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Dead Frontier - The Final Grind to Lv 220 ☆ 4th July Boss Event! 2014 ☆ HD!
My final grind from Lv 219 to 220 has finished today! On the 4th of July, Independence Day Boss Hunting Mayhem event. It was a very long journey from early February 2012 to July 2014, completing and reach max level in Dead Frontier. Thanks to all my Dead Frontier friends, subscribers and the community for all their support for guiding me, teaching and motivating me to reach from Lv 1 to Lv 220! Hope you guys enjoy this video. The Victory run from Lv 219 to Lv 220. *I'm sorry for those who cannot view this video on mobile, it seems like the "Celebration Time" song was claimed by copyright -.- *Loots: Sabre from FGS, STEEL MS800 from FW, Glacial Warefare from FW, MSG-9 from FGS Music (Credits to rightful owners): Road to Victory http://youtu.be/tx90LdQeEiU Celebration Time http://youtu.be/UWLIgjB9gGw
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Dead Frontier: Bishop CE9 vs Immolator AD [END ZONE Performance] HD!
Special thanks to piggyboy for lending me his Bishop CE9 for a weapon test! ----------------------------------------- In my opinion, the Bishop is far more better and effective at grinding than the Immolator AD. But the Immolator AD is still cheaper to afford than the Bishop and is still a great weapon to use for grinding. ------------------------ Additional Tags FTW: dead frontier gameplay dead frontier bishop ce9 dead frontier grenade launcher dead frontier immolator ad dead frontier bishop vs immolator dead frontier immolator v bishop dead frontier limited edition grenade launcher dead frontier lv 120 grenade launcher dead frontier heavy grenades dead frontier north end zone dead frontier end zone grenade launcher dead frontier nades dead frontier heavy nades dead frontier haoliu dead frontier sgt haoliu dead frontier bishop gameplay dead frontier rainy day dead frontier g1 hospital dead frontier immolator ad dead frontier weapon testing dead frontier bishop ce9 testing dead frontier best grenade launcher dead frontier end zone zombies dead frontier how to grinding effectively dead frontier grinding in ez dead frontier hospital dead frontier grooting dead frontier looting dead frontier g1
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Dead frontier - Two FGS vs GAU-19 | Non-GM EPIC Loot!!?? |
Can non-GMs loot Epic gears now!!? Got a Criss Victor from the FGS. BTW, I got a Reactive XT800 from the first FGS, sorry forgot to record the loot :-/ Location is 1 down from Secronom Bunker. Music: The West One - Battle Scene
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GTA SA - This is K-On City | K-On! Anime Mod Montage | HD!
GTA SA, modded with the K-On! anime mod. Replaced CJ and the Grove street homies skin with the K-On members of the Ho-kago Tea Time main characters: Yui Hirasawa, Tsumugi Kotobuki, Ritsu Tainaka, Mio Akiyama, Azusa Nakano. Enjoy ;) HD supported! Hit LIKE and FAVORITE and I'll give you a cake :D The level of Moe is over 9000!!!!! (σ≧▽≦)σ Music: K-On - Cagayake Girls ★K-On skin mods downloaded from here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qzugs3g286cmbhk/Full_Archivos.rar Has all the K-On characters skin I used in this video. Other mods: LSPD FCV 2003 Patrol Car, FCV 2003 Taxi, FCV Premier, all weapons modded, weapon sound mods, aim assist mod, bullet hole mod ★None of these mods and music in this video are made by me, credits to their owners. Video by me. No infringement intended, this is for entertainment purposes ONLY! Additional Tags gta sa kon mod k-on! san andreas k-on anime world anime mod montage massacre police chase gameplay anime girls skins fun trolls school girls loli city moe cute kawaii senpai guns
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L4D2: Some of the BEST Pistol Mods! (Download link included)
Six of my favourite handgun skin mods for L4D2 in my opinion. The handguns aren't in order of good to best, they are all really awesome skin mods. Those mods weren't created by me, credits to their owners. This is for entertainment purposes ONLY! Video made by me -------------------------- Download Here: -------------------------- Walther P99 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=28544 S&W Model 29 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=21328 Glock p80 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=27058 Beretta M92FS http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=17408 M1911 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=21028 HK USP with ADS (Aim Down Sights) http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=20209 Map used: Tumtara http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=24340
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Dead Frontier: 3x Weapons and Armour Looting Event
All of my Loots including sh8t ones. 68 loots in total in this slideshow. Thanks for watching and enjoy ;)
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Dead Frontier: [Basic Tutorial] How to kill a Giant Spider with a Pistol, Rifle or Melee
Just a basic tutorial for players who have trouble killing a GS or can't kill a GS in SP mode. It's fairly easy as long as you have the dodging skills. -The weapons don't matter, what matter is the skills you have in order to kill a boss. The higher level weapons are just a bonus in order to kill a boss faster. Additional Tags (Ignore): dead frontier gs boss dead frontier gameplay dead frontier how to kill a giant spider dead frontier tutorial for starters dead frontier help on killing a giant spider dead frontier melee vs gs dead frontier pistol vs gs dead frontier rifle vs gs dead frontier tutorial for noobs dead frontier tutorial for newbies dead frontier tutorial basics dead frontier the basic tutorial on killing bosses dead frontier dusk enforcer dead frontier dusk enforcer vs gs dead frontier fort pastor bossses dead frontier how to kill a gs with only a pistol without fencing dead frontier how to kill a gs without fencing dead frontier how to kill a gs with melee without fencing dead frontier how to kill a gs with a rifle without fencing dead frontier zigzag tactic dead frontier gs killing tactic dead frontier circling tactic
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Dead Frontier: How to buy Ghost Ammo | TUTORIAL |
UPDATE: All GA rounds are now increased to 25000 rounds, except grenades are increased to 12500 rounds. A basic tutorial on how to buy GA rounds. I have already bought 12.7 GA rounds, and this vid shows you how to buy it. All GA rounds cost 8000 credits. You'll receive a message from Xaeleth between 24 hours to 1 week time period on the DF support website. All GA rounds add up to the total of 15000 rounds except Grenades and Heavy Grenades, which add up to 7500 rounds. You will receive your GA rounds at roughly around 12AM Forum time or CST time. FAQ: 1. What are Ghost Ammo (GA)? GAs are an unique item (or ammo) in the game of Dead Frontier that enables you to carry up to 15000 rounds of ammo (7500 rounds for grenades and heavy nades) per day! Without the need to take up inventory space. GA will replenish everyday at around 1:00am EST 2. Do GAs take up inventory space? They do not acquire any inventory slots and do not take up any space. GAs are completely "ghost" as the weapons that you equip on you will show the ammo count after you purchased GA rounds. i.e. you can't see GAs unless you equip a Vulcan, 577 Rex or GAU-19 onto your character. 3. Do GAs stack above each other after each day? GAs do no stack above each other everyday, only resets to the default 15000 or 7500 rounds after hitting approximately 12AM forum time. i.e. if you use up 300 rounds from 15000 12.7 ammo, the next day it'll reset back to 15000 rounds. 4. Can ammo of the same type as GA stack above each other? Yes, if you purchase 12.7 rounds like I did, any looted 12.7 rounds will stack with the 12.7 rounds. However, looted or purchased 12.7 rounds will take up inventory space unlike 12.7 GA rounds. 5. Is there refund on GAs? No, once you purchase it, it'll remain in your account forever! (until this game closes down). So choose wisely whether you should purchase GA or not. It cost a LOT of money. 6. Can I switch between GAs? Yes, however it'll cost around 800 credits to switch (I think). 7. Can I transfer GA to my other account? No, GAs are not transferable! 8. I sent a support ticket to Xaeleth, however I have no reply for more than a day. Why? Wait patiently, the admins may be busy with their life and in game development. It may take up to a week to get your message replied. (It took 24 hours for me). Also, be sure to be specific about your GA rounds. e.g. saying "9mm rifle rounds GA" instead of "9mm GA" 9. I want to switch my current GA rounds to another GA round. How? Same way as buying the GA rounds, except you type in the support ticket "I want to switch my (e.g.) 12.7 GA rounds to 9mm rifle GA rounds" It'll cost 500 credits to do so. Also visit my DF World Blog: http://theotaku.com/worlds/deadfrontierworld
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Dead Frontier - UMP vs Wraith | Lv 42 Alt Account | Boss Hunting Gameplay
The UMP sub-machine gun vs the Wraith boss with my Lv 42 Alt account. Location: 1 up of Fort Pastor Stats: STRENGTH: 30 ENDURANCE: 55 + 22 = 77 AGILITY: 100 + 22 = 122 ACCURACY: 60 + 23 = 83 CRITICAL HIT: 80 + 23 = 103 RELOADING: 30 + 20 = 50 Music: John Dreamer - Brotherhood
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Dead Frontier - First Time Using GAU-19 on Boss | GAU-19 vs GS |
So I've encountered this GS 1 up from FP on my way to NEZ today. So why not just record a quick video on my first time using the GAU on a boss, it's a once in a gaming life time experience :P A couple of you guys want me to solo a BT with the GAU-19, so I'll try to find one this week. Music: West One - Killing Zone
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Dead Frontier: How to Manage Aggro Spike in a Hospital Without Nades
Basic tutorial on how to manage an aggro spike in a hospital if you don't have a Grenade Launcher. If you're anywhere near or around the hospital and have encountered aggro spike, run into the hospital and straight up to the top floor. This video will show you how it's done. It's best to do it in SP mode rather than in MP mode. http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/deadfrontierworld/view/304163/best_aggro_spike_fight_back_spot_in_hospitals/ Tags (ignore): dead frontier hospital dead frontier aggro spike dead frontier how to manage aggro spike dead frontier fighting the aggro dead frontier g1 hospital dead frontier method of countering aggro spike dead frontier g1 aggro dead frontier gameplay dead frontier walkthrough dead frontier nez hospital dead frontier hospital aggro spike
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Dead Frontier - Looting the Bunker!
I found another bunker while scouting around Secronom Bunker. Damn this bunker is massive, almost equivalent to a hospital. In case you're wondering, no I'm not a GM when this video was recorded and this is my first time exploring the bunker. ✮For those people who are as blind as a bat, the location of this bunker is 3 Left 1 Down from the SB outpost, indicated at the start of the video. (¬_¬) Music: *Audiomachine - Blitzkreig (Death Mix) *Audiomachine - Nomad *KPM Music - Into the Fire *Heavy Melody Music - Battle Triumph's Echo
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Hitman 2 [Silent Assassin]: How to Troll Sergei Zavorotko in FINAL Mission
Trolololol :D A much easier way to kill the final boss.
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Yandere Simulator TUTORIAL PC - How to Mod/Edit JSON file [Updated Dec 3rd 2015 Version!]
I used the December 3rd build. This is for PC ONLY! Sorry mac users, I have no experience with mac nor do I even own a mac. Hopefully this video has covered everything as in my last tutorial video on "how to mod", people had been constantly asking questions that I've already answered and clearly placed in the descriptions. Since some people are too lazy to read the descriptions, I'll just make another video with a more recent YanSim build to convey the same method, but covered in more details. If you can't open Student.json with notepad, you can use the Json Editor Online to open it: http://www.jsoneditoronline.org/ Old tutorial video: https://youtu.be/I7FYzkn9ksw Music - Tobu - Colors
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Dead Frontier: Flaming Wraith Troll
It was just a lovely grinding day when suddenly a FW pops up out of the sky right behind me. Gave me a frigging heart attack =.= Hopefully you guys enjoy this video and thanks for watching :) Watch in HD ------------------------------------------------------- Additional Tags (Ignore): dead frontier gameplay dead frontier flaming wraith dead frontier corpse destroyer dead frontier nez dead frontier north end zone dead frontier end zone bosses dead frontier cd vs fw dead frontier fw dead frontier cd dead frontier corpse gear dead frontier grinding dead frontier junk yard dead frontier troll dead frontier boss troll dead frontier looting dead frontier troll loot dead frontier boss loot dead frontier dead frontier epic boss fights dead frontier benny hills dead frontier leveling dead frontier how to kill a boss dead frontier immolator ad dead frotnier painshot 10 dead frontier killing a flaming wraith dead frontier wraith
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Dead Frontier - Desert Rat vs Dusk Enforcer | Video Comparison | Without Drugs!
*Correction*: The Desert Rat does not equal to the drugged Dusk Enforcer stats wise. However, in terms of inner city performance, the Desert Rat is almost like a drugged Dusk Enforcer! The Desert Rat is a new limited addition pistol in Dead Frontier. In this video, I will show you the comparison between Dusk enforcer and the Desert Rat. You'll be the judge of which pistol is better! Dusk Enforcer: .50 Handgun Ammo 20 Round Capacity Fast Reload Speed Average Firing Speed Average Accuracy Very High Critical Chance 100 Pistol Skill Required Unlimited Ammo Non-Transferable Damage per Second: 38 (190) Damage per hit: 19 (95) 2 Hit(s) per Second Desert Rat: .55 Handgun Ammo 24 Round Capacity Average Reload Speed Average Speed High Accuracy Very High Critical Chance 120 Pistol Skill Required Damage per Second: 61.4 (307) Damage per hit: 30.7 (153.5) 2 Hit(s) per Second Number of Critical Shots to Kill zombies in this video: ✦ Green/Dark Rumbler - 2 shots from DR, 3 shots from DE ✦ Green/Dark Long Arm - 2 shots from DR, 3 shots from DE ✦ Big Hound - 2 shots from DR, 2 shots from DE ✦ Siren - 1 shot from DR, 1 shot from DE ✦ Tendril - 2 shots from DR, 3 shots from DE ✦ Leaper - 3 shots form DR, 5 shots from DE ✦ Brute - 3 shots from DR, 5 shots from DE ✦ Spider - 2 shots from DR, 4 shots from DE ✦ Bloat - 2 shots from DR, 2 shots from DE Source: Dead Frontier wiki Music: Tobu Infectious - NCS
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Dead Frontier Challenge - Going Nude Mode on Black Titan! GAU-19 vs BT
No Drugs, No Armor, No Clothes. Limited energy and with only 100 agility. An unbeatable challenge requested by vstrooper123. Going nude mode on the Black Titan! Hope you guys enjoy this video, hit that "Like" button if you like this video and as always, thanks for watching :) Music: Challenge Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDki0LmKhkQ Credits to rightful owner!
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Dead Frontier: The Final Use of the Vulcan vs FGS
Thank you Vulcan for serving me a good 1 and half year of DF. I'll miss you :( Vulcan on drugs vs FGS. The final use of it before I sold the gun.
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Dead Frontier - Secronom Bunker and New End Zone Zombies Overview!
The New 5th Outpost has just being released on the 6th November 2014!! Along with new stronger mutant zombies and weapons (New weapons in future video, possibly). -It took me roughly around 25 minutes to reach Secronom Bunker from Fort Pastor without Speed Boost. With Speed boost it'll roughly take 20 minutes to Secronom Bunker from what I've tested with my alt account during the Global Speed Boost event. Overview: The Secronom Bunker has 3 soldiers guarding the main gate. Two of them are armed with assault rifles and one of them armed with a Semi-Auto Shotgun. There are also two other soldiers at the bottom left and right of the Bunker. One armed with an assault rifle and the other with a shotgun. The soldiers are possibly armed with M16s and Sega 20s judging by the sound of the gun. The Secronom Bunker area also features a hospital at the bottom left of the area and a couple of apartment blocks and industrial factories at the right side of the area. New Zombies: -Irradiated Green Long-Arm: Spites vomit like the green irradiated zombies -Giant Zombie Dogs: runs twice as fast than the normal Zombie Dogs and 1.5 times bigger -Exploding Green Rumblers: Pretty much like a Bloat -Stronger Giant Long-Arms: 1.5 times stronger than normal long-arms. -Stronger Rumblers: 1.5 times stronger than normal rumbler and slightly bigger. Possibly more new zombies yet to come, but these are the ones I've spotted near Secronom Bunker. *I also heard rumors of people spotting the Flaming Black Titan boss, but I'll have to see it myself to prove it. (Will also make a video of the FBT) Hope you guys enjoy this video ^_^ Any video request, always feel free to comment below! Music: Royalty Free Music - Zombie Apocalypse - Scary Cinematic Industrial Action Background Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TInZw5P5oA4
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Dead Frontier - The Wasteland
All hell breaks loose. Literally. The requirements are that you need to be at least Lv 100 to enter this area, located near Precinct 13. However, I wouldn't even recommend anyone to go there as it is a complete suicide! Maybe Adminpwn might lower the difficulty of the Wasteland as this feature has just been implemented and is still "an experiment". Hopefully you guys enjoy this video, especially for those who can't enter the area. Music: - Zombie Theme One Last Hope by The Enigma TNG https://youtu.be/Ht84GghEeG0 - Two Steps From Hell - Freedom Fighters https://youtu.be/YJm6b-o2pTM Credits to rightful owners.
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Dead Frontier: How to Fence a Black Titan and Gain EXP
I heard alot of people saying that whenever they fence a BT, they won't gain any EXP. But they were wrong. You can fence a BT and gain EXP, but you have to constantly keep on moving around while shooting the BT. All Information is in the video. Hope you guys learn something and enjoyed the video :) ----------------------------------------------------------- Additional Tags: (Ignore) dead frontier black titan dead frontier how to fence black titan dead frontier bt dead frontier fencing black titan dead frontier how to gain fast exp dead frontier fast exp dead frontier best way to kill bosses dead frontier corpse destroyer dead frontier black titan killing dead frontier black titan raping dead frontier black titan fencing dead frontier fencing a black titan and gaining exp dead frontier how to gain exp fast dead frontier north end zone dead frontier nez bosses dead frontier boss hunter dead frontier solo killing dead frontier black titan killing single player dead frontier cd vs bt dead frontier reaching lvl 200 dead frontier gameplay dead frontier killing black titan dead frontier fence troll dead frontier how to fence a black titan dead frontier killing black titan with fence dead frontier benny hills dead frontier end zone bosses dead frontier strongest boss in game dead frontier big black thing dead frontier long hard thing dead frontier xlgunner dead frontier haoliu dead frontier walkthrough dead frontier boss gameplay dead frontier dead boss i can dead frontier trailer dead frontier hunting bosses dead frontier black titan hunting dead frontier revenging dead frontier aggro spike dead frontier how to deal with bosses dead frontier black titan solution dead frontier black titan tactic dead frontier attack on black titan dead frontier black titan omg dead frontier ultimate bosses dead frontier black titan vs corpse destroyer
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Dead Frontier - Killing my First FBT | Mission: Need A Bigger Vial | Fail Attempts
Not my day on this mission. Busted my entire 15000 rounds of 12.7 GA rounds on this flaming b@#ch. So ya.... this is how I killed my first FBT. Mission: Need A Bigger Vial - Secronom Bunker Music: Benny Hills Theme - Sky Drive
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L4D2 - Top BEST 10 Melee Mods!
Top 10 melee mods all in my opinion. Not in particular order, so you'll be the judge on which melee mod is the best! All credits to the rightful owner, this video is made by me and it's only for gaming purpose only. Download Here: ✮Pickaxe http://www.gamemaps.com/details/8269 ✮Table Tennis Racket http://www.gamemaps.com/details/7546 ✮Nail Bat http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9582 ✮AK 47 melee http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9612 ✮Frying Panstu http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9581 ✮Fashion Lead Pipe http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9855 ✮Fish http://www.gamemaps.com/details/3558 ✮Blue Lightsaber http://www.gamemaps.com/details/11767 ✮Beer Bottle http://www.gamemaps.com/details/13689 ✮Captain America's shield http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9980
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Dead Frontier: Titanium Blades vs Flaming Giant Spider
Titanium Blades DPH= Shovel Titanium Blades DPS= Nodachi Just an easy FGS fight :) Also please visit my DF World Blog: http://theotaku.com/worlds/deadfrontierworld Music:John Dreamer-Becoming A Legend - John Dreamer Tags (ignore): dead frontier gameplay dead frontier tbs vs fgs dead frontier flaming giant spider dead frontier giant spider dead frontier titanium blades dead frontier titanium blades vs flaming giant spider dead frontier boss fight dead frontier boss hunting madness dead frontier dead frontier fort pastor dead frontier fort pastor boss dead frontier fort bosses dead frontier boss killing dead frontier fgs dead frontier gs dead frontier how to kill a gs dead frontier how to kill a fgs
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Dead Frontier - Killing Rudolph with Santa Claus! | Xmas Event 2014 |
In the aftermath of Fairview City's outbreak of the N4 virus, almost all animals and creatures have been infected. Unfortunately for Santa Claus, all of his little reindeer friends have turned into living flesh eating zombies. Santa's job now is to end his little friends suffering once and for all and put peace into Christmas! Hope you guys enjoy this video and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ;) Music: Nightcore - Santa Claus is coming to Town Glee - Jingle Bell Rock (Credits to rightful owners!)
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Dead Frontier: Attack on Black Titan
The Attack on Titan, Dead Frontier edition. Black Titan spotted at C4 NEZ while grinding. Thanks For Watching :) Please leave a Like or comment if you like this video, want more videos like this? SUBSCRIBE! Music: Guren no Yumiya feat. IA - Dubstep_Drumstep [ dj-Jo Remix ], Credits to this owner of the awesome music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K-y8aMJba4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Tags (ignore): Dead Frontier Gameplay Black Titan Boss Fight Boss Hunting North End Zone Attack on Black Titan Attack on Titan
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L4D2: Top 10 BEST Sniper Rifle and Scope Mod! (Download Link)
All in my opinion the top 10 best sniper rifle mods with specially modded scope attachments. All mods in this video is not made by me, credits to their owners! Video by me. ---------------------- Download Here: ---------------------- Scopes- COD MW Scope http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=17136 SVD Scope http://l4d2.gamebanana.com/sprites/3031 Lone Wolfs scope http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=24200 The Professional Scope http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=24451 Military Sniper: HK G3 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=17780 M110 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=27025 Dragunov SVU http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=21164 SCAR 20 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=28900 AS50 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=20489 Sr 25 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=24315 Dragunov SVD http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=16824 Hunting Rifle: WA2000 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=28648 M14 Tactical http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=13699 VSS http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=26249
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Dead Frontier - GAU-19 vs Black Titan w/o Drugs!
☆So a couple of you guys wanted me to make a video of me soloing the BT with the GAU-19, so here it is! GAU-19 vs the Legendary Black Titan without any drugs! This battle between the Black Titan and it's horde of zombies against me was insanely intense. Far too many close calls and almost died. But still ended up with a success on taking down the Black Titan :) The Black Titan was spotted at I1 North End Zone, 2 down from G1. Music Used: ♪RipTide Music - Pioneers Of the Apocalypse ♪The West One - Battle Scene ♪Immediate Music - Burning Sky ♪To Glory - Two Steps from Hell (Credits to their rightful owners!)
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Dead Frontier - REVENGE on Slenderman! |Halloween Havoc 2014|
Dead Frontier Halloween Havoc 2014 is here! You know what that means? Slenderman is back to haunt Fairview City again! It's time to take down this bastard with my recently bought GAU-19. It's REVENGE TIME! Hope you guys enjoy this video ;) Hit "LIKE" if you like this video, want more videos like this? SUBSCRIBE! Last Year's Halloween Fail Slenderman video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHfXJnOjcrQ Music: Slenderman Song (Credits to owner) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OC9LjTeipI
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Dead Frontier: Buying and Testing the XL-Gunner 8 (First Look)
Bought this early in the morning just before school. So I'm a little bit tired and rusty =.= XL-Gunner: the knock back is just too damn amazing! Cost: GM 2500c, Non-GM 3000c Stats: Str: 100 End: 124 Agi: 124 Acc: 116 Crit: 77 Rel: 106 Stats are reduced because the XLGunner isn't GCed yet. (BTW R.I.P credits)
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Dead Frontier: How to Prevent Personal Outpost Attack
Basic tutorial of how to prevent a personal outpost attack. All the information in the video. Tags (ignore): dead frontier how not to get personal outpost attack dead frontier gameplay dead frontier preventing outpost attack dead frontier poa dead frontier personal outpost attack dead frontier dead frontier aggro spike dead frontier walkthrough dead frontier nez aggro dead frontier fighting back the aggro dead frontier north end zone dead frontier g1 dead frontier how to get rid of aggro spike dead frontier how to not get poa dead frontier tutorial
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Dead Frontier: FGS vs XLGunner-8 (On Drugs)
Knockbacks the same as a Vulcan, DPS is slightly higher than the Corpse Destroyer. Time to kill: 0:16 to 2:47. Takes 2 minutes and 31 seconds to kill a FGS with XLGunner on Drugs!!! Music: RED~ Gave It All Away Watch in HD, and enjoy :)
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Dead Frontier: Mega Boss FGS in Sixteen Legs Mission [Mega Boss Event]
I'm a complete idiot for going to the mission. The Mega FGS is so f**king impossible to kill, even though I'm a Lv 213 with Dusk Gear and a XLG + Speed Boost.
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GTA SA: SAPDFR v6.2.5 Gameplay
Just having a little fun testing and playing around with the SAPDFR mod. (UPDATE: The link for this mod has been removed by the owner! I'm terribly sorry but I can't do anything about this since I'm not the one who made the mod) Download SAPDFR Mod here: http://fr-mods.com/index.php?app=games&module=product&product=1 Plan a Game: http://fr-mods.com/index.php?app=hub *The gun skins and cop car mod comes separately. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I didn't create the mods, credits to their owners! Video made by me SAPDFR Developers: -OJdoesIt -TXmex -The DeLuca -jakejohnsonusa
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Dead Frontier: CK 97B vs WRAITH! | with Alt Account |
Lv 41 alt account with CK 97B vs Wraith. Kinda screwed up a little since I haven't been playing DF as much ._. Music: Disturbed - Indestructible.
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Dead Frontier: Hammerhead 47 vs Giant Spider
Scouting Fort Pastor and found a Giant Spider. Hammerhead 47 vs GS. Music: Immediate Music - Burning Sky
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L4D2: Top 5 BEST SMG Mods (Download link included)
My list of Top 5 BEST SMG Skin Mods in L4D2. All skins are not created by me, credits to their owners!. Video made by me. ------------------------------ Download Here: ------------------------------ Mp5 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=16736 Skorpion SD http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=28268 Mp7 http://l4d2.gamebanana.com/skins/124667 Tactical FN P90 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=26549 Glock 18 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=17519 Map Used: Tumtara http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=24340
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Dead Frontier Event - Hell Hound Hunting! *FAIL!* (pre-nerfed)
Is that hotdogs I smell there? Yes, Adminpwn has just released a new event in around, wut? a year period? Yep, it's the Hell Hound Hunting event! This is where the new infecteds, the Flaming Hounds come into the infested city of Fairview City! Hope you guys enjoy this video, it did took me some time to edit and record. Hit "Like" if you like this video or favorite, want more videos like this? Subscribe! Music: *KPM Music - Into The Fire *Audiomachine - Nomad (Credits to their owners!)
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Dead Frontier - [Old NEZ] Looting B5 Hotel with Dusk Carbine
Well, some of you guys had been requesting a lot of looting videos lately and some wanted me to make a video on the Dusk Carbine. So here it is, a little looting video with the Dusk Carbine in the North End Zone B5 Hotel. In my opinion, the hotel is the next best interior looting hotspot in Dead Frontier, with 3 floors and dozens of loots per floor. It's pretty much half the size of the loot capacity to that of a hospital. So in case if you guys are wondering where this is at, it's at B5 NEZ at the bottom right corner area. Hope you guys enjoy this little loot run, if any music please suggest them to me in the comments below, because I couldn't find any good music fitted for a looting video in the background. So the background music is Dead Frontier's default sound track.
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Dead Frontier: UMP vs GS and Lag ಠ_ಠ | Lv 40 Alt |
Another day for boss hunting with my alt accounts. This time is with a different alt account and I'm fighting the GS with the UMP. What I wasn't expecting was the lag occurring while I was recording with FRAPS. But at least I killed the GS in time before I died of lag, Lol. Watch in HD! More Tags Dead Frontier UMP vs GS DF UMP VS GS DF UMP Dead Frontier HaoLiu Dead Frontier UMP gameplay Dead Frontier boss hunting Dead Frontier fort pastor bosses
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Dead Frontier [Mega Boost Event] M4 vs Wraith
Had some free time to make a quick boss fight video during the Mega Boost event. M4 vs Wraith with drugs, street fight video. Watch in HD Location: 1 Right of Fort Pastor ----------------------------------------- My Lv 213 Character Stats: Strength:100 Endurance:124 Agility:124 Accuracy: 124 Critical:96 Reloading:110 ------------------------------------ Music: West One Music- Killing Zone RipTide Music - Pioneers Of The Apocalypse
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Yandere Simulator [TUTORIAL] PC - How to Mod and Install Custom Skins!
☀Be sure to READ descriptions for further information if you're stuck! ☀I've also added annotations in the video for further guides on modding Yandere Sim. If you're using mobile, scroll down to "Annotations" section. ☀Mod at your OWN risk, any corruptions in the game is NOT my fault! WRONG CODES WILL break the game! Just simply re-download the game or replace the modified Student.json with the original. If you still can't mod correctly even after I'd done my best to help, then sorry modding is NOT for you. ----------------------------------------------- This is just a simple tutorial video to demonstrate to anyone who's having trouble modding the game Yandere Simulator. There are also other ways to mod the game other than simple model swaps, such as name changes or ability to disable Senpai's charm aura. Which all involves changing the codes in Students.JSON file. On the other hand, with installing custom skins, you just simply download the skins of your own choice and place it into "StreamingAssets" folder. The YandereDev has already provided a example of custom skin in the folder by default. Please leave a LIKE if this has helped you and comment below if you have trouble installing the mod, I'll try my best to help ^_^ Part 1 - How to Install Mods for Yandere Simulator @ 00:26 Part 2 - How to Install Custom Skins for Yandere Simulator @ 03:58 ------------------------------------ Links: ✦JSON Editor Online https://www.jsoneditoronline.org/ ✦(DOESN"T WORK ON RECENT YANSIM BUILDS!) Custom Skin - Jane The Killer https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8zw7cdb39569w/Jane_The_Killer_Yandere_Chan ✦McKeviin 's Channel (Check this guy's channel out for more awesome custom skins!) https://www.youtube.com/user/Mckeviiin ✦Winrar (required for extracting custom skin) http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm ✦Yandere Simulator Game https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/ ✦Yandere Developer's Channel (Credits to this guy for awesome game) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1EBJfK7ltjYUFyzysKxr1g ------------------------------------ ☀Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ): ☆Why did students or teachers disappear after I follow your instructions? In this video, I've conveyed one method of swapping models in Yandere Sim. However, this method has its limitations and that is the amount of models you can swap. Hence, some students and teachers may disappear off school grounds. Recently I've found another way to swap models which involves just simply changing the club, persona, gender, hairstyle, color, panties and stockings. For example, if you want to change Senpai to Teacher, simply change Senpai's gender to "0". Change Club and Persona to "9". Change Hair style to "PonyTail". Change hair color to "Brown" ☆Why do students have white heads or blue hair girls moon walking? You have edited the wrong codes. So simply replace the Student.json file with the backup file. ☆Why can't I talk to Teacher to make her follow me when I swapped her model with another student? Since the student is running on Teacher's code, i.e. Persona and Club on "9", you won't be able to talk to her since ingame, Yandere-chan cannot talk to her unless she attacks Teacher or Teacher sees Yandere-chan murder someone, covered in blood or holding a weapon. ☆How do I remove custom skin? Just simply delete the custom skin in Streaming Assets (¬_¬) ☆Why doesn't the custom skin work anymore? Due to the 1st September update of Yandere Simulator, Yanderedev announced on his blog that CustomArms.png will now be combine with CustomUniform.png. Thereby, any old custom skin textures may not work for the 1st September build of Yandere Simulator. ☆How do I create a backup file for Student.json? Just simply copy the original Student.json before modding and paste it somewhere safe. I personally prefer copying the backup file into "backup" folder in the same location so its easier to be located ☆Why do I need a backup file for Student.json? The reason I'm telling you to backup the Student.json file is that if the game does glitch out or crash, you'll be able to restore the game back to its original form by simply replacing the modded Student.json file with the original file. ------------------------------------ ☀Annotations: ☆@1:08 "You can also change character hairstyles, hair color and even gender of your preference!" ☆@1:19 "Another way of swapping models is to change the gender and/or hair styles/color. e.g. If you want to swap models with teacher, simply change Club and Persona to "9". Be sure Panties and Stockings are "None" and Gender is "0". Hairstyle is "PonyTail"" ☆@4:04 "Due to 1st September update of Yandere Sim, Yanderedev announced that "CustomArms.png" will now come from "CustomUniform.png". Old custom textures WILL NOT work for recent Yandere Sim builds!" ------------------------------------ Music: ♫Tobu - Candyland (NCS) ♫Tobu - Hope (NCS) Credits to rightful owner! Tutorial video by me.
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Dead Frontier Commentary - GAU-19 IS BACK!!!?? Along with the GAU-19 UA!!??
GAU-19 is BACK! Nope or Dope? Comment below for your opinion. Saw the reports of the GAU-19 is back on both Facebook and the DF forums, also saw Killer743's video on it, so I've decided to check it out myself, and then BANG! Right in the credit shop, sits 2 GAU-19s. One of them is the normal GAU-19 and the other is the GAU-19 Unlimited Ammo. Adminpwn, wtf? really? 4 years ago you've removed the GAU-19 from the credit shop due to credit fraud, and you've decided to bring it back along side with the GAU-19 UA!? OMG, seriously now noobs are going to get their hands on the GAU-19.... The GAU-19 is not even worth buying now.
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Dead Frontier: AA-12 (on drugs) vs Flaming Wraith
Oh, I missed this shotty.... Encountered a FW at F3 NEZ while grinding
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GTA SA: Loli Shootout at LVPD HQ
Shootout at LVPD HQ with the Loli Anime School Girl skin. Download Anime skin collection here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qzugs3g286cmbhk/Full_Archivos.rar A full GTA SA Anime skin collection.
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Dead Frontier: Mega Boss Event [Vulcan vs Mega Boss Titan]
Sorry for the 2 weeks delay for uploading this. My internet ran out of usage just before I was about to upload this, so I have to wait for 2 whole damn weeks for it to be fixed =.= As always, enjoy :) Tags (ignore): dead frontier titan dead frontier mega titan dead frontier drugs dead frontier boss on drugs dead frontier mega bosses dead frontier event dead frontier black titan dead frontier vulcan vs titan dead frontier titan on drugs dead frontier boss fail
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L4D2 - Top 8 Auto/SPAS 12 Shotgun Mods! (Download Link!)
My top best Auto/SPAS 12 Shotgun Mods for Left 4 Dead 2. Not in specific order but I really do think that those are some of the best auto/SPAS shotgun mods out there! No infringement intended, credits to their mod owners. Video made by me! Download Here: Franchi SPAS 12 http://www.gamemaps.com/details/6471 Mp 153 Wooden http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9797 Mp 153 Plastic http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9894 Benelli M4 (AutoShotgun Reborn) http://www.gamemaps.com/details/8161 TOZ-87 http://www.gamemaps.com/details/7481 Remington 1187 SD http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9564 Reflex XM1014 http://www.gamemaps.com/details/5177 Browning Auto 5 http://www.gamemaps.com/details/6378 Map used: Tumtara
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Yandere Simulator [TUTORIAL] PC - How to Kidnap Senpai! | Mods Required |
This video will show you how to kidnap Senpai. All you have to do is select a random male student, change his hair color, schedule codes, name, club and class. Now you'll be able to make Senpai notice you, follow you around and even have the ability to kidnap him. Leave a LIKE if this video has helped you, comment below if you have trouble. Download Yandere Simulator Debug Version here: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/downloads/ Follow YandereDev's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1EBJfK7ltjYUFyzysKxr1g Music: ♫ Tobu - Infectious (NCS) ♫ Ahrix - Nova (NCS)
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L4D2 - Top 5 BEST Ak 47 Mods! (Download link included)
Top 5 best ak 47 skin mods in my opinion. None of the mods are owned or created by me. Credits to their owners! Video by me :) -------------------- Download here: -------------------- AN-94: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=25334 RPK: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=16945 UMP45: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=21172 FN FAL: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=27863 AK 74M: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=21658
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L4D2 ☆ Angel with a Shotgun ☆ Left 4 Dead 2 Mod Montage
Hit "Like", Favorite, Share or Subscribe if you enjoy this video. Please give me any feedback on this video ^_^ A Game Music VIdeo montage of a modded Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay with Anime, Resident Evil and weapon mods. This video has taken me around 3 hours to make, so hopefully you guys enjoy this video and it's worth making :) This is the Nightcore version of the original music by The Cab - Angel with a Shotgun. Not the official version. ★Nightcore - Angel with a Shotgun AMV on Left 4 Dead 2★ ☆Original Music: Angel with a Shotgun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQKMLmXc0xo ☆Lyrics: https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/cab/angelwithashotgun.html L4D2 Mods used: Vocaloid Survivors, Goddess Humans, M3 Super 90 Chrome Shotgun, Stevens Model 620 Pump Shotgun, Franchi SPAS 12, Reflex XM1014, C.E.L.L Paskal Girls L4D skins, Xenomorph Hunter skin, RE6 Napad Tank skin, Duel Glock 17, Miku Zatsune Witch, Back to School Custom Campaign Map. You can download all these mods at https://www.gamemaps.com. None of the lyrics of this music or mods from L4D2 are made by me. All credits to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended! The video, gameplay and edits are made by me.
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