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How To Boost FPS in Agario And All Games (Performance Boost)
A Like Would Make My Day! Another Totorial in My Channel! How To Boost FPS And Have smoother Gaming Experience. Better FPS = Better Player ( I Guess :D) This Also Will Make Your PC Run Faster And Be Less Freezy! Get CCleaner https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner Hope You Enjoyed. Music Used In this Video: RetroVision - Heroes [NCS Release]
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Banned From Agario? HOW TO GET UNBANNED FROM AGARIO [2016] September
Hey Guys! A Really Common Problem i see loats of people experienced.. So I Wanna share how i got my Account Back and I Can Play Agario Again! Thanks For Watching! You Can tell me any problems you have in comments so i can make a video how to fix them. Music Phantom Sage - Away [NCS Release] My Discord Name - tlxN Contact - talxaN.Agario@gmail.com
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GTA V - Literally Unplayable - Things That Make No Sense [Rockstar Logic Compilation]
Hey Guys! Decided to upload.. First to check the quality of the video to test my new PC.. Still need to get a monitor for higher res.. Anyway Hope you Enjoy it Music Used In This Video: ProleteR - April Showers - [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18JQUYgpOlw ] Thanks For Watching. Leave a like if you enjoyed.
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Rocket Riding Into a Portal - Season 5 Early Highlights
Here are some more highlights from Season 5. We had a lot of fun playing and I had fun making this video The quality is bad because its not native 1080p. I will be getting a better monitor soon Music is by KevinMcLeod / Make sure to check it out Thanks for watching
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Unnecessary Services You SHOULD Disable / Windows 10
Hey! Another video to optimize this windows 10. This should really help if you have some random lag spikes in games. I hope this video isn't too ASMR (xd), this was my first time trying this audio settings Music in the background: Unconditionally - Broken Elegance Hope it helped!
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Here's an easy and fast 100% tutorial on how can you download SUPER MARIO MAKER for PC. I did this tutorial because I couldn't find any good reliable and easy tutorial. http://smmpc.ga/ Mario Maker https://github.com/Tarnadas/smmdb : Levels http://cemu.info/ : Cemu If it helps please leave a like Music By Goblins From Mars: All Credits go to them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BNB3AcZVxk As always thanks for watching.
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A New Game that i found - Paladins. This is just a raw gameplay. I Think this is a very awesome game and one of the best free games out there. Hope you enjoy it. Steam - talxaN Email - talxaN.Agario@gmail.com Thanks for Watching.
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Fortnite Awesome Details - Thing's you haven't noticed!
Hope you enjoy it! Song used in the video: [No Copyright Music] Uplifting Motivational - Ramol (Original)
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Winning without aiming down sights / Fortnite "challenge" [14 Kills]
A little Fortnite Victory I wanted to share with you guys. I Hope you enjoy the video and learn something from it. Songs used in the video. All credit goes to DJ Quads. Check him out! Dj quads - My everything Dj quads - So Proud If you'd like to contact me here's my Discord
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Hey Guys! Here's our reaction to the rocket launch in Fortnite Battle Royale I hope you guys found this video entertaining and had as much fun as we did while making this video. Make sure to subscribe for more videos like this! Also There is some noice in the background. Sorry x Thanks for Watching
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An Idea i had for a long time.Third Person Third Person UPDATE in CSGO? / JUMP CROUCH BUG All Credits Below First Clip - twitch.tv/pgl Music: Street Fighter 5 - Ken's Theme Thanks for Watching
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I love this game.
Small Fortnite complation from last week.
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Popsplits! // Agario // Win Complation w/ Itay  [#4]
Yo Guys! Thank You So Much For The Support Lately! I Read Every Comment! Please leave a like a single video takes me about 4 Hours! Anyway! Hope You Enjoy! And sorry for the quick end :D fked up a bit xd Music Used In This Video! ÉWN & Whogaux - Start That Fire NCS Release Goblins From Mars - Cowboy from Mars Levianth & Axol - Remember feat. The Tech Thieves NCS Release Goblins from Mars - Birdman Vlien Boy & Montrose - Uh De Dus Goblin Promotion Thanks For The Support. Love Ya All
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Guys its outdated if you want to add me on discord heres my id! #8395
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Epic Popsplit! // Agario // Win Complation #5! With Itayyyy
Yo Wasap Guys! Its Ya boi talxaN! or talaxan! Call As You Want! Heres Win Complation 5! I Hope You Enjoy It! Leave a Like And Subscribe! Thanks To Itay Who Played with Me! Music Used in This Video: Check em out! Fransis Derelle - Fly (feat. Parker Pohill) [NCS Release] Milkshake - Oreo [Goblin Promotion] ÉWN - Feels [NCS Release]
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My Sister Plays Agario with me!! Insane 3 Tricksplits in a row!! Crazy Gameplay!
Hey Guys!! Today im playing with my Sister! Hope you enjoyed Crazy 3 Tricksplits in row Gameplay With Gelxan(My Sister) Music From "Goblinz From Mars"
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Agario // WIN COMPLATION // With Itay [#1]
Hello! Im Starting New Win/Fail Series. Im going to make a Complation out of the best clips.. Yes i use extension.. If You Want To Use My Name - ●╼tl╳N╾● Special Thanks to Itay Music: Never Gonna Catch The Thug Theme (Goblin Mashup) Goblins from Mars - Stay Right There Eljay - No Pressure [Goblin Promotion] Thanks for Watching and Have an Awesome Day
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Agario // WIN COMPLATION // With Itay [#2]
Second Episode of Win Complation! I Really hope you enjoyed! And if You Did Please Drop A Like I Work Really Hard on Making this Videos. Thanks to Itay! Music Used in This Video: JJD - Adventure [NCS Release] Spongebob - DoodleBob (Goblins from Mars Trap Remix) Vlien Boy & Montrose - Uh - De - Dus [Goblin Promotion] Zelda - Lost Woods (Goblins From Mars Trap Remix)
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Insane Gameplay with Qajkick #Crazy Fastest N1 Ever?!
Hey guys my first upload on this channel. Sum gameplay with Qajkick With amazing Start. Maybe not the best one but still hope you Enjoy Thanks to: Qajkick Gelen Music: Goblins From Mars
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The Revolver is OP - Highlights #2
Hey guys another highlights video. Here are some nice revolver shots for you guys to enjoy. Hope you guys enjoy it. It's short but I worked hard on this. Also this is my first time making a video after a long while so don't judge too hard. Music used in the video: https://youtu.be/hUXf1TDEuFM?t=3488 As Always. Thanks for Watching!
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Sniper Shootout - Highlights
Some highlights from sniper shootout. Had a lot of fun making this video. Hope you guys enjoy the frags. Music: XXXTENTACION - MOONLIGHT (INSTRUMENTAL)
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BOMB STUCK SPOT + 2 other small bugs // NEWDUST2
A Really early video. Here's some small bugs i managed to find in about 30 minutes. Don't really know about the other 2 but i think the bomb stuck spot is very game breaking and needs to be fixed in the final release + its in the T spawn as well Hope this helped. p.s Loving the new Dust2 but the colors are kinda dull and the dusty feel is kinda gone. More like a de_morocco
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Winning with the first gun I find! [16 Kills]
Here's me winning with the first gun I get! Luckily for me it was a shotgun. This would have been a much harder challenge if I found something else than a shotgun. Anyways hope you enjoy the gameplay Music used in the video: All Credit goes to DJ Quads Dj Quads -TBT Dj Quads - Gonna miss U Check his songs here! https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads
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Fortnite In First Person [CONCEPT]
Something interesting that I would like to see in the game. It's probably not gonna happen because epic thinks it doesn't fit their game style but it's still awesome to look at what it would've looked like.
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New Video! In this video I got this random idea for a challenge and though it would be fun to try it at 3AM. Maybe I should stop gaming late at night. The quality is still kinda bad but I will be getting a new monitor soon so it should improve after 1-2 weeks. Trying my best to get the most out of this current monitor. Anyway hope you guys enjoy this video. Music: Land Of The Rising Sun (Instrumental) - Thanks for watching
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CSGO Random Cache AWP/Tec-9 Ace
Just a random ace and i edited it cause i was bored.
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How to Download Any Game For FREE     100%        [2017 MAY]
Another Totorial In my Channel. How to download any game for free. This is free and the website is 100% safe as well. Some Antiviruses might delete files while installing so make sure to turn off while installing it! Song Used in This Video: Jim Yosef - Link [NCS Release] Thanks For Watching
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6ix9ine CSGO?
Hey guys. I have a different type of video today. Decided to play some CS as "SexNine". Im sorry if the video is a bit awkward its my first time making a video likes this :D Anyway if you enjoyed that make sure to leave a like and subscribe And as always Thanks for watching
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Channel Intro By NoiZEE - IO Games
Got an Intro! Thanks to NoiZEE - IO Games for Making this awesome Intro. Check him out - NoiZEE - IO Games
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Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming [2017] - 10 Easy Steps
Hey. Updated guide to my other video. This one is on Windows 10. Those steps are really easy to follow and i use them since i got my new PC. Music Used in This Video: Lensko - Rebirth [NCS Release] Thakns For Watching
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I'm maybe insane.
Hey! Thanks for watching this small highlight video. These are some highlights I wanted to share. If you enjoyed the compilation make sure to subscribe for more awesome kills. Song used: Dropwizz x Afterfab - Underwater
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