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My First Online Win in Nr2003! (Cup at Talladega)
I finally got my first win after about four 2nd place finishes online in Nr2003. I hate to hang my teammate out on the last lap, but I've been waiting for this. xD Race was a 47 lapper in the ARL cup series at Talladega. Adam also freakishly blew up on about lap 15 ;~; he is in our thoughts.
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The Rhythm of DiRT Rally
Been racing this constantly for awhile now, the Tarmac Terrors update has had me racing new content every day so I figured I would edit it all! Music: Bugseed - Tear Loose
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Nr2003 - Crash Compilation - "Whereabouts Unknown"
Hope you guys like it! It's my first real attempt at making a crash comp and it took forever to make! Personally I feel like the video came out the way I wanted it :D All the clips are offline too since I'm new to nr2003. The song is "Rise Against - Whereabouts Unknown" *I DON'T OWN THE MUSIC, RISE AGAINST DOES*
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Assetto Corsa Drift Edit - Xavier Wulf "Psycho Pass"
Some clips I gathered drifting today some online some offline. All cars used are from the DTP drift car pack. This is my first edit with premiere pro so be nice! Would love to hear some feedback. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to follow me on Twitch, Steam, & Twitter! www.twitch.tv/waffeey www.steamcommunity.com/id/waffeey www.twitter.com/waffeey Tags: Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, Project Cars 2, DiRT 3, Dirt Rally, Dirt 4, Live for Speed, Nr2003, BeamNG Drive, Wreckfest, Trackmania, Sim racing, Racing, PC, gaming, racing games, racing simulator, online multiplayer, drifting, crashes, wrecks, montage, edit, compilation, twitch, livestreaming, livestream
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Best Save of My Entire Nr2003 Career
What happened when Jake randomly decided to stop turning in the corner. lulzorz
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[NR2003] Closest finish I've ever been in.
Me and Adam derping around in my server somehow created this.. I swear to fsm that this is not staged also ^^ Also the reason why the checkered is not out is because we were doing 4 lap sprints out of the normal 6 laps with about 4 cars, the rest wrecked on this one and it was just me and Adam :P
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DiRT Rally - Ford Fiesta WRC @ River Severn Valley
Short video so I can test quality, using all new software (Nvidea Shadowplay & Sony Vegas 13) so expect more DiRT Rally videos from my channel! Got a new amd fx-6300 processor and a Zotac Gtx 960 gpu. Thanks for watching! Dat Blow Off Valve doe.
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rFactor - FUSE (Drifting montage)
I have built so many nissans omfg But yeah here you go :D Mods: Project D 2.0 /w Extras from JDMfactor Tracks: Oran Park Ebisu Complex Irwindale D1GP 2007 ... I can't not laugh at the last clip xD
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this how u truck
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DiRT 3 - Online Insanity
Threw together some clips of some DiRT 3 races i was in last night, great to see that the online community is still going strong on a 7 year old DiRT game. More Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, and Project Cars 2 videos soon! Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to follow me on Twitch, Steam, & Twitter! http:/www.twitch.tv/waffeey http:/www.steamcommunity.com/id/waffeey http:/www.twitter.com/waffeey Tags: Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, Project Cars 2, DiRT 3, Dirt Rally, Dirt 4, Live for Speed, Nr2003, BeamNG Drive, Wreckfest, Trackmania, Sim racing, Racing, PC, gaming, racing games, racing simulator, online multiplayer, drifting, crashes, wrecks, montage, edit, compilation, twitch, livestreaming, livestream
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My First Carb Cup Win!
Before you even comment about my blocking: #1 It was the last lap coming to the stripe. #2 "Sr" is not effected in these races. #3 The people who I blocked had done the same to me on the start. Thanks for watching!!
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My TRT Race in a Nutshell
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VW World Rally Team Test @ Bent Twig (Onboard #13 Smith)
Product of boredom.
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Why you should ALWAYS lock it down when you wreck.
I shouldn't even have to say it. *sigh*
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iRacing Derpage: Miata Rally Shootouts
uh yeah. xD It was so much fun though.
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rFactor - Learning to slide the M3
Just dorking around in rFactor with the e36 :3
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My 8th Nr2003 Online Win! (Trucks at New Jersey)
3rd to 1st in a half a lap, my best win by far ^w^ Hell of a race. APRS @ New Jersey (8-1-2013)
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"With Realistic Physics!" ...lul
Yep. Also fluttershy car is amazeballs.
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Nr2003 - My View of the snsl Finish at Pensacola
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Nr2003 - CCM & Render Test #2
Mostly Render changes and also full speed video. Suggestions?
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How to win at Daytona by Tanner Smith.
le lul.
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From 6th to 1st in a half a lap
Short CTSV race at Lime Rock, was really aggressive on the start and it payed off.
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Attempting 360's at Rushmore
Me and Ian attempt 360 spins off of the jump at the Scenic Rushmore road course :3 Also Cosmin.. Being.. Cosmin. lul. #cutforbeiber
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My Fourth Nr2003 Online Win! (Trucks at 'Dega)
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A Little Slideways... *Teaser* (rFactor Drifting)
Cars used were the S14 and S15 from the Project D rFactor mod :3
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Minecraft - The First World.
This took me awhile, so please like, comment, and subscribe? (:
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rFactor 2 Short Edit "Youth"
Hope you guys enjoy! This took forever... Sony vegas crashed 3 times in the making, and I had to restart each time D,: Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XG_0iV2B40
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Street Stock Slide @ Jefferson Course
got bored o3o
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Team Sobriety vs Team M.A.N - Kurt's POV - (Dubstep Edit)
Just a quick little edit I did of the epic fight between Team Sobriety and Team M.A.N in UHC Season 10 from Kurt's pov. Music - "Flight" by Tristam, Braken All video rights belong to http://www.youtube.com/user/kurtjmac All music rights belong to Tristam.
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Nr2003 Crash Compilation - "All I Wanted"
Had to re-upload from Akimbo, but enjoy!
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DiRT 3 - Trophy Trucks @ Smelter Online Session
Fun little race I had last night with some randoms and friends, trying to find more quality at 1080p with 60 fps for my videos. Thanks for watching!
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Snsl @ Pensacola - Super Slow Motion
Just messing around with effects and such. Enjoy! Song is Don't Ask by Grizzly Bear.
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My Second Nr2003 Online Win! (Hobby Stocks at Wall Stadium)
~Hobby Stocks at Wall Stadium Banked, Solstice league~ So, this is the second time I have won in my first start of a league.. I could get used to this. Also the Tame Impala car was good luck. ^^ So therefore, TAME IMPALA MUSIC!! YEY.
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Onboard #13 Tanner Smith (2013 NASA Rallycross Opener)
I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED. ... also dem last two laps almost dieing
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NASCAR Crash Compilation #2 - High Speed
~WOO RENDER ERRORS~ This one took about 4 hours because Vegas decided to randomly delete clips but I hope you guys enjoy!
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iRacing Truck Victory @ Charlotte
Fun race, had it's up and downs, but I was glad I could finally grab a win after a long winless streak (:
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Springs.. Wat r u doin.. Springs.. Stahp.
This is what I get for fucking with the setup.
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Ebisu Jump Drift + Walltap feat. Stupid fast Skyline R34
Plus a bonus wall slap for extra jdm points! This car is too fast..
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My Third Nr2003 Online Win! (Trucks at Iowa)
Pretty proud of this one, :3 Adam and I dominated the entire race. This is the first time I really deserved to get the win, other times I would make a racey last lap pass even though they would be faster. Feelsgoodman.jpg (Also don't ask me what the 14 thought I did wrong, believe it or not, he's a league admin. LOL)
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nr2003: crash compailaion "Skrillex-Bangerang"
It's really sad how long it took me to make this. Obvious troll video is obvious.
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Nope. (Iracing)
Was messing around with the cup cars and this happened. yeah..
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Nr2003 - CCM & Render Test
Any suggestions? :P
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rFactor 2 Corvette C6.R at Malaysia.
This car is a blast to run.
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