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Half-Life Blue Shift - All Easter Eggs and Secrets
Here is a video of the Secrets of Blue Shift,tell me if i forgot something.
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What i do not like about CrapgamerReviews
In this video i am mentioning some things that need to be stopped. CrapgamerReviews isn't a terrible YouTuber. He isn't any sort of terrible channel that needs to be stopped, but a few things regarding him or his fanbase definitely need to change. If you think my opinion is wrong, please let me know why because i might be completely wrong here. I am going to get hate for this no matter what anyway...
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This is my message to the underage girls who think they are good singers on YouTube because they got the money to make a professional looking video clip.ITS TIME TO STOP Link to original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uouTeh2r9QA Song Name List: -Enya - Only Time -Hyper Distorted Violin (After the Outro) Outro Song: Thompson - Stay High
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How to download Half Life Decay (English)
This is "How to download Half-Life decay" and this is on English and i hope it helped. If it didn't,write me a comment about that and i will try to help you. Enjoy! :) Link for HLDecay: http://decay.half-lifecreations.com/?content=files&sub=decay Link for CS1.6: http://counter-strike.soft32.com/ Both links are virus free. If you click at the CS 1.6 link it might get you to a page to download CS GO instead.If that happens,chick to this link instead: http://rampage.us.lt/cs-1-6-non-steam.html
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How to make Username 666 not scary
*All credits go to Flater for the Thomas the Dank Engine Keemstar Remix* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAucr_lFwNQ You guys might be wondering,Hazy,why are you still not uploading gaming videos? Well,i was planning to upload a special video of me and my friend doing some silly things around but once i rendered the video it had some problems,so i will have to fix them.Until then,i will just upload this.
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Οι Νος - Το Μουιτις Μας (Official Audio)
To all non-greek people, don't even bother. Lyrics: Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας, τριχωτο και βρωμερο! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας, γλειωδες ψαρωτο! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας, τριχωτο και βρωμερο! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας, γλειωδες ψαρωτο! Γαμπεφας, Χλεπας, Ψωμακι, Μυησης, ολα βγηκαν απο το μουιτις μας! Jesus, Magician, Νος, Μουιτης, ολα βγηκαν απο το μουιτις μας! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας, τριχωτο και βρωμερο! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας, γλειωδες ψαρωτο! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας, τριχωτο και βρωμερο! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας, γλειωδες ψαρωτο! Γαμπεφας, Χλεπας, Ψωμακι, Μυησης, ολα βγηκαν απο το μουιτις μας! Jesus, Magician, Νος, Μουιτης, ολα βγηκαν απο το μουιτις μας! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας, τριχωτο και βρωμερο! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας! Το Μουιτις Μας, γλειωδες ψαρωτο!
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How to make Wpkepkw not scary
Many people were scared of this video.Good thing is,it got debunked.But people still find it creepy.But hey,in this video you will realize that it is not that scary.
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How to Download Zombie Plague 5.0.8 for CS 1.6
Sorry for being late to upload a video and i hope this tutorial will help you. Download link here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y1hpgi4c9osvsu9/Zombie_Plague_5.0.8_Last_Updated.rar
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Ricochet Arena Gameplay
This,is the first part of Ricochet,my favourite Valve game.Hope you enjoyed! :)
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Sepultura - Beneath the Remains (Enhanced Bass)
This is Sepultura's album title song "Beneath the Remains" with enhanced bass. You may notice that the bass in this song is much different and more notable in the mix in comparison to the other songs i posted. Credit goes to Sepultura
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Half Life 1 Ending and Nihilanth's Death
Well,this is a video about the death of the end boss the Nihilanth,and this man is the mysterious G-Man the Half Human-Half Alien.Well why i had on my SMG full ammo? Well the answer is simple.I was cheating!
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Half-Life 1 With Shadows
Tell me,aren't the shadows just enjoyable? OS: Windows 7 Game: Half-Life Genre: First Person Shooter Version: 1.O WON Retail
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Xash3D Gameplay (Half-Life 1)
Xash3D is a modified GoldSrc engine,and these gameplays are unusual on YouTube,so i decided to make mine.
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Deathmatch Classic March 31 Event Gameplay (Small portion of the entire event - Beginning Only)
Today is the great 31 of March event for DMC, in an attempt to (at least) temporarily revive this game. In my opinion 31 of March should be an annual celebration/event thing. Anyway, this is a 24 minute recording from the beginning of the event. I am sure that the entire event will have lasted for a handful of hours, but at the time i recorded this, there were enough players.
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Overwatch - Hanzo main gets underestimated
I'm back at the gaming videos but this time CS:GO videos will be rare or even nonexistent, i'm sorry but i got sick and tired of this game and i am taking a break from competitive.
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hilarious meme for you meme lovers
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CS:GO - Joining a Russian server
I decided to join a Russian server just to see how it is like. Well,it was literally Russian CS:GO hell.
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Sepultura - From The Past Comes The Storms (Enhanced Bass Guitar)
This is an upload of Sepultura's "From The Past Comes The Storms" with an audible bass guitar, recorded by me. Credits go to Sepultura and a user called "Stone Cold XV" for his own upload of this song. This video is NOT monetized.
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How to fix Half-Life Alpha Scientists and Barneys
Now,as you see i am making tutorials about Half-Life Alpha.You can't find these tutorials anywhere else! If you see another video like this one,it has been STOLEN.And today is my 12th birthday!
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How to become a pussy slayer
It's up to you if you think this is a legit tutorial or not.
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today we will smonk weed kids Song Name List: -CS:GO Menu Theme -Hyper Distorted Violin (Pyrocynical Version) Outro Song: Thompson - Stay High
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How to get crosshair on Half-Life Alpha
This is a tutorial called: How to get crosshair on Half-Life Alpha.You cannot find this tutorial anywhere else so,i hope you will like and subscribe.Bye!
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The reason why i quit YouTube (Edit: I am back to YouTube)
I quit YouTube,for now... (Edit: I am back now,i will upload some more content in a couple of days)
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Slayer - Aggressive Perfector (Enhanced Bass Guitar)
This is an upload of Slayer's "Aggressive Perfector" but with a more audible bass guitar, which was recorded by me. Credits go to Slayer and "1975TheGoose" for his own upload of the video. This video is NOT monetized.
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Xash3D Gameplay (Quake 1)
I am running Quake 1 through the Xash3D engine,this one is actually called "Quake 1 Remake" i will make part 3 of my Half-Life Gameplay in a couple of days,i just want to take a rest. Download link: http://www.moddb.com/games/quake-remake/downloads/quake-remake-v10-sfx-archive
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insanely decent youtube tip
this will grow you faster than leafy
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Here's another video.But this time i'm playing with a friend. Please Sub,Like,Comment and Share if you liked the video ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Songs List: -Undertale - Bonetrousle -Enya - Only Time -Hyper Distorted Sad Violin Outro Music: Thompson - Stay High Here's the link to that DJ Khaled Greenscreen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwEv344deGk
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Sailing the seas! (Sea of Thieves Funny Moments)
I am back again. As you can see i'm obviously not uploading a lot but just a quick reminder that i'm not dead yet :) By the way: In the next video i want to discuss something about my YouTube channel because i have a problem that's bothering me a lot lately.
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hey thats pretty good
thats pretty good actually
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pls gimme cock
0 dislikes and ill giveaway my family
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Double4Anime=Luke Skywalker?
this video does not make sense just click like idk
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internet cancer
subscribe to end our suffering
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The dream is real,thank you a lot guys for making my dream real.
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moe dies by a snail
goddamn snails
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S Q U E A K E R   P A T R O L
Took me long to get another video done due to family stuff, i don't think it was worth the wait...
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rip dade
i actually feel bad that he left :/
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Fuck Dankelele - CS:GO
I was playing with Ramon609 and i had fun,but i am not sure about Ramon :D Ramon's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Ramon609
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Where are the CS:GO vids? (IMPORTANT VIDEO)
In this video i'm explaining the reason why i no longer enjoy CS:GO. I still play it, but i really don't want to record it since it takes too long and it is still rather boring after all, this CS:GO video is probably one of my only videos with actual funny moments.
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Shoutout to LaugH Gaming
Making a shoutout to this amazingly awesome and entertaining channel,please grow him into a god,thanks Visit this absolute god's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8BpmVsBn2Bp_jYY64-a00A
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an important person has left us
you will never be forgotten
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hydr0morph has got a c00l inventory
very c00l skins,very c00l memes
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Is my voice fine or bad? (Short and semi-serious video)
If you think that my voice is bad please suggest me a decent budget microphone or give me tips on my voice tone. Thanks for watching
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ipad supremacy
why are you doing this to my life
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CS:GO - Bad things about the R8 Revolver
I am sorry for my shitty accent and the bad video quality :/ But yeah,i realised that there was a new gun in CS:GO so i decided to check if anything is wrong with this weapon to make this video.
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Deathmatch Classic gameplay
This is a Quake 1 mod for Half-Life 1,with the Half-Life 1 engine.And this is my favourite Half-Life 1 mod ever! It looks a bit medieval,doesn't it? And i don't really like medieval.That server i was playing to was filled with BOTS.And the game costs 3,99 euros.It's cheap! NOTE:I was lagging when i was playing this game because Bandicam was on.
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CS:GO - My First Case Opening
This is just a video of my first case opening,i just opened a case,coping i would get a good skin,but i got the MP7 Armor Core,which is not that bad i guess...
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How to be a Pro Christmas Genji
Hello there guys, in this video i will be teaching you how to become a shitty Gengu main. Like and subscribe if you want more videos like this
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The Marine Squad
Read the description Music used on this video: Blank Banshee - Dreamcast Royalty Free Ukulele Earrape Drowning Pool - Bodies This is not a gaming video but it is something quite special i've never done before.This is a video with a bunch of random and funny moments of me and my friend playing an old game from the 90s. I hope you enjoy!
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CS:GO - Russians (Commentary Video)
10 likes and i'll travel to Russia and worship Putin I am sorry about the bad quality,i don't know why it turned out so bad but it was not supposed to happen. Plus,sorry if my accent is bad :P
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When i try to Google myself
I know this is not a gaming video,but i honestly do not have any ideas of any gaming videos.There might be one sometime,but i had to upload this so i won't have to make you wait so long for any type of video.
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