The Beggining
There's more to come :P
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NodesTale OST: XrayLovania (BETA)
SO.... THIS IS FRICKIING TERRIBLE! I was so lazy doing this! So that's why it's BETA. Also, this is heavily inspired by ALTERTALE's Dynami. Check it out.
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Flash | Joint with GrenBen | Ezen OC Demo (GrenBen's) W.I.P
25 likes and GrenBen will have enough money to eat. also finish his OC demo and i'll actually put effort.
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SMX's Backstory
Wowie! This was very long but rewarding to do. Here is SMX's Backstory. I'm currently waiting on SGA to make Corrupted 9's Part but for now I'm developing SMZ's Side of the story. Everything that is unexplained here will be explained in another backstory.
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Sticknodes's First AMV! | Animal ~ Neon Trees (Minor Key)
Well this took a while. I really liked how this turned out! Info: An AMV is a Animated Music Video, AND I REALLY WANTED TO MAKE ONE XDDDD This song is owned by Chase Holfeder, who converted and sang the song Animal by Neon Trees from Major to Minor. Go subscribe to him, he's really great. Credits + Videos Used (In Order) Sticknodes ~ Nightmare - Mei Yamazuki SN Short 2 Braker's Pants - CoolBraker Anims 3 Weapon collab entry - CoolBraker Anims RHG 12 Braker Vs Jex - CoolBraker Anims The History of a Hero #1 - CoolBraker Anims C.H.A.I.N Demo - NTM Sticknodes C.H.A.I.N Storyline - NTM RHG 2 SpeedBattle Omar Vs Bunky - Omar Anims Somethings Not Right - Kaido Mation RHG 2 Kaido Vs Glaze - Kaido Mation Sticknodes - RHG Extra - Mei Yamazuki Sticknodes - Bad Apple AMV - SMX SMZ RHG Demo - SMX RHG 1 Kaido Vs Drane - Kaido Mation RHG 2 SpeedBattle Omar Vs Bunky - Omar Anims RHG 9 Braker Vs Blast - CoolBraker Anims Master O's Collab Entry - Sensei Mo Nothing Left Chapter 1 Finale - SMX Sticknodes C.H.A.I.N Storyline - NTM Mei and NTM Birthday Present - SMX Corrupted 5 Chapter 1 Finale - SMX Somethings Not Right - Kaido Mation RHG 1 Kaido Vs Drane - Kaido Mation RHG 12 Braker Vs Jex - CoolBraker Anims Nothing Left Chapter 1 Finale - SMX Mass Destruction - Joker Execution Want me to make another one? Ask in the comments below :P
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Stickman Death Maze V: Agility
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StickNodes | Again ~ Meme | Corrupted | Original By Qwerts
I was bored so I uploaded this video I have lol it sucks but you're gonna have to deal with it, while SMZ's Backstory is 4 minutes in.
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SMZ RHG Demonstration
Too lazy to type description. Time to give someone else the spotlight. SMX needs a break. Sorry if this is rushed.
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StickNodes Meme ~ Posin' w/ Kaido Mation
First off, thanks to Kaido for helping with this video! She did an outstanding job! Here's her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7xg4Ob4Qy_Mc62r2yLLXTw Here's her edited part, different from this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8fldfKkdbQ Also, the reason why SMX is light blue is because the filters messed him up. rip. Kaido animated her OC, and I animated mine.
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Sans Vs Mario | DBZ Style
I wanted to test some effects I had. So here's some of the things we captured. Grenben helped too. Also you can see a lot of my body in the video, lel Should we make a part 2?
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The Best StickNodes FIGHT!!!!!!!
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(HeadPhone Warning) | NodesTale Remastered
It's still going. I've got a new computer so ye. New resources.
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CB Dubs: Elements 9 - Ice Shard (By SGA) ft. SMX dying in the background
SGA, if you're looking at this, we are sorry. We love your work and we just thought this was fun to do and we had a great time doing it. We are not trying to offend you in any way. So forgive us. BUT, THE PERSONA WHO DUBBED THE VIDEO IS NAMED CoolBraker Animations! SUB TO HIM!
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