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Saddest but most Inspirational video on the internet. Life is a lesson learned.
This video did not contain me, nor' did I take part in creating it. I uploaded this purely to spread a message.
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Face Of Gold.
Minecraft Edit! I was bored, and I was just sitting around waiting, so what better to do? Tell me if you like it! And i'm trying to keep active :x working on some new effects and all that yig-yag zig zag -Shackery
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"Free." Fortnite Edit
I was EAGERLY waiting for the theatre mode to be released. this is a quick cinematic edit of a lousy 4 kills I got near Tilted Towers. I am going to be ALL over this in the upcoming months trying to perfect it. I hope you guys enjoyed! #ReplayRoyale Total Work-time: 6 Hours. Program(s) Used: Sony Vegas Pro 14 Clips & Cine's by: Me
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"Scream" PUBG Edit
Total worktime: 7 hours. Thanks to (Enigma) for the clips: https://www.youtube.com/user/3n19ma This was kind of rushed because I just wanted to get it over with. This is my first PUBG edit and I'm going to try to play with PUBG more to see if I can really get a style down. It's a LOT of fun to edit though. Hope you guys' enjoy!
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First After Effects Edit
FIRST AFTER EFFECTS EDIT, NO HATE PLEASE :D (just constructive criticism expressed in an indecent manner.) I love after effects, holy hell it looks so clean. CLIPS ARE NOT MINE (they're from contests and stuff.) I need ideas for effects and stuff so please help me out (: thank you so much if you do, I want to be an after effects editor. Thanks guys :D Song: Logic - 925 Sw4g my y010ers
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Giving Up On You...
My first PC edit, ever! So, I have this really strange urge to cry when I watch this. I feel as if I captured an emotion, and portrayed it into an edit amazingly. I've never felt like this after an edit before, so I think I've caught the hang of it! Anyways, I hope you guys are able to enjoy, or maybe get that same emotional feeling that I do when I watch this. Hopefully this gets on a community channel, or two! Love you all :D -Hail
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vP Hail :: Hypothermia Ep.3 :: Back in vP!
Hey guys, Hail here, and i just finished the third installment of Hypothermia! and im also back in vP by the way. Anyways hope you enjoy and Ep.4 will me even better (: Love, Hail youtube.com/user/VantagePointHQ
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TGN TRYOUT BABY! (Take a Breath Ep.2 Also!) (Read Desc!)
Heres my tryout for TGN! i was sooo excited to finish this, i hope i get in, and if not, il try next time, love you guys! I know these werent th ebest of clips, i only heard of the tryout a bit late! -Credit Exhale Song Richy Nix - The More I Bleed All rights go to richy nix and his record company i claim no rights or copyright by using this song, its for entertainment purposes only.
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Hail | Hypothermia | Episode .8
Hey Guys! im glod to introduce yet another installation of Hypothermia! The editing was done in 40 minutes, but i wanted it to focus mainly on the gameplay. Meaning, im stepping up my standards so i can get in a good clan, Thanks for the appreciation! Love you guys! -Hail
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Right after TGN tryout i go off my dry streak............(Hail @ No more drystreak)
OMFG i hate this game, but the shots were nice, but why not during TGN tryout MW2? WHY???? Anyways, i hope you guys see this, these are more my style and what i was planning to do during the tryout, but as i casually play i hit them.....sigh......... Thanks to vL Tuize and Credit Y2K for sending clips, im not home at the moment. Love, hail.
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Deviate. (Powered by BPI_Gaming)
This was my original edit as I listed in my description on my original entry for the SoaR Recruitment Challenge that I didn't feel too good about originally. I scrapped the original edit and re-did it. It's very late to enter it, but I thought I'd upload it. Love you guy's :)
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FaZe Apex - By Hail
Dang, Apex I really hope you get to view this. Your clips and the possibility of you liking and commenting on the edits you like gave me an incentive to do something, and when I did, I broke the skill barrier I thought I was stuck at. Thanks man, simply your clips and the possibility you may see this is amazing, and I hope you enjoy it. And to my Subscribers, and other viewers. I'm open to do an episode, or anything at the moment. Please contact me. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Much love! -Hail Please be lenient with the CC, I'm getting better at making my own, not quite the best, yet. c:
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vP Soma (C2Q) By: Hail  (Best Edit Yet)
MY BEST EDIT YET! I used 100% after effects, and I just started learning it yesterday, and i'm loving it to hell. I'm taking requests because it is summer time now, and all. So yea, lemme know what you need :D -Hail P.S. Soma is a gay (Highfive mom)
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OMFG omg omg omg omg omg omg So i fail the orginal, and i bounce around a bit, fall off the crane mid air pistol swap and biff, im so done, LUCK.. TGN Hail?
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Credit Exhale :: "Take a Breath" :: Ep. 3 (Render Fail) (Read Desc!)
Hey guys, Here installment 3 of Take a Breath! chill song and a chill smooth laid back edit, i did this in an hour before church, i really hope you guys enjoy! thanks! Love, Exhale BTW sorry the clips werent that great, i just tried to get this done (: ALL RIGHTS GO TO CHAMILLIONAIRE FOR THE SONG, i DO NOT take Credit for this song at all, it is for entertainment purposes only and is NON-PROFIT.
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Too Cold Outside. {wpye 58}
My entry to SoaR's WPYE week 58! I took about 3 straight, no-break hours on this edit, and it turned out smooth, and I actually like the way the cinematics and everything flowed. Thanks guys for watching, much love! -Hail
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First day of SoaR Tryout(Yesterday) First clips (Read Desc!)
Hey guys! thanks for veiwing these. These are the first shots i hit on the first day that i started doing the challenge myself. Second one looked kinda wierd but ohwell. i dont mean im going to be using these, it just depends on how many shots i hit this week. Love you guys! -Hail
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Joined VantagePoint! | First Killcam in vP | Update!
Hey guys, this is credit exhale, and this is the name changed and my first killcam i hit in the clan, first night first cam, things are looking good (: www.youtube.com/user/VantagePointHQ Love Hail
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First 30 Minutes of Clantag! (7GN) (READ DESC!)
Hey guys, im doing TGN tryout 3, i failed number 2 :/ so im hoping to make a comeback and make a name for myself, hopefully TGN Hail, TGN is my dream (: wish me luck (: love you guys. oh and TGN keep an eye out for my tryout vid, its going to be super sex. -Hail
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Credit Exhale :: Take A Breath Ep. 4 :: Read Descrip!
Hey guys, exhale here, and this is my 4th installment of Take a Breath, please note, again i was just having that edge of doing this without getting better clips, but i promise Episode 5 WILL BE BETTER, im starting to do more complex no scope in shots, so look forward to that (: love -Exhale
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(ViZe) Purity is Perfect | Ep. 2 | Edited by Ztryhard!
Didnt take to loong, BIG thanks to purity for helping with all the cinematics and stuff oh and the clips, lol ima dumass (: ya bro -Zach TheTRYHARD P.S. open for any editing needed!
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Chill. [Scrapped]
Hey guy's! This was a quick little edit I did in about an hour. I didn't like how it was going so I trashed the project and threw it in the scrap bin. What's left of the video is the part I really enjoyed. Much love!
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ExMarker Ep.1 SEXY EDIT (Watch in 720p! FOR FULL EXPERIENCE!)
Hey guys, i did this in about 2 hours with the help of a few people Credit Bass Credit Drunk Steezy X HD BIG thanks to them for helping! and remeber! FUCK HITMARKERS! All rights go to anberlin! I TAKE NO credit for this song, it is used under fair use and for entertainment purposes only! Anberlin and their record company own this SONG!
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NIGHTY : CS:GO Edit : (Clips in Desc)
CREDIT TO ROCKIT FOR BEING A GOD https://www.youtube.com/user/rockitcsgo You can find the clips in his channel above. Did this for fun because I missed editing. Took me roughly 3 hours. Only used Sony Vegas, no fancy FX or anything, just some basic stuff. Twitter: Twitter.com/HaileNzr
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Credit Exhale :: "Take a Breath" :: Episode 1 :: (READ DESCRIPTION Important!)
Hey guys, this was the first episode i had realesed on CreditTrickshotting, the channel that had almost 4k subs, any ways, this was done over a month and a half ago, or more, and i have gotten ALOT better since then, my next episodes will be far greater (: Take Care Love Exhale.
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Hail (TGN Tryout/Hypothermia Ep.2!) (Read Description Please!)
Hey guys! im sooo sorry i only have a few good clips, and some were just meant to be leftovers from the tryout, but i have this HUGE drystreak going, but i plan to get over it, and hit some even more incredible shots, wish me luck and i hope you like thee second installment of Hypothermia (: (again, please let me note that some of these clips were meant to be leftovers, but due to a HUGE drysteak, i HAD to use them to meet the video requirements, im sorry, but my next episode, theres going to be EVEN BETTER shots (:, Sadly enough, i dont think i displayed, or showcased myself enough to show my full potential, i had played everyday straight after i got home from school and all night on the weekends, but my shots just wouldn't hit, sorry if this wasnt totally entertaining, but i tried my best, thanks guys. Love. Hail.
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Edge and Pearl (Mini Edit)
Hey guys, for the clip and the enagles and the editing it took about an hour and 30minutes of work, hope you like it (: Song used under fair use, for entertainment purposes only, no copyright infringement inteneded. All rights go to mechinae.
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Editing Practice #1 :: BoLT Sniping Clips :: vP Hail
Hey guys, im getting that nik of editing again, let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations, let me know! Link you BoLT snipers is below, song is Los - Countdown www.youtube.com/user/theboltsnipers
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We're back at it again.... Hitmarker
Yup guys, another hitmarker :/ my next episode will be out shortly so prepare for that. HYPOTHERMIA Ep.4! (: Love you guys, stay active please!
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Mini Edit of an Ace! Read Description!
Hey guys! im so sorry for being so inactive with my uploads! Il get back to normal since my touch for editing is coming back anyways i got this done in 36minutes, it a little mini edit Constructive critisicm is allowed, im not the best editor, but i do want to get better thanks guys
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ViZe Purity (Tryout Edit) (Basic Syncing)
Just some basic syncing, not doing anything incollapsable till he gives me the rest of the clips (:
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Hail :: Hypothermia :: Ep.1 (Read Desc)
Hey guys, here is my first episode to go with the new name, the episode is long overdue but i havent been in the mood to play, and i recently got kicked out of vP. So yea, enjoy episode one and leave feedback (: ALSO:: Sorry for some parts Sony Vegas doesnt like to render my stuff right :/ il get that fixed tho, and will be bringing new episodes! thanks guys! love all of ya!
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insane GWK!
playing with ViZe right? and then BOOM this happened (:
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Keepskies or Deleteskies? 1 1/2 month dry streak over (:
SORRY FOR THE INACTIVITY GUYS! please dont unsub, i love you! im still playing but i got 18 hitmarkers under my belt, im terribly sorry please stay active! (:
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Editing Practice #2 :: BoLT clips :: vP Hail
Hey guys heres number 2 to editing practice, i hope you guys enjoy! love Hail. Song : Hi-Rez - No Place Like home www.youtube.com/user/TheBoLTSnipers !
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HoepHD (Editing Contest Entry) (ZTryhard)
Hey guys, zach here and i did this contest because you know, Hoep was hosting it so, why not? this is what i came up with in 2 hours and 10 minutes of work, i thought it came out ok, but tell me what you think (:
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OCE Ep.2 (Redone) (ReRendered!)
Hey guys i finally got this thing to work :D expect more vids and expect next Take a Breath to come! :D
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Mini Edit of my sick shot i hit! :D
Yea only took 15 minutes :D
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Keep or Delete? feedback please! (:
Hey guys, trying to make Episode 8 as best as possible! :D this looked wierd to me so i dont know if i should keep or trash, thanks a bunch, i have some wicked shots for episode 8, so be ready! (:
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Funniest Hitmarker N/A? :D (720p) Feedback on CC please? (:
Haha to test a new CC, this was completely random too lolol ;D
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Sorry about Episode 3 guys. Lol, (Need the hitmarker rain dance)
Im stupid, so i keep getting hitmarkers, whats the remedy please???? :( Oh yea, So sorry for the inactivity bros, i love you and Ep 3 will be realeased ASAP (: Love you guys (: -Hail
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Outstanding (:
Hey guys! giving you guys a little preview of the next in line Hypothermia 8 coming out here soon its being worked on now, be ready for its release (: haha thnaks guys, please LIKE THIS :D 1440 Studder to catwalk off the crane! please dig it! haha :)
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Would have been my first shot in vP. Hitmarker
This would have been fucking sick :/ Thanks to (vP) Soma for recording this for me because I have no controller at the moment. Go give him a sub? check out his shit? I'll be editing his episode and stuff so yea (: www.youtube.com/user/WhosSoma Thankyou guys :) Love yerrr -Hail
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Neofly Loves Hitmarkers! (Total Bullshit!)
Yea Neofly gets bullshitted with the dreaded hitmarkers. whaddya know?
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T4UNT3D's Editing Contest Mini-redo (I know its too late!)
Hey guys, im working on ViZe Purity's second episode but i put it aside at the moment due to perfect syncing and perfect edging is giving me a headache, anyways, i came up with this mini edit in about an hour, tell me what you think! I KNOW ITS TOO LATE CONTEST IS (CLOSED!) Cod 4 mw2
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"These Times Are Hard" - FaZe Apex's Best Clips (Edit)
Hey guys! I've been working on this in the past few days. I miss MW2 so much, and all the people I became close friends with and all, and how they've kind of, just disappeared. They cheered me up so much and all, and I miss them a ton. This edit kind-of made me feel back to how much fun we had when we were all friends, and the great amount impact they had on my life. Work Hours - (10) Render Time - (50m) Emotion/Thought Putfourth - (110%) Thanks for watching guys! c: Song: Machine Gun Kelly - Her Song (Script - For the First Time Re-mix)
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(Open Lobby) Some shots i landed.
They're pretty nice these will be used in the clans montage too
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Keep) or (DELETE : Sundays : Ep.1 (Read Desc!)
This will be a weekly series, and there may be up to 3 depending how many shots i can average up to a week. (: Oh! and im starting Hitmarker Thursday Ep.1 on Thursday! Please enjoy and leave feedback!
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vP Hail | Daytage 1 ::FROZEN::
Hey guys, this a a daytage, meaning all the clips i have accumulated in a day, and i broguht this to you because i will be totally inactive all Thanksgiving Break due to the fact im going to Kansas, thanks for watching! Much Love! -Hail
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Sync Edit..
Yea was bored so i did this...
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