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FIRST-PERSON GMOD: The Escape - Part 1
PART 2 https://youtu.be/CtgS4ex4XQs America and the surrounding countries have been overrun by a political new world force known as the ‘rebuild’ Movement. Military, police, swat supplies, and weapons have been confiscated to the movement’s army from all over the world. We find our protagonist captured in a heavily guarded facility, and his only chance of survival is to escape swiftly as possible. Although, being a high threat to the New World Order, he is now a dead man running... Make sure you click the bell on my channel to get notified when I upload more projects! Map Name: gm_edgeparkour Tools used: NPC camera, Pill packs, Stop Motion Helper V.2, Fraps, Sony Vegas pro 12. Music used belongs to their rightful owners. END CREDITS MUSIC: d.notive: Streets of Passion Fun Stuff: For Starters, I did not use Wheatley's parkour for this production; that's way to easy, instead I used Stop Motion Helper V.2, to get more of a fluid realistic animation. It took me 3 months to make this production, and when I say that, I mean, I filmed everything 1 week and put it off for a couple of months. I never thought I'd create a First Person Project from Gmod, for at first it was very difficult to create. Another thing, the Russian voices are not translated properly, I just grabbed some files from battlefield 3, and threw in a wrong translation. and if anyone caught the 4th wall break from the second Russian guy, congratulations! Hit the subscribe button if you keep lurking at my stuff, ya jackasses! ;) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) (MUSIC IN CREDITS) For the foreign viewers. Мы находим нашего главного героя, захваченного в сильно охраняемом российском объекте, и его единственный шанс на выживание - ускользнуть как можно быстрее. Хотя, будучи высокой угрозой для Нового Мирового Порядка, он теперь мертвый человек работает ... ЧАСТЬ 2: ПОЛУЧЕНИЕ ЭТОЙ ЗИМОЙ Название карты: gm_edgeparkour Используемые инструменты: камера NPC, пакеты Pill, Stop Motion Helper V.2, Fraps, Sony Vegas pro 12. Используемая музыка принадлежит их законным владельцам. Fun Stuff: для стартеров я не использовал паркур Уитли для этой постановки; это способ легко, вместо этого я использовал Stop Motion Helper V.2, чтобы получить более реалистичную анимацию. Мне потребовалось 3 месяца, чтобы сделать это производство, и когда я говорю это, я имею в виду, я снимал все 1 неделю и откладывал его на пару месяцев. Я никогда не думал, что создам проект от первого лица от Gmod, потому что сначала его было очень сложно создать. Другое дело, что русские голоса не переведены должным образом, я просто взял некоторые файлы с поля битвы 3 и сделал неверный перевод. и если кто-то поймал 4-ю стенную перерыв от второго русского парня, вы отправляетесь в места, и вы потрясающий. и большинству 6 из тех, кто читает это, следит за моим туфом, у меня есть пять проектов, выстроенных в очередь, начиная с другого видео Рамиреса !!! Нажмите кнопку подписки, если вы продолжаете скрываться за моими вещами, я осел! ;) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ) (МУЗЫКА В КРЕДИТАХ)
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Modern Warfare 2 Parody: RAMIREZ!!!!!
I KNOW IT SAYS 0pticFire that was my original retarted name I made for Roblox. I go by my first email halofreek9000 and this is my video!! What's going on inside Pvt. James Ramirez's Head? Tune in for Action, Adventure, Drama, and More Action! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS! Fun Stuff: Sorry about the low quality + Extra darkness. Because of Sony Vegas, I had to go through various rendering issues in order to get this video onto youtube as quickly as possible. Hope You enjoy. Maps used: ttt_apehouse_v1day(night)v2 models from modern warfare 2 / dead rising pack More Projects up..... GO WATCH THEN, BITCHASS
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FIRST-PERSON GMOD: The Escape - Part 2
►Story Line: America and the surrounding countries have been overrun by a political new world force known as the ‘rebuild’ Movement. Military, police, swat supplies, and weapons have been confiscated to the movement’s army from all over the world. This movement has also invited those to join the massive growing military from different countries in favor of providing homes and meals for their families. Those who refuse to join the movement are executed on site, or are taken as prisoners. These circumstances fall right before our hero, Elijah, as he continues his mission of stopping this force once and for all... THANKS FOR WATCHING! ►SUPPORT MY PATREON FOR EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS, AND ANIMATION TUTORIALS! https://www.patreon.com/halofreak9000 ►Special thanks for Wice for the credits song. Go check out his sound cloud! https://soundcloud.com/wice-music ►Fun Stuff: Thank you guys so much for the support and patience within this last year, and thank you all for 7000 Subscribers, for I've truly been inspired to progress in my craft, and deliver this video. A high percentage of what you see in the video has been hand animated with the help of some addons: Stopmotion Helper V.2, Catmull-rom Cinematic Cameras, Cinematic Camera, NPC Camera, NOT Wheatley's Parkour, and so much more that you probably have! If you have any questions, I will be participating in the comments section in a non-witty manor. ►MUSIC, MAP NAMES AND SOURCES IN CREDITS!
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Vin Diesel Goes To The Store
In the tragic event of Vin Diesel out of an opaque white fluid rich in fat with protein also known as milk, he sets out on a quest to retrieve some more at a public emporium for general supplies(Store) but is interjected by a group of robbers that take over. Will he save the day? Will he get his milk to finish the spicy cinnamon cake? Tune It To Find Out! ,Music In The Credits, so don't spam the comments asking what songs are being played throughout the film. Fun stuff: This was my first real Machinima. I must say I'm very proud of how it turned out. I couldn't have had the idea to make this video without my very good friend.
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The Gmod Horror Story: Bad Treats
It's a cold Halloween night, and an unusual feeling is in the air for an unfortunate event. We stumble into the mind of a isolated individual who sees the world turning dark before his very eyes... and only his. This video has been published for the ideal message for the awareness of lethal drugs. Exercise caution and be sure to always check your Halloween candy, or gifted treat bags, and have a safe Happy 'Halo'ween :) Fun Stuff: NEW SERIES ALERT! I wanted to try something new in the field of animation on gmod. Not only in a cinematic movie type film, but more of a source film maker look, but better. Sometimes my work gets mistaken for SFM, however I can assure you guys this is genuine Garry's Mod material. Get ready for more horror projects if you like this one, and again, thanks for watching! MUSIC LIST COMING SOON...
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Modern Warfare VS Counter Strike
Summary: Due to the absence of the counter-terrorists, Ramirez is back in action with some heat as him and his team somehow enter the world of Counter Strike: Source to take down the terrorist forces! I claim no rights to this songs used in the video! ALL SONGS BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS! Message from me: I'm sorry for the re-upload and different music. Due to copy right laws, my first upload was taken down, along with a second upload that I thought I could sneak with some audio tweaking. In conclusion to a big fail, I have been restricted uploading for almost a month, but I'm back in the game BABEEE! Edited Credits: Songs replaces in the end credit reel- (Queen - You're my best friend = Royalty free ukulele) (Handguns - Self Portrait = Some upbeat royalty free song ) Additional Credits: Maps: de_nightfever gm_underhell_police_department rp_simpcity voices: some voices by me ghost..............as himself cpl. dunn..........as himself sgt. foley..........as himself nerd kid...........as scout counter terrorist 1.......as little brother Fun Stuff: I had fun making this film. It took the most out of me creatively, and as much as I wanted the CS:GO characters, I felt like the classic characters were my favorite growing up, also, I can’t afford CS:GO. Little do you guys know, there were about 4 deleted scenes that would have made the film so much longer, but chose to save those jokes in another video, which are coming soon, thanks for watching!
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The Thief: (The underrated series)
Get ready for the worst video series you'll ever see! Created By halofreak9000 Part: 2 OUT NOW Fun Stuff: I Filmed this in one night at my friend's house. Stayed up until 2 in the morning, woke up and edited this masterpieceofshit. be thankful, this shit is going viral. Unfortunately I had the idea to finish off the film with the part two. Longest video that I've ever made.
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Roblox music video montage [ORIGINAL VIDEO]
Subscribe for more! Check the discription for Songs used! try and keep up ;) ____________________________________ 1:All of the lights-Kanye west 2:Zombie nation-Kernkraft 400 3:Poker face-Lady gaga 4:Six flags-Main theme 5:6 foot 7 foot-Lil wayne 6:Loituma - Ievan polkka(13ASSHUNTER REMIX) 7:Kyle's mom's a bitch-South park movie 8:Hampster dance-Hampton the hampster 9:Because I got high-Afro man 10:Berral roll(technoR3MIX) 11:I'm blue-Eiffel 65 12:Do you like waffles-Perry gripp 13:Party like it's 1904 14:It's the end of the world as we know it-Lenny bruce 15:Funny storm trooper music-? 16:Apple tree-McDonalds 17:Pump it-Instrumental[NOT ORIGINAL SONG!] 18:Roller coaster-redhotchillipeppers 19:Crazy train-OZZY 20:I'm a goofy goober rock!-IDUNNOS 21:I'm just a kid-Simple plan 22:Won't get folled again-The who 23:The beer song - axgucbhdsjvv!
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The Thief 2: The Secret Project (The underrated series )
WARNING: THIS IS THE MOST UNDERRATED GARRYS MOD MACHINIMA YOU WILL EVER SEE. Leaving off from my previous video "gmod thief: Part 1" we find our hero in an interrogation situation, but soon accompanied by Vin Diesel in need of help with his Secret Project. Traveling through the space time continuum using the tape he found in the lost and found, the thief manages to travel through the DarkRolePlay server, that is filled with chaos, corruption, and deadly evil forces bent on capturing him and destroying the secret Project. Enjoy The Film in memory of: Colin Wyckoff Fun Stuff: This was the longest video I have ever created, I worked my booty off writing this terrible plot of a script. But I enjoyed ever minute of filming and editing this masterpiece. And yes, I mean underrated as frick! Not a lot of youtubers take pride in their videos ever since "let's plays" because a thing. I really don't like vanoss gaming, for they have no special content. They are just guys having fun with Garry's mod, just like everyone else, but I've seen 12 year old's YouTube account that are funnier. That's why I made fun of him in the video if you look closely. Like Comment and Subsribe for more non annual videos
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The Chronicals of Roblox
Here's this peice of shit Block of wood you guys call a video!
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Random Day In ROBLOXia
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Roblox Troll Physics
A bunch of amateur Trolls Taking on the world of physics! Featured in video: Check out his channel! [RobloxLOLComedy] http://www.youtube.com/user/RobloxLOLComedy/videos Credits Song: Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping up to Boston (Hazmat Remix)
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Roblox Rage
From the not so well developed hit "Awsome reach" i desided to create my own rage.Now this video has been made 3 months ago and i'm just now finding it in my file "tacos" o.0 I know you are wanting RMVM2 Like i said it would PRABABLY be here in October but I'm so Fawkin lazy -_- and I don't know if i'm ungrounded So watch this video so you guys aren't board. :D THANKS TO coollego75 For his apperence 5 months ago.
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YouTube Poop: Ghost Fuckers Short
Here's a little treat for you guys ;) I made this btw Sorry for no Watermarks or anything.
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Roblox Music Video - Bangarang ( Read description )
Don't bother watching this cringe if you plan on taking my channel seriously. I made these at a young age, and plan on never going back. Also, yes, my previous name after my Roblox account was 0pticFire, when I was into CALL OF BOOTY Please for the sake of my dignity that is no longer there, do not watch these Roblox videos...
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Dolans Cadillac Gmod Trailer
This was for a project at my school, so I was like: Why not upload this piece of sh t + i?
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Roblox Cyanide & Happiness - Hungertube
I like this video :P
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Action Roblox! [Short]
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IDK if you are smart enough you saw this in Roblox Music Video Montage! I don't OWN any music In here!!! The Geek time thing Is all mine! But if you got a better song and Could make a better video...Shuve it up your ass XD ENJOY!
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Counter strike extreme v5 more guns mod

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