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Fix for AMD RX480 Fans not running
I've learned that the only fix behind making the fans run manually is by using MSI Afterburner. Download page: https://www.msi.com/page/afterburner You simply just cannot use the Radeon settings/Global Wattman to change the settings manually that way, it is hard coded into the card to stay at 0RPM when idle (not under load). This hard code is very annoying when wanting a card that is air cooled to stay cool even at idle. Whilst the GPU is idle with 0RPM and no fans running, the card sits at a whopping 50 to 54 degrees celsius. Kind of hot to the touch... After turning the fan speed up to 100% in afterburner the GPU temperature dropped over 14 degrees to 34 to 38 degrees celsius. THIS IS THE ONLY FIX I KNOW OF. If your fans don't work entirely this is not the fix for them. If this video helped at all, smash that like button PLIZ!
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OSU! aLIEz (Insane) - Sawano Hiroyuki [MOUSE]
Attention, I do not own anything within this video. If you feel I have violated copyright laws, please feel free to report this video and/or make a claim if you do own THIS. Thanks! I do own my gameplay tho ;P ENJOY!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Matsumoto Tamaki - Tenshi Teki Kenpou Yonjou (DT Ver.)
For all Legal purposes, this video is solely uploaded for the purpose of listening to it, NO MONEY shall or will be made off of this video unless the owner has given me rights to do so with it, in that case, that is a no. This video is placed under: "Fair Use" and I can and will use this because of Fair Use stating I can do so. I do not own the anything within this video, so please don't Sue me over it, I am simply letting people listen to it! Enjoy! :D
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Funniest Flashbang kill leads into worst team kill CS:GO
Counter-Strike Global Offensive or CS:GO Playing with a team of 5, LE as myself, DMG, MGE and 2 nova 3's... such baiters! This was the worst match I have ever won in the history of my 185 wins to LE. This went from the funniest flashbang kill to the worst teamkill of panic ever! ENJOY!
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GMOD No recoil pt. 2
suspecting him for no recoil hacks. Bluecore STEAM_0:1:57181026
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OSU! - Imagination [FLY] S ~ SPYAIR
This is me playing Imagination Full Combo'ing this song on the hardest difficulty, to be honest, it is a bit hard to FC a song, even if you play it millions of times, you have to get accuracy and percision of pressing your keys which is extremely hard! I am on MOUSE so this was very hard for me. Thanks for watching~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS SONG IS NOT OWNED BY ME OR ANYONE WHO MADE THIS SONG BEATMAP, THIS SONG IS IN FULL OWNERSHIP OF SPYAIR WHO ACTUALLY MADE THIS SONG. This is not copyrights, this game has right to be able to make beatmaps out of songs that there are... SO there is no copyright here.
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Osu! Vagrant (feat. Veela) (FC) Mouse
Hiya guys another video, it's simple, good song FC'd it that's all :D but yes, I am on mouse and keyboard only, I do not have the money nor wish to move to Tablet simply because it seems hard XD. My account page: https://osu.ppy.sh/u/4798307 Song page: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/354537 Note. This video was not uploaded to be profited by me at all, in any point a law has been broken this video would be subjected to copyright thus protecting it, this VIDEO I do not own anything inside of it, and yes that means the SONG, GAME, but I do own my own gameplay! Merry XMAS and a happy new YEAR!
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OSU! Your Song - TV SIZE (mouse) ~ Yun Chi [Double Time]
YES! I have finally broken 30k rank! Just me with another OSU! video, WHEW this one was a bit hard but was easy at the same time, haha weird. enjoy!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copyright claims should not be filed unless the company or companies feel I have utterly violated the copyright act. I do not own anything in this video except my gameplay on the game OSU! http://osu.ppy.sh/. thanks!
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Gmod Fun Times! - Funny moments
Just me playing some Gmod TTT, and I come across all these events! Some strong language, beware! Enjoy!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Skyrim Special Edition | Wooden Plate attacks!
Just loaded the game back up from where I last saved it, and this is what I see out of the corner of my eye... let alone hearing it and not processing what it was, then I took a closer look. I tried to help defend from the wooden plate attack by trying to pry it from his arm, but my efforts were wasted. I'm going to send this one to highlight reel :D
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Osu! "Lucky Star" Divine by Bearizm [mouse]
Sadly... I had FC'd this on the new OSU! update and the new OSU! Update is actually not working with online activities atm so when I FC'd this I was offline and unable to connect I re-installed the game hoping to god it will submit but sadly it didn't. This song would be my top score leading with 210PP Copyright act, everything in this video including audio is not of my ownership, this is solely for the purpose of gameplay footage, and all rights to this material are to their rightful owners. I do not with to make money off of this video, and if I am please do so remove the ad's unless the owner of this material wishes to do so. This is a game called OSU! and many people play it, as well as many people who upload songs get copyright strikes because certain industries do not like uploads of their own stuff even if the copyright act is there in the DESC. so please take note that I myself as a person do NOT want to get my account revoked.
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3 Hackers in CS:GO Casual Valve ban them!
CattFemboy Steam: http://tinyurl.com/h4yehv9 I am Chicken Steam: http://tinyurl.com/z89tq5u Hobo Steam: http://tinyurl.com/zqv9qfx GG Hackers trying to rank up :D
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Gmod fun round - Funny ending
Kronk thinks I now wallhack because of this ending XD lol enjoy!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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GMOD - Can't believe I pulled that off
All I need is one bullet!
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Blatant aim-lock CS:GO
HAH BEST GAME TO TIE WITH A TOGGLE... AIMLOCK IS TOO STRONG FOR US. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198191443383/ Another player in here named PHOON was also hacking, although he didn't go full blatant like this kid.
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DE_Infernew MK2 idea's/discussion
hiya guys, anyone watching this I hope you enjoyed the idea's. Anyone who is against the idea's can voice as well! just don't get heated over it! Every idea in here can be used by you 3klik so feel free to use anything! I hope to see DE_Infernew in competitive CSGO later on! My name is IGNixioum and see you later!
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Northwest High school Orchestra (1st-song)
Copyright disclaimer? All right go to the rightful owners if there are beside NWHS Orchestra!
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Miiro vs Ai no Scenario (3plays, 3difficulties) [mouse]
My osu! Profile: https://osu.ppy.sh/u/4798307 Song in video: https://osu.ppy.sh/b/735272?m=0 I literally just FC'd these song difficulties in a row, right ontop of each other. I went from 15,006# to 13,693# Hope you enjoyed the vid if you watched all of it and came down here to check out the description for anything :^) Sorry for crappy editing, best I could do with what I got! :V All credit for song goes to the original artist. I do not own anything but my gameplay as shown in the video. I also gave credit to the song name in the video 3 separate times.
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Overwatch - Get Baited (funny moment)
:^) Emote bait is gud :^)
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We're still in this one boys! CS:GO Ace clutch
This single round got us to the tie! https://play.esea.net/users/1413524 Hello CSProland Hello reddit? ;~;
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The Agony & Ecstasy (feat. Selah Corbin) - Ecstasy [mouse - liveplay]
Started stream and literally just played the song just because and WHAPAM!!! 232PP for this play, I was like :O astonished that I FC'd that on the first try of the day. I am usually really bad at these type of songs, but wow.... My account: https://osu.ppy.sh/u/4798307 BeatMap: https://osu.ppy.sh/b/457448?m=0 Please leave a like and comment if you want more! Please note that anything in the video I do not own, the song, nor the game, but I own my gameplay as shown with the camera! Please if I have violated any copyright terms don't hesitate to report the video, but be aware that this should not violate any terms whatsoever! -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/kurokuzen
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CSGO Crazy ace against some fishy players
I wasn't expecting to ACE this because robin on the other team seemed to have aimlock with any gun he used. Also that my team was completely trash I ended the game with 28 kills and 17 deaths... top fragging with 5 mvp's... I should never be top fragging, and when I am. I guess you can say I toggled.
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PSO2 Strangeness
Some strangeness I've seen in the past few days... Ship 04 Character: Karian Player ID: Iluiminaye Main class: Braver Subclass: Hunter
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GMOD Fun Times 2
Just me playing some Gmod TTT, and I come across all these events! Some are funny, and some are awesome! Some strong language, beware! Enjoy!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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[Overwatch] Mei is blasting off again!
Playing attack torb on eichenwald :] Bwahahaha!
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Wendy-Chan #1 HDHR SS on (Mikuni Shimokawa - Sore Ga Ai Deshou) [MOUSE]
Hey guys!, I'm back and I'm uploading another osu! video for you guys! This time, I'm extremely proud of this score I got, this is 'THEE' #1 HDHR SS out there beating even tablet players! YES! I am am mouse player! I hold no ownership of the audio this ownership goes to the rightful owners, I only hold ownership over the game play you see in this video!
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GMOD - Lol
How many times have I seen this without actually getting it on video.. Now I have... only from first thought T^T
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When you are not prepared for the outcome
I wasn't prepared, but i knew about this wallbang spot for a while.
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[CS:GO] Game clip of 2 blatant cheaters boosting 2 others
Blatant cheater 1: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Ablaziiiiin/ Blatant cheater 2: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198265151766/ all of them are friends with each other but 1 person on their team and he didn't seem to care at all. Valve you better ban these guys ASAP this is outrageous that we have to deal with LITERAL KIDS who get their mommies credit card and buy cheats. GAME DEMO LINK : steam://rungame/730/76561202255233023/+csgo_download_match%20CSGO-zXZFn-B2uXM-DsMjv-XpN6J-VTTrC
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3 Spinbotters in CS:GO Weapon expert mode (please ban ASAP)
So today I've decided to try and gain some stars on my hydra coin, only to be met with a few spin-botting hackers immediately in warm up. I've met a guy with the same tag as one of the players in the video of Gamesense who was also spin-botting in a wingman match ( he was reported) Sadly for hydra there are no demo's for the event matches, so I'm assuming there is no overwatch either. Our only best bet for reporting these hackers who spring to life during this event is to report them in game, and record the game for evidence to later then post like I did. Here are their profiles: No name player : http://steamcommunity.com/id/AllAIone/ Bullied : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065452438/ Bullied's main account : http://steamcommunity.com/id/bullied Squirrel's account : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Eichk Squirrel's main account : http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheGenocidist/ Hopefully everyone who watches my video reports them and gets them out of our beloved already toxic community. And a message to the players who hack: enjoy your VAC bans, you are not safe.
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Reol - +Danshi (Guy's Extra) [mouse] Best run yet!
All rights go to the rightful owners of the song within this video, the audio playing is Reol - +Danshi and the game that is also in the video as I am playing, is called OSU! EXIT TUNES Inc. Own this song, all rights go to them. I am a mouse player at rank 17.1k used to be 16.3k but due to school starting I am no longer a amazingly active player. https://osu.ppy.sh/u/4798307 - my profile link https://osu.ppy.sh/b/417841 - song link Enjoy! :D
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Overwatch Cheater #001
RedThrane is his Battle-ID I don't know his #0000 but all you need is his name right? Please ban.
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OSU! - Asu no Yozora [TMTK's Insane] ~ Niconico douga
Me again Karian, playing some more OSU, not sure if I've gotten better or worse! lol. But ENJOY this fun run, got jipped on some notes and loss my stream, but oh well! ENJOY!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN HERE, THE GAME, MUSIC ETC. COPYRIGHT IS NOT BEING VIOLATED UNLESS THE OWNER OF THIS SONG FEELS THEY WISH IT TO BE COPYRIGHT VIOLATED!!! Then I shall take it down.
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7D2D chest bug explanation
This is an explanation video about my 7d2d reddit post about a chest problem I encountered during one of my playthroughs. Kind of a bummer, I lost all my ammo and an auger I was building T:
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7Seven TV Size (Expert) [mouse] It seems I've done wrong.
So Hey look! I FC'D THIS SONG! OMG! YES! MY FIRST FC OF THIS SONG! DENIED. Forgot to take off No Fail and I ripped my feelings for this song so I gave up on trying D: All rights go to the rightful owners of this song, I am in no means of trying to make money off this video. I do not own anything within the video but my own gameplay. Just now... Today at 12:17 AM 9/6/2015 I FC'd it.. thank jesus!
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GMOD - Epic Battle!
Only if I knew how to add in some awesome music like "Two steps from hell" that'd be fucking awesome, then the record break at the end when I died! XD that'd be awesome
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Weird DayZ graphical bug/error
It may be because of the 1920x1080 change without restart, but I doubt that would cause that "BIG" of an error... Everything I ran to was invisible, everything near me, was invisible. Things in the distance, sure you can see them, but run to them, they go invisible... I just check Arma 2, and it does the same exact thing... what IS THIS???
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THE ACE - CS:GO [Nova]
EPIC round of demolition, random ACE out of no where....
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CS:GO - Owned?
A little video of me playing some CS:GO and after a while, I got super used to it
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2 Legendaries 1 box
Pumpkin and Wadjet skins! HYPE~
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Battlefield Hardline gameplay - Fun clips
Just me playing some BFH, most of my funny clips, and some of my awesome run clips. Enjoy!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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CSGOEZO Scamming +proof/evidence (for steam support)
Skip to 7:25 to witness me telling him and him actually rigging it. Then he wins the pot around 9:15 This is likely out of desperation that the site had just came up on December 23rd, 2016.
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CS:GO Fun times - Part 1
OMG had some awesome and funny times on CS:GO! hahaha Enjoy!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Junshin Always - Azusa Tadokoro // Rizia [MOUSE]
Non live play, highest score on my list now! 241 PP HYPE! For a map like this it was a pain doing the streams and then the jumps, but after about 5 plays, I got the hang of it, and FC'd it!!! This is a non profit video, I do not own the audio played, nor do I intend to make profit from it. Again! I do not own anything in this video BUT MY OWN GAMEPLAY as: Karian P.S: Plez no strike my video ;_; plez
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OSU! Rolling! Rolling! - TV SIZE (mouse)
Just me with another OSU! video, I am starting to get a billion copyright complaints from the studio's of the songs I have been posting, This is not just a song post this is of a gameplay from the game OSU! if you utterly feel I have violated the copyright act, please feel free to contact the admins of http://osu.ppy.sh/ and they will get this complaint over and done! enjoy!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As I said in the above, copyright claims should not be file unless you feel I have utterly violated the copyright act, I do not own anything in the video but the gameplay, this is of me playing the song on the game OSU! http://osu.ppy.sh/. Thanks!
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Mister J Marley - Black Ops II Multiplayer Live Stream
Now streaming League Play games in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 using the in-game Live Stream feature.
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OSU! Light My Fire! (Insane) - KOTOKO [MOUSE]
Attention, I do not own anything within this video. If you feel I have violated copyright laws, please feel free to report this video and/or make a claim if you do own THIS. Thanks! I do own my gameplay tho ;P ENJOY!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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OSU! Tobidase! Sweet Sweet Magic - Nanahira ~ Insane [mouse]
Attention, I do not own anything within this video. If you feel I have violated copyright laws, please feel free to report this video and/or make a claim if you do own THIS. Thanks! I do own my gameplay tho ;P ENJOY!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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OSU! Prism Time - Asagi Asuka & Oribe Kotone ~ Insane difficulty [mouse]
Attention! I do not own anything in the upload/video the only thing I own is my gameplay of this song from the game OSU! if you feel I have violated then copyright act, feel free to file a Dispute and we'll get it settled right away! THANKS!
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sneaky beaky mirage 47749
Enjoy the sneaks.
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