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E-Salt Entertainment Association
A guy got salty in our match after I told the team we should buy, plus the other team had AKs so, obviously, it was justified. Why do I constantly run into players like this in ESEA? Maybe it's because I'm rank C ... ---------- My ESEA: https://play.esea.net/users/1124224 (RWS isn't everything ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ʞǝʞ); Maybe I'll make a compilation on stuff like this. I play CS at 1280x1024, 400 DPI @1.55
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Keemstar Raids NFKRZ's Twitch Stream
"The most action you'll get all night." *When NFKRZ doesn't use your footage* D; lol jk kms.
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I Killed A Fortnite Streamer, Here's What He Said After... (Insults Viewer)
Hey guys, bad player here. Not sure what possessed Ranger to jump off the deep end with the situation, I guess to try to justify dying in front of 50 viewers? FeelsBadMan. Anyways, I know I'm probably not as good as he is, but I felt he WILDLY overstated his claims. I looked at his full reaction, and I learned he had much more to say about me than the 'GG' he gave me, calling me a complete potato, among other things. I used to like him, but after going back and watching the VOD, I guess I'll look elsewhere. What's a drop in the bucket, right? Moral of the story, don't treat your viewers like trash (or don't talk _bad_ about them like this), you'll end up making yourself look worse, and will lose support in the long run, which is the main message in this video. ---- Info & Social Media ---- https://www.Twitch.Tv/NotBSC - Channel I stream Fortnite from, mainly. ---- Footage & Respective Content ---- C4Brandon (Currently ninjastar631), NotBSC, & Ranger on Twitch.
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[Trash] Solo Squad & Squad Wipe Highlights
Basically, this is a somewhat more serious & decently sized (small omegalul) squad wipe compilation, mostly via solo squads. Btw I know I suck at Fortnite & with editing in general, but I hope that I can improve in the future, and I hope I can return with a funnier video next time lol. But yeah, thanks to those who have supported me and I hope you guys enjoy. ;) --- El Twitch Plugarino / Etc. --- https://www.twitch.tv/notbsc - A follow is greatly appreciated hehe. https://www.twitch.tv/kumaiee - Kept on spamming him with updates to my intro lol, but I appreciated the feedback he provided. --- Music --- Intro: Flying Lotus - Massage Situation Outro: Joseph Jacobs - Unstoppable
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Rant on Cancerous Youtube 3D Intros
Just a rant on overdone intros. Not saying I hate these kinds of intros, just saying I hate the ones people over do and stuff like that, lol. But Jesus do I need a new microphone. I keep having to use my phone for these types of vids.. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the rant, lol. --- Music: Ljones - July
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Classicube Texture Pack Menu Glitch
Basically (hah basic-) if the client doesn't read any more texturepacks in the folder, I guess it doesn't know what to do, and crashes. Full log dump here: http://pastebin.com/zx5vn6CE -- Enjoy the music faggits. http://classicube.net Archival reasons - Revalion's dead boards - http://w11.zetaboards.com/Revalion/topic/11176075/1/
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21-Kill Solo Squad Clutch (Personal Record) | Fortnite Season 5 Gameplay
So my teammates died when we squaded up, so I had to do what a normal person would attempt to do-- clutch it out. I hadn't realized how many kills I got until I reached 16, and after that point, I was determined to win the game. Here's how it happened. ---- Social Media ---- https://www.Twitch.Tv/NotBSC - Channel I stream Fortnite from, mainly. ---- Friends (Check 'em out) ---- https://www.Twitch.Tv/KumaTTV - Friend that streams a lot (usually lol) https://www.Twitch.Tv/RTS_Zanic - Leader of RTS, the team I've joined ---- Music & Such (The Mario Series Addiction is real) ---- Super Mario Kart - Mario Circuit Mario Kart DS - SNES Mario Circuit 1 (Beta Version) Wii Sports - Title Theme New Super Mario Bros. Wii - World 9 (For the MK64 Rainbow Road Reference)
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Breaking De_Canals for 9 Minutes (Multiple Bomb-Stuck Spots, Bomb Out of Map, 'Skybox' boost, etc.)
You know the map is broken when you can literally chuck the bomb out of the map, kek. A new update for CS:GO was released on 3.15.17 with many bug fixes, and a new map called de_canals. Upon release of this update, a friend (fink - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb4J4SYsAM-1Vp3Sv_Q4jtg) invited me into a private lobby to look for defects in the map, hence this video, and the defects we found were plentiful, ranging from being able to boost into the skybox itself, as well as throwing bombs into spots that should've been brushed higher, and even a spot to throw it out of the map itself. Here's 9 minutes of us throwing the bomb aroud, enjoy I guess, lmao. -- Quick PC Specs: i7 6700K (4.4 GHz) w/ Corsair H55 NoVideo GTX 1080 16GB DDR4 (2800MHz) I play CS:GO at 1280x1024, 400DPI w/ 1.65 Sens, and a 1440p144hz GSYNC (obviously off) Monitor - PG278Q.
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[Archive] A Double Pump Era Solo Squad Clutch
Uploading this to archive it in a sense, as I neglected to upload it (meant to add it to a montage lol) a long time ago. I really miss this version of Fortnite, but I guess the current changes are alright. /s hehe XD
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15-Kill 'Solo' Duos (Against Bots LUL) | Fortnite Season 5 Gameplay
haHAA Cringy beginning btw. Emphasis on Solo, as my teammate died, unfortunately. Sorry for the lack of commentary as well, I wasn't streaming, just recording locally lol, but anyways, 15 kills is currently my highest since the spam meta was introduced. Maybe I should go for a higher kill count, don't really see why not. ;) ----- Twitch Channel ----- https://www.Twitch.Tv/NotBSC - Channel I stream from, mainly.
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My Fortnite Highlights (& Stupid) Moments Vol. 1 | Twitch.tv/NotBSC
Hey there! Just wanted to upload a highlights video to showcase some footage of some pretty nice plays, some funny moments, and some.. not so smart moments. Some of these are excerpts from my Twitch channel, and some were recorded offline. Regardless, hope you guys enjoy. ;) ───── Social Media ───── https://www.Twitch.Tv/NotBSC (Live-Stream Info in Twitch Channel Description) https://www.Twitter.com/Basicaneer (Temporary; For Upload Stuff Mainly)
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[Boredom] Your Minecraft Video vs My (Crappy) Editing Skillz
DISCLAIMER: This is just a joke, not an actual hate video. I just wanted to embarrass this guy back, lol. Also all those moaning sounds I got from his CS:GO gameplay video, haha. Lol, so a friend of mine thought it would be hilarious to play my update video on full blast in class (so you could hear me talking), so I remember he had a minecraft video and I'd like to show off what I did with it, lmao; Made this at 12AM so I guess that justifies the stupidity, lol. But anyways, just trying to stay active at the moment. New commentary/gameplay vid soon. --- Source Video: http://bit.ly/1NcoAta Source Channel ("TheRealNizmo"): http://bit.ly/1Mxqogo Scrubscribe to Meh: http://bit.ly/1WvfBFw Meh Channel Update: http://bit.ly/1qLaNjq
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CS:GO - 1v4 Clutch + 3K
Le meme songs are the best songs. Sorry for not uploading, got a mic and all but I lost motivation a while ago, hoping I can come back soon. For now, enjoy this, I guess lol. Video was uploaded in 1440p, but doesn't show up for me so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
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Fortnite: Battle Royale Gameplay - My 15 Kill Game
Meant to post this for the longest time. It was already up on Twitch, but I decided to actually upload it to the channel, where I hope to upload more content soon, lol. The beginning's a bit slow, but as the video progresses, it eases into the frags that lead up to the victory. Anyway, let me know if I can improve in any areas of editing, or even in playing the game in general. I don't mind listening to any criticism, haha ;) . Just note that this was before a couple of patches, including the first shot accuracy update. ───── Social Media ───── www.Twitch.tv/NotBSC (Live-Stream Info in Twitch Channel Desc.) www.Twitter.com/Basicaneer (Temporary; For Upload Stuff Mainly) ───── Random Clips ───── https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklyThirstyEggnogPoooound - Four vs. One in Solos (Using in Highlights Video) https://clips.twitch.tv/BetterStrongNeanderthalSuperVinlin - Three vs. One in Duo-Squads (Also... using in Highlights Video (lol))
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Channel Update - 4/14/16
Tried to make this as professional as possible with just a tad bit of comedic value or some shite in there. Idk. Ajasdjhklfbehwjke. Here's to 300. ;) -- Background Music: Flying Lotus - Massage Situation
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When The Pump Shotgun Actually Works... Kinda LUL (Ruined 13+2 Kill Gameplay)
I basically destroyed some kids the pump & tac, with the pump surprisingly doing more than 8 damage. There's definitely some room to improve, especially health-wise in the clip to not get screwed like I did, haha. But regardless, hope you enjoy. ;) ---- Info & Social Media ---- https://www.Twitch.Tv/NotBSC - Channel I stream Fortnite on, mainly. https://www.Twitch.Tv/PRTZL - Friend, also on Twitch. https://www.Twitch.Tv/ieekuma - Another Friend on Twitch ---- Credits ---- Music by Adhesive Wombat - https://www.soundcloud.com/adhesivewombat
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CS-GO: Mirage Pistol Round Acerino
Shitpost for an ace I got on pistol round on the map Mirage, kek. Ended the Game with 31 kills. Also, I'm MGE but deranked because having friends is stupid my dudes. Check out mah steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/basicaneer
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